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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Will we ever know the truth regarding WWII, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party?

I am currently reading an excellent book by James and Suzanne Pool (brother and sister) entitled, Who Financed Hilter, the Secret Funding of Hitler's Rise to Power 1919-1933.

This book sparked some interest in me to look a little more into the situation and to attempt to find the truth.

When Hitler began his political career the situation in Germany was unimaginable.  The German mark was trading against the US Dollar at over a trillion to one.  The population of Germany was starving to death, unemployment was universal and Communists were seizing key cities and provinces. 

Adolf Hitler took as a mission in life to destroy Communism.  The strong Jewish support of Communism was one of the primary reasons for Hitler's issues with Jews.  The Bolshevik revolution was led and financed by wealthy Jews, this is a historical fact.  Karl Marx was Jewish, Trotsky, Stalin, and Lenin  were Jews:,8599,2077413,00.html,7340,L-3342999,00.html

As I began to read this book, I was a bit surprised that it seemed to be a reasonably unbiased report of the facts.  There were many facts in this book that I was not aware of that sparked my interest to do a little more research.

Henry Ford was a very strong supporter of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party as was Charles Lindbergh, both very famous and intelligent Americans.

Here are a few quotes from this book that gave me pause to think:

"In 1923, when the Nazi Party was in need of a new and larger headquarters, Richard Frank tried to help Hitler raise the money.  Together they went to see Dr. Kuhlo.  If Frank was willing to pledge a certain sum of money as initial security for the venture, Dr. Kuhlo said he would try to form a syndicate with a few other public minded businessmen to buy the Hotel Eden located near the station.  The owners were demanding Swiss francs in payment, but within a surprisingly short time they financial arrangements were made and Hitler was invited to a meeting of the syndicate in the plush boardroom of a prominent Munich firm.  As the chairman of the syndicate, Dr. Kuhlo stood up and said he was pleased to announce that the hotel would be put at the Party's disposal for a modest fee.  He then went on to suggest casually that the Party might suppress its program's article against Freemasonry.  "I got up and said goodbye to these kindly philanthropists," Hitler recalled.  "I'd fallen unaware into a nest of Freemasons!...It's by means of these continual blackmailings that they succeed in acquiring the subterranean power that acts in all sectors."

This next quote is quite amazing, King Edward VIII, King of England and Duke of Windsor was forced to abdicate his throne, due to his support of Hitler.

From the same above mentioned book:

"Legend has it that Edward was compelled to abdicate due to his refusal to give up "the woman he loved", (this is absurd, they claim he had to abdicate the throne because he wanted to marry a divorced woman and that was against the Church - hello! Henry VIII?)  However, this issue was used as a facade to conceal the more critical objection which the government had with the King - namely, his pro-Nazi attitudes.  Evidence is found in both English and German sources.  A memorandum from Ribbentrop to Hitler dated January 2, 1938, stated the following: "National Socialism, however, is thought capable of anything.  Baldwin already apprehended this and Edward VIII had to abdicate, since it was not certain whether, because of his views, he would cooperate in an anti-German policy" (remember WWII did not start until September of 1939 - yet already in the beginning of 1938, England was bent on an anti-German policy to the point of forcing their King to abdicate the throne!)

Hermann Goring was certain that Edward VIII had lost his throne because he wanted an Anglo-German agreement and did not share his government's disdain for the Nazis.  The so-called unsuitable selection of Mrs. Simpson for his wife was only a pretext to get rid of him, according to Goring.  Hitler thought the "real reason for the destruction of the Duke of Windsor was his speech at the old veteran's rally in Berlin, at which he declared that it would be the task of his life to effect a reconciliation between Britain and Germany."  Anthony Eden, the Foreign Secretary, was reported to have said that if King Edward continued to speak independently on foreign affairs, there were "ways and means of compelling him to abdicate" Hugh Dalton, a Labor M.P. mentioned "the widespread rumors that he (The King) was unduly sympathetic to the German Nazis, and a general feeling, that, for a constitutional monarch, he was inclined to hold and express some dangerous personal views."  The Duke affirmed the suspicions that he looked with admiration upon the Nazis when he spoke at a meeting in Leipzig, Germany, in the fall of 1937.  The former king told his audiences: "I have traveled the world and my upbringing has made me familiar with the great achievements of mankind, but that which I have seen in Germany, I have hitherto believed to be impossible.  It cannot be grasped, and is a miracle; one can only begin to understand it when one realizes that behind it all is one man and one will, Adolf Hitler."

There are many interesting facts in this book that I have never heard before and would recommend this book to anyone interested in the history of WWII.  Just to clarify, this book is by no means a pro-Nazi book.

In the last few months I have been looking into things regarding the Nazi's and specifically Adolf Hitler and what I found is amazing.  Here are a few issues that you can consider:

On the issue of abortion - we find that virtually every "pro-life" group claims that the Nazis and Hitler were pro-abortion or allude to the so-called "holocaust" in their literature.

But, we find this from the pro-abortion side:

"Hitler himself, and the Nazi doctrine he created, were unequivocally opposed to any individual right to abortion." Gloria Steinem (Ms., Oct. 1980)

From history we know this:

In 1936 Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler created a Reich Central Office for the Combating of Homosexuality and Abortion: Special Office (II S), a subdepartment of Executive Department II of the Gestapo.

In Nazi Germany, abortion was strictly prohibited.  Abortion was declared an act against the state; the death penalty was introduced in 1943. Under the previous regime, the Weimar Republic, birth control information had been widely disseminated. In 1933, birth control centres were closed and the advertising of contraceptives stopped. Women were encouraged not to work and financial incentives were introduced to encourage childbearing.

Hitler linked abortion and homosexuality as both being horrible evils:

Soon after taking office on January 30, 1933, Hitler banned all homosexual and lesbian organizations. Brownshirted storm troopers raided the institutions and gathering places of homosexuals.   The perverted homosexual subculture had flourished in the relative freedom of the 1920s, in the pubs and cafes of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Bremen, and other cities.

Yet we continually find "christian" and "pro-life" groups accusing the Nazi's of being pro-choice and anti-christian.

It seems that Hitler is held up as the "bad guy" no matter which side of an issue one takes.  Here is another example regarding Labor Unions.

On one hand you have the liberals accusing an anti-union communists like Scott Walker in Wisconsin of acting like Hitler when he ended collective bargaining.

But what is the reality? 

When Hitler came to power, he moved to correct this hyperinflation while keeping his national socialist views front and center. In 1933, the Nazis disbanded the Weimar unions and replaced them with the new and improved union, the German Labor Front (Deutsche Arbeitsfront, DAF), which was comprised of 2 primary entities, the National Socialist Factory Organization and the National Socialist Trade and Industry Organization. The labor contracts that were Weimar contracts were now DAF-honored contracts. The Nazi’s funded the DAF’s coffers with the Weimar unions’ stockpile of wealth (the existing unions were part of that inflation problem). One of the new unions’ most popular programs was the Strength through Joy (Kraft durch Freude, KdF)) program, which developed the KdF-wagen, that later became the Volkswagen, or People’s Car...

Hitler gave the unions their long-awaited demand, one that the Weimar unions were never able to pull off, a National Labor Day, May 1, 1933. source

How about Hitler's own words:
“Bless now our fight for our freedom; the fight we wage for our German people and Fatherland.” – Adolf Hitler, May 1, 1933
"I think that I have already answered the first question adequately. In the present state of affairs I am convinced that we cannot possibly dispense with the trades unions. On the contrary, they are among the most important institutions in the economic life of the nation. Not only are they important in the sphere of social policy but also, and even more so, in the national political sphere. For when the great masses of a nation see their vital needs satisfied through a just trade unionist movement the stamina of the whole nation in its struggle for existence will be enormously reinforced thereby.

Before everything else, the trades unions are necessary as building stones for the future economic parliament, which will be made up of chambers representing the various professions and occupations."  Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

The more I learn, the more I think we have been deceived.

Adolf Hitler performed an economic miracle in Germany, as King Edward VIII observed as well as many unbiased economists.

Hitler based Germany's currency on labor rather than gold or a "federal reserve bank".  It is very difficult to find detailed information on how Hitler was able to do what he did economically.  I am beginning to believe that this information is being withheld and this is why war was waged against him and still is to this day. 

I believe he created an economic system that freed the people from powerful bankers and middleman that have been robbing us blind.  Hitler ended market speculation, of which is the cause of the high prices of food and gasoline today.

I am beginning to believe that Hitler was not the monster I was taught about in school, actually, he may have been the opposite!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

US home prices drop for 6th straight month

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Home prices dropped in February in most major U.S. cities for a sixth straight month, a sign that modest sales gains haven't been enough to boost prices...

This blog warned of this back in 2004 or 2005 - years before the collapse happened.  It is not going to get any better.  Wages are falling, benefits are being lost, unions are being busted, and the rich keep getting richer and the banksters are taking control of all the real assets and property as the dollar collapses - and all the while people - especially the so-called "conservatives" support their own destruction!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Romney Gets Heat for Hiring Gay Spokesman

Mitt Romney’s decision to hire an openly gay foreign policy spokesman this past week prompted criticism from the director of the socially conservative American Family Association.

Bryan Fischer, who has made controversial comments about Islam, homosexuality and the Mormon faith, said in a tweet Friday night that Romney’s pick of “out & loud gay“ Richard Grenell is a message to the ”pro-family community“ to ”drop dead.”...

More proof that voting is a waste of time and that the republicans and democrats are two peas in the same pod!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wis. governor reinstated bonuses despite shortfall

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker quietly reinstated a program to give merit raises and bonuses to some state workers even as he preached cost-cutting and pushed through a law reducing most public workers' pay and eliminating their union rights.

An analysis of data The Associated Press obtained through an open records request showed Wisconsin agencies have handed out more than $765,000 in bonuses and merit raises this year to nearly 220 employees.

The money was awarded under a program former Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle suspended but Walker reinstated last year. The money is meant to reward stellar performance, but it comes as the state faces a $143 million shortfall and after thousands of state workers took pay cuts through provisions in the collective bargaining law requiring them to contribute more to their pensions and health care.

Walker, who faces a June 5 recall election prompted by anger over the collective bargaining law, prides himself on fiscal restraint.

The Republican governor's top aide, Department of Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch, said Walker brought the program back because he felt it was important to mirror the private sector and provide rewards for outstanding work. Agency managers must find the money within their own budgets to cover the compensation, he added; the state budget doesn't provide money specifically for merit compensation within the agencies.

"It is a tool for a manager to go in and say this person truly set themselves apart," Huebsch said.
According to the AP analysis, 218 employees across nine agencies received raises or bonuses adding up to $765,195 between Jan. 1 and Tuesday.

The state Department of Justice, which couldn't find enough money to fully fund services for sexual assault victims last year, was the biggest spender, giving out nearly $300,000 to 94 workers.

Assistant Attorney General Maria Lazar, who defended Walker's collective bargaining law in an open meetings challenge and has handled the state's defense of Republican redistricting legislation, got a $1,000 bonus and a $1.50-an-hour raise in March, bumping her salary by more than $3,000 to $104,730.

Deputy Attorney General Kevin St. John, who defended the collective bargaining law in front of the state Supreme Court, got a $2.51-an-hour raise in March that adds up to more than $5,000 per year and brings his pay to $134,307.

Thirty-seven DNA analysts, meanwhile, got raises worth $158,000.

The Justice Department handed out raises even after it warned budget cuts had forced it to reduce grants from its Sexual Assault Victim Services program by 42.5 percent. Walker later rescinded those cuts amid an outcry from service providers.

DOJ Executive Assistant Steve Means defended the awards, saying the money came from not filling positions and the agency can't shift money from salaries to cover other expenses. Raises and bonuses are crucial to retaining star performers like Lazar and St. John, he added.

"If people understood why we're doing what we're doing, I don't think they'd be concerned about it. It's a good use of limited resources," Means said. "If Kevin St. John were to announce today he wanted to go work in private practice, he'd have at least a half-dozen law firms on the phone in 10 minutes offering him twice as much as he makes here."

The University of Wisconsin System, meanwhile, also gave out nearly $300,000 in raises and bonuses. Five employees, including a power plant superintendent at UW-Milwaukee and a UW Extension human resources manager, each received $5,520 bonuses, the largest ones anyone in state government received.

The bonuses and raises come as the system absorbs a $250 million cut in the 2011-13 state budget as well as another $46 million in additional cuts this year. Tuition has gone up by at least 5.5 percent across system campuses.

System spokesman David Giroux said the merit awards enable the universities to retain stellar performers and rewarding a handful of the system's 40,000 workers isn't the reason for the tuition increases.

"You're talking about people who have taken on additional responsibility and expanded work scope and in some cases getting competitive offers from elsewhere," Giroux said. "It's hanging on to the people we need to get the job done."

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yet another in the ever growing list of reasons to homeschool:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This one falls right in line with the previous post:

Many U.S. Immigrants’ Children Seek American Dream Abroad

....In growing numbers, experts say, highly educated children of immigrants to the United States are uprooting themselves and moving to their ancestral countries. They are embracing homelands that their parents once spurned but that are now economic powers..,,

we are fast becoming a 3rd world nation - and a large part of the moronic masses support it and want to see it happen via the destruction of living wages and benefits.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

U.S. Standard of Living Has Fallen More Than 50%: Opinion

NEW YORK (Bullion Bulls Canada) -- In writing about the relentless collapse of Western economies, I frequently point to "40 years of plummeting wages" for Western workers, in real dollars. However, where I have been remiss is in quantifying the magnitude of this collapse in Western wages.

On several occasions, I have glibly referred to how it now takes two spouses working to equal the wages of a one-income family of 40 years ago. Unfortunately, that is now an understatement. In fact, Western wages have plummeted so low that a two-income family is now (on average) 15% poorer than a one-income family of 40 years ago.

Regular readers will recognize the chart below on U.S. average wages.

Using the year 2000 as the numerical base from which to "zero" all of the numbers, real wages peaked in 1970 at around $20/hour. Today the average worker makes $8.50/hour -- more than 57% less than in 1970. And since the average wage directly determines the standard of living of our society, we can see that the average standard of living in the U.S. has plummeted by over 57% over a span of 40 years.

There are no "tricks" here. Indeed, all of the tricks are used by our governments. The green line shows average wages, discounted by inflation calculated with the same methodology for all 40 years.

Obviously that is the only way in which we can compare any data over time: through applying identical parameters to it each year.

Then we have the blue line: showing wage data discounted with our "official" inflation rate. The problem? The methodology used by our governments to calculate inflation in 1975 was different from the method they used in 1985, which was different than the method they used in 1995, which was different than the method they used in 2005.

Two obvious points flow from this observation. First, it is tautological that the only way in which data can be compared meaningfully is to use a consistent methodology. If the government thinks it has improved upon its inflation methodology, then all it had to do was take all of its old data and re-calculate it with their "improved" methodology. Since 1970 there is this invention called "computers" which makes such calculations rather simple.

This brings us to the second point: the refusal of our governments to adopt a consistent methodology in reporting inflation statistics can only imply a deliberate attempt to deceive, since it is 100% logically/statistically invalid to simply string together disconnected series of data -- and present it as if it represents a consistent picture. More specifically, we can see precisely what lie our government was attempting to get us to believe.

I have been saying this for years, children are being deprived of their mothers, we are being deprived of living wages, we are being deprived of health and retirement benefits, etc...

Today if the husband and wife both work - they are making 15% less than what just the husband made in 1970!

What has changed?  In 1970 labor unions were strong, workers had a voice and representation - today we have neither - and what amazes me is that working people support their own financial destruction - it is just amazing.

And this destruction is leading to a Spiritual destruction as well. 

How many children are deprived of their mothers because their fathers are paid slave wages and their mothers are forced to abandon their families and enter the work force so that they can feed them? 

We need to wake up - a case could be made that our Lord was the first Occupy Wall Street Protester when He throw the money changers from the Temple. 

We need to wake up and support each other against the money junkies who are robbing us all blind!

Monday, April 16, 2012

More "christians" putting silly politics ahead of their supposed "faith".   Choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil!

This is also why gasoline is so outrageous.  These criminal international bankers are stealing the food right of your mouth!  Where is the outrage?  The USA media is not even reporting on this - not Fox, CNN, MSNBC, - none of them!  All the while the moronic masses argue over whether the jewish banker controlled Republican puppet or the jewish banker controlled Democrat candidate will be better sitting in the White House!

The real hunger games: How banks gamble on food prices – and the poor lose out

In the last decade, financiers have speculated billions of pounds in food, helping to make prices dearer and more volatile

Speculation by large investment banks is driving up food prices for the world's poorest people, tipping millions into hunger and poverty. Investment in food commodities by banks and hedge funds has risen from $65bn to $126bn (£41bn to £79bn) in the past five years, helping to push prices to 30-year highs and causing sharp price fluctuations that have little to do with the actual supply of food, says the United Nations' leading expert on food.

Hedge funds, pension funds and investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Barclays Capital now dominate the food commodities markets, dwarfing the amount traded by actual food producers and buyers. Purely financial players, for example, account for 61 per cent of investment on the wheat futures market, according to the World Development Movement report Broken Markets.

Speculative investment in agricultural commodities in 2011 was 20 times the amount spent by all countries on agricultural aid. Goldman Sachs, the largest player in the agricultural commodities market, earned £600m from food speculation in 2009, and Barclays Capital, the world's third-largest player and largest British bank in this market, earned up to £340m in 2010, according to the report. Goldman Sachs and Barclays Capital declined to comment...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mormon Smith’s Many Wives, Presidential Run: Lewis Lapham

It is not clear how many wives Mormon founder Joseph Smith married under divine commandment --some estimates put the number at 30...

Just a few facts about what Momanism (aka LDS) teaches still today.

Jesus and Satan are brothers.

When you die you will become a god and have your own planet that you will be the god of.

When you die you are buried in sacred underwear and wearing sacred underwear in this life can protect you.

There is no Mormon worthy of the Presidency.  Voting for a Mormon would be akin to voting for a Branch Davidian, a Moonie, or a Jehovah Witness, etc...

Mormanism is a cult - and a murderous one at that - actually murdering far more poeple than Charlie Manson's cult!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

This 12 year old girl has figured out what the vast majority of Americans refuse to admit - for the same thing is happening here.

But people will keep running to vote for some candidate that supports this evil corrupt system.  I don't care what political party they belong too or if they claim to be conservative or liberal - they all support ths criminal jewish banking system that is robbing us blind!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

FBI explanation of missing Oklahoma City bombing tapes not credible, judge says

SALT LAKE CITY — A federal judge on Wednesday continued to question the FBI's explanation for not producing videotapes associated with the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing that a Salt Lake lawyer has sought for nearly six years
"It's quite astounding that documents as important as these went missing and the FBI says, 'Well, they're gone,'" U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups said during a motion hearing.

At issue is whether the FBI adequately responded to Jesse Trentadue's Freedom of Information Act request for footage of Timothy McVeigh parking a truckload of explosives at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995. Specifically, the Salt Lake attorney is after a building surveillance tape and dashcam video from the Oklahoma state trooper who stopped McVeigh 90 minutes after the explosion that killed 168 people.

The FBI has submitted several declarations from its top records manager to show the agency has searched electronic databases and evidence warehouses without success. But Waddoups said the declarations lack credibility because they do not include firsthand knowledge or details about who, when, where or how the searches were conducted.

"That's not good evidence," he said.

Waddoups delayed ruling on the FBI's motion to dismiss the case and allowed the agency until June 15 to provide a more complete explanation of the searches.

"This is a matter of significant public interest," the judge said, adding it's time for it to be resolved.
U.S. Department of Justice attorney Kathryn Wyer argued the FBI has conducted a search in this case using procedures other courts have recently upheld as reasonable. Trentadue essentially wants to use his FOIA request as a search warrant, which goes beyond the scope of the law, she said.

Trentadue contends the FBI has acted in bad faith by not providing the videotapes he has sought since December 2006.

"Their response has been, 'We looked for it. We can't find it,'" he said.

Wyer said Trentadue has not produced any evidence that the tapes exist. Trentadue counters that the FBI hasn't shown that they don't exist.

Trentadue began looking into the bombing after his brother, Kenneth Trentadue, died at the Oklahoma City Federal Transfer Center in August 1995. Kenneth Trentadue was a convicted bank robber who was taken to the federal prison after violating probation in San Diego in June 1995.

Jesse Trentadue alleges guards mistook his brother for a bombing suspect and beat him to death during an interrogation.

He said after all these years he thought public interest in the case would wane. "But that doesn't appear to be the case. It grows and grows."

These tapes will never be found because Timothy McVeigh was an innocent man and a patsy.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

One Politician has it right:

"The working people are the backbone of our military and the preservation of an efficient working class in numerical proportion to the total population constitutes the pillar of this nations policy.  Agriculture must be protected by tariffs and state regulation of imports.  The fixing of prices for agricultural produce and other products, like gasoline must be withdrawn from the influence of stock exchange speculation, and a stop must be put to exploitation of farmers and blue collar workers by large middlemen and corporations.  The high taxation cannot be met out of the poor returns for labor on the land or in the factory.  The farmer and blue collar worker is forced to run into debt and pay usurious interest on loans.  He sinks deeper and deeper under this tyranny, and in the end forfeits his house and farm to the money-lenders."

He has my vote!

any ideas who it is?
More proof that the answer to the question: "Is the Pope Catholic?" these days is NO!

Friday, April 06, 2012

Strip Searches: The Supreme Court's Disturbing Decision

It might seem that in the United States, being pulled over for driving without a seat belt should not end with the government ordering you to take off your clothes and "lift your genitals." But there is no guarantee that this is the case -- not since the Supreme Court ruled this week that the Constitution does not prohibit the government from strip searching people charged with even minor offenses. The court's 5-4 ruling turns a deeply humiliating procedure -- one most Americans would very much like to avoid -- into a routine law enforcement tactic.

This case arose when a man named Albert Florence was pulled over by New Jersey state troopers while he was driving to his parents' house with his wife and young son. The trooper arrested him for failing to pay a fine -- even though, it turned out, he actually had paid the fine. Florence was thrown into the Essex County Correctional Facility, which has a strip search policy for all new arrestees.

Florence -- who had not even violated the law -- was subjected to one of the more degrading interactions a citizen can have with his government. He was made to disrobe, lift his genitals for the guards to show that he was not hiding anything, and cough in a squatting position. Florence said he was strip searched twice...

Welcomw to Amerika - the communist Jewnited States of America!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Whooping cough vaccine fades in pre-teens: study: study
NEW YORK | Tue Apr 3, 2012 2:13pm EDT

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - During a whooping cough outbreak in California in 2010, immunized children between eight and 12 years old were more likely to catch the bacterial disease than kids of other ages, suggesting that the childhood vaccine wears off as kids get older, according to new research...

...Witt had expected to see the illnesses center around unvaccinated kids, knowing they are more vulnerable to the disease.

"We started dissecting the data. What was very surprising was the majority of cases were in fully vaccinated children. That's what started catching our attention," said Witt...

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Another Neo-con worrying more about Israel than the state he is supposed to govern!

We are an occupied nation - and people that claim to be Christian support these sons of Satan - this is truly the sad part of it all!