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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Congress set to hand our highways and freeways over to foreign corporations: New toll roads planned for all 50 states!

The efforts to parcel off and sell out entire sectors of America’s infrastructure to foreign interest continues daily. HR 7, the bill at issue here would put tolls on roads American taxpayers funded and paid for and which they continue to fund through gasoline taxes diverted to the Transportation and Highway Trust account at the IMF. Of course, that trust fund, just like Social Security has been raided continually by the federal government since its inception leaving a negative balance for that particular identified revenue stream. The money the federal government invested in the original construction of these highways and freeways was garnered from individual taxes and was not taken from some non-existent private account owned by the Fed. The Fed has no money of its own.

HR 7 will effectively end our right to travel freely by making the cost of travel so expensive, that we won’t travel...

This commentary from Michael Rivero sums it up quite well:

Let's say you hire a carpenter to build you a house. You pay for all the materials and for the carpenter's labor. You move into the house and live there happily for many years.

Then one day the Carpenter shows up at your doorstep and says he got into financial trouble, made some bad guesses on Wall Street, has to give large amounts of money to another carpenter (but won't explain why), and the only way he can save himself is that by selling the house YOU paid to build. But, not to worry; you can go on living in that house you paid to build, it's just that from now on you will have to pay rent to the new owners!

Do you go along with that arrangement the carpenter has made?

Or do you shoot him dead on the spot for selling something YOU paid for?

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