PARK FALLS, Wis (WSAU) The Weather Shield factory in Park Falls will stay open after union workers agreed to new concessions. They voted 58-32 on Monday night to accept a new contract.

Workers will not see a pay cut. But they won’t get the annual cost-of-living pay raise of 2-to-3 percent over the next two years. A contract from earlier this year had been rejected by Teamsters Local 663. The company said without the concessions, the Park Falls facility would have been closed.

Many workers said they’d rather forego small raises in 2012 and 2013 than have to try looking for new jobs.

Contract talks are ongoing at another Weather Shied facility in Mosinee.

I suspect that they could have even held out longer and kept their crummy 2-3% pay increase too - but since they are paid so poorly anyhow - it really did not make enough of a difference for them to even fight about it.

This should be a clear sign that if workers stick together they can hold what little that they have.

This should also be a lessen to Union workers to tell their Union leaders where to go when they encourage them to keep taking cut after cut after cut - remember - the Union steward wanted them to sign the original 10% cut in pay!