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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bishop Louis Vezelis warned of this in the 1980's


The American Police State is the 'New Normal'

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COMMENTARY | According to The New York Times, the FBI just raided a data center in Virginia and seized many of its servers, causing websites owned by "tens of clients" to go offline -- including those belonging to people who hadn't broken a law, and were not suspected of any crime.

It may seem silly to get upset about the police taking down websites you don't use. A certain quote may come to mind, though, as we look at other ways that the police in America abuse their power.
Tasering nonviolent people to death

A 72-year-old woman named Kathryn Winkfein got tasered not too long ago after she lost her temper at the cop who pulled her over. Her offense? Shouting at him.

Luckily, she "learned her lesson" about talking back to America's authority figures. She was also awarded $40,000 in damages, which her County Constable, Richard McCain, complained was a reward for "bad behavior." Apparently putting 50,000 volts through the heart of someone's great-grandma is not bad behavior, as long as you wear a police uniform.

Winkfein was lucky. In what Digby calls the "Taser Atrocity Of The Day," a man who took groceries without having paid for them was tasered continuously for 37 seconds, after he became "aggressive and was communicating loudly." He died in the hospital.

The police officer who killed him was suspended for five days.
Stealing your cellphone (and its data)

Recordings of government workers performing their duty are, by law, in the public domain. So if you
think a police officer is going to do something untoward, try filming him so you have evidence. Right?

Not so fast. Prepare to have your cellphone taken from you and stomped on. The Miami Beach, Fla., police in particular have a history of doing this, and they aren't alone. But the people who have their phones stolen and vandalized by the police are lucky; a man named Michael Allison faces up to 75 years in prison for trying to record a judge, and was arrested without any warning.

Meanwhile, the Michigan State Police is taking people's cellphones when they pull them over for traffic violations, and using "extraction" devices on the phones. The ACLU is trying to find out why they're doing that, but the police department placed a price tag of over $500,000 on their Freedom of Information request. How much justice can you afford?

Arresting nonviolent activists

Want to feed homeless people free meals in the park? Prepare to be arrested. Or how about dancing in front of the Jefferson Memorial? Prepare to get tied up and beat up.

Our country's police has a long history of suppressing nonviolent activists, and it hasn't stopped with the Civil Rights Era. Environmental activists like Tim DeChristopher are served 10-year prison sentences for civil disobedience, that harms no one but impedes oil companies' profits. Meanwhile, the FBI labels nonviolent activists as "domestic terrorists."

They were recently granted more power to go through your trash and your data, so expect things to only get worse. Actually, expect things to get worse in general. The police state is the new normal.

You have got to be kidding me!


Amish group travels to Israel to ask forgiveness of Jews

When most of the news we hear involves killing, lies and denial, here's news story that stands out as unique: Members of the Amish community from the United States and Switzerland paid a visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem for the express purpose of asking the Jewish people’s forgiveness for their group’s silence during the Nazi extermination of Jews in the Holocaust...

Alex Jones is a Zionist and cannot be trusted - this Zionist puppet claims that Hezbollah is on our southern border advising drug cartels!  If you believe this - I have some ocean front property in Arizona for sale - cheap!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

For Many Greeks, Here's What Austerity Will Look Like
1. Taxes will increase by 2.32 billion euros this year and 3.38 billion, 152 million and 699 million in the three subsequent years. There will be higher property taxes and an increase in the value-added tax (VAT) from 19 percent to 23 percent.

2. Luxury levies will be introduced on yachts, pools and cars and there will be special levies on profitable firms, high-value properties and people with high incomes.

3. Excise taxes on fuel, cigarettes and alcohol will rise by one-third.

4. Public sector wages will be cut by 15 percent.

5. Defense spending will be cut by 200 million euros in 2012 and 333 million each year from 2013 to 2015.

6. Education spending will be cut by closing or merging 1,976 schools.
Webmaster's Commentary:

When you choose to live on less, that is "austerity." When the government forces you to live on less so the bankers can have more, that is "Poverty." It is also "Tyranny" and "Dictatorship."

And after Greece, the promoters of the Global Economic Dictatorship (aka The New World Order) are aimed right at the United States of America.

They are aimed at you!

And that is why We The People must stand with the people of Greece against the systematic impoverishment of all the people of Planet Earth in the name of some fanciful and impractical global hegemonic society.
Israel passes draft law requiring Palestinians to pay for their own home demolitions

A Committee of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) passed a first draft of a law that will require that Palestinians whose homes are destroyed by Israeli forces pay the Israeli government for the demolition costs.

The law will now be passed to the full Knesset for a final reading, where it is expected to pass due to the current makeup of the Knesset.

Since 1967, Israeli forces have demolished 24,813 Palestinian homes. 90% of these homes were destroyed for 'administrative' reasons – because they either lacked a permit or were in an area designated for expansion by the Israeli military. No permits have been issued by Israeli authorities for Palestinian construction in the Occupied Territories since 1967. The remaining 10% of the demolitions have been 'punitive' demolitions of the homes of Palestinians accused of attacking Israel, or of their families' homes.

In the first five months of 2011, Israeli forces demolished more Palestinian homes than in the entire year of 2010, rendering homeless 706 Palestinians, including 341 minors. This is according to the most recent numbers released by the Israeli Civil Administration.

If the law passes the full Knesset, any Palestinian whose home is destroyed by the Israeli military will have to pay thousands of dollars to cover the cost of the demolition. Already, many Palestinian homeowners, mainly in Jerusalem, have been forced to pay for the forced demolition of their homes.

Israeli forces use US-made armored D9 bulldozers, manufactured by the Caterpillar Corporation, to carry out the demolition of Palestinian homes. This has led US and international activists to call for a boycott of the Caterpillar corporation, saying that the use of the bulldozers to demolish Palestinian homes is a violation of international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention.

remember Michele Bachmann's words:

"Most Americans recognize that Israelis and Americans are two sides of the same coin because we share the same values and the same aspirations," Bachmann says. "We even share the same exceptional mission -- to be a light to the nations."
Do not believe the lies in the US Media regarding Greece.  This is a revolt against the "New World Order" - or the movement toward a global government.  In five years the Greeks will have paid more in interest than the total sum of all the bailouts that they received!  THINK ABOUT THIS!  Greek politicians are now going to be selling state assets.  The people have had it!

Cook County, IL is 108 billion dollars in debt - $63,000.00 per household!

get out of the cities if you can folks - it is going to get ugly very soon - Pray that these coming days be shortened!
Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant is underwater and a 10 mile radius evacution has been ordered!

The national media has not reported anything about a 10 mile evaculation zone, and the local media is playing this down.  We are in serious trouble folks.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In case you are tempted to support this whore for Israel:

""Most Americans recognize that Israelis and Americans are two sides of the same coin because we share the same values and the same aspirations," Bachmann says. "We even share the same exceptional mission -- to be a light to the nations."

Think of the blasphemy of her statements - as a Roman Catholic I certainly do not hold the Christ hating/denying values of Israelis!
Creepy Novus Ordo "hero" resigns from the "priesthood". 

This satanic man now calls himself the "Black Sheep Dog".

Look at the imagery in this satanists announcement - it looks like a devilish wolf to me - not a "sheep dog"

Here is this devils new web-site:

look at the comments - he says "I AM listening"  - note the use of all caps in "I AM" - the way in which God refers to Himself.

I have heard this clown a few times while driving on "Relevant Radio" - a bogus ordo radio station and always thought he sounded like an idiot - but he was the darling of EWTN and novus ordo radio.
Everyone of these Jackbooted thugs should be arrested for harassing law abiding citizens!

Bishop Louis has said for a long time that we live in a Police State - if this is not further evidence of that - I don't know what is:

Here is the story:

A woman in Rochester, NY was unjustly arrested for filming police in front of her home.

After her video went viral on Youtube - a group of people gathered at her home to show support. The LOSERS that we are forced to call police officers on the Rochester Police Department then showed up and started issuing tickets to people parked more than 12 inches from the curb in front of her home.

Here is the video of these jackasses harassing citizens instead of doing their job!

Elderly woman asked to remove adult diaper during TSA search
A woman has filed a complaint with federal authorities over how her elderly mother was treated at Northwest Florida Regional Airport last weekend.
Jean Weber of Destin filed a complaint with the Department of Homeland Security after her 95-year-old mother was detained and extensively searched last Saturday while trying to board a plane to fly to
Michigan to be with family members during the final stages of her battle with leukemia.
Her mother, who was in a wheelchair, was asked to remove an adult diaper in order to complete a pat-down search.
“It’s something I couldn’t imagine happening on American soil,” Weber said Friday. “Here is my mother, 95 years old, 105 pounds, barely able to stand, and then this.”
Audio Sermon's for 2nd Sunday after Pentecost 2011

Fr. Bonaventure:


Her Doctrine and Morals

Second Sunday after Pentecost

26 June 2011


The Sunday


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The Sunday Sermon Archive

Link to the Third Sunday after Pentecost
Dear Friends,
“He that loveth not, abideth in death.” (1 John 3:14)
There are many who imagine that they love but they really do not love. Self-love is not true love. If one truly loved himself he would seek only that which is best for his eternal welfare and would resist and fight off this disordered self-love.
Self-love is filled with pride and vanity and is therefore lacking the grace of God. In this we see that self-love is not the friend of one’s self but is actually an enemy. Self-love undermines true love and ck becomes an eternal enemy to ourselves.
We witness in today’s gospel how one person after another excused himself from attending the supper. Each one in his turn filled with self-love rather than true love found an excuse not to go when they should have gone. Their own disordered will and love of self became the obstacle to their own eventual peace and happiness.
They assumed that in following their own wills they would find happiness, but in the end they are denied ever being able to taste of the supper.
After indulging our own wills we are left disappointed and frustrated. The joys that our self-love promised us prove to be deceitful illusions. We usually only discover this after we have already been barred from the supper. It is then too late to return to the great supper. There is no turning back. The grace that was rejected by us will never return. In God’s mercy He may offer us another grace but the one that was rejected is forever gone. Instead of amassing treasure for heaven we have too often lost precious treasures and time by rejecting God’s graces, just as the men in today’s gospel rejected the invitations.
We have chosen to prefer passing and fleeting enjoyments of self-love in pride and vanity rather than embrace the truly good things offered to us by God. As often as these graces and opportunities (invitations) are repulsed by us the less likely are we to receive another. Eventually those who have rejected their allotted number of graces will receive no more. They will be forever barred from ever tasting of the heavenly supper.
Those on the other hand that accept the invitation and cooperate with the grace are given not just any supper but a great supper. They are filled with sumptuous delights without end, because of their cooperation with the graces that God has given them. They not only increase the current grace but have many others added to them. God again and again invites them until one day they are welcomed into the eternal feast of heaven.
Those who have rejected God’s graces and invitations the allotted number of times will ultimately be rejected for all of eternity and will never taste of the joys of heaven. Their self-love which is not true love at all caused them not to love and as we quoted from St. John above: He that does not love abides in death. These poor souls having chosen to pursue their own disordered self-love throughout life, rejecting over and over again God’s invitation to come to His supper, find nothing but disillusionment and frustration in this life, but even worse than this, they will never taste of any true happiness because they have forever barred themselves from heaven. They will die the second death and suffer for all of eternity for their folly. They will hate themselves forever because they will now see how easy it would have been for them to accept and correspond to the invitation.
Many times the invitation is rejected and the messenger feels the pain and the rejection as if it is he that has been rejected. Even though the messenger is often criticized and blamed, our Lord tells us that it is not the messenger who is being rejected but it is the one who sent the messenger (God) who is truly being rejected. Many criticize and condemn the Church and Her ministers but do not understand that in doing so they have not rejected the Church and her ministers, but they have rejected God who sent them. So as we find our wishes and desires for our fellow men constantly rejected and repulsed by them we should not take it as a personal insult; it is not we that have been slighted but, God. God’s desire for his servants is that they return over and over again to invite others until eventually His house will be filled.
Let us strive for and pray for those whom God has sent us to invite into His Kingdom, but if we find that they are rejecting the invitation and are choosing to abide in death rather than life, let us move on to find others who are more cooperative with the grace of God. Let us not continue to cast pearls before swine or to invite to a supper those who have chosen death and cannot eat.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Isn't this dignified:

Reminds me of those flyers you get in the mail with the car key - and all you do is show up at the used car lot to test your key to see if you have one a car!

Compare this nonsense with this:

If you have ever been curious about what funeral service is all about and what goes on "behind the scenes" or why anyone would want to be a funeral director - the above video is excellent and well worth watching.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry Signed Pro-Homosexual ‘Hate Crimes’ Bill into Law in Texas

Another fine example of why Catholics should not support the Republican Party any more than they support the Democrat Party!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Anytime you see violence at a protest - remember this:

Inches away from being America's Fukushima: Nuclear plant dangerously close to being engulfed by Missouri floods

Fukushima is the greatest nuclear and environmental disaster in human history
Police State USA

Here is clear evidence of the attack on the middle class - and what will likely lead to the euthanizing of the elderly within the next few years.

Michael Pento, senior economist at EuroPacific Capital says, "Retirement is on life support, if not indeed dead as we know it today."

"Americans have negligible savings, the real estate market is still in secular decline, stock prices are in a decade's long morass, real incomes are falling, public pension plans are insolvent and our entitlement programs are bankrupt."

Friday, June 24, 2011

Republican controlled senate in New York votes to legalize "gay marriage".

Bloomberg - the Republican mayor of New York supported this all along.

These are people in good standing with the Republican party - do not be deceived the republicans are not better than the democrats and are both led by Satan!

voting is a complete waste of time!

You would do far better to stay home on election day and pray the Rosary!
I have been out of town for a few days - so am now catching up on stuff.

Bishop Louis gave an excellent sermon for Pentecost Sunday that I listened to while driving:

Pentecost Sunday:
Bishop Louis Vezelis:

here is Bishop Louis' sermon for Trinity Sunday that I noticed was posted when I got the link for the above sermon:

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

AP IMPACT: Tritium leaks found at many nuke sites

BRACEVILLE, Ill. – Radioactive tritium has leaked from three-quarters of U.S. commercial nuclear power sites, often into groundwater from corroded, buried piping, an Associated Press investigation shows.
The number and severity of the leaks has been escalating, even as federal regulators extend the licenses of more and more reactors across the nation.
Tritium, which is a radioactive form of hydrogen, has leaked from at least 48 of 65 sites, according to U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission records reviewed as part of the AP's yearlong examination of safety issues at aging nuclear power plants. Leaks from at least 37 of those facilities contained concentrations exceeding the federal drinking water standard — sometimes at hundreds of times the limit.
While most leaks have been found within plant boundaries, some have migrated offsite. But none is known to have reached public water supplies.
At three sites — two in Illinois and one in Minnesota — leaks have contaminated drinking wells of nearby homes, the records show, but not at levels violating the drinking water standard. At a fourth site, in New Jersey, tritium has leaked into an aquifer and a discharge canal feeding picturesque Barnegat Bay off the Atlantic Ocean.
Previously, the AP reported that regulators and industry have weakened safety standards for decades to keep the nation's commercial nuclear reactors operating within the rules. While NRC officials and plant operators argue that safety margins can be eased without peril, critics say these accommodations are inching the reactors closer to an accident.
Any exposure to radioactivity, no matter how slight, boosts cancer risk, according to the National Academy of Sciences. Federal regulators set a limit for how much tritium is allowed in drinking water. So far, federal and industry officials say, the tritium leaks pose no health threat.
How do you like that paragraph - they lie to you from one sentence to the next!
But it's hard to know how far some leaks have traveled into groundwater. Tritium moves through soil quickly, and when it is detected it often indicates the presence of more powerful radioactive isotopes that are often spilled at the same time.
For example, cesium-137 turned up with tritium at the Fort Calhoun nuclear unit near Omaha, Neb., in 2007. Strontium-90 was discovered with tritium two years earlier at the Indian Point nuclear power complex, where two reactors operate 25 miles north of New York City...

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Feathers of Penance

Fr. mentioned the following unusual penance for the sin of Gossip in his sermon - so I looked up a little more about it and thought I would share what I found out.
...of the most unusual penance St. Philip Neri assigned to a woman for her sin of spreading gossip. The sixteenth-century saint instructed her to take a feather pillow to the top of the church bell tower, rip it open, and let the wind blow all the feathers away. This probably was not the kind of penance this woman, or any of us, would have been used to!

But the penance didn’t end there. Philip Neri gave her a second and more difficult task. He told her to come down from the bell tower and collect all the feathers that had been scattered throughout the town. The poor lady, of course, could not do it-and that was the point Philip Neri was trying to make in order to underscore the destructive nature of gossip. When we detract from others in our speech, our malicious words are scattered abroad and cannot be gathered back. They continue to dishonor and divide many days, months, and years after we speak them as they linger in people’s minds and pass from one tale-bearer to the next.
Audio Sermon for Trinity Sunday

Bishop Giles Butler:


Her Doctrine and Morals

Trinity Sunday

19 June 2011


The Sunday



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The Sunday Sermon Archive
Dear Friends,
Jesus has given the disciples His guarantee to remain with them all days – even to the consummation of the world. As we celebrate this feast of the Most Holy Trinity we are reminded of many things concerning God. We know that He is three Persons in One God, and as St. Paul tells us that God’s judgments are incomprehensible for us and His ways are unsearchable by us. More than this, let us consider His omnipresence.
We cannot ever escape the presence of God. Some have said that God’s presence is like the air all around us. Even more so than this we find God’s presence inside us as well as all around us. God is with us at all times.
For the virtuous person this is a very consoling thought that God is a witness to all that he does, to all that he says and thinks. To the wicked individual it is a very frightening thing to recall that God is a witness to all his crimes and schemes.
Beyond this we must realize that God’s presence is necessary for our very existence. We have been taught that if God were to ever cease thinking of us then we would cease to be. We exist in God constantly. We live not only in His presence, but by and for Him also.
When we sin we must realize that not only have we forgotten God and His presence, but we have forced Him in a way to participate at least by His permissive will in our evil. God is not just a silent witness to our evil thoughts, words and actions, but He is in a sense forced to cooperate with our evil actions because of His existence in the creatures which we abuse.
All that God has made is good, holy and pleasing to Him. Men have been given the capacity to take these things and use them against God. Men have taken good things and used them for evil purposes. Because, God is present in all these things, men in their sins are directly attacking God and abusing Him. The abuse is not just against His creation, but it is oposed to Him because we find Him in His creation.
This understanding of God’s gifts to us has often led men to mistake His creatures for Him and then place the creature in the place of God. Idolatry is a mistaken or perverted understanding of reality.
All the world around us is sacred and holy in the sense that it has come forth from the hand of God and these things are contained in God, but these things are not God. In their beauty and suitability for their purpose we see a reflection of God’s perfections. We see God in His work, but we must realize that it is His work and is not Him even though He always remains with His work.
We too are His work – we are His creation. He lives in us in an even more intimate manner than He does in the rest of His creation. We therefore are even more sacred and holy than the rest of creation. We are still not God but we are higher than the rest of the material world. This material world was made only for us. Just as we must respect and not abuse the material world because it is God’s gift and He is present in it, so we must have a greater sense of the respect and sacredness of our own bodies and those of our fellow men. We are not just material objects to be studied and manipulated on a purely material plane. We have immortal souls and we are temples of the Holy Ghost.
Our bodies are not our own, our children are not our own. Children are more than a mass of cells or a mass of tissue. They are God’s creation, and are His temples; they are sacred and deserve the respect, dignity, and honor as such at all stages of life. We are not free to drag the sacred down to the level of the profane. We are not free to consider men on the same level as other animals. We are not free to manipulate them for our own designs and pleasures.
As we contemplate the mystery of God and the Trinity, let us not fail to contemplate His life and presence in and through us. Let us repent for having ever offended Him. Let us beg His mercy upon all those who have abused Him when they have abused their own bodies or the bodies of others. We are members of Christ -- living members. “Behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world.” (Mat. 28, 20)

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jerusalem rabbis 'condemn dog to death by stoning'

A Jewish rabbinical court condemned to death by stoning a stray dog it feared was the reincarnation of a lawyer who insulted its judges, reports say.

The dog entered the Jerusalem financial court several weeks ago and would not leave, reports Israeli website Ynet.

It reminded a judge of a curse passed on a now deceased secular lawyer about 20 years ago, when judges bid his spirit to enter the body of a dog.

The animal is said to have escaped before the sentence was carried out.

One of the judges at the court in the city's ultra-Orthodox Mea Shearim neighbourhood had reportedly asked local children to carry out the sentence.

An animal welfare organisation filed a complaint with the police against a court official, who denied reports that judges had ordered the dog's stoning, according to Ynet.

But a court manager told Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot the stoning had been ordered as "as an appropriate way to 'get back at' the spirit which entered the poor dog", according to Ynet.

Dogs are often considered impure animals in traditional Judaism.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

In hoc signo vinces

(by this sign you shall conquer)

This blog is primarily focused on exposing evil men and deceptions used against us.  But we must remember - in the end - we shall be victorious if we die in the friendship of God.  No matter how much evil we face, no matter how bad it gets or seems to get - we have nothing to fear but sin.

Emperor Constantine was a pagan facing defeat in battle and certain death.  God gave him a sign in the sky of a cross with the words: "In hoc signo vinces".  Constantine ordered that a cross be painted on all the shields of his soldiers and went into battle and conquered under the sign of the Cross. 

Shortly thereafter he issued the Edict of Milan which was the beginning of the fall of paganism and the Christianization of the Roman Empire.

Emperor Constantine's co-emperor in the East - Licinius rebelled against the Edict of Milan, which he co-signed, and began to persecute Catholics again.  Constantine was forced to go to war against him.  In the final battle, Emperor Constantine's forces were greatly out numbered and faced certain defeat. 

Constantine ordered a banner to be made with the chi-rho - which is the first two Greek letters of Christ - the "c" "chi" and the "r" - "rho".

When this banner was raised - Licinius' soldiers fled in terror and Constantine was victorious.

When we follow Christ - we will be victorious.  When things seem to be getting worse and worse - and appear that evil is winning - we should remember Constantine and his vision:

In hoc signo vinces


Ancient coin showing Constantine on one side and the Chi Rho banner on the other

From the "fiscally responsible party"

We are being robbed blind by all these politicians!
Cain's message -- Muslims need not apply

(CNN) -- Herman Cain, Republican presidential candidate and winner of this year's Arizona and Georgia Tea Party straw polls, has a campaign slogan: "Lets Get Real."

So I guess he was just keeping it real when he recently declared that he was not "comfortable" appointing an American-Muslim to his Cabinet or to a federal judgeship.

I guess it was just another mark of this realness when he announced last week that he would require a loyalty oath from any Muslim seeking a job in his administration, but would not require the same for Christians or Jews. Cain added that he has never personally met a Muslim who would take an oath disavowing sharia law--laws based on the Quran -- so it would appear that none could be qualified for a job in the Cain administration...

Insert the word Jew for Muslim in the above and ask yourself if this Zionist Neo-Con Uncle Tom would be allowed to make such statements?

The "unholy alliance" between bankers and politicians.  Don't expect the US media to report on this because the same jewish bankers who control the politicians - own and control the US media!

Drink you 8 glasses a day!

I wonder if the flouride in the water is what is making the majority of Americans effeminate docile fools who accept whatever the illigitimate Zionist government hands out?

Note how the commentator says that there is no inhalation risk - yet the HazMat team members are al wearing oxygen tanks and masks.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Plebs are revolting in China too:

Note well that the Zionist mainstream media of the US is not covering this - why?  Because it goes against the deception that all these uprisings in the US, Spain, Greece, Egypt, etc... are communistic in nature. 

The unthinking masses just believe whatever they are told to believe!
Pelosi's wealth grows by 62 percent

By Kevin Bogardus - 06/15/11 12:46 PM ET

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) saw her net worth rise 62 percent last year, cementing her status as one of the wealthiest members of Congress.

Pelosi was worth at least $35.2 million in the 2010 calendar year, according to a financial disclosure report released Wednesday. She reported a minimum of $43.4 million in assets and about $8.2 milion in liabilities.

For 2009, Pelosi reported a minimum net worth of $21.7 million.

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) also remained a multimillionaire. He reported that his minimum net worth in 2010 was close to $2.1 million, with zero liabilities. His 2009 minimum net worth was more than $1.8 million.

Forms disclosing the assets and liabilities of lawmakers for the 2010 calendar year were released Wednesday. The forms give a good estimate of lawmaker wealth, though they show ranges and not precise values for stocks, pension plans, vacation homes and other assets of lawmakers.

Pelosi saw her wealth rise due to some stock gains and real estate investments made by her husband, Paul.

Apple stock owned by Pelosi's spouse rose from at least $500,000 in 2009 to $1 million in 2010. The minority leader's husband also took a bigger stake in Matthews International Capital Management — worth at least $5 million last year, compared to $1 million in 2009 — and his investment in some undeveloped residential real estate in Sacramento, Calif., jumped to at least $5 million in value.

Paul Pelosi also has sizable assets in the United Football League, including $1 million in a partnership interest in a Jacksonville, Fla., franchise and $5 million in a partnership interest for the Sacramento Lions.

While public sector workers across the nation are losing their dignity as human beings and losing their rights to be represented and negotiate the terms of their employment with their masters, while most workers are paying more for health care, paying more for food, fuel, and all the necessities of life, while many are losing pay or worse yet, their jobs - Congress is getting richer - while most are losing equity and losing on real estate - congress members are getting rich off real estate.

It is high time to revolt against this illegitimate government of traitors loyal only to Israel and their own pocket books!

Airspace Over Flooded Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant Still Closed

A fire in Nebraska's Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant briefly knocked out the cooling process for spent nuclear fuel rods, ProPublica reports. The fire occurred on June 7th.

On June 6th, the Federal Administration Aviation (FAA) issued a directive banning aircraft from entering the airspace within a two-mile radius of the plant.

"No pilots may operate an aircraft in the areas covered by this NOTAM," referring to the "notice to airmen," effective immediately.

The plant is reportedly at a stage 4 level of emergency, though the Omaha Public Power District (OPPD), which owns and operates the plant, denies this.

"This terminology is not accurate, and is not how emergencies at nuclear power plants are classified," the OPPD says on a website created to counter rumors about the security of the Fort Calhoun plant.

The OPPD claims the FAA closed airspace over the plant because of the Missouri River flooding. But the FAA ban specifically lists the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant as the location for the flight ban.

The plant is adjacent to the now-flooding river, about 20 minutes outside downtown Omaha, and has been closed since April for refueling.

WOWT, the local NBC affiliate, reports on its website:

"The Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Facility is an island right now but it is one that authorities say is going to stay dry. They say they have a number of redundant features to protect the facility from flood waters that include the aqua dam, earthen berms and sandbags."

OPPD spokesman Jeff Hanson told Business Insider that the nuclear plant is in a "stable situation." He said the Missouri River is currently at 1005.6" above sea level, and that no radioactive fuel had yet been released or was expected to be released in the future.

Asked about the FAA flight ban, Hanson it was due to high power lines and "security reasons that we can't reveal." He said the flight ban remains in effect.

We'll keep you apprised of the situation as more details come to light.

The ONLY Reason to ban flight over a nuclear power plant is if it is leaking radiation!
Our very own Fukushima in Nebraska!

Glenn Beck's Jerusalem rally program unveiled
TV star's solidarity event is expected to draw thousands of Israelis, Americans with music, pyrotechnics. Sarah Palin, republican presidential candidates set to drop by,7340,L-4082351,00.html

Tzvika Brot

Tens of thousands of excited Israelis and Americans, music performances, appearances by local and international celebrities, senior politicians and a live broadcast that will reach millions of viewers – this is just some of what is in store for Glenn Beck's upcoming rally "to restore courage," which is set to take place on August 24 in Jerusalem.

Beck has been leading a publicity campaign for the event over the past few weeks, urging his viewers and listeners to fly out to the Holy Land.

Support from US
Glenn Beck announces J'lem rally / Ynet
Conservative US media figure plans on staging rally 'to restore courage' in Jerusalem in August
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The staunch Christian Fox News personality aims to show support for Israel by recreating last August's rally "to restore honor," which he held in Washington, DC.

This year, the Wailing Wall will replace Lincoln Memorial as the backdrop for the event, which will take place at Jerusalem's Old City and the Teddy Stadium simultaneously.

The multi-million dollar production is expected to be attended by a convoy of American dignitaries, including former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. US Senator Joe Lieberman, a independent, and Republicans Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee and Congresswoman Michelle Bachman are to join Beck at the rally as well.

Knesset to host meetup

Those hoping for a VIP ticket will be disappointed to find out that the 600 prime seating spots at the Davidson Center have all been sold out – for $5,000 a pop. The rest of the spectators will have to settle for a spot at the stadium, or at the Sultan's Pool archeological site. The main events will be broadcast on giant screens for a better view. The rally is open to the general public with free admission.

A series of musical performances, designed to lure Israeli audiences, are expected at the rally, and Beck said he intends to recruit some US star power for the event as well. A pyrotechnic show and free snacks and drinks are anticipated as well. 

The bustle of preparation has also been felt at the Knesset: the legislative body is to host a meeting between the visiting dignitaries and their Israeli colleagues. World Likud Chairman MK Danny Danon is leading the Knesset's cooperation with Beck. The two met in the US recently.

"Thousands of supporters will arrive in Israel just as the prophets of wrath are attempting to frighten the public," Danon said. "With a tremendous show of force we will send a clear message that we are not scared, and we believe in our eternal right for Jerusalem and the land of Israel."

People are revolting against Zionist controlled illegitimate governments!

we may be next

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Audio Sermon- Pentecost Sunday - 2011

Bishop Giles Butler
Her Doctrine and Morals
Pentecost Sunday
12 June 2011

Dear Friends,

“If anyone love Me, he will keep My Word and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and will make Our abode in him.”

Today we celebrate the coming of the Holy Ghost upon the apostles. The words of Christ were fulfilled for those who loved Jesus. They loved Jesus and they kept His word and so God the Holy Ghost came to them and dwelt with them. They became temples of God.

We too have been invited to receive the Holy Ghost. God wishes to come and dwell within us. Jesus has given us the test whereby we shall know if we are loved by God. If we love God, God will love us. And if God loves us He will live within us. But, how shall we know if we truly love God, or if we love Him correctly? That is answered by Jesus also: “If you love Me you will keep My Word.” If we keep the word of God we will love God and He will dwell within us.

Jesus has also given us the sacraments through which He gives grace to all who properly receive them (without placing any obstacles in the way of God’s grace). In the sacrament of Confirmation we receive the Holy Ghost through the instrumentality of the bishop. This sacrament brings to us the Holy Ghost and all His gifts, and through this sacrament we are made soldiers of Jesus Christ. We are truly fitted for spiritual warfare.

We are now soldiers fitted for battle with every help that we need and yet so many have fled their posts or given completely in to the enemy. How is it that they do not use the means that God has given them? How are we to protect ourselves from falling into a like misfortune or how are we to return to that state once we have lost it?

The answer to all our questions is “love.” It is love that places the armor upon us and the weapons in our hands. It is love that enables us to fight the spiritual battles courageously. It is love that enables us to keep the words of Christ. It is the Holy Ghost whom we receive in Confirmation that is known as the God of love.

The Holy Ghost dwelling within us is both the gift and the reward. He is an unmerited free gift to draw us to Himself and He is also the reward for our cooperation with Himself.

Once we begin to love then our eyes are opened. God is love and in loving God we begin to know Him. In knowing Him we serve Him. In serving and knowing Him we love Him.

A simple examination of our conscience is enough to tell us if we have kept the word of God. This in turn will tell us of the depth of our love for God.

Our goal today and always is to strive to love God more and more each day. The greater our love for God becomes the closer God will dwell within us. The more intimately we are untied with God here on earth the greater will be our reward and intimacy with Him in heaven.

Let us strive to love the word of God. We must cherish the words of Christ more than we do any others. In this state of love we will not find it difficult to keep the commandments. In every aspect of our lives we will find a relevant word from the scriptures to help us. As we dwell in the words of God we will find that God will dwell within us. In this dwelling upon the word of God we will love and grow in love for God. In this way the Holy Ghost the God of Love will come to us and within us the Trinity will live. We will be temples of God, but more importantly we will find ourselves in God. We will find ourselves immersed in the presence of God rather than God circumscribed within us.
Labor in New York is doing something right!

Meanwhile - politicians from both political parties are selling out our country to Israel!


Friday, June 10, 2011

Audio Sermons for Sunday after Ascension of our Lord - 2011

Bishop Giles Butler

Father Bonaventure Strandt

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Report: Louisiana Considering Bill That Would Overrule Roe v. Wade

By Doug Mataconis, Outside the Beltway

Louisiana's Republican-controlled legislature now has a bill before that would, effectively, challenge the entirety of the Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade:

The Louisiana state legislature is considering a bill that would make performing an abortion a criminal offense, including in cases of rape and incest, and that would force a woman to pay out of pocket for an abortion that is necessary to save her life.

State Rep. John LaBruzzo (R), who introduced the bill, told lawmakers in a committee hearing last month that he fully intends for the bill to make its way up through the federal courts and challenge

Roe v. Wade - the 1973 Supreme Court decision that barred states from outlawing abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Read more:

It is about time!  It only took almost 40 years for a state to attempt this!  It is likely just smoke & mirrors, but hopefully not.  Note that it still would allow the murder of unborn babies under the pretense of saving the life of the mother - and they have not yet voted on this legislation.

Phone-hacking scandal: Jonathan Rees obtained information using dark arts

Freemason set up network of corrupt police, customs officials, taxmen and bank staff to gain valuable information

Years ago, Jonathan Rees became a freemason. According to journalists and investigators who worked with him, he then exploited his link with the lodges to meet masonic police officers who illegally sold him information which he peddled to Fleet Street...

This is virtually the same type of thing that led to the fall of the Roman Republic and the creation of the Roman Empire.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Walker says concealed carry bill should require training, permits

Madison - Momentum shifted away from a "constitutional carry" bill on Friday and toward a measure that would allow Wisconsin residents to carry concealed weapons if they obtain permits and training.

Gov. Scott Walker, who had been silent on the specifics of a bill he would support, issued a statement that formalized his position: "If a concealed carry bill reaches my desk, it should include a permit and training provisions."

A number of concealed-carry advocates objected to the restrictions suggested by the governor and vowed to continue working to eliminate any law that restricts the right to bear guns, whether by requiring a permit or training...

Just remember - if the government can require permits and special training to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights - then they can do the same with any of your rights.

Banning the right to carry a concealed weapon was unconstitutional to begin with and a clear violation of the 2nd Amendment.

All of these politicians are traitors and have abandoned the Constitution and our military that swore an oath to defend the Constitution should throw all these crooks out of office and put them on trial for treason!