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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Watch the above clip and then do as Father suggests and leave your emotions out of it and try to arrive at the truth. 

Does it make sense to you that any union in the course of all of this would be trying to get a raise right now? 

Do you really think that any group of teachers would be trying to get a raise in pay NOW in the midst of all this?

I did a search of the net high and low to try and verify Walkers claims about these unnamed union trying to get contracts last week - I found nothing.  I did a search of his claims about the Janesville teachers supposedly demanding a raise - this is the only recent story I could find about Janesville teachers:

Unless I am missing something - I don't see them asking for a raise.

If any of the Walker supporters out there can confirm his claims  - please post the story that verifies it so I can check it out.

He is being called out on this as more and more people are beginning to realize that the Unions are willing to give in to all of his demands - EXCEPT to give up their right to collectively bargain - which means their right to have a Union.

Even though I do not agree with many things that the teachers union has done and stands for - They still have a right to form a union and bargain for their pay and benefits - like any other worker or tradesman.

Maybe, good will come out of this and the corrupt leaders of many unions and the corrupt leaders of government will be exposed and thrown out!

And again - remember this is not just about teachers and the teachers and the teachers union - this is about ALL public sector workers and all public sector unions - and this will without a doubt spill over and effect all unions and all workers, both union and non-union.

Also - I don't quite understand the math here - Walker claims that right now the State has a deficit of 137 million dollars - and that if nothing is done that deficit will be over 3 billion by 2013 - how does 137 million grow to over 3 billion in just two years?  If this year we can fix the deficit with 137 million - why does this number suddenly grow to over 3 billion. - btw - a billion is a thousand million - This is a HUGE difference in these numbers - it seems a bit odd to me.

It is like saying that this year I ended my year $1370.00 in the hole - and claiming that if i don't change something by 2013 I will be in debt 3 million dollars.

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