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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Unions and Communists?

I have been really thinking about comments made recently by friends and acquaintances, and by Walker himself in his secretly recorded phone call.

Many people seem to think that Unions are a communist idea.

As I have stated before, if this is true, why are there no unions in Communist China, why were there no unions in the Soviet Union?  Why are and were workers treated like cattle in Communist countries?  Why was it the labor unions in Poland that united and rose against the communist Soviet Union and eventually got them out of Poland?

I believe that the Democratic party (mostly communist or communist sympathisers) pretended to be a friend of unions for the sole purpose of bringing them down, to cause them to lose power,  not gain it. 

I believe that communists did infiltrate many unions, for the purpose of BRINGING THEM DOWN, not propping them up.  They knew and know that in order to destroy this nation, they have to destroy the middle class.

Our middle class is what makes us different from many nations.  In many nations there are the rich and there are the poor, there is no middle class.  This is certainly the case in Communist nations.

Unions made it very difficult to break the back of the middle class. Unions united the middle class and gave them a strong voice both in politics and in the work place, and the Communists knew and know this. 

In reality, unions are an obstacle to their aims.

So after they infiltrated both the Republicans and Democrats, they had to make it appear as if one party was an asset to the Unions.  The reality was quite different.  This party, the Demcoratic Party was also working for the demise of Unions. 

Remember  that it was the Democrats and a Democratic President that brought about all the deregulation of the 1970's that led to unions losing much power.  It was a Democrat President and Democrats that signed and supported NAFTA that was a near fatal blow to Unions. The Democrats did nothing to reign in the rising costs of health care and insurance that was increasingly shrinking the working man's paycheck.  They allowed this with the hopes that it would get so out of hand they could create a governmental health care system.

 Also consider that due to the Democrats radical left wing agendas and stances such as their pro-abortion, pro-illegal immigration (which also hurts unions), anti-gun stances, they divided many workers and people.  This caused many people of good conscience to turn their backs on Unions because  of their support this wicked party.

Without a doubt, the leadership of many unions have been infiltrated, but this does not make unions or the ideal of unions bad, this just makes their present leadership bad.

If true Conservatives and Patriots worked to support union ideals and expose the fifth column within them, maybe things would be different.  Instead of fighting against the entire principle and idea of unions and collective bargaining we would all be working to togther so that all could earn a just wage. 

Don't expect the Republicans to do this, they are no different than the Democrats, both parties are working for the same goals, they just appear to be on different sides.

Unions gave the working man a chance to own property (something communists hate), a chance to have a voice in the work place and government (something communists hate), and allowed this nation to prosper more than any other nation, which we all know communists loathe!

Busting unions is what communists want. 

Henry Ford, the epitome of Capitalism and Capitalists was intelligent enough to realize that if the working man was not paid a Just wage with just benefits, he could not afford to buy the products that Henry Ford himself desired to sell and that his workers labored to manufacture, so Ford paid them a fair wage and treated them well, and they purchases his products.

Certainly at times unions sought to take advantage of situations and get more than a just wage and to not give in return a fair days work, but employers have also at times sought to take advantage of workers. It is a balancing act.

But to eliminate collective bargaining, tilts the scale completely to one side and cannot be supported.

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