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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Regarding the situation here in my home state of Wisconsin

I recently received an email that linked to a website that listed the pay of virtually every public school teacher in the state of Wisconsin - with the caption: "ask yourself how your pay and benefits compares to these teachers who work only nine months out of the year"

This is a cut and paste of my response:

Steve -

The problem is that it is true that teachers are the exception of the rule when it comes to unions. Virtually no other union worker gets the pay, benefits, tenure, etc... that teachers get for the hours actually worked - and this is why the Governor and media keeps them at the forefront of this.

What many people do not realize is that this will effect virtually every public sector worker in the entire state, not just the teachers.

The only exception is police officers and firefighters.

Can you imagine if police officers were included in this? Who would be there to keep the crowds of protesters under control?

This was a cold and calculated move - leaving the police officers out of this. This was right out of the playbook of Gaius Julius Ceasar when he overthrew the Republic in Rome - he kept the army on his side at all costs.

This will effect every union worker in the state, and then it will trickle down to every worker.

If he wanted cuts in pay and benefits of public sector workers this could be done in the negotiations of the next contract, there is no reason to eliminate collective bargaining.

Ask yourself this question: Do you think your taxes would be one dime lower or the state deficit would be one dollar less if every state worker were paid minimum wage with no benefits?

The problem is not with the average workers, it is with the top level management - they are the ones wasting money beyond belief, they are the ones with the HUGE salaries, they are the ones giving the friends and family sweet deals and government contracts that are unnecessary.

I know a resource manager and sanitarian recently laid off from a Wisconsin county. There were two union sanitarians, both of which had bachelors degrees in resource management and took and passed state boards to be sanitarians, their supervisor - who was not in the union, never attended college and was not licensed by the state in anything , yet she was paid MUCH more than what the two union workers made and they had to have degrees and state licenses to do their jobs. The problem is not with the workers - it is with the management.

All public sector workers are not like teachers. Look into what the city workers in Park Falls are paid - they will be effected by this as well.

And this trickles down. It is sort of like the factory worker who says he doesn't need a union like the factory up the road because he is treated well and gets paid almost as much and gets good benefits, etc. What he fails to realize is that the ONLY reason he is paid what he is and treated like he is - is to keep the union out - if there were no unions - he would be paid sh*t - and if people don't believe this - just look at what factory workers were paid in the 1970's when unions were strong and look at the pay today - there are actually factory workers today making less than factory workers were paid in the 1970's under unions!

I believe instead of workers saying: "Look so and so gets good health insurance and pays less than I do for it, so and so gets paid more than me, etc... - we need to lower them to my level! If I don't get it why should they" -Instead they should ask themselves - why in the hell they are not demanding better pay and benefits. Instead of workers all striving for the lowest common denominator - we should work it the other way - and get pay and benefits UP - not DOWN!

Isn't it funny that this was never mentioned in Walker's campaign - yet he campaigned as a pro-life candidate (and this helped him get elected) - how come these politicians can't put an end to abortion - but they can put an end to collective bargaining, they can pass "patriot acts" that strip us of our constitutional rights, they can pass all sorts of unconstitutional gun control laws - but they can't manage to do a thing to stop the murder of MILLIONS of babies every year - babies, that had they lived, would now be young adults buying homes, cars, furniture, appliances, would have children in schools, and would be contributing to Social Security and paying taxes, etc... - basically would be a huge part of the economy - that now - without them - is collapsing!

Our sins have a funny way of coming back upon us.

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