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Wednesday, February 02, 2011



St. John the Evangelist said...

At least God left that space open in front of the garage door. It will make it easy for you to clean. I have a large drift right up to the garage door. Believe me when i am out there cleaning the driveway today, a JOB I HATE, I will offer it all up in reperation of my sins.

Christina said...

Oh you are so great to do that !
I was out shoveling too just now
and I didn't think to do so
but I sure did about other little troubles !

We all have to remember that every day
there are SO MANY opportunities
and we could be accomplishing so much for the Victory of the Immaculate Heart by remembering even small inconveniences or
aggravations to include in this daily and hourly practice !

Bridget said...

Hey John it wasn't easy to clean no matter how much room was left in front of the garage! Actually the spring on our garage door snapped and the snow did come in the garage. It was even on top of the broken spring!
I'm just thankful for men that clean it up for me! And for co-workers that offer to come to work for me!

sister clare said...

In a way I envy you with all that snow. I also realize it is way too cold for me and prefer my warmer weather out here in California.

Bridget said...

We can ship some to you - just say the word......

pucherito said...

if i may speak a few words, i'll toss in my two cents. i used to hate shoveling until a few years ago. then something occurred to me and changed my outlook on things. whilst shoveling the "Asperges me" popped into my head. and the first line from Psalms 50:9, "Thou shalt sprinkle me with hyssop, and I shall be cleansed: thou shalt wash me, and I shall be made whiter than snow." it gave me such peace thinkin bout it, since then that's whats repeating over and over in my head every time i shovel. so when i offer it up in reparation for my sine or the relief of the porr souls, or whatever intention, shovelin becomes very "bearable"! the three thoughts in particular came to me whist outside tonight. the first is how we have a gentleman from our parish that has passed on monday whose soul could use the "cold and wet" penance of shovel that we can offer him. im sure him and all the poor souls would greatly appreciate this penance if they could switch places with us whenever we has to go out and bear the cold, even for one second. if you will just next time you shovel offer up the work for them and whilst you are throwin the snow on piles, think of them being under that pile and begging us to throw more on because they are so hot. i hope that came out correctly.
secondly, think of because this blizzard how many abortions werent performed today because they couldn't make it to the mill and now as a result, that poor soul changed their mind and decided to keep her child.
thirdly, how lucky we are to experience this weather. most of my cousins have never experience snow let alone rain because they live in the desert. we've got the hot and muggy heat in the summer to offer up and the cold and snow in the winter. here way see the beauty of God's creation in four distinct seasons.
and to leave you with one more inspiration from Holy Scripture : Daniel 3:70
O ye ice and snow, bless the Lord: praise and exalt him above all for ever.
Our Lady of the Snows, pray for us!

A Sinner said...

Not hit quite as badly as Wisconsin but it's still pretty substanial here. The snow lost its "magic" for me a while ago - probably due to the removal part... except when it brings snow days. :)

Bridget said...

Pucherito - those are very good thoughts! Let us all take them to heart!