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Monday, February 21, 2011

Just to clearly show what this is about - read the following article - the Unions are willing to take the cuts in pay and benefits and everything that Walker proposed - EXCEPT to give up the right to collectively bargain - and this is the problem and why I maintain that supporting Walker in this is to go contrary to the Catholic Church!

Neither side budging in Wisconsin union fight

By SCOTT BAUER, Associated Press Scott Bauer, Associated Press

.MADISON, Wis. – No resolution appeared imminent Monday to the stalemate over union rights in Wisconsin, leaving Senate Republicans resigned to forge ahead with less-controversial business such as tax breaks for dairy farmers and commending the Green Bay Packers on winning the Super Bowl.

As the standoff entered its second week, none of the major players offered any signs of backing down in a high-stakes game of political chicken that has riveted the nation and led to ongoing public protests that drew a high of 68,000 people on Saturday. Thousands more braved cold winds and temperatures in the 20s to march again on Monday, waving signs that said "Stop the attack on Wisconsin families" and "solidarity."

The 14 Senate Democrats who skipped town Thursday to indefinitely delay a vote on Republican Gov. Scott Walker's bill stripping most collective bargaining rights from nearly all public employees remained missing in action for a fifth day.

"You have shut down the people's government, and that is not acceptable," Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said during a brief meeting Monday setting the agenda for Tuesday's Senate session.

Two of the missing Democrats participated by phone from an undisclosed location.

"You're not in negotiations. There is no negotiation," Fitzgerald said, cutting off one of the Democrats on the phone. "You need to get back to the floor of the Senate and offer any ideas you may have on final passage. That's where we're at. There is no negotiation."

Both the Senate and Assembly planned to be in session on Tuesday to take up the bill, but at least one of the missing Democrats needed to show up for a vote to be taken in the Senate. Assembly Democrats planned to offer dozens of amendments that could push a vote into Wednesday or later.

Although Tuesday's list of items, including the resolution honoring the Packers, is largely bipartisan, Fitzgerald hinted that he might try to push some more controversial ones later, even if the Democrats aren't back. Among the possibilities is a vote on the question of whether voters should be required to show identification at the polls.

The Democratic senators taking part in the scheduling meeting urged Republicans to accept the offer made by the unions under which they would accept paying more for benefits as Walker wants but still retain their collective bargaining rights.

Another compromise offered by Republican Sen. Dale Schultz would remove collective bargaining rights just for two years

"It's time for all of us to move forward," said Democratic Sen. Dave Hansen of Green Bay over the phone to the Republicans.

Walker has rejected both offers, saying local governments and school districts can't be hamstrung by the often lengthy collective bargaining process and need to have more flexibility to deal with up to $1 billion in cuts he will propose in his budget next week and into the future.

"It will never get to me because other than that one state senator, all the rest of the Republicans are firmly behind our proposal," Walker said in an MSNBC interview on Monday, calling it an unacceptable short-term fix.

The emergency plan he wants the Legislature to pass would address this year's $137 million shortfall and start dealing with the $3.6 billion hole expected by mid-2013. The benefits concessions would amount to $30 million this year, but the largest savings Walker proposed comes from refinancing debt to save $165 million.

That portion must be done by Friday for bonds to be refinanced in time to realize the savings by June 30, the end of this fiscal year.

Walker said not passing the bill by Friday would make even deeper cuts necessary and possibly result in laying off 1,500 workers over the next four months.

Thousands of those affected and their supporters marched on the Capitol for a seventh straight day. Hundreds of them have been sleeping in the rotunda every night and several districts have had to close after so many teachers called in sick. The Madison School District was closed Wednesday through Monday but was expected to reopen Tuesday.

Districts in central Wisconsin were also closed Monday, but that was because of 10 to 12 inches of snow. Milwaukee schools were shut down for a pre-scheduled midsemester break. Those closures, on top of Monday being a previously scheduled furlough day for state workers, resulted in another large crowd Monday but an official estimate was not yet released.

At noon, guitarist Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine took to a stage on the Capitol steps to fire up the crowd. He said he flew in from California to lend his voice to the protest.

"The future of workers' rights will be decided in Madison, Wisconsin," he said. "You're making history here."

He joked that he could hardly play the guitar because his fingers were numb. He sang a song with the refrain, "For the union men and women standing up and standing strong!" Each time he repeated that lyric, the crowd roared.

Walker's plan would allow unions representing most public employees to negotiate only for wage increases, not benefits or working conditions. Any wage increase above the Consumer Price Index would have to be approved in a referendum. Unions would face a vote of membership every year to stay formed, and workers could opt out of paying dues.

The plan would also require many public employees to cut their take home pay by about 8 percent by contributing more of their salaries toward their health insurance and retirement benefits, concessions the unions have said they're willing to accept.

But Walker and Republicans are showing no willingness to budge while the Senate Democrats say they are prepared to stay away for weeks if that's what it will take.


St. John the Evangelist said...


I wish this blog was Print friendly. Anyways I copied a few of the posts, including the Roman catholic Church on this stance. I will show this to my Aunt who also voted for Walker regarding this. What you are saying is mainly the loss of collective bargaining rights is totally WRONG.

It is an emotional issue, I know it. The state budget is in trouble. Jay Weber of WISN radio claims that Walker has to take away the collective bargaining because of the raising contribution of benefits like Health Care and pension, can be reduced back to what it currently is thru future collective bargaining.

So if supporting Walker is a means for grounds of Ex-communication, I don't want to be excommunicated by teh church.

I am VERY dissappointed in Gov. Walker because I voted for him as he is "supposedly" 100% Pro-Life.

I have decided not to waste my time with elections anymore. I recall talking with the other Ken at church about Representative (Rep-TX) Ron Paul and he told me that he won't be any different than President Obama and that Ron Paul is "actually" working with the New World Order.

So remind me when elections come up, to STAY HOME AND PRAY!

Its now worth going to the Voting Polls anymore if all were gonna get is scammed by the politician.

St. John the Evangelist said...


Did you watch the News Conference from Walker at 5:00pm? He stated that if the bill does not go thru it could mean 1500 layoffs or a 50% tax increase just like Illinois did.

Whats your opinion on this?

Pope St. Felix III said...

John - I did not say that someone supporting this would be excommunicated - What I said is that they are going contrary to Catholic teaching. I do not know to what extent someone must go to be excommunicated - that is something for a Bishop to decide - not me - I just know that I do not want to ever go contary to Catholic teaching on anything - it is one thing to fall to sin - it is quite another to willfully contradict Church teaching.

Pope St. Felix III said...

My opinion on this nonsense is that it is a lie - there is no reason to raise taxed by 50% - after all - John - the unions agreed to all the cuts in pay and benefits that he wanted - ending collective bargaining is not going to save a dime.

St. John the Evangelist said...

I was wondering about this "excommunication" stuff since I am not doing anything against the church or its leaders. Just cause I am going against what the church teaches regarding unions does not mean I agree. I know unions are NECESSARY in many cases. But today's unions, especially the teachers unions. Listen to Jay Weber on WISN in the mornings. They were talking about teachers making over 50k, some over $100k per year and they are screaming bloody murder over having to pay the increase in health care costs and whatever else in Scott Walker's fix it bill.
I'm sorry I think Walker is still doing what has to be done. We will just have to weight it out and see what happens. I don't expect Walker will get his bill past cause the Democrat Senators fled the state and hiding it out till past its due time. As a result its gonna get worse, Walker will end up laying off 1500 state workers.

Pope St. Felix III said...

John - First off - I ever brought up this "excommunication stuff" - you did.

2nd Whether or not you would be officially excommunicated - would you really rather take the side of a Wisconsin Governor who is not even Catholic than that of Pope Leo and the Holy Roman Catholic Church?

Think about what you are saying.

Regarding these neo-con readio personalities and Walker himself - they are simply liars - as can be seen by the article I posted - now read this twice to let it sink in -

THE UNIONS HAVE AGREED TO ALL THE CUTS IN PAY AND BENEFITS THAT WALKER ASKED FOR - they are simply refusing to give up their right to collective bargaining - a right that Pope Leo and the Catholic Church says the governemtn has a duty to protect!

Think about that.

Also - these neo-cons like to claim that they are conservatives and they hold up Ronald Reagan as their hero.

Are you aware that Ronald Reagan was a seven time president of the Screen Actors Guild - a Holywood Union? Are you aware that he led the first and two other strikes by this union? Are you also aware that Ronald Reagan was only President that was a lifetime member of an AFLCIO union?

Being a conservative does not mean being against Unions!

If you want to question the necessithy of unions - think about this.

American companies from across the nation are having products manufactured in China and Mexico, among other nations.

Are these American Companies treating their employees in China and Mexico fairly or are they exploiting them?

We all know that they are paying slave labor wages to them, using child labor, and forcing them to work hin horrible conditions with no benefits whatsoever -not even a forty hour work week.

Now let me ask you - what is stopping these SAME American Companies from exploiting US workers like they are exploiting their workers in other countries?

It is Unions, the threat of unionization, and the laws enacted and defended by Unions.

If Walker succeeds and collective bargaining can be taken away from Unions - the Unions will fall, and when the Unions fall, the laws that they enacted an defended will fall in short order - and the workers right here in the USA will be treated like the workers in China and Mexico -

THAT IS THE GOAL OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER that you are so worried about!

for the New World Order to take hold in the USA - they have to break the back of the middle class and that is exactly what Walker is doing.

What do you think he was discussing during his nice dinner with the President of Communist China - a nation that forces women to have abortions after one child and treats it citizens like cattle!?

Pope St. Felix III said...

oops that should have read - I never - not ever

St. John the Evangelist said...

I saw that article about Walker being invited by Chicago Mayor Daley and Illinois Governor to Chicago to meet with them to have dinner with the Chinese leader. But they never mention what went on.

I'm not saying that he's not hiding anything. You maybe right that he is involved with the NWO.

But how do we know for a fact he's working with the NWO? The big problem here is inflation, the high cost of living, and people and governments running out of money. Sounds good. Will eventually know in time whether Walker is scamming us or not. He's only been governor for less than 2 months.

Obama is opposed to what Walker is doing. But its possible and you could be right that Obama is just playing an act. Afterall Obama is all 100% for unions. I am for unions too, but they have simply gone out of hand during these tough times.

Pope St. Felix III said...

John, come on - you know that there was nothing good about that dinner with the Communist President of China.

The sooner you wake up and realize that BOTH Republicans and Democrats are working to bring about the reign of anti-christ - the better.

Obama and Walker are on the same side working for the same goals - the supposed disagreements between them is smoke and mirrors!