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Monday, February 21, 2011

It seems that there are some people upset with my recent posts regarding the situation in Wisconsin. (someone recently even attempted to hack into this blog and shut it down)

I have always tried to remain consistent with Catholic teaching in anything that I have posted on this blog. 

The Catholic Church has always supported the right of workers to form unions and their right to collectively bargain.  The Church has went so far as to say that it is the DUTY of government to protect these rights. 

Where Walker has crossed the line is trying to eliminate collective bargaining - by doing so - he is in essence making the unions impotent.  It is like the "traditionalists" that claim that the Bishops in the Church today have no jurisdiction - I ask you what good is a Bishop without Jurisdiction?  Does this even make sense?  The same reasoning can be applied here - what good is a union without the right to collectively bargain?  That is the whole point of a union!

To support Walker in this attack on unions and collective bargaining is to go contrary to what the Catholic Church has always taught.

It would be different if all Walker was doing was trying to negotiate pay and benefit cuts - which public sector unions had agreed too, but he is not stopping there - he is demanding an end to collective bargaining - and that is where the line is crossed.

I also think those who support this move ought to really question their motives.  Almost everyone I have talked to about this ends up saying that it is not fair that these public workers have their insurance fully paid for, that they are paid well, and that they have a good retirement plan when they themselves and many other workers don't have these same things.  This sounds like envy to me - and envy is a deadly sin against God and man.

The Church has  also always taught the concept of a just wage - and part of a wage is the benefits - because if you don't have the benefits - you will to use your pay to attain them yourself.

The Church has taught that a just wage is a wage that allows the head of the household - the father to earn enough money to support his family - no matter how many children he has, and still have money left over to save and have some material things other than just the bare necessities of life.

How many people today actually earn this just wage?  (A Just Wage is the combination of pay and benefits necessary to raise a family in todays world - not just pay)

What is sad - is that because many people are not earning a just wage - they become filled with envy at those who are - and want to see those that are earning a just wage dragged down with them! 

And those who think that unions are not necessary to get a just wage, just consider that these companies are almost all starting to ship our jobs out of the country - and many will blame unions for this - but ask yourself - are the workers overseas being paid a just wage? 

If we don't need unions and if these companies are really willing to not exploit workers - why do they use children and treat people like slaves in China and Mexico? 

What is stopping them from doing that here in America?  IT IS THE UNIONS AND THE LABOR LAWS THAT UNIONS BROUGHT ABOUT!  When the unions lose their power to collectively bargain - there is nothing to stop our labor laws from being flushed down the toilet and workers here being treated no different than  how these same companies treat workers in China and Mexico! 

Ask yourself why Walker felt it  necessary to have dinner with the Communist leader of China.   Do you think he discussed treating the workers in China justly and paying them a just wage - or do you think he discussed shipping more of our jobs overseas. or how to implement what China does with labor right here in WI? 

The employee/employer relationship can be complex and like a balancing act.  Employers when given the chance tend to exploit workers - worker guilds and later unions formed to attempt to stop this exploitation.  On the other hand - when employees get the chance, they tend towards exploiting the employer and this can happen when Unions become too powerful - this is the balancing act. 

To completely eliminate collective bargaining - is tipping the scale too far toward the employer and will without a doubt end in the exploitation of workers - and this is precisely why our Holy Mother the Church has always supported the rights of workers to collectively bargain and unionize - and to support attempts to end these rights for workers is to go contrary to Catholic Teaching and to disobey the Vicar of Christ - Pope Leo.

We cannot be like novus ordo "catholics" who vote for Democrats, even though they are pro-abortion and say - "well, I don't agree with them on that issue...."

We must stand for Catholic Teaching - IN ALL CASES - and in this case - Walker is going contrary to Catholic teaching - and we must stand for what the Church stands for - regardless of our political beliefs and even our personal beliefs!


Sancta Cecelia said...

Well, I just respectfully disagree because I hold that it is an unequal arguement: Public employees in the State of Wisconsin already had and have so many protections under our Civil Service that firing one who is incompetent is as difficult as trying to impeach an elected official.

Pope Leo XIII has always been one of my greatest heroes, I am very pro-union, always have been, my own Dad worked to start a union at his place of employment, my husband and some of my sons have been union employees, and I have been a union employee, but I do not accept that public employees are at the same disadvantage as those in the private sector.

As I've said many times to others, to be good enough to secure a job, a position, as a public employee used to be a real feather in one's cap, it meant you were really good, as it took proveable competence to even be considered, the reason being that once you were in, you were really in, for life if you wanted, exactly because of our civil service protections. There was respect for the authority of your superior, most of whom also took their jobs very seriously. Where is any respect for authority today? It is ignored and ridiculed almost completely.

My experience in the public sector in the 1980's, 90's through 2000 was by then the reason for most to get a job in the public sector was to get a soft ride to retirement. Most I saw did only as little as they possibly had to get by, but always griped about the salaries of those above them, and had the same sense of entitlement that is found by so many on welfare today. The benefits are even called entitlements!

Anyone with any experience trying to get real 'service' from government offices, whether city, state, county, or federal is frustrated beyond belief, there is no accountability, because no one cares.

So while I am in complete agreement with all the teachings of the true Catholic Church on labor and the rights, and responsibilties, of both labor and business, I do not feel that the comparison between private unions and publc unions is an equal and fair comparision. Public employees always have the edge. Ask yourself, how many public jobs have gone overseas? They have in fact increased to a degree unthinkable even a couple of decades ago.

I am more than willing to respectfully ponder refutations to the central point I raise: that the comparison between public and private employees is an unequal argument.

St. John the Evangelist said...

Now I can sit back, and just see how this is gonna turn out. With the democratic Senators in the state legislature gone out of state to purposely stall this thing, it will be interesting how this fans out.

Unfortunately Scott Walker won't be able to be re-called until 1 year from now. If he gets replaced, it will probably be a pro-abortion democrat. Well either way, I no longer care. I will start saving cardboard boxes in case the government takes away my house.

As Father Bernard would say "Don't worry about what goes on in the News or the World, just worry about saving your soul."

Pope St. Felix III said...

John Father did not say to not worry about what is going on in the world - he said that the most important thing and primary thing to concern yourself with is the savlation of your soul.

Regarding a pro-abortion democrat - does it really matter - what do think Walker will do about abortion? These politicians will look you in the eye and lie to your face!