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Friday, February 25, 2011

In case anyone is still not understanding what the real issue is here:

Walker says enough time has passed on bill

The Associated Press • February 25, 2011
MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker says enough time has been spent for the public to understand what’s in his bill taking away collective bargaining rights from public employees and therefore the Senate Democrats should come back to Madison.

The 14 Democrats left the state last week in part because they said the public needed more time to understand what was in the bill that Walker was pushing the Legislature to pass just a week after he introduced it.

Walker traveled to the districts of three of those Democrats on Friday and is urging their constituents to pressure them to return. He says he hopes to talk with Democrats over the weekend.

Walker says the state is ready to move on from the “tension and passion” of the past two weeks.


sister clare said...

waiting for your comments on this! Especially liked your video recently. Wonder if our governor Jerry Brown will pull any tricks!

Pope St. Felix III said...

This is going to spread nationwide - I personally believe that the fall of the middle class is necessary before the anti-christ is revealed.