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Friday, February 25, 2011

I have been debating whether to keep hammering on this issue - since unfortunately it is so divisive - even among Catholics.

Since the Church has CLEARLY spoken on this issue and said that ALL workers have a right to form unions AND collectively bargain - my position is to stand with the Church.

I have decided to keep fighting for this right. Had Catholics in the early 1970's not sat back and did nothing - Abortion would likely not be legal today.

We have to stand with Church teaching.

The reason that I started this blog is clearly written on the front page of this blog - here it is again as a reminder:

This Blog is dedicated to the following quote: Pope St. Felix III (5th Century): "Not to oppose error is to approve it; and not to defend truth is to suppress it, and, indeed, to neglect to confound evil men - when we can do it - is no less a sin than to encourage them." ...


Sancta Cecelia said...

Yet, does Christian Social Justice allow for a union to so hamstring the employer with hundreds of pages of work rules that work to facilitate excessive overtime wages, unjust favoritism, countless rules and regulations regarding every facet of the work day as to make fair supervision next to impossible and which militate against a proper moral balance between workers and employers?

Pope St. Felix III said...

No - it does not - and that would be wrong - the Church does not favor the employee exploiting the worker anymore than it favors the employer exploiting the worker.

These issues can and should be addressed - and this can be done without taking away workers rights to form unions and collectively bargain.

Sancta Cecelia said...

Yet this is preceisely the issue facing us here in Wisconsin -

It would seem to me that what the Governor is proposing will correct the gross imbalance that now exists in which government employees via these work rules negatively affect their fellow union workers in private jobs in WI via higher tax burdens.

I have always agreed completely with Catholic teaching on rights and obligations between business and labor masterfully laid out by true Catholic Popes and see no contradiction in this issue facing the workers and government our State.

Pope St. Felix III said...

Lois - your personal opinion does not matter.

It is WRONG for Walker to take away these workers rights to collectively bargain - PERIOD - there is no grey area here - there is no room for personal opinions - he is WRONG and going contrary to Catholic teaching.

Before I posted a thing about this - I personally spoke to Bishop Louis about this - and made CERTAIN that I was in line with Church teaching on this issue.


You can argue all you want about their pay, benefits, past and current contracts - that is peripheral to the issue at hand.

Besides - the Unions AGREED TO ALL OF THE MONETARY REQUESTS OF WALKER - they agreed to pay what he wants them to pay toward insurance and retirement out of their pay - so his budget issues are not even a factor anymore - he will not budge unless they completely give up their rights to EVER collectively bargain - which - in reality means their right to form a union - cause a union that cannot collectively bargain is pointless.

There is no gray area here - Walker made it crystal clear - he does not care if they give in to every demand he asks for (which they have) - if they don't give up their rights to collectively bargain - he will not budge.

Again - there is no room for personal interpretations here when it comes to the basic right of workers to collectively bargain and form unions - it is granted by the Church - and to support someone who has clearly stated that his SOLE INTENTION is to take away a right given by the Church is wrong - I pray that it is not mortally wrong!

Sancta Cecelia said...

I am not disagreeing at all, nor sanctimoniously trying to insist on my own opinions. Rather I am sincerely trying to grasp all of this, the truth of the matter, including the principles. If what you have state is true - then it is true. Period.

I would like to offer without getting my head chopped off that the union did not agree to these provisions at the begining, but arrogantly rejected them, only giving in when it became clear that the Governor was not going to budge. Disingenuous at best. Also that the union does retain the right to bargain collectively for wages under this bill, or at least that is what has been stated in the media, if it can be believed.

Pope St. Felix III said...

The Union caved on the issues within a few days - but that is besides the point - who wouldn't at least give some resistance if you are looking at what amounts to an 8% pay cut? i would and did!

The "right" to collectively bargain for wages only is ridiculous - so they can bargain for wages up to the Concumer Price Index - set by the government btw - what good is that if they end up paying half or more of their wages for health care, if they are denied health care, if they lose retirement benefits, if they work in unsafe environments - remember this is not just about teachers - it is about sewer workers, city workers, county workers, police, fire, nurses, - and eventually - EVERY UNION IN THE NATION - and every employee.

Years ago my employer wanted me to pay for part of my insurance - I had the forsight to see that if I gave in at all to this - soon I would be paying a HUGE part of my check towards it. I told him it was well within his rights to ask me to pay for part of it - and I also told him it was well within my rights to find another job and that I would exercise that right.

I still don't pay for any of my insurance and won't!

I cannot afford to pay for my insurance - that is no different than taking a cut in pay.

If the unions were not being led by communists who want to destroy the middle class and the Unions - every Union in the Nation would call a nationwide strike and shut the country down - till this creep Walker stops trying to take away their rights to collectively bargain - but that won't happen - and we will all likely lose our rights to collectively bargain and that will be be just the beginning!

Susan said...

Would all dissents please to re-read Rerum Novarum, the foundational document on this topic.

Pope St. Felix has the doctrine exactly right. I invite quotes from RN to the contrary, and good luck.

Susan said...

"You shall not muzzle the oz while it treads out the grain."

"The laborer is worth his hire."

From the beginning, the Church has insisted on the rights of the workingman to a just wage. From the very earliest times.

Experience teaches that we cannot rely on the employer to provide this from motives of justice and charity; the workers must have the power to compel just behavior. From this follows Leo XIII's brilliant synthesis.