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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Here is a picture from a blizzard that we had in Milwaukee in 1947.  I wasn't even a thought in my parent's mind at that point but it was almost exactly 64 years to the day that this happened.  
We are having a huge blizzard (up to 50 mph winds and up to 22" of snow) tonight here in the Milwaukee area but this sure looks worse than we are experiencing tonight! Here is a story about the 1947 blizzard just for fun! I love looking at old photos and hope you enjoy this as well!
Hopefully we won't lose our power tonight and that everyone will be safe tonight.  Most every one is staying home which is the good news because the roads are horrible.  The blessed candles are burning and prayers for everyone's safety have been said.  We should be shoveling out for a long time after this one!


Bridget said...

I just heard thunder and heard that someone saw lightning! That means (according to the weather people) that it is going to snow VERY heavily!

Sancta Cecelia said...

That is one astounding photograph! All I've ever had were memories.

I was 12 years old at the time and I remember it very, very well! It lasted several days, not sure if it was already over when our Dad woke my sister and I, sent us into the living room to kneel down and pray the Rosary, and take care of the younger ones when they woke up (it was still dark), while he and my oldest brother got our Mother into the coaster wagon and shoveled their way through drift covered walkways over a mile to St. Michael's Hospital where she delivered our youngest sister! The urgency in his voice made us pray very fervently. Bet she prayed her Rosary the whole time. I heard it from my brother's point of view just a few years ago; amazing to hear what it took to get her there. He said he'd never worked so hard in his life.

The city was so desperate for snow removal that even teen agers were hired at $10.00 an hour to help clear the 18" of snow, and my brother, eager to earn some money, was right out there again, shoveling away. Milwaukee was shut down for a good week, no school, and we kids sure had a lot of fun.

No t.v., internet in those days, so I have no idea if the storm covered as much of the country as this one is doing.

Now when I think of Mom, being a veteran of quite a few deliveries myself, it seems to me that, already in labor, she had her own 'journey from Nazareth to Jerusalem' to give birth to her child. I've often thought of that journey of Mary and Joseph and how trying it must have been for her, how concerned Joseph was for her welfare and that of the child. I can only imagine his feelings at being unable to secure clean and decent lodging for Mary in her need, but of course, God had His own perfect plan for just where His Son was to be born, far from sinful man, with only the Angels and simple animals present.

Happy Feastday tomorrow to everyone.

Bridget said...

Heres an update: the authorities have issued a "Civil alert" telling EVERYONE to stay home and off of the roads! I've never heard that ever issued! Makes sense though. They are saying that you may be able to get a mile or two and then you are going to hit a 10 foot drift. Then you will be in the way for the plow and no one is going to be able to rescue you.
There are plows going in front of my house but the snow is still coming down and the wind is howling .
I was supposed to be to work by 7 this am but last night we decided that I would come at 1 today and relieve the poor lady that has been working since 3 yesterday afternoon. Not sure I'm even going to make that!