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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The following is a copy of a letter I plan on sending to several Wisconsin Newspapers - let me know what you think?

Anyone who knows me knows that I am no big fan of the public education system. In fact all of my children are and have been home schooled.

I have never voted for a democrat in my life, with the exception of a county coroner and register of deeds.

I also understand that public school teachers are paid very well, between approximately $40,000 and $70,000 a year in Wisconsin.

But, that being said, I have to stand with them on this one and I agree 100% with the following commentary from Michael Rivero:

"Contrary to the media and government propaganda, these people are not protesting and demanding anything more. They are simply refusing to surrender that which they already have in the face of a rapacious government that sees looting the people to save the bankers as their best course of action...

The time to say "no more" is at hand!"

I also feel compelled to state that this Governor never even hinted that he would do this during his campaign. He did however campaign on the normal "conservative" issues: pro-life, against illegal immigration, against unconstitutional gun laws, etc., but what is the first thing he does? He tries to end collective bargaining, in essence, bust every union in the State!

Why doesn't he work this hard to end abortion? Stop illegal immigration? End unconstitutional gun laws, etc.? Not to mention bringing more jobs to this State instead of bowing down and having dinner with Communist Chinese leaders that are stealing our jobs left and right, like he did in January!

Do not be deceived, even if every single public sector worker was paid minimum wage and had no benefits, your taxes would not go down a single dime, the deficit would continue to grow and the bankers who caused this economic collapse and robbed us of our retirement and homes will continue to be bailed out to the tune of billions of dollars.

And do not be fooled into believing that this is just about teachers, this will affect all public employees in Wisconsin: municipal, county, and State. And it won't end there; every worker in this State will be affected, both union and non-union. And as more and more workers lose pay and benefits, many of Wisconsin's already struggling small businesses will be doomed, as no one will be able to afford their products!

Is it not also interesting that the Governor excluded the Police and Firefighters unions from all of this?

This is very reminiscent of when Gaius Julius Caesar overthrew the Republic of ancient Rome. He kept the legions on his side by paying and treating them well so that when he moved on the Republic they were sure to stand with him!

God help this nation!


St. John the Evangelist said...

In response to this quote "Not to mention bringing more jobs to this State instead of bowing down and having dinner with Communist Chinese leaders that are stealing our jobs left and right, like he did in January!"

Are you saying that Governor Scott Walker was having dinner with Chinese leaders?

Pope St. Felix III said...

Yes - absolutely that is what I am saying - he had dinner with them in January:

St. John the Evangelist said...

Your link you provided is either broken up or incomplete.

Is this is true, you might want to provide that link in your letter.

Because if Walker is truly a rat, HE MUST BE EXPOSED!!!

I already heard that there are recall petitions to remove him from office.

I've already have seen signs that people want Feingold to take over, the pro-abotionist.

Did you also know that the U.S. House approve defunding Planned Parent Hood. I expect if it gets past teh senate that our President Barack Obama will VETO it.

Pope St. Felix III said...

I will edit the letter and add it to the original post - you should be able to click on it there.,

Joaquin said...

I don't usually agree with you, Pope, but you're right on on this one.

Sancta Cecelia said...

Why don't union members work this hard to end abortion? It's killing off their future students -

Pope St. Felix III said...

Lois - you know that his comment is really stupid.

Scott Walker was elected and voted for by many people who call themselves Christians because of his pro-life stance - it is HIS PRIMARY duty and the governor of this State to do everything in his power to end Abortion in this state - and if he can end 50 years of Collective Bargaining in this state or try too - he certainly can try to end 40 years of murdering innocent children in the same manner and with the same resolve - wanna bet he never does?