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Monday, February 28, 2011

Communism fast approaching!

Obama pushing for National Health Care.

Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker attempting to bust unions which will without a doubt impoverish the  entire middle class.

Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker's attempt to get all public sector employees into the State Health Care Plan (odd isn't it that all those opposed to Obama's push for national health care seem to miss this push of government health care...also - I have just found out that in my hometown - if this passes - it will cost my city over $400.00 a quarter per family coverage more for each city worker to go into the State Health Insurance Plan that Walker will mandate than if our City workers stayed in the private plan that they are currently in!)

And today - while waiting to see the doctor I read an article in Newsweek that says we should consider bringing back company towns where the company owns all the homes in the town, etc... and the workers are just deducted their rent from their paychecks.

I wonder if anyone has coined the term: "CORPORATE COMMUNISM" yet?  If not - i will gladly claim it!

Guess that will work well after the middle class is reduced to poverty.

They are all working for Satan to bring about communism!

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