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Thursday, February 03, 2011


Churches cancel some Sunday services in praise of Packers

Feb. 3, 2011 2:08 p.m. | Some area churches are canceling their Sunday afternoon and evening services this weekend, freeing worshippers from having to choose between two devotions: God and the Packers.
First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee and St. Francis Borgia Catholic Church in Cedarburg are among those rescheduling for the Super Bowl.
"The Sunday evening Mass is a bit of a luxury," said Father Thom Eichenberger, pastor at St. Francis, which has five services over the weekend. He has no qualms about canceling one, he says, "when it falls on a legal holy day like Super Bowl Sunday."
Others are holding to their Sunday schedules but incorporating their dual loyalties where possible. Several churches are collecting food and donations to fight hunger as part of the Souper Bowl of Caring.
At Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Menomonee Falls, which will host Greater Milwaukee Bishop Jeff Barrow Sunday morning, the church and congregants will be decked out in green - the liturgical color for the season of Epiphany. »Read Full Article(1)


St. John the Evangelist said...

Reminds me of what Father Bernard said a month ago "Watching the News is not going to help you get to heaven".

Same goes with the Packers. Watching the Packers game is NOT important. It is just a game meant to delibrately help keep our attention away from God and the going ons in the Federal government as the sneak in there New World Agenda in on us.

Watching Packer games does not help us to get to heaven. SuperBowl or not, either way its not gonna save our soul.

Sancta Cecelia said...

Oh, please!

Bridget said...

Can you imagine a so-called Catholic church saying that Super Bowl Sunday is a "legal holiday" and that he has no problem with skipping "mass" that day! I can certainly understand the Unitarians doing that but a so-called Catholic church?
Houston, I think there is a problem.......

Sancta Cecelia said...

Actually, no business having "Mass" on Sunday night anyway, except at outlying missions.

Why the Unitarians even bother is beyond me: they dont' even believe in God, least that's what one of them told me.

Christina said...

Well said, John.
I believe these sports games are ALL like the circus in ancient Rome:
to cater to the lower mentality of the 'masses', instead of elevating them to a higher more tasteful way of life.

About games, this is a very old ploy in America.

Back all the way to 1917, when
an American reporter went to Fatima for the Miracle of the Sun
and wrote a long detailed report.
But his newspaper never published it.
Instead, there was nothing but football scores, sports news -
it's a very deliberate plot to
subvert religious truth from reaching people.
There is no accident in this hype of sports events to distract the same type of people who were
watching circuses back in Rome.
These are their descendants = in mentality anyway.