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Monday, February 28, 2011

"Governor Walker's union-busting budget plan contains a clause that went nearly un-noticed. This clause would allow the sale of publicly owned utility plants in Wisconsin to private parties (specifically, Koch Industries) at any price, no matter how low, without a public bidding process," they explained. "The Koch's have helped to fuel the unrest in Wisconsin and the drive behind the bill to eliminate the collective bargaining power of unions in a bid to gain a monopoly over the state's power supplies.
Hopefully making a difference....

I called the Janesville School District Public Information Specialist and confirmed that it is totally untrue that any teachers in Janesville tried to get a raise or anything that Walker claimed.

I have since called several news sources - since nobody seems to be figuring out what a liar this guy is!

Maybe one of the news outlets will have enough courage to break the story!


Gov. Walker's New Talking Points On Local Contracts Are Seriously Misleading

33 minutes ago — Alan Pyke
Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) really needed to change the story line this weekend. One Republican state senator is reportedly weighing a "no" vote on Gov. Scott Walker's (R-WI) "budget repair bill," the local press is hammering the governor for taking phone calls from out-of-state campaign donors while refusing to negotiate with Wisconsin Democrats, and Saturday's protests against Walker drew 100,000 people. So the would-be union buster threw out a new line of talking points on Meet the Press.

Walker claimed that he's right to reject union concessions on pensions and benefits — the parts of his proposal that actually save the state money, unlike the assault on collective bargaining — because the unions can't be trusted.

WALKER: Over the past two weeks, even after they made those promises, we've seen local union after local union rush to their school boards, their city councils, their technical school boards and rush through contracts in the past two weeks that had no contributions to the pension and no contribution to health care. And, in fact, in one case in Janesville, they actually were pushing through a pay increase. Actions do speak louder than words.

Walker's office foreshadowed this new narrative in a press release last week that listed half a dozen examples to support the governor's claims. But a closer look at the contract activities mentioned in that statement — in Racine, La Crosse County, Janesville, Sheboygan, Madison, and at the Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) — shows that Walker's new talking points are just as dishonest as the old ones.

Nurses and county supervisors in Sheboygan ratified their contract in January, weeks before Walker announced his scheme. In Racine, city officials approved the agreement in question a week before Walker's announcement. Madison's mayor — not the unions — called a special City Council meeting to extend contracts that had also already been approved. La Crosse County has been bargaining for five months, MATC workers spent four full months negotiating, and in Janesville workers have been without a contract for a year and a half.

These contracts and agreements are the product of long hours at the negotiating table. This is not some dead-of-night sneak attack by public workers, nor is it evidence that the union leaders who want to negotiate with Walker are misleading him. The governor is warping the truth about the people who are working together to avoid bargaining for the compensation concessions he wants. Walker is grasping at straws and hoping no one will check his facts.

I personally spoke with the person responsible for negotiations with the City Workers in Janesville and he said that they have had virtually no major issues with the Unions that the city deals with and that they have always been reasonable and equitable in their negotiations - he even went as far as to point out that in 2010 the union willingly and without a fight gave up their promised 3% pay increases due to the economy - something they could have fought and rejected!
Communism fast approaching!

Obama pushing for National Health Care.

Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker attempting to bust unions which will without a doubt impoverish the  entire middle class.

Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker's attempt to get all public sector employees into the State Health Care Plan (odd isn't it that all those opposed to Obama's push for national health care seem to miss this push of government health care...also - I have just found out that in my hometown - if this passes - it will cost my city over $400.00 a quarter per family coverage more for each city worker to go into the State Health Insurance Plan that Walker will mandate than if our City workers stayed in the private plan that they are currently in!)

And today - while waiting to see the doctor I read an article in Newsweek that says we should consider bringing back company towns where the company owns all the homes in the town, etc... and the workers are just deducted their rent from their paychecks.

I wonder if anyone has coined the term: "CORPORATE COMMUNISM" yet?  If not - i will gladly claim it!

Guess that will work well after the middle class is reduced to poverty.

They are all working for Satan to bring about communism!

Audio sermon for Sexagesima Sunday given by Bishop Giles, OFM

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Iceland decided not to bail its banks out and destroy their middle class in the process and now their economy is growing and getting strong!

Watch the above clip and then do as Father suggests and leave your emotions out of it and try to arrive at the truth. 

Does it make sense to you that any union in the course of all of this would be trying to get a raise right now? 

Do you really think that any group of teachers would be trying to get a raise in pay NOW in the midst of all this?

I did a search of the net high and low to try and verify Walkers claims about these unnamed union trying to get contracts last week - I found nothing.  I did a search of his claims about the Janesville teachers supposedly demanding a raise - this is the only recent story I could find about Janesville teachers:

Unless I am missing something - I don't see them asking for a raise.

If any of the Walker supporters out there can confirm his claims  - please post the story that verifies it so I can check it out.

He is being called out on this as more and more people are beginning to realize that the Unions are willing to give in to all of his demands - EXCEPT to give up their right to collectively bargain - which means their right to have a Union.

Even though I do not agree with many things that the teachers union has done and stands for - They still have a right to form a union and bargain for their pay and benefits - like any other worker or tradesman.

Maybe, good will come out of this and the corrupt leaders of many unions and the corrupt leaders of government will be exposed and thrown out!

And again - remember this is not just about teachers and the teachers and the teachers union - this is about ALL public sector workers and all public sector unions - and this will without a doubt spill over and effect all unions and all workers, both union and non-union.

Also - I don't quite understand the math here - Walker claims that right now the State has a deficit of 137 million dollars - and that if nothing is done that deficit will be over 3 billion by 2013 - how does 137 million grow to over 3 billion in just two years?  If this year we can fix the deficit with 137 million - why does this number suddenly grow to over 3 billion. - btw - a billion is a thousand million - This is a HUGE difference in these numbers - it seems a bit odd to me.

It is like saying that this year I ended my year $1370.00 in the hole - and claiming that if i don't change something by 2013 I will be in debt 3 million dollars.
The pot calling the kettle black.  This little video clearly shows how they are constantly using "Judas Goats" to lead people into one camp or another - but neither exposes who is really behind all of this:

(the last video really exposes Jones watch it all the way through)

here is Alex Jones "exposing" Glenn Beck:

here is the real Alex Jones:

here is a video that clearly shows Alex Jones talking over gun store owners at a protest and interrupting it and taking it over for the purpose of destroying the purpose of the protest!

These clowns act like your friends - when they are your enemies!
Further evidence of the satanic nature and/or influence on both political parties in America!

Remember the Republican Deputy Attorney General calling for the use of live ammunition at the protests in Madison?

Remember Walker admitted in his supposedly secretly recorded phone call that he considered using agent provocateurs to "stir up trouble" with the protesters?

Now what is supposed to be the other side is also calling for violence:

Democrat urges unions to 'get a little bloody when necessary'

By Michael O'Brien - 02/23/11 07:57 AM ET

Sometimes it's necessary to get out on the streets and "get a little bloody," a Massachusetts Democrat said Tuesday in reference to labor battles in Wisconsin.

Rep. Michael Capuano (D-Mass.) fired up a group of union members in Boston with a speech urging them to work down in the trenches to fend off limits to workers' rights like those proposed in Wisconsin.

"I’m proud to be here with people who understand that it’s more than just sending an email to get you going," Capuano said, according to the Statehouse News. "Every once and awhile you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary."...

This shows clearly how both parties are corrupt beyond belief - she is trying to make this a Republican/Democrat issue - when both these parties are trying to destroy the middle class.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

 The bogus ordo never ceases to amaze us!

Bishop: None of your business

Albany's Howard Hubbard rejects Catholic expert's criticism of governor
Updated 08:17 a.m., Thursday, February 24, 2011
  • FILE - This Jan. 2, 2011 file photo shows New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, left, with his girlfriend, Sandra Lee, and Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy, center, in front of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, in Albany, N.Y., after attending Sunday services. The father, the son and the question of whether to grant communion to Catholics who openly flout canon law has once again reared up in New York where a Vatican consultant is calling to deny the host to Gov. Cuomo while he is living with his girlfriend. More than 25 years ago, Cuomo's father, Gov. Mario Cuomo, ran afoul of the church for his support of abortion rights. (AP Photo/Stewart Cairns, File)

ALBANY -- Albany Bishop Howard Hubbard says it is "unfair and imprudent" to conclude that Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his girlfriend, Sandra Lee, shouldn't receive communion simply because they're living together.
Hubbard was responding to opinions expressed by Catholic canon law expert Edward Peters, who last month on his blog stated that the couple was engaging in what church law defines as "public concubinage" by sharing Lee's Westchester County home.
Peters wrote last month about Hubbard's warm welcome to the couple at Mass at Albany's Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception on Jan. 2, the day after Cuomo's inauguration. He claimed that Hubbard had committed a "dereliction of pastoral duty."
Without referring to Peters, Hubbard responded Wednesday by telling any critics to, in effect, mind their own business.
"There are norms of the church governing the sacraments, which Catholics are expected to observe," Hubbard wrote in a brief statement. "However, it is unfair and imprudent to make a pastoral judgment about a particular situation without knowing all the facts.
"As a matter of pastoral practice we would not comment publicly on anything which should be addressed privately, regardless if the person is a public figure or a private citizen," Hubbard wrote in conclusion.
John Dwyer, a former Jesuit who taught theology at St. Bernard's School of Theology and Ministry, said Hubbard's statement was "the perfect response, really solid."
Dwyer, who lives outside of Tannersville in the Catskills, said modern religious thought has come to the conclusion that communion should be denied only to those living in mortal sin -- a state that requires "a serious, grievous matter," sufficient reflection by the sinner, and the "full consent" of his will.
"Cuomo comes from a day and age when living with your girlfriend isn't a serious, grievous matter ... or something that's seen as a serious violation of God's will," Dwyer said.
Peters, who teaches at Detroit's Sacred Heart Major Seminary, serves as a consultant to the highest Vatican court, the Apostolic Signatura. His opinions were picked up by a conservative news service and reported around the state on Wednesday.
The back and forth over Cuomo's good standing as a Catholic is the latest in a long series of conflicts between church and state. Numerous Catholic politicians who support abortion rights -- including Vice President Joe Biden and the late U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy -- have been criticized for receiving communion despite their advocacy for a practice viewed as anathema by the Vatican. Indeed, Peters' initial blog post on Cuomo's appearance at Hubbard's Mass noted the governor's pro-choice stance as an additional affront to church law.
After an appearance Wednesday morning on Long Island, Cuomo commented on the matter in a style similar to Hubbard's.
"My religion is a private matter," he told reporters, "and it's not something I discuss in the political arena."
Reach Casey Seiler at 454-5619 or

Read more:


Her Doctrine and Morals

Sexagesima Sunday

27 February 2011


The Sunday


Dear Friends, 

Let us consider today a perennial problem that plagues the Church: false teachers. 

St. Paul speaks against these in today’s Epistle. The Corinthians apparently had been influenced by the boasting and wonderful claims of some false teachers, and this occasioned St. Paul to speak of himself. He does this even though he tells us that it is foolish to do so. He is forced to do this in order to remind us that the Church has everything that the false teachers or heretics have, and more. St. Paul exceeded in everything that the false teachers proposed to have. Therefore if we are impressed by the little that the heretics have, we should be much more impressed by what the true Church has. The heretics can only imitate and pretend to possess what the Church has. Therefore, all their boasting is in vain. The Church does not need to boast because She is secure in what God has given Her, and because it is not expedient to give into vain boasting. That is why we hear St. Paul telling us that he is speaking as a fool when he expounds what he has done and suffered. 

In today’s Gospel Our Lord presents us with a parable explaining to us how God’s grace is received into the souls of different people. The seed that fell upon different soils was the same. The grace that God gives to everyone is the same. What is different is how each soil responds to the seed or how each soul responds to God’s grace.
Many of the false teachers appear to be true on the surface and appear to have what the Church has because they have received the same initial grace. The seed sprouted upon the rock and it looked just like the seed that sprouted in the good ground. The initial stage or first look sees a lot that is the same or similar. The same can be said of the seed that fell among thorns. It too, when sprouted looks very similar to the sprouts in the good ground. 

The heretics use this means to deceive the incautious. They use the same scriptures; they expound many of the same doctrines. We see them and we see the Church; and at first glance it is hard to tell one from the other. It is not until we draw closer and begin to examine one and the other that we discover the truth.
Many of the false teachers boast of the graces that they have, forgetting that these are gifts of God and have nothing to do with their own works or merit. As we look closer though, it becomes apparent that these graces have never taken deep root in these false teachers. The shallow root of their teachings causes them to wither up in the first heats of trials or temptations. These false teachers are often supported by devils. The devils will do all they can to lend these false teachers success and aid in their “ministry”. The devils will shade and protect them so as to feed their vanity and lead many others astray too. Worldly success and number of followers is more in the line of false teachers and devils rather than in the Church. The Church is interested in depth and solidity. The Church desires to fill our hearts with a deep, profound, and solid love for God, not a quick and flashing emotion or sentiment. This love for God is able to endure hardship and suffering willingly and is in fact made stronger by it.
There are other false teachers who may have deeper roots than these first, but it soon becomes apparent that the rapid and high growth of these is not due to cooperation with God’s grace, but more like the seed among the thorns: it is struggling to reach the light and in this it seems to reach high but it is thin and weak. There is no substance to the poor plant. These too we find have some truth and goodness in them, but it is mixed in with much more error and evil. The little truth and goodness is thin and weak. The closer examination shows that it is too weak to produce much if any fruit.
The true teachers have depth and strength as they have cooperated with the grace that they have received. They have done all that the false teachers claim to have done and more. They refrain from boasting because it is empty and useless.
Let us not be lead away with the vain and empty honors and glories of so many false teachers around us. We must look more carefully and see that it is vain and empty and search for teaching that is strong and deeply rooted and which can only be found in the Church.
As we accept the teachers that God has sent we will find ourselves better able to receive God’s grace into our souls so that it may take root and grow there. Then on the day of harvest we will all see very clearly the fruits produced by each one. We will see the false teachers and the emptiness of their boasting and we will see the Church and the fullness of the fruit of Her teaching. If we have been faithful to the Church we will see our own fruitfulness also as we prepare for our eternal reward in Heaven.

Friday, February 25, 2011

I cannot seem to drive this point home enough - I still hear these neo-cons on the radio either directly implying or actually claiming that this is all about teachers whining that they have to pay for some of their health care & retirement - and the uninformed and unthinking masses are buying this lie hook, line, and sinker!

As Wis. impasse continues, schools eye layoffs

By PATRICK CONDON, Associated Press Patrick Condon, Associated Press
.MADISON, Wis. – Wisconsin school districts are warning teachers that their contracts might not be renewed as Gov. Scott Walker's plan to cut nearly all public employees' collective bargaining rights remains in limbo.

The proposal took a concrete step forward Friday when Republicans in the state Assembly abruptly approved the bill and sent it to the Senate after three straight days of debate and amid confusion among Democrats. But with all 14 Democratic state senators still out of state, another stalemate awaits the measure that Walker insists will help solve budget deficits and avoid mass layoffs.

The legislative gridlock prompted the Wisconsin Association of Schools Boards to warn districts that they have until Monday to warn teachers of possible nonrenewal of contracts. That's because if Walker's bill becomes law, it would void current teacher collective bargaining agreements that lay out protocol and deadlines for conducting layoffs.

New London district administrator Bill Fitzpatrick said he had been authorized by his school board to issue nonrenewal notices to all 180 district teachers, but was negotiating a deadline extension with local teachers union officials to avoid sending the notices en masse.

"It's like going to the doctor and being told you might have some kind of disease but that's the only thing they can tell you," Fitzpatrick said Friday. "This fear of the unknown, of not knowing the future of your livelihood - that's what the people in this building are worried about right now."

Despite the uncertainty created by the absence of the Senate Democrats, who fled more than a week ago to block a vote on Walker's bill, Marshfield kindergarten teacher Jane Cooper said she blames Republicans.

"They are trying to bust our union," Cooper said. "That is huge."

The flashpoint in Walker's proposal is language that would require public workers to contribute more to their pensions and health insurance and strip them of their right to collectively bargain benefits and work conditions.

It contains a number of provisions he says are designed to fill the state's $137 million deficit and lay the groundwork for fixing a projected $3.6 billion shortfall in the upcoming 2011-13 budget.

Democrats and unions see the measure as an attack on workers' rights and an attempt to cripple union support for Democrats. Union leaders say they would make pension and health care concessions if they can keep their bargaining rights, but Walker has refused to compromise...

I cannot stress enough that this is about far more than just teachers, this will effect every single worker in the State of Wisconsin.  First the public sector union employees, then the private sector unions employees, and then virtually every single working man and woman in the State will suffer! 

This is a direct attack on the middle class of America - this is not about just public sector workers or unions and the sooner the American people realize this the better.

This needs to be stopped or we will one day all be sorry that we let this happen!

What is it going to take to motivate the American people to unite and do something? 

We sat in front of the idiot box and did nothing as the State of Florida starved Terry Schiavo to death, we sit back while millions of babies are murdered, we sit by while criminal bankers and wall street brokers were bailed out with our money, we sit and do nothing when our politicians are more worried about pleasing Israel than US citizens, we sit back while illegal aliens flood our nation, we sit back and let TSA agents molest our sons and daughters and wives and husbands so we can have the privilege to travel...

How much will we take before we unite and do something to stop all of this evil! 

We need to get on our knees and pray for this nation and for God to forgive us each personally for sitting back and allowing this evil to continue!

The Governor of Wisconsin is stripping Americans of the right to form unions and collectively bargain and other States are following his lead, all in the name of balancing budgets and saving taxpayers money.  

Yet - to date the United States taxpayers have given over 23,000.00 to each Israeli citizen in foreign aid.  

Who are future presidential candidates looking  for support from and campaigning too?

Israel is popular stop for possible Republican presidential candidates,0,7987345.story

Though the U.S. presidential primaries are still a year from now, a different sort of contest is underway in Israel.

Beginning Saturday, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour will be the third potential GOP presidential candidate to visit the Jewish state since the first of the year, and the second during the protests in neighboring Egypt. Barbour will arrive on the heels of Mike Huckabee, who spent much of the week touring the country, and Mitt Romney, who swung through in January.

And like Romney and Huckabee, Barbour is expected to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and tour some holy sites. Barbour's trip is being sponsored by the Republican Jewish Coalition, an organization that promotes ties between Israel and GOP politicians, and it should provide him with the same sort of opportunity to bolster his foreign-policy credentials while at the same time courting support from Jewish voters in the United States.

"This visit will give Gov. Barbour the opportunity to learn more about the difficulties facing Israel, about the current thinking of Israel's political, military, and economic leaders, and about the Jewish state's exciting advancements in the development of new technologies," coalition executive director Matt Brooks said in a statement.

During his visit, Huckabee, who has made more than a dozen trips to Israel, has used the crisis in Egypt to demonstrate his solidarity with conservative Christians and Jews alike by supporting the building of Israeli settlements in disputed territory and warning of the dangers of Islamic influence in the region.

The former Arkansas governor suggested that President Obama was overly hasty in withdrawing support for the government of embattled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. He told Fox News that Israelis to whom he had spoken had expressed "real shock and surprise down to the average on-the-street Israeli citizen at how quickly the Obama administration abandoned a 30-year ally and a longstanding friend to peace and stability, President Mubarak."

Huckabee, a former Southern Baptist pastor, also attended a ceremony marking the dedication of a new Israeli neighborhood in East Jerusalem, which has been claimed by Palestinians. He defended the right of Israel to build settlements there and in the West Bank.

"I cannot imagine, as an American, being told I could not live in certain places in America because I was Christian, or because I was white, or because I spoke English," he said.

Part of Huckabee's trip was sponsored by the Jerusalem Reclamation Project, which promotes establishing settlements on contested land. Huckabee also suggested that a separate Palestinian state should not be established using land Israel has occupied.

"There are vast amounts of territory that are in the hands of Muslims, in the hands of Arabs," Huckabee said.

Netanyahu has enjoyed a complicated relationship with Obama, who notably criticized further settlements in a speech in Cairo in 2009. During his visit, Huckabee, speaking in an interview on Israeli television, called Netanyahu "one of the world's great leaders." The prime minister in return said Huckabee was "a great friend, a great friend."

Huckabee was accompanied on the trip by actor and "tea party" activist Jon Voight. As he met with Netanyahu earlier in the week, Huckabee joked about Voight's role in the classic 1972 fillm "Deliverance."

"When that movie came out, it set camping back 25 years," Huckabee said. "Nobody would go."

The prime minister laughed heartily.
In case anyone is still not understanding what the real issue is here:

Walker says enough time has passed on bill

The Associated Press • February 25, 2011
MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker says enough time has been spent for the public to understand what’s in his bill taking away collective bargaining rights from public employees and therefore the Senate Democrats should come back to Madison.

The 14 Democrats left the state last week in part because they said the public needed more time to understand what was in the bill that Walker was pushing the Legislature to pass just a week after he introduced it.

Walker traveled to the districts of three of those Democrats on Friday and is urging their constituents to pressure them to return. He says he hopes to talk with Democrats over the weekend.

Walker says the state is ready to move on from the “tension and passion” of the past two weeks.
Dear Friends,
Today's Catholic Faith Radio Program will be discussing: a recent news article on the increase in unwed births, sex education in Texas, the recent false ecumenism of Placido Rodriguez, the Modernist Bishop of Lubbock, TX, and if time permits, the ongoing discussion on the Mass. We're currently reading and comparing the Canon of the Mass with the "Eucharistic Prayers."
Sorry for the late notice …
Thanks for your prayers and support,
Fr. Joseph, OFM
I have been debating whether to keep hammering on this issue - since unfortunately it is so divisive - even among Catholics.

Since the Church has CLEARLY spoken on this issue and said that ALL workers have a right to form unions AND collectively bargain - my position is to stand with the Church.

I have decided to keep fighting for this right. Had Catholics in the early 1970's not sat back and did nothing - Abortion would likely not be legal today.

We have to stand with Church teaching.

The reason that I started this blog is clearly written on the front page of this blog - here it is again as a reminder:

This Blog is dedicated to the following quote: Pope St. Felix III (5th Century): "Not to oppose error is to approve it; and not to defend truth is to suppress it, and, indeed, to neglect to confound evil men - when we can do it - is no less a sin than to encourage them." ...

Madison police chief asks Walker to explain 'troubling' statements

Madison's mayor and police chief Thursday called on Gov. Scott Walker to explain statements he made in a secretly recorded phone conversation that he "thought about" planting troublemakers among the thousands of demonstrators at the Capitol.

"Someone in his inner circle raised seriously the possibility of hiring people to come in and apparently create violence in my city," Mayor Dave Cieslewicz said. "I find it appalling, and I want to know who that was."

Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie said the governor had already answered questions about the phone call during a press conference Wednesday in which he acknowledged entertaining — but rejecting — the idea.

"People have brought up all sorts of different options," Walker said at the press conference. "As you saw if you've listened to the tape, we shot that down."

Tens of thousands of people have demonstrated at the Capitol over the past 11 days, during which Madison police made no arrests. Most of the demonstrators oppose a bill backed by Walker to limit collective bargaining rights for public employees.

Madison Police Chief Noble Wray also said he wanted an explanation from the governor, saying he found it "very unsettling and troubling that anyone would consider creating safety risks for our citizens and law enforcement officers"

In an appearance on Fox News on Wednesday night, Walker said the idea had come from legislators and others, although he didn't name anyone.

In a prank phone call in which he thought he was talking to billionaire campaign contributor David Koch, Walker answered a question about whether he wanted Koch to plant "troublemakers" in the crowd by saying, "The only problem with that ... we thought about that.

"... My only fear would be is if there was a ruckus caused that that would scare the public into thinking maybe the governor has got to settle to avoid all these problems."

The phone call actually was placed by Ian Murphy, a Buffalo, N.Y., blogger who writes the Buffalo Beast.

Personally - i find this whole thing a bit hard to swallow - it wreaks of being staged if you ask me - either way - for him to admit that he even considered using agent provocateurs to stir up trouble - which could easily have resulted in deaths of Wisconsin citizens and then only rejected it because it might work against his political goals - really says something of his character.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

How Walker's Wisconsin Plan Allows For the Selling of Energy Assets With No Bids.

The fight in Wisconsin is over Governor Walker's 144-page Budget Repair Bill. The parts everyone is focusing on have to do with the right to collectively bargain being stripped from public sector unions (except for the unions that supported Walker running for Governor). Focusing on this misses a large part of what the bill would do.

The bill would allow for the selling of state-owned heating/cooling/power plants without bids and without concern for the legally-defined public interest.

First, the private banksters and their lackeys steal our money. Now, they're going for our assets on the cheap.
"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."

-- Henry Ford
Unions and Communists?

I have been really thinking about comments made recently by friends and acquaintances, and by Walker himself in his secretly recorded phone call.

Many people seem to think that Unions are a communist idea.

As I have stated before, if this is true, why are there no unions in Communist China, why were there no unions in the Soviet Union?  Why are and were workers treated like cattle in Communist countries?  Why was it the labor unions in Poland that united and rose against the communist Soviet Union and eventually got them out of Poland?

I believe that the Democratic party (mostly communist or communist sympathisers) pretended to be a friend of unions for the sole purpose of bringing them down, to cause them to lose power,  not gain it. 

I believe that communists did infiltrate many unions, for the purpose of BRINGING THEM DOWN, not propping them up.  They knew and know that in order to destroy this nation, they have to destroy the middle class.

Our middle class is what makes us different from many nations.  In many nations there are the rich and there are the poor, there is no middle class.  This is certainly the case in Communist nations.

Unions made it very difficult to break the back of the middle class. Unions united the middle class and gave them a strong voice both in politics and in the work place, and the Communists knew and know this. 

In reality, unions are an obstacle to their aims.

So after they infiltrated both the Republicans and Democrats, they had to make it appear as if one party was an asset to the Unions.  The reality was quite different.  This party, the Demcoratic Party was also working for the demise of Unions. 

Remember  that it was the Democrats and a Democratic President that brought about all the deregulation of the 1970's that led to unions losing much power.  It was a Democrat President and Democrats that signed and supported NAFTA that was a near fatal blow to Unions. The Democrats did nothing to reign in the rising costs of health care and insurance that was increasingly shrinking the working man's paycheck.  They allowed this with the hopes that it would get so out of hand they could create a governmental health care system.

 Also consider that due to the Democrats radical left wing agendas and stances such as their pro-abortion, pro-illegal immigration (which also hurts unions), anti-gun stances, they divided many workers and people.  This caused many people of good conscience to turn their backs on Unions because  of their support this wicked party.

Without a doubt, the leadership of many unions have been infiltrated, but this does not make unions or the ideal of unions bad, this just makes their present leadership bad.

If true Conservatives and Patriots worked to support union ideals and expose the fifth column within them, maybe things would be different.  Instead of fighting against the entire principle and idea of unions and collective bargaining we would all be working to togther so that all could earn a just wage. 

Don't expect the Republicans to do this, they are no different than the Democrats, both parties are working for the same goals, they just appear to be on different sides.

Unions gave the working man a chance to own property (something communists hate), a chance to have a voice in the work place and government (something communists hate), and allowed this nation to prosper more than any other nation, which we all know communists loathe!

Busting unions is what communists want. 

Henry Ford, the epitome of Capitalism and Capitalists was intelligent enough to realize that if the working man was not paid a Just wage with just benefits, he could not afford to buy the products that Henry Ford himself desired to sell and that his workers labored to manufacture, so Ford paid them a fair wage and treated them well, and they purchases his products.

Certainly at times unions sought to take advantage of situations and get more than a just wage and to not give in return a fair days work, but employers have also at times sought to take advantage of workers. It is a balancing act.

But to eliminate collective bargaining, tilts the scale completely to one side and cannot be supported.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"All that serves labor serves the nation. All that harms is treason. If a man tells you he trusts America, yet fears labor, he is a fool. There is no America without labor, and to fleece the one is to rob the other."

-*Abraham Lincoln*--

Maybe we need to bring Scott Walker up on charges of treason!
First they came for the teachers,

and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a teacher.

Then they came for the trade unionists,

and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Bloggers,

and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Blogger.

Then they came for me

and there was no one left to speak out for me.

In light of recent comments by the Governor of Wisconsin found in here - specifically this one:

"Walker compared his stand to that taken by President Ronald Reagan when he fired the nation’s air-traffic controllers during a labor dispute in 1981.

“That was the first crack in the Berlin Wall and led to the fall of the Soviets,” Walker said on the recording."

These comments are typical of the neo-con mentality and I heard much the same comments today from a friend.

Lets put some truth to these comments and accusations.

1. It is implied here that Ronald Reagan was some sort of anti-union President - this is simply not true - Ronald Reagan was a seven time president of the Screen Actors Guild Union.  Ronald Reagan led this union in their first ever strike and two other strikes.  Ronald Reagan was the only President to be a lifetime member of an AFLCIO Union.  The Air Traffic Controllers were violating their contract and breaking the law by striking - this was a public safety issue and a violation of the law - and what he did was not an anti-union move, but enforcing the law.

2. It is constantly stated that Unions are somehow Communist organizations - as Walker implied and my friend. 

Lets really think about this statement.

How many unions existed in the Soviet Union?  What were the pay and working conditions of those who lived in the Soviet Union?  How many unions exist in Communist China - what are the pay and working conditions in Communist China?

It seems to me that in communist nations the workers are exploited and treated and cattle - remember the bread lines in the Soviet Union, remember the government housing in the Soviet Union that the workers were forced to live in.

On the other hand - here in the USA where workers obtained decent pay, benefits, and rights through the long fought efforts of collective bargaining by Unions - we saw a strong middle class of property owners who lived a life of relative comfort.  The labor laws here that protect workers from the exploitation found in communist nations are the fruits of the work of Unions!

I would submit that the communist infiltration of unions which likely has occurred in at least some unions - is to DESTROY THEM  - not perpetuate them!

Also - consider if Unions are a communist favored organization - why is it that it was the Unions in Poland in the 1980's that fought the Communists and eventually succeeded in expelling them from Poland? 

Odd that Walker and these neocons never mention this.

It seems to me that what Walker wants - basically reducing everyone to an Unjust wage is more communist than the Unions!

Since neither the Unions or the Employers today are Christ centered we are not going to see a perfect resolve to these conflicts, but we nevertheless must still work for justice as best we can.

Isn't it also interesting that Walker considered using agent provocateurs to start trouble among the protesters - we have seen this done time and time again by corrupt governments.

True CATHOLICS should easily recognize these tricks and deceptions - and frankly I am shocked that they are not and are falling hook line and sinker for all of this!
Indiana Deputy Attorney General tweets " use live ammunition" against demonstrators

On Saturday night, when Mother Jones staffers tweeted a report that riot police might soon sweep demonstrators out of the Wisconsin capitol building—something that didn't end up happening—one Twitter user sent out a chilling public response: "Use live ammunition."

From my own Twitter account, I confronted the user, JCCentCom. He tweeted back that the demonstrators were "political enemies" and "thugs" who were "physically threatening legally elected officials." In response to such behavior, he said, "You're damned right I advocate deadly force." He later called me a "typical leftist," adding, "liberals hate police."

Only later did we realize that JCCentCom was a deputy attorney general for the state of Indiana.
More and more is coming out about this Budget:

Budget Repair Bill Includes Changes to Medicaid, BadgerCare

By Molly Hendrickson

If the budget repair bill passes, big changes could come for people who rely on Medicaid and BadgerCare.

The proposal changes income qualifications.

A family of three with an annual income of $24,000 or less would qualify for BadgerCare. Right now, a family of three with an income of $37,000 qualifies.

Dorinne Green doesn't think she'd be alive if not for Medicaid.

"It covered my hospital stay and my subsequent care after," she told us.

A rare disease causes mucinous tumors to grow on her organs. She's already racked up $140,000 in medical bills to have them removed.

She worries changes in Medicaid would prevent her from having future surgeries.

"I also understand the need to balance the budget, but do not balance the budget at the risk of the health of the citizens of Wisconsin," she said.

The Save BadgerCare Coalition says 1.2 million people rely on Medicaid in the state. It says 65,000 people will lose coverage with the new income qualification.

"When people don't have health care coverage, they delay getting health care until it's an emergency," Ken Taylor of the Save BadgerCare Coalition said. "We think it's much more effective to provide health care through a good program like BadgerCare Plus to those folks."

The repair bill could change who is covered and how. It gives the department of Health Services authority to make "emergency rules" governor Walker says are needed to reduce costs.

A statement from the governor's office says, "Changes could lead to cost saving measures that will help tackle the nearly $1.8 billion budget shortfall... and will allow the state to study how to deal with many of the new incoming federal health care and medical assistance mandates."

"It would give the Department of Health Services the ability to rewrite Medicaid policy with minimal input from the Legislature or the public. This would be some pretty big changes that could change eligibility, benefits, reimbursement of the Medicaid providers," Taylor said.

But the governor says the budget repair bill is a necessary step to get the state budget on track.

For now it's just a waiting game to see just who will be affected and how.

Over half of the residents at Queen of Angels Assisted Living in Radisson, WI are on Medicaid and as Fr. Bernard or Mary will testify that it is already a nightmare getting paid and that even a longtime member of our Church has been without benefits on numerous occasions - even though she has no real assets.  And with this Bill that many think is just about getting teachers to take a cut in benefits and pay - these people in need will likely be denied even more benefits leaving Father Bernard with no means of funding their care!
The people of the UK have figured it out - maybe the people of Wisconsin and the USA will figure it out.  But first they will have to realize that the Republicans are not better than the Democrats and stop being duped by these criminals!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You just can't make this stuff up!

Survivors’ group lauds Catholics for excising ‘holocaust’

(JTA) -- A Holocaust survivors' organization praised the Catholic Church for changing a new English translation of the Bible to eliminate the word "holocaust."

A statement by Elan Steinberg, vice president of the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants, issued Monday responsed to the deletion of "holocaust," with a small h, and its replacement by "burnt offerings" in The New American Bible Revised Edition to be released on March 9...

more commentary from Rivero that makes perfect sense:

This is NOT about unions, even though the media and government are trying to sell that idea.

The protests in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana (as of this morning) are AMERICANS who reject the idea that they must make do with less in order for Wall Street and Washington DC to have more.

Contrary to the media spin, these unions are NOT asking for more money or perks; they are simply demanding to keep that which is already theirs, against a government whose only mantra is, "You must make do with less so that we may have more" over and over, as Wall Street gets a $14 trillion bail out, looted form the people and the states, to save itself from going to jail over the fraudulent mortgage-backed securities scandal.

The government has no right to demand the people accept lowered standards of living so that Wall Street bankers can continue record-setting bonuses.

to give you an idea of the scale of the Wall Street taxpayer bailout - 1 trillion seconds equals 7646 years!  14 trillion seconds is over 104 THOUSAND YEARS! 

do not be duped into believing that we need to cut the pay and benefits of people making $60,000.00 a year - THEY ARE NOT THE PROBLEM!
click on the photo to enlarge and read her shirt

Monday, February 21, 2011

Right here in Amerika!

Exclusive: Troopers would ‘absolutely’ use force on Wisc. protesters if ordered, police union president tells Raw Story

But: 'That would not be something I recognize as the United States of America,' state patrol inspector adds

Amid the largest protests Madison, Wisconsin has seen in decades, newly elected Republican Gov. Scott Walker last week issued a stark message to public labor unions occupying the capitol building: we have options, and using the National Guard against protesters is among them.

Since then, a myrad of rumors have circulated through crowds gathered at the state capitol, united in protest of a bill that would strip public unions of their collective bargaining rights. One rumor, which had not yet come to pass, even suggested that like Egypt's former dictator did in Tahrir Square, Gov. Walker may call in police to forcibly clear out the capitol.

And according to a Wisconsin police union president, whether the police agree or disagree with their governor's politics, they would "absolutely" carry out any order given to them ... even if that order included using force against their fellow Americans gathered in peaceful protest.

That's the message from Wisconsin Law Enforcement Association (WLEA) executive board president Tracy Fuller, who's organization recently issued a statement condemning the governor's attempt to strip public unions of their collective bargaining rights. Fuller is also a Wisconsin State Patrol inspector.

"This bill has some provisions that make no sense, unless the basic intent is to bust unions," he recently wrote, in a post found on the WLEA website...

We must pray that it does not come to what it has come to in other nations:

This is not about unions or teachers or public versus private.

This is about a government and banking system that sees the solution to all their self-inflicted problems as taking away something from Americans. Taking away high-paying jobs, taking away homes, taking away credit, taking away education, taking away freedom of speech, taking away privacy, and now taking away collective bargaining. Always the mantra from government and the banks remains the same, "You must make do with less, so that we may have more!" And every time the American people make do with less, to give the bankers and government more, the bankers and government, encouraged by their success, simply demand more "sacrifice."

The people of Wisconsin have drawn a line in the sand not just for teachers and not just for public workers, but for all Americans who have watched the proceeds of a lifetime of work looted to pay for Wall Street excess, the war machine, and obeisance to Israel. The people of Wisconsin, as should the entire nation, are saying, "Enough is enough. We will surrender no more. We have been pushed to edge of starvation and poverty to where fighting back is the only option that makes any sense at all."
Just to clearly show what this is about - read the following article - the Unions are willing to take the cuts in pay and benefits and everything that Walker proposed - EXCEPT to give up the right to collectively bargain - and this is the problem and why I maintain that supporting Walker in this is to go contrary to the Catholic Church!

Neither side budging in Wisconsin union fight

By SCOTT BAUER, Associated Press Scott Bauer, Associated Press

.MADISON, Wis. – No resolution appeared imminent Monday to the stalemate over union rights in Wisconsin, leaving Senate Republicans resigned to forge ahead with less-controversial business such as tax breaks for dairy farmers and commending the Green Bay Packers on winning the Super Bowl.

As the standoff entered its second week, none of the major players offered any signs of backing down in a high-stakes game of political chicken that has riveted the nation and led to ongoing public protests that drew a high of 68,000 people on Saturday. Thousands more braved cold winds and temperatures in the 20s to march again on Monday, waving signs that said "Stop the attack on Wisconsin families" and "solidarity."

The 14 Senate Democrats who skipped town Thursday to indefinitely delay a vote on Republican Gov. Scott Walker's bill stripping most collective bargaining rights from nearly all public employees remained missing in action for a fifth day.

"You have shut down the people's government, and that is not acceptable," Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said during a brief meeting Monday setting the agenda for Tuesday's Senate session.

Two of the missing Democrats participated by phone from an undisclosed location.

"You're not in negotiations. There is no negotiation," Fitzgerald said, cutting off one of the Democrats on the phone. "You need to get back to the floor of the Senate and offer any ideas you may have on final passage. That's where we're at. There is no negotiation."

Both the Senate and Assembly planned to be in session on Tuesday to take up the bill, but at least one of the missing Democrats needed to show up for a vote to be taken in the Senate. Assembly Democrats planned to offer dozens of amendments that could push a vote into Wednesday or later.

Although Tuesday's list of items, including the resolution honoring the Packers, is largely bipartisan, Fitzgerald hinted that he might try to push some more controversial ones later, even if the Democrats aren't back. Among the possibilities is a vote on the question of whether voters should be required to show identification at the polls.

The Democratic senators taking part in the scheduling meeting urged Republicans to accept the offer made by the unions under which they would accept paying more for benefits as Walker wants but still retain their collective bargaining rights.

Another compromise offered by Republican Sen. Dale Schultz would remove collective bargaining rights just for two years

"It's time for all of us to move forward," said Democratic Sen. Dave Hansen of Green Bay over the phone to the Republicans.

Walker has rejected both offers, saying local governments and school districts can't be hamstrung by the often lengthy collective bargaining process and need to have more flexibility to deal with up to $1 billion in cuts he will propose in his budget next week and into the future.

"It will never get to me because other than that one state senator, all the rest of the Republicans are firmly behind our proposal," Walker said in an MSNBC interview on Monday, calling it an unacceptable short-term fix.

The emergency plan he wants the Legislature to pass would address this year's $137 million shortfall and start dealing with the $3.6 billion hole expected by mid-2013. The benefits concessions would amount to $30 million this year, but the largest savings Walker proposed comes from refinancing debt to save $165 million.

That portion must be done by Friday for bonds to be refinanced in time to realize the savings by June 30, the end of this fiscal year.

Walker said not passing the bill by Friday would make even deeper cuts necessary and possibly result in laying off 1,500 workers over the next four months.

Thousands of those affected and their supporters marched on the Capitol for a seventh straight day. Hundreds of them have been sleeping in the rotunda every night and several districts have had to close after so many teachers called in sick. The Madison School District was closed Wednesday through Monday but was expected to reopen Tuesday.

Districts in central Wisconsin were also closed Monday, but that was because of 10 to 12 inches of snow. Milwaukee schools were shut down for a pre-scheduled midsemester break. Those closures, on top of Monday being a previously scheduled furlough day for state workers, resulted in another large crowd Monday but an official estimate was not yet released.

At noon, guitarist Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine took to a stage on the Capitol steps to fire up the crowd. He said he flew in from California to lend his voice to the protest.

"The future of workers' rights will be decided in Madison, Wisconsin," he said. "You're making history here."

He joked that he could hardly play the guitar because his fingers were numb. He sang a song with the refrain, "For the union men and women standing up and standing strong!" Each time he repeated that lyric, the crowd roared.

Walker's plan would allow unions representing most public employees to negotiate only for wage increases, not benefits or working conditions. Any wage increase above the Consumer Price Index would have to be approved in a referendum. Unions would face a vote of membership every year to stay formed, and workers could opt out of paying dues.

The plan would also require many public employees to cut their take home pay by about 8 percent by contributing more of their salaries toward their health insurance and retirement benefits, concessions the unions have said they're willing to accept.

But Walker and Republicans are showing no willingness to budge while the Senate Democrats say they are prepared to stay away for weeks if that's what it will take.
It seems that there are some people upset with my recent posts regarding the situation in Wisconsin. (someone recently even attempted to hack into this blog and shut it down)

I have always tried to remain consistent with Catholic teaching in anything that I have posted on this blog. 

The Catholic Church has always supported the right of workers to form unions and their right to collectively bargain.  The Church has went so far as to say that it is the DUTY of government to protect these rights. 

Where Walker has crossed the line is trying to eliminate collective bargaining - by doing so - he is in essence making the unions impotent.  It is like the "traditionalists" that claim that the Bishops in the Church today have no jurisdiction - I ask you what good is a Bishop without Jurisdiction?  Does this even make sense?  The same reasoning can be applied here - what good is a union without the right to collectively bargain?  That is the whole point of a union!

To support Walker in this attack on unions and collective bargaining is to go contrary to what the Catholic Church has always taught.

It would be different if all Walker was doing was trying to negotiate pay and benefit cuts - which public sector unions had agreed too, but he is not stopping there - he is demanding an end to collective bargaining - and that is where the line is crossed.

I also think those who support this move ought to really question their motives.  Almost everyone I have talked to about this ends up saying that it is not fair that these public workers have their insurance fully paid for, that they are paid well, and that they have a good retirement plan when they themselves and many other workers don't have these same things.  This sounds like envy to me - and envy is a deadly sin against God and man.

The Church has  also always taught the concept of a just wage - and part of a wage is the benefits - because if you don't have the benefits - you will to use your pay to attain them yourself.

The Church has taught that a just wage is a wage that allows the head of the household - the father to earn enough money to support his family - no matter how many children he has, and still have money left over to save and have some material things other than just the bare necessities of life.

How many people today actually earn this just wage?  (A Just Wage is the combination of pay and benefits necessary to raise a family in todays world - not just pay)

What is sad - is that because many people are not earning a just wage - they become filled with envy at those who are - and want to see those that are earning a just wage dragged down with them! 

And those who think that unions are not necessary to get a just wage, just consider that these companies are almost all starting to ship our jobs out of the country - and many will blame unions for this - but ask yourself - are the workers overseas being paid a just wage? 

If we don't need unions and if these companies are really willing to not exploit workers - why do they use children and treat people like slaves in China and Mexico? 

What is stopping them from doing that here in America?  IT IS THE UNIONS AND THE LABOR LAWS THAT UNIONS BROUGHT ABOUT!  When the unions lose their power to collectively bargain - there is nothing to stop our labor laws from being flushed down the toilet and workers here being treated no different than  how these same companies treat workers in China and Mexico! 

Ask yourself why Walker felt it  necessary to have dinner with the Communist leader of China.   Do you think he discussed treating the workers in China justly and paying them a just wage - or do you think he discussed shipping more of our jobs overseas. or how to implement what China does with labor right here in WI? 

The employee/employer relationship can be complex and like a balancing act.  Employers when given the chance tend to exploit workers - worker guilds and later unions formed to attempt to stop this exploitation.  On the other hand - when employees get the chance, they tend towards exploiting the employer and this can happen when Unions become too powerful - this is the balancing act. 

To completely eliminate collective bargaining - is tipping the scale too far toward the employer and will without a doubt end in the exploitation of workers - and this is precisely why our Holy Mother the Church has always supported the rights of workers to collectively bargain and unionize - and to support attempts to end these rights for workers is to go contrary to Catholic Teaching and to disobey the Vicar of Christ - Pope Leo.

We cannot be like novus ordo "catholics" who vote for Democrats, even though they are pro-abortion and say - "well, I don't agree with them on that issue...."

We must stand for Catholic Teaching - IN ALL CASES - and in this case - Walker is going contrary to Catholic teaching - and we must stand for what the Church stands for - regardless of our political beliefs and even our personal beliefs!

Koch Brothers Behind Wisconsin Effort To Kill Public Unions


As the nation focuses on the efforts of Governor Scott Walker to take away collective bargaining rights from public employees in Wisconsin, new information is coming to light that reveals what is truly going on here.

Mother Jones is reporting that much of the funding behind the Walker for Governor campaign came from none other than uber-conservatives, the infamous Koch Brothers.

What’s more, the plan to kill the unions is right out of the Koch Brothers play book.

Koch-backed groups like Americans for Prosperity, the Cato Institute, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and the Reason Foundation have long taken a very antagonistic view toward public-sector unions. Several of these groups have urged the eradication of these unions. The Kochs also invited Mark Mix, president of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, an anti-union outfit, to a June 2010 confab in Aspen, Colorado;

Via Mother Jones

If you are reluctant to believe that this is a coordinated attack, consider this-

This afternoon, Marty Beil, executive director of the Wisconsin Public Workers Union, sent a message to the Governor’s office agreeing to the cuts to pension & welfare benefits sought by Walker in his bill. The governor’s response was “nothing doing.” He wants the whole kit and kaboodle – the end of the collective bargaining rights of the public unions.

As noted in my earlier post, this is, indeed, the first shot in the final battle to end unionism in America.

UPDATE: The Americans for Prosperity group, a Tea Party group that is a Koch Brothers front, has put up a website and petition called The website attacks all collective bargaining – not just for public employees’ unions. Americans for Prosperity is also organizing a rally tomorrow in Wisconsin to support Gov. Walker....

Click here for full story

Wisconsin Gov. Walker Ginned Up Budget Shortfall To Undercut Worker Rights

Brian Beutler
February 17, 2011, 1:47PM31K

Wisconsin's new Republican governor has framed his assault on public worker's collective bargaining rights as a needed measure of fiscal austerity during tough times.

The reality is radically different. Unlike true austerity measures -- service rollbacks, furloughs, and other temporary measures that cause pain but save money -- rolling back worker's bargaining rights by itself saves almost nothing on its own. But Walker's doing it anyhow, to knock down a barrier and allow him to cut state employee benefits immediately.

Furthermore, this broadside comes less than a month after the state's fiscal bureau -- the Wisconsin equivalent of the Congressional Budget Office -- concluded that Wisconsin isn't even in need of austerity measures, and could conclude the fiscal year with a surplus. In fact, they say that the current budget shortfall is a direct result of tax cut policies Walker enacted in his first days in office.

click here for full story

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Catholic Teaching on Labor Unions:

In the first place, the worker must be paid a wage sufficient to support him and his family.

Quadragesimo Anno (The Fortieth Year ) #71
On Reconstruction of the Social Order
Pius XI, 1931
" Pope Leo XIII also defended the worker’s natural right to enter into association

with his fellows, such associations may consist either of workers alone or of workers and employers, and should be structured in a way best calculated

to safeguard the workers’ legitimate professional interest. And it is the natural right of the workers to work without hindrance, freely, and on their own initiative within these associations for the achievement of these ends." (Mater et Magistra,22)

Leo argued that the right to associate was a natural one that permits the workingperson to form private societies and that the State "has been instituted to protect and not destroy natural right…" (Rerum Novarum, 72). Workers may determine the type of association they wish. "Furthermore, if citizens have the right to associate, they must also have the right to freely to adopt the organization and rules which they judge most appropriate to achieve their purpose." (Rerum Novarum, 76). Leo did not use the term "trade unions" indicating a willingness to keep open the form that the association might take.: Workers’ associations ought to be so constituted and so governed as to furnish the most suitable and most convenient means to attain the object proposed, which consists in this, that the individual members of the association secure, so far as possible, an increase in the goods of the body, of soul and of prosperity." (Rerum Novarum, 74). All social organization ought to be directed toward the moral and religious perfection of the individual and society. "Besides, what would it profit a worker to secure through an association an abundance of goods, if is soul through lack of its proper food should run the risk of perishing." (Rerum Novarum,77) And again, "When the regulation of associations are founded upon religion, the way is easy toward establishing the mutual relations of the members so that peaceful living together and prosperity will result." (Rerum Novarum, 78)

While Rerum Novarum was reformist, Quadragessimo Anno was radical. The keynote of Quadragessimo Anno was social justice while the central theme of Rerum Novarum had been a living wage. This was the first social encyclical to "see the need for sweeping institutional reform rather than mere charity or the reform of morals to tackle the root problems of the social order." (Coleman, 1991, p.183) Pius XI, affirming the view of Leo on the right to associate had a far-reaching affect on organized labor in the United States. "To the founding of these associations the clergy and many of the laity devoted themselves everywhere with truly praiseworthy zeal, eager to bring Leo’s program to full realization. Thus associations of this kind have molded truly Christian workers who, in combining harmoniously the diligent practice of their occupation with the salutary precepts of religion, protect effectively and resolutely their own temporal interests and rights, keeping a due respect for justice and a genuine desire to work together with other classes of society for the Christian renewal of all social life. (Quadragessimo Anno, 33)

Quadragessimo Anno helped to reinforce the activist trend in American Catholicism. Pius XI went further than Leo XIII in calling for the collaboration between workers and employers to create new associations to form industrial corporations. Pius outspokenly advocated for radial change in the economic system. "Instead of conflict between labor and capital, Pius advocated collaboration. Joint industrial corporations and professional associations would cooperate with government to plan economic growth and determine priorities. Thus in place of the old order’s economic anarchy, he envisioned economic planning and cooperation. The Papacy therefore, moved beyond the conservatism of the two previous popes. It surpassed, as well, in both its desire for a new economic direction, the statements of Leo XIII; himself a papal economic innovator." (Betten, 1976, p. 24) Fr. John A. Ryan, a noted reformer in the church, headed up the Social Action Department of the National Catholic Welfare Conference. His work set the stage for the official Catholic response to the Great Depression. Ryan favored trade unionism in the 1920’s and became a more consistent supporter of the movement in the 1930’s. this changed resulted from his evaluation that the unions have become more effective and stated that "the worker needs the union in order to achieve something like equality in bargaining power with his employer." (Ryan Papers 1929-33, A-C)

He also defended sit-down strikes despite the fact that he disliked them for political reasons claiming that while they did violate property rights, they were a legitimate attempt by strikers to prevent machinery from being operated by strike-breakers. He stated, "owing to the dependence of the worker and his family upon his present job, his equitable claim therefore, might sometimes justify the sit-down strike." (Ryan, Ecclesiastical Review, 419-420) he also defended, in certain circumstances, the use of force by workers, claiming "that employees, as such, have certain natural rights and that they may be defended by ‘coercion’" (Ryan Papers, 1938, S-R)
Fr. John P. Boland, a priest of the Buffalo, New York diocese, who did not have the national reputation of someone like Ryan, spent much of his life with the American

worker. Within Catholic circles, Boland was considered an expert on labor problems. He planned a course of study for the Association of Catholic Trade Unionists labor school in 1937 and was eventually appointed chairman of the New York State Labor Relations Board. His own interpretation of Quadragessimo Anno determined his labor views seeking the establishment of a confederation of unions, employer associations and organizations of farmers and consumers to solve the American economic problems. Believing that such a system could be established without governmental involvement, which, in his opinion must be limited. He felt that this was the best approach . "The state should follow neither the individualistic nor the collectivist theories regarding its duties….its course may well be down the middle road. … both industry and unions have been long on militancy and short on statesmanship" (Forton, 1959 p. 7-10) Boland was a staunch supporter of the labor union arguing that Pius XI had fully supported them in Quadragessimo Anno. While some Catholic theorists suggested that unions promoted class conflict, Boland constructed a carefully crafted argument against this position. He claimed that collective bargaining not only improved the economic conditions of the worker but he moral and religious position of the worker as well (Betten, 1976,p.86) . Thus, he argued that "collective bargaining, rightfully carried out with such proper governmental supportive services as mediation, would lessen class conflict by bringing order and peace into the labor market." (Betten, 1976 p.86.)

Collective bargaining as a means to lessen class conflict would become a tool for stability. "Collective bargaining presupposes belief in the wage system." (Boland Papers, Box 25) Boland was one of many priests involved in the support of trade labor unions.