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Sunday, January 23, 2011

I came across this quote in a book and though it would be worthwhile for the women of today to consider their vocations a little more carefully. It is rather dated but I think still of interest.
A Challenge to the Woman
“Many American women must choose between individual careers on the one hand and the family and race survival on the other. Motherhood is the greatest career ever known for woman in ancient and modern times, and fatherhood alone can bring men to the highest development of soul.
The greatest job on the planet today is that of mothering. To do it well requires the highest qualities of hand, brain, and heart. All the grace and traditions of the ages and all of the science and psychology of the times here find their noblest opportunity and constant demand. Mother should know the chemistry of foods, for she feeds the family, balances the rations, stokes the human furnaces for the daily work of father and the growth of the children. She holds their life, endurance, longevity and success in her hands. She must be physiologist, physician, sanitary expert, bacteriologist, dietitian, physical culturist, nurse, ready to give first and last aid. Mother is on the job all the time, but the doctor only a few minutes, so that intelligence in her counts for a hundred times more than it does in him. Mother must be psychologist, educator, historian, religious leader and story teller; when the children are grown up she should be eugenist and vocational director.
Just for a moment, compare the brains and education necessary for the high class mother’s job with that required for copying letters on a typewriter, selling ribbons over a counter, teaching history from a text book, or even drilling Latin declensions in to reluctant boys. The expansion and intensification of woman’s education for the great job of home and motherhood builds a foundation on which every structure of health, morals, culture, material and spiritual welfare of the society must stand.
If our women fail in their willingness or preparation for motherhood, the race must go down, and our power, property and institutions will pass to other races that have sounder and more normal views o this vital matter.”
“Race Suicide Destroying Native Anglo-Saxon Stock” Professor Robert J Sprague, of the Department of Economics and Sociology of the Mass. Agricultural College. (Boston Herald, Sunday July 31, 1921)

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Sancta Cecelia said...

This is a very timely article in spite of the date on which it was written.

Wondering why the insertion of the word 'eugenist,' unless it had a different meaning then? Is it simply implying the mother should counsel her children on the wisdom of carefully, and prayerfully I hope, choosing a husband or wife?

I believe that for women, next to the religious life, motherhood is the most creative and fulfilling, most blessed vocation in life. It truly does excercise every human faculty, with the result that not only the children benefit greatly, but the mother does as well.

I remind my children and others to keep in mind that the married state is a VOCATION, one of just three available to us, and not just a 'lifestyle.'