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Saturday, January 08, 2011


Her Doctrine and Morals

The Holy Family

9 January 2011


The Sunday


Dear Friends,
The family is central in all societies. It is the foundation upon which everything else is built up. It is for this very reason that the satanic influences in our society has determined and set out to destroy the family at all costs.
Every true follower of Christ is in a battle whether he realizes it or not. It is a battle first and foremost for his own soul and the unity of his family.
If we are to be successful in this, it is necessary that we pray, study, and fight valiantly in this battle. To aid us our Mother (The Church) has presented us today with a feast honoring the Most Holy Family. There is much for us to consider and to imitate.
The glory and dignity of Mary is a wonderful place to start. Jesus is God and all the angels in Heaven bow down and worship Him, yet Mary has the honor and privilege to address Him as Son. “Son, why has Thou done so to us?”
St. Bernard says: “Who was subject to whom? A God to men. God, I repeat, to Whom the angels are subject: Whom principalities and powers obey: was subject to Mary; and not alone to Mary, but to Joseph also, because of Mary. Admire and revere both the one and the other, and choose which you admire the more: the most sweet condescension of the Son or the sublime dignity of the Mother. For either am I at a loss for words: for both are wondrous. For that God should obey a woman is humility without compare; and that a woman should have rule over God dignity without equal.”
“And He went down with them, and came to Nazareth, and was subject to them.” This is one of the most profound things for us to consider. God has humbled Himself to obey Mary and Joseph. His is the most perfect example of humility for us all. For we are all subject to some authority that God has placed over us. In this He shows us that humility and obedience are most dear to Him. If we desire to please God it is as simple as a prompt and humble obedience to those He has placed over us. It is God’s will that we should be humble and obedient. In this humble and prompt obedience we honor not only those we obey but most importantly we honor God. In our obedience to those God has placed over us we are in essence obeying God, for it is He that has placed them there. Regardless of their wisdom or lack of wisdom, or their worthiness or lack of worthiness, we must truly obey and honor them because they were placed there by God.
All those who have been given the burden of authority must look and learn from Mary and St. Joseph. They too must be humble, and in true humility they must not fail to command the respect, honor and dignity that God has placed in them by giving them their position. They must not be influenced by a false humility or the influences of the devils and society to cast off their honor, dignity and obligations. They may truly be the least and most unworthy from many different perspectives, but the ultimate thing that matters is that it is God who has placed them there. St. Joseph is obviously the least worthy (even though He is a just man), but he is given the supreme authority in the family as the foster father of Jesus and the husband of Mary. Both Jesus and Mary submit, honor and obey him. The least has been given the greatest authority, honor and dignity and the Greatest has taken the lowliest position of the submissive and humbly obedient Child.
We are most unworthy to command, but we must do so to the honor and glory of God – constantly reminding ourselves that it is not so much to us as persons that our subjects must honor and obey, but God Who has chosen to be represented by us.
When we are on the other side of this we must likewise constantly remind ourselves that it is God that we are honoring and obeying more so than the person given us to represent Him.
Let us deeply consider this Holy Family and make it a point to imitate the virtues and graces they show us and succeed in defending our own family against the evil assault waged against us. 

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