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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I wouldn't even give this a second glance except that I saw one of these nut jobs in a parking lot at a local grocery store.  If you read the article, you see that this man interprets the Bible to say that this is the date of the "beginning" of the end of the world.  Well, if you think about it, EVERY DAY is the "beginning" because eventually it will end!

And while we are on the subjects of Protestant nut jobs, I happened on a blog the other day and they had a post about the Blessed Mother which caught my eye.  You would not believe what these people think of her and of us!  After listening to Father Bonaventure's sermon last night, he stated it so clearly that they believe only what they want  - what THEY think.  He was referring to the Blessed Sacrament and John 6 but it is true in all things.  Here are some samples of their comments.  Note that many of these people are "fallen away Catholics":

God brought me out of Catholicism 25 years ago. When I look back, I see that Mary was the central figure. Jesus was usually presented as a baby. I never opened a Bible. They believe that the Bible is just myths and stories and that it takes 3rd place to the pope, and tradition.
In other words, a man made religion.

They worship her as a god. Shameful
As far as I remember from 12 years of Catholic school (!!), she is worshipped just as equally as Jesus Christ Himself. So thankful to have been saved from that nonsense.
As a former Roman Catholic, I was taught, and firmly believed, that Mary was “Queen of Heaven”, and a mediatrix between Christ and us. As in former times a subject would appeal to the mother of a king to ask the king a favor, the king supposedly would find it difficult to refuse his mother’s request on our behalf. So it was with Christ and Mary, Catholics have been taught.
It has become, however, even more sinister and blasphemous than that, as Mary has been championed recently by influential Catholic leaders as a “co-redemptix” in our salvation, owing to their belief that she suffered in Christ’s sufferings.
The various apparitions of “Mary” have given the unscriptural charge to Catholics to pray to her for world peace, miracles, eternal life,etc.
This invocation of the Roman Catholic’s Mary is no small doctrinal issue of contention. I have lived in and practiced its evil deception.
So you see, in addition to the bogus ordo heresies that we have to fight against, we have a large population of ignorant people who have no need for the Blessed Mother.  How sad she must be that people don't recognize her beauty of power before the throne of Almighty God.!
O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!


St. John the Evangelist said...

Hey, May 21 happens to be my Birthday!

I'm not sure if its a good thing or not.

Pope St. Felix III said...

These protestants are willfully ignorant - or "dumb on purpose".

They choose to believe lies