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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Benedict XVI, Light of the World, 2010, p. 89: “… what I defended was the heritage of the Second Vatican Council and of the entire history of the Church. The passage [from Dominus Iesus] means that the Eastern Churches [i.e., the “Orthodox”] are genuine particular churches, although they are not in communion with the Pope. In this sense, unity with the Pope is not constitutive for the particular church.”

Benedict XVI, Light of the World, 2010, p. 98: “During my visit to Turkey, I was able to show that I respect Islam, that I acknowledge it as a great religious reality with which we must be in dialogue.”

Benedict XVI, Light of the World, 2010, p. 39: “When a priest lives together with a woman, one must examine whether they could build a good marriage. If that is the case, they must follow that path.”

Benedict XVI, Light of the World, 2010, p. 121: “Q. Would you have signed the decree lifting the excommunication [of the SSPX bishops] if you had known that among the four bishops there was a person who denied the existence of the gas chambers?
 A. No. If I had known, the first step would have been to separate the Williamson case from the others. Unfortunately, though, none of us went on the Internet to find out what sort of person we were dealing with.”

Benedict XVI, Light of the World, 2010, p. 124: “Q. Nevertheless, the General Secretary of the Central Council of Jews in Germany went so far as to claim that the Pope wanted to introduce a Holocaust-denier into polite society… Doesn’t all of this suggest that, in light of the Williamson affair, the relation to the Jews is still in flux?
 A. One thing that is evident, at any rate, is that there are still great fears and tensions and that the dialogue can easily be damaged and is fragile. In the worldwide Jewish community as a whole, however, there were many people who immediately vouched for me and said that I would never introduce a Holocaust-denier into polite society. These people know me. In that sense, a breakdown of the dialogue was out of the question.”

Benedict XVI, Light of the World, 2010, p. 158: “I am not opposed in principle to communion in the hand; I have both administered and received communion in this way.”

Benedict XVI, Light of the World, 2010, p. 81: “… Q. Your very first official act as Successor of Peter was a letter to the Jewish community of Rome. Was this symbolic gesture meant to convey a basic thrust of the pontificate?
 A. Absolutely. I must say that from the very first day I began to study theology, the intrinsic unity of the Old and New Covenants, of the two parts of Holy Scripture, was somehow immediately clear to me... Then as Germans we were of course shaken by what happened in the Third Reich, which gave us a special reason to look with humility and shame, and with love, upon the People of Israel. As I have just said, it was already during my theological studies that these things came together and began to shape the course of my thinking as a theologian. For this reason it was clear to me – here, too, in the full continuity with Pope John Paul II – that this new, loving, sympathetic interrelation of Israel and the Church, where each respects the being and distinctive mission of the other, had to play an essential part in my proclamation of the Christian faith.”

Benedict XVI, Light of the World, 2010, p. 65: “Above all, the Council took up and carried out its great mission of defining in a new way the Church’s purpose as well as her relation to the modern era, and also the relation of faith to this time with its values.”


Sancta Cecelia said...

Looks like he's speaking from behind a prison wall - fitting :(

Bridget said...

Thats where he belongs for his part in the destruction of the Catholic Church. But Our Lord will not be mocked - "Vengeance is Mine sayeth the Lord!" He will put everything right!