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Friday, December 30, 2011

Ronald Reagan the last half way decent president and a real conservative - not a neo-con.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

I only have a minute to post - first I would like to wish all the readers of this blog of good will a very Bleassed Christmas.

I wanted to post a pic of a sign that I saw today.  To see this sign on the day we celebrate the Nativity of our Lord and Savior made me sick!

This sign is in my  hometown and I saw it for the first time today.  Last I heard it was in God we are supposed to trust. 

This blasphemous nonsense is certainly inspired by Satan.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Bishop Louis' email account has been hacked and there is an email being sent from it stating that he is in another country in need of money asking for you to wire him funds.  I would hope that no one falls for this - but I wanted to warn the readers of this blog just to be safe.  This email is obviously not being sent from Bishop Louis or with his permission - so do not do what it requests.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

This is unbelieveable - anyone who believes this bovine excrement is not worthy of the air that they breathe.  This the same lie that they used to get us to attack Iraq - now they are using it to attack Iran!

Then they dare to talk about prior knowledge of the attack - there is only one group of people that appear to have had prior knowledge:

Odigo says workers were warned of attack

Odigo is an Israeli based communications comapny!

If ever there was proof of what I have stressed in this blog this is it.  If this does not convince you that voting is a complete waste of time and that both parties are evil - nothing will - you are too lost in the lie!

Wecome to Amerika! Our nation is lost - this is not the USA of even 30 years ago - we are no longer a free country and the politicians on both sides of the isle are our enemies - as is our military - because they swore an oath to defend our consititution - and since they have not acted and if they allow this type of law to be passed and enforced - the military too is an enemy of the United States!

Here are the Senators who voted for this:

YEAs —86
Akaka (D-HI)
Alexander (R-TN)
Ayotte (R-NH)
Barrasso (R-WY)
Baucus (D-MT)
Begich (D-AK)
Bennet (D-CO)
Bingaman (D-NM)
Blumenthal (D-CT)
Blunt (R-MO)
Boozman (R-AR)
Boxer (D-CA)
Brown (D-OH)
Brown (R-MA)
Burr (R-NC)
Cantwell (D-WA)
Carper (D-DE)
Casey (D-PA)
Chambliss (R-GA)
Coats (R-IN)
Cochran (R-MS)
Collins (R-ME)
Conrad (D-ND)
Coons (D-DE)
Corker (R-TN)
Cornyn (R-TX)
Enzi (R-WY)
Feinstein (D-CA)
Gillibrand (D-NY)
Graham (R-SC)
Grassley (R-IA)
Hagan (D-NC)
Hatch (R-UT)
Heller (R-NV)
Hoeven (R-ND)
Hutchison (R-TX)
Inhofe (R-OK)
Inouye (D-HI)
Isakson (R-GA)
Johanns (R-NE)
Johnson (D-SD)
Johnson (R-WI)
Kerry (D-MA)
Kirk (R-IL)
Klobuchar (D-MN)
Kohl (D-WI)
Kyl (R-AZ)
Landrieu (D-LA)
Lautenberg (D-NJ)
Leahy (D-VT)
Levin (D-MI)
Lieberman (ID-CT)
Lugar (R-IN)
Manchin (D-WV)
McCain (R-AZ)
McCaskill (D-MO)
McConnell (R-KY)
Menendez (D-NJ)
Mikulski (D-MD)
Murkowski (R-AK)
Murray (D-WA)
Nelson (D-FL)
Nelson (D-NE)
Portman (R-OH)
Pryor (D-AR)
Reed (D-RI)
Reid (D-NV)
Roberts (R-KS)
Rockefeller (D-WV)
Rubio (R-FL)
Schumer (D-NY)
Sessions (R-AL)
Shaheen (D-NH)
Shelby (R-AL)
Snowe (R-ME)
Stabenow (D-MI)
Tester (D-MT)
Thune (R-SD)
Toomey (R-PA)
Udall (D-CO)
Udall (D-NM)
Vitter (R-LA)
Warner (D-VA)
Webb (D-VA)
Whitehouse (D-RI)
Wicker (R-MS)

Here is how the House voted:

In all, 283 Representatives supported the bill. There were 93 Democrats and 190 Republicans who supported the bill. Here they are:
Alabama: All 7 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Bonner, Jo [R]
  2. Roby, Martha [R]
  3. Rogers, Michael [R]
  4. Aderholt, Robert [R]
  5. Brooks, Mo [R]
  6. Bachus, Spencer [R]
  7. Sewell, Terri [D]
Alaska: Their only representative supported the bill
  1. Young, Donald [R]
Arizona: 3 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Franks, Trent [R]
  2. Quayle, Ben [R]
  3. Pastor, Edward [D]
Arkansas: All 4 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Crawford, Rick [R]
  2. Griffin, Tim [R]
  3. Womack, Steve [R]
  4. Ross, Mike [D]
California: 29 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Herger, Walter [R]
  2. Lungren, Daniel [R]
  3. Pelosi, Nancy [D]
  4. Garamendi, John [D]
  5. McNerney, Jerry [D]
  6. Cardoza, Dennis [D]
  7. Denham, Jeff [R]
  8. Costa, Jim [D]
  9. Nunes, Devin [R]
  10. McCarthy, Kevin [R]
  11. Capps, Lois [D]
  12. Gallegly, Elton [R]
  13. McKeon, Howard [R] (The bill’s sponsor)
  14. Dreier, David [R]
  15. Sherman, Brad [D]
  16. Berman, Howard [D]
  17. Schiff, Adam [D]
  18. Waxman, Henry [D]
  19. Richardson, Laura [D]
  20. Sanchez, Linda [D]
  21. Lewis, Jerry [R]
  22. Miller, Gary [R]
  23. Baca, Joe [D]
  24. Calvert, Ken [R]
  25. Bono Mack, Mary [R]
  26. Issa, Darrell [R]
  27. Bilbray, Brian [R]
  28. Hunter, Duncan [R]
  29. Davis, Susan [D]
Colorado: 3 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Gardner, Cory [R]
  2. Lamborn, Doug [R]
  3. Perlmutter, Ed [D]
Connecticut: 3 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Larson, John [D]
  2. Courtney, Joe [D]
  3. Himes, James [D]
Delaware: The state’s only representative supported the bill
  1. Carney, John [D]
Florida: 20 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Miller, Jeff [R]
  2. Southerland, Steve [R]
  3. Brown, Corrine [D]
  4. Crenshaw, Ander [R]
  5. Nugent, Richard [R]
  6. Stearns, Clifford [R]
  7. Mica, John [R]
  8. Webster, Daniel [R]
  9. Bilirakis, Gus [R]
  10. Castor, Kathy [D]
  11. Ross, Dennis [R]
  12. Buchanan, Vern [R]
  13. Rooney, Thomas [R]
  14. Wilson, Frederica [D]
  15. Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana [R]
  16. Deutch, Ted [D]
  17. Wasserman Schultz, Debbie [D]
  18. West, Allen [R]
  19. Adams, Sandy [R]
  20. Rivera, David [R]
Georgia: 9 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Kingston, Jack [R]
  2. Bishop, Sanford [D]
  3. Westmoreland, Lynn [R]
  4. Price, Tom [R] (My District’s Representative)
  5. Scott, Austin [R]
  6. Broun, Paul [R]
  7. Gingrey, John [R]
  8. Barrow, John [D]
  9. Scott, David [D]
Hawaii: Both Representatives supported the bill
  1. Hanabusa, Colleen [D]
  2. Hirono, Mazie [D]
Illinois: 10 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Lipinski, Daniel [D]
  2. Roskam, Peter [R]
  3. Dold, Bob [R]
  4. Kinzinger, Adam [R]
  5. Biggert, Judy [R]
  6. Hultgren, Randy [R]
  7. Manzullo, Donald [R]
  8. Schilling, Robert [R]
  9. Schock, Aaron [R]
  10. Shimkus, John [R]
Indiana: 3 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Visclosky, Peter [D]
  2. Donnelly, Joe [D]
  3. Young, Todd [R]
Iowa: 4 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Loebsack, David [D]
  2. Boswell, Leonard [D]
  3. Latham, Thomas [R]
  4. King, Steve [R]
Kansas: 3 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Jenkins, Lynn [R]
  2. Yoder, Kevin [R]
  3. Pompeo, Mike [R]
Kentucky: 5 Representative supported the bill
  1. Whitfield, Edward [R]
  2. Guthrie, Brett [R]
  3. Davis, Geoff [R]
  4. Rogers, Harold [R]
  5. Chandler, Ben [D]
Louisiana: 6 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Scalise, Steve [R]
  2. Landry, Jeff [R]
  3. Fleming, John [R]
  4. Alexander, Rodney [R]
  5. Cassidy, Bill [R]
  6. Boustany, Charles [R]
Maryland: 3 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Ruppersberger, C.A. [D]
  2. Hoyer, Steny [D]
  3. Bartlett, Roscoe [R]
Massachusetts: 2 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Tsongas, Niki [D]
  2. Keating, William [D]
Michigan: 9 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Benishek, Dan [R]
  2. Camp, David [R]
  3. Kildee, Dale [D]
  4. Upton, Frederick [R]
  5. Rogers, Michael [R]
  6. Miller, Candice [R]
  7. McCotter, Thaddeus [R]
  8. Levin, Sander [D]
  9. Dingell, John [D]
Minnesota: 5 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Walz, Timothy [D]
  2. Kline, John [R]
  3. Paulsen, Erik [R]
  4. Peterson, Collin [D]
  5. Cravaack, Chip [R]
Mississippi: 3 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Nunnelee, Alan [R]
  2. Harper, Gregg [R]
  3. Palazzo, Steven [R]
Missouri: 7 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Akin, W. [R]
  2. Carnahan, Russ [D]
  3. Hartzler, Vicky [R]
  4. Graves, Samuel [R]
  5. Long, Billy [R]
  6. Emerson, Jo Ann [R]
  7. Luetkemeyer, Blaine [R]
Montana: The only Representative supported the bill
  1. Rehberg, Dennis [R]
Nebraska: All 3 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Fortenberry, Jeffrey [R]
  2. Terry, Lee [R]
  3. Smith, Adrian [R]
Nevada: All 3 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Berkley, Shelley [D]
  2. Amodei, Mark [R]
  3. Heck, Joe [R]
New Hampshire: Both Representatives supported the bill
  1. Guinta, Frank [R]
  2. Bass, Charles [R]
New Jersey: 9 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Andrews, Robert [D]
  2. LoBiondo, Frank [R]
  3. Runyan, Jon [R]
  4. Smith, Christopher [R]
  5. Lance, Leonard [R]
  6. Pascrell, William [D]
  7. Rothman, Steven [D]
  8. Frelinghuysen, Rodney [R]
  9. Sires, Albio [D]
New Mexico: 1 Representative supported the bill
  1. Pearce, Steven [R]
New York: 18 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Bishop, Timothy [D]
  2. Israel, Steve [D]
  3. King, Peter [R]
  4. McCarthy, Carolyn [D]
  5. Ackerman, Gary [D]
  6. Crowley, Joseph [D]
  7. Turner, Robert [R]
  8. Grimm, Michael [R]
  9. Engel, Eliot [D]
  10. Lowey, Nita [D]
  11. Hayworth, Nan [R]
  12. Gibson, Chris [R]
  13. Owens, William [D]
  14. Hanna, Richard [R]
  15. Buerkle, Ann Marie [R]
  16. Hochul, Kathleen [D]
  17. Higgins, Brian [D]
  18. Reed, Tom [R]
North Carolina: 7 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Butterfield, George [D]
  2. Ellmers, Renee [R]
  3. Foxx, Virginia [R]
  4. McIntyre, Mike [D]
  5. Kissell, Larry [D]
  6. McHenry, Patrick [R]
  7. Shuler, Heath [D]
North Dakota: Only Representative supported the bill
  1. Berg, Rick [R]
Ohio: 12 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Chabot, Steven [R]
  2. Schmidt, Jean [R]
  3. Turner, Michael [R]
  4. Jordan, Jim [R]
  5. Latta, Robert [R]
  6. Johnson, Bill [R]
  7. Austria, Steve [R]
  8. Tiberi, Patrick [R]
  9. Sutton, Betty [D]
  10. Stivers, Steve [R]
  11. Renacci, Jim [R]
  12. Gibbs, Bob [R]
Oklahoma: All 5 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Sullivan, John [R]
  2. Boren, Dan [D]
  3. Lucas, Frank [R]
  4. Cole, Tom [R]
  5. Lankford, James [R]
Oregon: 2 Representatives supported this bill
  1. Walden, Greg [R]
  2. Schrader, Kurt [D]
Pennsylvania: 16 Representatives supported this bill
  1. Brady, Robert [D]
  2. Kelly, Mike [R]
  3. Altmire, Jason [D]
  4. Thompson, Glenn [R]
  5. Gerlach, Jim [R]
  6. Meehan, Patrick [R]
  7. Fitzpatrick, Michael [R]
  8. Shuster, William [R]
  9. Marino, Thomas [R]
  10. Barletta, Lou [R]
  11. Critz, Mark [D]
  12. Schwartz, Allyson [D]
  13. Dent, Charles [R]
  14. Holden, Tim [D]
  15. Murphy, Tim [R]
  16. Platts, Todd [R]
Rhode Island: Both Representatives supported the bill
  1. Cicilline, David [D]
  2. Langevin, James [D]
South Carolina: 2 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Scott, Tim [R]
  2. Wilson, Addison [R]
South Dakota: Only Representative supported the bill
  1. Noem, Kristi [R]
Tennessee: 5 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Fleischmann, Chuck [R]
  2. Cooper, Jim [D]
  3. Black, Diane [R]
  4. Blackburn, Marsha [R]
  5. Fincher, Stephen [R]
Texas: 28 Representatives supported the bill
  1. Gohmert, Louis [R]
  2. Poe, Ted [R]
  3. Johnson, Samuel [R]
  4. Hall, Ralph [R]
  5. Hensarling, Jeb [R]
  6. Barton, Joe [R]
  7. Culberson, John [R]
  8. Brady, Kevin [R]
  9. Green, Al [D]
  10. McCaul, Michael [R]
  11. Conaway, K. [R]
  12. Granger, Kay [R]
  13. Thornberry, William [R]
  14. Reyes, Silvestre [D]
  15. Flores, Bill [R]
  16. Jackson-Lee, Sheila [D]
  17. Neugebauer, Randy [R]
  18. Gonzalez, Charles [D]
  19. Smith, Lamar [R]
  20. Olson, Pete [R]
  21. Canseco, Francisco [R]
  22. Marchant, Kenny [R]
  23. Doggett, Lloyd [D]
  24. Farenthold, Blake [R]
  25. Cuellar, Henry [D]
  26. Green, Raymond [D]
  27. Carter, John [R]
  28. Sessions, Peter [R]
Utah: 2 Representatives supported this bill
  1. Bishop, Rob [R]
  2. Matheson, Jim [D]
Virginia: 5 Representatives supported this bill
  1. Wittman, Rob [R]
  2. Rigell, E. [R]
  3. Cantor, Eric [R]
  4. Wolf, Frank [R]
  5. Connolly, Gerald [D]
Washington: 8 Representatives supported this bill
  1. Inslee, Jay [D]
  2. Larsen, Rick [D]
  3. Herrera Beutler, Jaime [R]
  4. Hastings, Doc [R]
  5. McMorris Rodgers, Cathy [R]
  6. Dicks, Norman [D]
  7. Reichert, Dave [R]
  8. Smith, Adam [D]
West Virginia: All 3 Representatives supported this bill
  1. McKinley, David [R]
  2. Capito, Shelley [R]
  3. Rahall, Nick [D]
Wisconsin: 5 Representatives supported this bill
  1. Ryan, Paul [R]
  2. Kind, Ronald [D]
  3. Sensenbrenner, F. [R]
  4. Petri, Thomas [R]
  5. Duffy, Sean [R]

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This one is for all the bogus "christians" that support Israel and Zionism!  WAKE UP!

Israeli Mayor Bans Christmas Trees

The mayor of Nazareth Illit, an Israeli town with an Arab Christian minority, has declared a ban on the public display of Christmas trees. "Nazareth Illit is a Jewish city and it will not happen--not this year and not next year, so long as I am a mayor," Mayor Shimon Gapso said. Arab Christians, who make up about 7 percent of the town's 40,000 residents, were denied their request to put up Christmas trees in their neighborhoods

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This is how we should occupy wall street and every street!
This says it all about Politics today in America:
"The technique of infamy is to invent two lies and get people arguing heatedly over which one of them is true." Ezra Pound

This is the Republicans and Democrats - two lies and liars both corrupt and working against the people - but the people argue constantly that one is better than the other - when in fact they are both working to destroy you!
Decades ago our Bishop warned us that the United States had become a Police State and now we are just beginning to realize it:

Psychiatrist calls for lithium to be added to water

A consultant psychiatrist last night called on Government to add lithium salts to the public water supply in a bid to lower the suicide rate and depression among the general population.

At a mental health forum on “Depression in Rural Ireland” in Ennistymon, Co Clare, Dr Moosajee Bhamjee said that “there is growing scientific evidence that adding trace amounts of the drug lithium to a water supply can lower rates of suicide and depression”.

Lithium is used by doctors as a mood stabiliser in the treatment for depression....

Here is a haunting take on Lithium:

yea - lets add lithium to the water - that is what we need and everything will be fine!

What a sad state we have degraded too - when a musician has enough sense to warn people about this drug that experts now want to add to our water supply!

Monday, December 12, 2011

While what they fight for is right in many cases - without Christ as the head of the movement - it will likely lead to an anti-christ leading it

We do not grant Conditional Rights or the status of "personhood" to unborn baby human beings - yet we grant it to corporations?

This vote and this amendment is long overdue!

While the neo-con Republican presidential candidates were falling all over themselves fighting over who worships and loves Israel more than the other (with the exception of Ron Paul) - Newt Gingrich outdid his earlier ridiculous statement that the Palestinians are an "invented people" and claimed that the term "Palestinian" did not become a popular term until 1977:

This is so ridiculous that I cannot believe he even said it and worse yet that no one called him on it.  If you read my recent previous posts on this you can see that the Palestinians and the term Palestinian was used since before our Lord walked this earth among us.

But even set that aside - the PLO - the Palestinian Liberation Organization was founded in 1964!

This just illustrates what morons and liars we have that are vying for the presidency.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sheet music cover from the 1920s. Palestine not only existed but was part of the pop-culture.

This attempt to rewrite history and claim that Palestine never existed is absurd and is a form of genocide.  These zionist whores for Israel need to be stopped and they control both political parties!
And this lying, idotic adulterer is among the best we have to run against Obama?

Specific references to "Palestine" date back nearly five hundred years before the time of Jesus.  In the 5th Century BC, Herodotus, the first historian in Western civilization, referenced "Palestine" numerous times in chronicle of the ancient world, The Histories, including the following passage describing "Syrians of Palestine":

"...they live in the coastal parts of Syria; and that region of Syria and all that lies between it and Egypt is called Palestine." (VII.89) The above translation by Harry Carter is featured in the 1958 Heritage Press edition of Herodotus' famous work. Both older and newer versions corroborate the accuracy of the reference. A. D. Godley's 1920 translation of the crucial line states, "This part of Syria as far as Egypt is all called Palestine", while Robin Waterfield's 1998 updated Oxford translationrenders the passage this way: "This part of Syria, all the way to the border with Egypt, is known as Palestine."

A hundred years later, in the mid-4th Century BC, Aristotle made reference to the Dead Sea in his Meteorology. "Again if, as is fabled, there is a lake in Palestine, such that if you bind a man or beast and throw it in it floats and does not sink, this would bear out what we have said," he wrote. "They say that this lake is so bitter and salt that no fish live in it and that if you soak clothes in it and shake them it cleans them." (II.3)

Two hundred years later, in the mid-2nd Century BC, ancient geographer Polemon wroteof a place "not far from Arabia in the part of Syria called Palestine," while Greek travel writer Pausanias wrote in his Description of Greece, "In front of the sanctuary grow palm-trees, the fruit of which, though not wholly edible like the dates of Palestine, yet are riper than those of Ionia." (9.19.8)

Despite the Zionists’ claim "the Romans didn't rename Judea as 'Palestina' until a hundred years after the death of Jesus," contemporaries of Jesus also routinely referred to Palestine as, well, Palestine. For instance, in the first decade of the 1st Century, the Roman poet Ovid mentioned Palestine in both his famed mythological poem Metamorphoses and his erotic elegy The Art of Love. He also wroteof "the waters of Palestine" in his calendrical poem Fasti. Around the same time, another Latin poet
Tibullus wroteof "the crowded cities of Palestine" in a section "Messalla’s Triumph" in his poem Delia.
The noted Alexandrian Jewish philosopher Philo, writing around the 1stCentury AD, opined, "Also Syria in Palestine, which is occupied by no small part of the very populous nation of the Jews, is not unproductive of honourable virtue." (XII.75)

The Jewish historian Josephus (c.37-100 AD) was born and raised in Jerusalem, a military commander in Galilee during the First Jewish Revolt against the occupying Roman authority, acted as negotiator during the Siege of Jerusalem in 70 AD and later penned vital volumes of Levantine Jewish history. His The Jewish War, Antiquities of the Jews, and Against Apion all contain copious references to Palestine and Palestinians. Towards the end of Antiquities, Josephus writes, "I shall now, therefore, make an end here of my Antiquities; after the conclusion of which events, I began to write that account of the war; and these Antiquities contain what hath been delivered down to us from the original creation of man, until the twelfth year of the reign of Nero, as to what hath befallen the Jews, as well in Egypt as in Syria and in Palestine, and what we have suffered from the Assyrians and Babylonians, and what afflictions the Persians and Macedonians, and after them the Romans, have brought upon us; for I think I may say that I have composed this history with sufficient accuracy in all things." (XX.11.2)

The claim that the Roman emperor Hadrian, eager to punish Jewish inhabitants of Judea after the Bar Kokhba Revolt, officially changed the name of the region to "Syria Palaestina" or simply "Palestine" in 135 AD and forced the Jewish community into exile is dubiousat best, especially when, by then, the terms "Syrian Palestine" and "Palestine" had already been in use for over six hundred years.

Friday, December 09, 2011

I cannot begin to express how sick this makes me - You could not pay me to vote for any of these traitors!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Revealed: true cost of the Christmas toys we buy from China's factories

With Christmas three weeks away, an undercover investigation has revealed the bleak realities of life in Chinese toy factories serving a market worth £2.8bn a year in the UK alone.
Big brands such as Disney, Lego and Marks & Spencer pay only a fraction of the shop price of products to the factories that make their toys [see footnote]. Last summer – as factories geared up to cope with demand for the Christmas period – investigators spent three weeks in the industrial cities of Shenzhen and Dongguan. In some cases, they found that employees:

■ worked up to 140 hours overtime a month;

■ were paid up to a month late;

■ claimed they were expected to work with dangerous tools and machines without training or safety

■ had to work in silence and were fined up to £5 for going to the toilet without permission.

Perhaps the most insidious effect of the long hours and poor wages was how it tore families apart, separating mothers and fathers from their children for all but a few days a year. Many workers were too afraid to speak to the investigators from human rights group Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (Sacom), but two women did agree to talk on condition that their names were changed...

Odd that the neo-cons would have you believe that Unions are Communist when in a fully Communist nation - this is how workers are treated. 

Right now there is a move to elliminate the Department of Industry Labor and Human Relations in the United States - this is the branch of government that enforces labor laws. 

It is only a matter of time before we are reduced to what you read in this article.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Congress shall make no law ... abridging the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tracy Lawrence, Notary Public Who Blew The Whistle On Massive Foreclosure Fraud, Found Dead

Tracy Lawrence, the notary public who blew the whistle on a massive foreclosure fraud scheme, was found dead in her Las Vegas home on Nov. 28, MSNBC reported.

Cause of death has not yet been determined, but Officer Jacinto Rivera, a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department spokesman, said the case was not being investigated as homicide. She was 43.

Earlier this month, Lawrence came forward and admitted to the Nevada Attorney General's Office that she notarized 25,000 fraudulent documents for Lender Processing Services, a Florida company used by most major banks to process home repossessions. The documents were filed with the Clark County Recorder's Office between 2005 and 2008, The Los Angeles Times reported...

Are we now going to let these Jewish bankers get away with murder? 

We let them destroy our economy - while the self-hating unthinking masses blamed government sector union workers!

We let them steal over 17 trillion dollars of taxpayer money in bogus bailouts while they give each other HUGE BONUSES - meanwhile - average workers are taking cuts in pay and benefits across the board!

Now they are murdering people in full public view!

When will enough be enough!

Controversial “anti-Semitic” vodka billboard taken down in NYC

A billboard for Wodka vodka in NYC has been taken down and destroyed after complaints that the advertisement's message is anti-Semitic. The New York Times reported that the billboard featured a long-haired dog wearing a yarmulke and another dog wearing a Santa hat with the words, "Christmas quality, Hanukkah pricing," alongside the photo.

The backlash against the billboard was nearly instantaneous. Ron Meier, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, called it "crude and offensive."

"To use the Jewish holiday in dealing with issues of money is clearly insensitive and inappropriate," Meier told the paper.

Brian Gordon, head of MMG, the advertising company behind the billboard, said the billboard's message was not intended to be offensive. "We thought people would perceive it as 'ha ha quirky.' But people perceived it as offensive, and because of that, we pulled it." Mr. Gordon, according to the Times, was "quick to point out" that he also is Jewish.

Wodka was quick to formally apologize as well, offering this explanation via its Twitter account:

"Although rarely serious, we apologize to anyone we may have offended through our holiday campaign and are removing our billboard immediately."...

Can you even believe the hypocrisy - it is ok to use Christian Holidays in dealing with issues of money and that is not insensitive and inappropriate - but oh no - don't you dare do it with a Jewish Holiday!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Audio Sermon from the Last Sunday After Pentecost

Bishop Giles Butler

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also the Sunday Sermon:


Her Doctrine and Morals

Twenty-Third (Last) Sunday after Pentecost

20 November 2011


The Sunday


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The Sunday Sermon Archive

Dear Friends,
Our Holy Mother the Church wants us (on this last Sunday of the Liturgical year) to reflect upon the end of this world as we know it. In today’s Gospel we are told what signs to look for. One of the most frightening signs must be that which was foretold by Daniel the Prophet: The abomination of desolation standing in the holy place.
We have asked, and considered, many times before, what this means. We are drawn over and over again to the same conclusion: it is the destruction of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We find in the footnotes of the Douay Rheims Haydock Bible commentary the following:
“The abomination of desolation … will be more completely fulfilled by Antichrist and his precursors, when they shall attempt to abolish the holy sacrifice of the mass. Saint Hyppolitus, in his treatise de Anti-Christo, mentioned by Eusebius, Saint Jerome, and Photius, thus writeth: ‘The churches shall lament with great lamentations, because there shall neither be made oblations, nor incense, nor worship grateful to God. … In those days the liturgy (or mass) shall be neglected, the psalmody shall cease, the reciting of Scripture shall not be heard.’ – The prophet Daniel (12:11) calculates the reign of Antichrist, from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away; which, by able commentators, is understood of the sacrifice of the mass, which Antichrist will endeavor to suppress.”
The holiest place upon earth must be there where Jesus Christ is made present and resides – upon the altars of the true Catholic Church. The holy of holies is not in just one place but is every tabernacle in the sanctuaries of the true Church throughout the world. The Mass is the daily and continual unbloody Sacrifice of Calvary, and is offered in these holy of holies. Jesus Christ truly resides in these tabernacles both Body and Soul.
We have witnessed in our own days the gradual but methodical replacement of Jesus on the altars and in the tabernacles with a true abomination. The tabernacles were removed; a table was put in place of an altar; a meal was put in place of a sacrifice; humanism was put in place of divine worship; “ministers,” “moderators,” “presiders,” or “leaders” have replaced sacrificing priests. Along with the women and laity that have invaded the sanctuaries, have come evil spirits. That which was once sacred has now been made common and profane. They have taken over many of these places that were once only for God.
There is almost a complete abomination. The destruction is not complete because God – in His mercy – has seen fit to provide us with a few true bishops and priests and they have set up humbler sanctuaries than we had in the past, but ones that are none-the-less true and holy sanctuaries where Jesus Christ is truly made present upon our altars in the Sacrifice of the Mass and where God resides hidden under the appearance of bread in our tabernacles.
Even though these remnant priests and sanctuaries continue, and temporarily hold back the impending end, the time is truly drawing nearer day by day because the world turns further and further away from God and His remnant clergy and sanctuaries.
We are given the opportunity today to reflect upon this impending end, not to lead us to hopelessness and despair, but rather to wake us up to the need to shake off the lethargy and filth of this world and to strive with all our being to obtain and increase our love for God day by day. It is our love for God that inspires us with the love of His Church, the sacraments, and His Word, but most importantly His real presence and sacrifice in the true Mass. Let us do all that we can to encourage and support this effort by our prayers, sacrifices and offerings always striving never to lose the Holy of Holies or allow it to be completely taken over by anti-christs. Let us guard not only the physical (brick and mortar) sanctuaries but especially the spiritual and bodily ones (our own souls and bodies), for we are truly temples of God. If all else is lost, let us never lose our faith and trust and especially our love for God. In this way as long as we are here on earth Jesus will find sanctuary at least in us.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

You really just cannot make this up - "Catholic Bishops" selling pornographic books?"

German Catholic Church resolves to sell their Porn Publishing company after story goes mainstream

The Catholic church in Germany is to sell Weltbild, its bookselling arm, after the unit admitted last month to publishing pornographic novels.

Last month it was reported that German publishing company Weltbild, which is 100 percent owned by the Catholic church, was profiting through the sale of erotic novels.

Weltbild is one of Germany’s main book enterprises, with annual sales of 1.6 billion euros and a workforce of 6400. Its interests include general publishing, a main national bookshop chain and book clubs.

Catholic leaders were outraged that the profitable company’s book range included steamy pulp novels with titles like Boarding School for Sluts and The Lawyer’s Whore and advice on how to practise esoteric superstitions.

Germany’s 27 bishops met this week to press the 12 bishops who co-owned Weltbild to end the investment after Weltbild defended its commercial policy of publishing whatever books met market demand.

Weltbild, based in the southern city of Augsburg, said it welcomed the decision to seek new ownership “without delay”.

Pope Benedict XVI, who urged German bishops in September to get rid of worldly wealth, appeared to influence the debate, telling Catholics they should be “energetically opposing the distribution of erotic and pornographic material”.

The bishops have ordered the company’s executives to find a buyer for the publisher “without any delay,” a statement said on Tuesday. It had been impossible to “adequately restrict the internet-supported dissemination and production of media that contradicted the ideals of the shareholders.”

The Church has faced a storm of criticism in recent weeks over a number of erotic and esoteric titles published by Weltbild. The row erupted following a report in a publishers’ trade magazine in October, which found that searching the keyword “Erotik” on Weltbild’s website turned up more than 2,500 results, including the erotic novels Schlampen-Internat (“Sluts’ Boarding School”) and Anwaltshure (“Lawyer’s Whore”).
The Church reacted by saying it would stop the further “sale of potentially pornographic content,” and a search for “Erotik” on the website no longer produces any results, but it has now taken the more drastic measure of selling its stake altogether.

Pope Benedict XVI indirectly addressed the row earlier this month, when during a reception for the new German ambassador to the Vatican, he said it was time to “energetically limit the dissemination of pornographic or erotic content, especially via the internet.”

“We cannot earn money during the week with what we preach against on Sundays,” German Cardinal Joachim Meisner told the media. Meisner has been long-term critic of the publisher, and his diocese sold its Weltbild shares in 2008.

Weltbild is one of Germany’s biggest book publishing houses, and owns or part-owns many of Germany’s high street bookshops, including Hugendubel and Jokers. At the moment, 12 of Germany’s 27 Catholic dioceses plus the pastoral care service for the military in Berlin own just over 24 percent of the shares in Weltbild.

After ten years of being internally warned by faithful Catholics, including in a 70-page dossier sent to all of Germany’s main bishops, the scandal of the German bishops’ ownership of a publishing company finally hit the mainstream media.

German Catholic author Gabriele Kuby, who has for years pointed out to bishops various shortcomings in the Catholic Church in her nation, said that the worst thing about the current public scandal is the hypocrisy.

Each of the affected bishops received 70 pages of documentation in 2008 detailing the fact that the publishing company was selling the pornographic titles. She noted that most bishops ignored the communications, not even bothering to reply. The Archdiocese of Munich did reply, said Kuby, but she says their response was “arrogant and spiteful.”
In reaction to questioning from the mainstream press, church officials claimed it was a filtering problem which resulted in the oversight, adding that the matter will be dealt with.

Another faithful Catholic, Bernhard Mueller, the editor-in-chief of the Catholic magazine PUR, was himself involved in trying to have the bishops resolve the scandal internally.

Now, PUR’s front page story covering the current state of affairs is titled “Bishops as porn producers.”
In his coverage of the now-public scandal, Mueller describes the 10-year-long attempt to convince the bishops to take action on the matter. He concludes: “But over the years, all internal efforts to bring the scandal have come to nothing.”

The reaction from the public, as can be seen in reader comments beneath the mainstream media reports, has been to ridicule the Catholic Church. Mueller summed up the public view succinctly with the phrase: “Preach chastity and sell pornography.”

How can anyone remain in that bogus "church"?  Not only would true Catholics never - EVER have any part in the distribution of pornography - if they somehow did unknowingly own such a company - they would not just sell it to someone else - they would simply shut it down.  How does selling it to someone else stop the flow of pornography?