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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yea - this is the Vicar of Christ on earth!  How can these people think they will enter Heaven with this devil anti-pope as their "holy father"!


Bridget said...

Did you notice the statue of St. Francis in the background? How evil!
What was the purpose of that?

sister clare said...

What was sick was seeing some of the cardinals smiling so wickedly! At least the girl didn't disrobe!

Pope St. Felix III said...

This group of "performers" also performs at "gay" homosexual festivals - nice hey!

St. John the Evangelist said...

I guess it wouldn't surprise me. That explains why he is allowing "catholics" to use condoms, so that gays can protect themselves from AIDS.

Christina said...

Leave it to RT...

They are sort of the Russian government's channel. Though they changed the name from Russia Today to RT in order to hide that.

While Patriarch Kiril is acting all friendly to the Vatican, here's what the Russian govt REALLY thinks of it.

Of course it's appalling by the standards of anyone with decency.

Can you imagine what St Gemma Galgani would say if she were shown this clip?!

The girl in black was SO skimpily clad in that leotard, it was wildly inappropriate too.

Is that true that these creeps appear at homosexual events?

And why did he get up at the end as though to acknowledge their "talent" as though it were something so spectacular anyway?