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Saturday, December 25, 2010



Sancta Cecelia said...

The man is freaky looking to me - don't trust him, looks like he's laughing at the viewer through the whole video.

I think it is very likely a 'plant,' one of many stating similar facts with the aim of getting many people angry and riled up, with the hope of triggering some violence that could justify the governement stepping in with their own 'actions.' The worse things get in the economy, the more likely this sort of thing will effect exactly that.

Just my thoughts and impressions.

Bridget said...

I agree that the "messenger" leaves a lot to be desired but I don't think there is anything wrong with his message.

He is just stating that Jews are in charge of every major committee in Congress. These are facts.

And very scary facts at that.

Pope St. Felix III said...

What he says is true - but his manner of delivery would lead people to think it is not.

Regarding getting people angry and riled up - it is about time that people get angry and riled up - and maybe then action will be taken - WHATEVER ACTION is necessary to take back our nation!

Sancta Cecelia said...

Right, I did not mean to imply that WHAT he was saying isn't true, but that I feel they are so much in control now that whereas years ago, they tried to keep it so hidden, under wraps, but now it's so obvious, right out in the open, and ever more obvious to many, many persons. So to me it seems that he was actually bragging about what they were able to get away with and laughing at all of us because they finally got what they wanted.

Yes, if people had the proper understanding and rose up with determination - if it's just a mob of angry citizens fed up with the way things are going, that plays right into the hands of those just hoping for their excuse to declare martial law.

Sure hope the new folks in Washington succeed in doing all they can to take back the country. We have just been looted, betrayed, scammed, used by power with no loyalty to the USA whatever.

Heaven help us!