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Friday, December 31, 2010


Her Doctrine and Morals

The Holy Name of Jesus

2 January 2011


The Sunday


There is no salvation in any other name. 

The builders of the Modern religions and the modern world have rejected this Name, just as in the past St. Peter said to the rulers, “This is the stone that was rejected by you, the builders, which has become the cornerstone.” Jesus Christ is the cornerstone and foundation upon which The Church and our faith is founded. Our entire lives are to be grounded in this Name which is above every name.
All too often the name of Jesus is ignored and cast aside – rejected as the world attempts to build a “better” society. We are constantly building upon sand. As that which is erected is soon eroded we begin over and over again building in vain. We have become very proficient in building physical structures but we have learned very little about building spiritual edifices. 

There can be no peace without Jesus Christ. And the minister of this peace here on earth is His Church. Any church that preaches peace under any other head is not the true church. We fool ourselves thinking that governments or military powers can bring peace. 

As long as Jesus is repulsed from our lives and our government administrations we will never have peace. The United Nations will never accomplish any positive advancement in the world until it recognizes Jesus Christ as King and seeks to guide according to the principles given us by God. The same likewise applies to every: nation, state, city, family, and person. 

We must recognize Jesus in our lives and hold His Name sacred above every other. We must never use His Name in vain, or cowardly remain silent as others do so. We must instill this love of Jesus and His sacred Name in all whom we love. We must strive to establish this Name firmly in the foundation of all that we do. We must use this Name to set the standard by which all laws, rules and regulations are created, enforced, and lived by. 

What does it mean to set Jesus as the cornerstone of our lives? St. Paul tells us that we should do everything in Christ Jesus. It is not important what we do as much as it is that we do it in and for the love of God. 

St. John Chrysostom says: “Do you eat? Offer thanks to God, both before you eat, and afterwards. Do you sleep? Give thanks to God, both before and after. Are you going out among people? Do the same; not some worldly thing. Do everything in the name of the Lord, and all that you do will bring you happiness. Wherever the Name of the Lord is set up, all things prosper. If it has power to drive away demons, if it can banish illness, much more will it aid your own actions.” 

“Invoke the Son, give thanks to the Father. For invoking the Son, we invoke the Father; and giving thanks to the Father, we also give thanks to the Son. Let us learn these things, but not restricting ourselves merely to the words, but fulfilling them in our deeds. Nothing is so great as this Name, that in every place is wondrous.” 

“If you chant this hymn with praise, you will put to flight both demons and infirmities; and if you banish not sickness, this happens, not from want of power, but because it is not expedient for you.” 

It begins within each one of us. We must stop waiting for the world, the society, the government to tell us how to live and what to think and what to believe. It is time to return to the laws given us by Jesus. We must hold His life up as the standard. After all, it is this standard by which we will all be judged after we leave this world. And to measure up to this standard we must sanctify all that we do in His Name. We must build our lives both physical and spiritual upon the solid foundation of Jesus Christ. He is the cornerstone that we must not reject in our construction. Let us call upon Him in all tssimes and in all situations, without fail. 

As we bless ourselves with the Sign of the Cross before we begin and after we finish all the tasks of our day we set the foundation and the seal upon every work. The world should see Catholics frequently blessing themselves, not out of superstition, but with all truth and faith asking Christ to be a part of everything we do.

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