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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pamela Geller sells the hate

Folks, after you listen to this women trying to convince you to hate Israel's enemy enough to throw the life of your own child away, please remember the following facts.

Those were not Muslims who attacked a US-flagged ship, captured US citizens, and murdered a 19-year old American from New York last May.

Those were not Muslims high-fiving each other and celebrating while the World Trade Towers collapsed.

Muslims did not attack and try to sink the USS Liberty and blame Egypt for it.

Muslims did not steal weapons-grade uranium from the United States in the 1960s and build bombs with it.

Muslims did not build a clandestine weapons lab underneath Dimona.

Muslims did to get caught trying to sell a nuclear weapon to Apartheid South Africa.

Muslims did not lie this nation into attacking Iraq.

Muslims did not corrupt the US Congress.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Signs of Civil War begin in the US - Sheriff Tony DeMeo Threatens Force Against Federal Agents

Glenn Beck: "I didn't think I could hate victims faster than the 9/11 victims"

While conservative broadcaster Glenn Beck is holding his rally on the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, the same location where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his historic “I have a dream” speech, and on the anniversary date of this speech, it is important for us to remind our readers of what Glenn Beck has said regarding the 9/11 victims and their families.

This is an audio excerpt from Beck's radio show which aired on September 9, 2005 in which he also rants against the survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

“You know it took me about a year to start hating the 9-11 victims' families? Took me about a year. [...] And when I see a 9-11 victim family on television, or whatever, I'm just like, "Oh shut up!" I'm so sick of them because they're always complaining. And we did our best for them.” — Glenn Beck
Speaking of Kennedy:

Ya think JFK knew who he was up against?

The above video shows that powerful people within our own government had to be involved in this murder - so if the FBI guy below is claiming it was just this one character - he is part of the deception too and should not be trusted!

Retired FBI Agent Says Oswald Didn't Kill Kennedy

Saturday, August 28, 2010

And people think WE are crazy to drive an hour or two to attend Mass - check this out:

Friday, August 27, 2010

Just in case there are still readers of this blog that have not figured out the game when they claim that Obama is a Muslim

consider this story from the Chicago Jewish News:

Here are a few quotes to consider:
"In fact, Obama even has a Jew in his mishpocheh, albeit on his wife's side. Rabbi Capers Funnye, the spiritual leader of Beth Shalom B'nai Zaken-Agudath Achim Congregation on Chicago's South Side is Michelle Obama's cousin - her grandfather and the rabbi's mother were sister and brother."

"Since then, Mikva's support for and nurturance of the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has never wavered. He is one of many influential Chicago Jews who have been among Obama's earliest and most ardent backers. One longtime Jewish observer of the political scene, who did not want to be identified, said admiringly that "Jews made him. Wherever you look, there is a Jewish presence."
"Minow and his wife have remained friends with the couple and supporters of Obama's political career. "We introduced him to a lot of our friends and held fund-raisers for him," Minow said. "We find him to be truly outstanding. If you just look around, you can see he's got many many Jewish friends. He is very much at home with Jewish people, their values and interests."
"While Saltzman said she "never thought about (her support) Jewishly," she added that "obviously I'm not going to support someone who is opposed to Israel and what it stands for. He's right on all the issues when it comes to Israel. He's in exactly the same place (Hillary) Clinton is, maybe even stronger. He's a clearer thinker."


Her Doctrine and Morals

Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost

29 August 2010


The Sunday


Dear Friend,

Today our Holy Mother the Church reminds us that we are more than flesh and blood. In today's Gospel Jesus tells us that we should not be overly concerned about our physical needs in this life. We have more important things to consider. The birds do not sow, reap, or store in barns and yet they have enough to eat because God feeds them. The flowers of the field do not concern themselves with ornamentation and yet they are more beautiful than King Solomon in his finest attire.

God takes care of all these things and so the spiritual man knows that God takes care of him. The spiritual man knows that he has a soul and this is more important than his food, clothing, shelter, etc. If he seeks first the kingdom of heaven for his soul then God, his heavenly Father, will provide all that he needs for his body.

The body has needs and desires that are most keenly felt by the worldly who do not know God. The needs and desires of the soul are much more intense and keenly felt by the spiritual man. His bodily wants are minor and secondary when compared to the desires and needs of his soul.

St. Paul in today's Epistle continues along this same vein. He contrasts the works of the flesh with those of the soul; material with spiritual; or evil with good.

The evil works of the flesh are many: fornication, uncleanness, immodesty, luxury, idolatry, witchcrafts, enmities, contentions, emulations, wraths, quarrels, dissensions, sects, envies, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like. These works that St. Paul lists for us all bring disquietude and unrest to the soul.

The body when indulged becomes charged with energy to engage madly in all these things. The body does not reason or consider anything else but the present illusion of joy and the freedom of heedlessness. Care is thrown to the wind. But, there is a price to be paid even for the body when all is said and done. The body once filled with energy is now depleted and worn out; it becomes susceptible to all manner of illnesses and maladies. Those who live such riotous lives physically suffer the consequences of the abuse they have heaped upon their bodies.

If this were not reason enough to avoid the evils of the flesh, we also suffer much from our conscience deep within our souls. The pains of death to the soul torment the sinner beyond the description of words. As the life of grace and therefore the life of the soul is murdered the body is informed and this brings on greater misery and suffering. And as a natural consequence the body begins to manifest within itself the evil that has taken place in the soul. We soon physically see the ugliness and evil of the soul manifested outwardly in the body. The face of the hardened sinner takes upon itself more the features of death rather than life.

But for those who practice the works of the spirit: charity, joy, peace, patience, benignity, goodness, longanimity, mildness, faith, modesty, continency, chastity; there is rest and peace for both soul and body. Just as the sins of the flesh wear down the body, so the works of the spirit build up and strengthen the soul.

And when the soul is alive and strong it again manifests itself physically in the body. When the grace of God is alive in the soul, no matter how much or great the sufferings of the body may be, the face and the body show a beauty and joy that is beyond description. Sickness or old age may come and take its toll upon the appearance of the body, but a person whose soul is alive and growing in grace carries a peace and joy upon his continence that defies the physical dying that is taking place in the body.

If we seek first the Kingdom of Heaven (the good of our soul), we will find not only the joy, peace, and life of our soul, but we will also find all that we need for our bodies. Even in physical deprivation the soul is able to feed and rejuvenate the body from within, as we see manifested in the lives of many saints.

We should have no fear of living a spiritual life and trusting in God because He has promised to provide for all our needs both spiritual and physical. And we see that this is true in the lives of the saints. What we should fear most is living a physical life that is without God and devoid of grace, because no matter how much we may physically gain it means nothing if our bodies and souls are thereby tormented now and in eternity.

Jewish Museum hosts exhibition on Pope John Paul II

By George P. Matysek Jr.

A few days before workers carefully unpacked transcripts, photos, prayer books and other items highlighting Pope John Paul II’s special friendship with the Jewish people, Karen Falk was hopeful the collection would inspire many to live out the pope’s call for interfaith understanding.

The items, on loan from Poland, Italy and Israel, will make up a landmark exhibition at the Jewish Museum of Maryland, opening Sept. 2 and running through Jan. 1.

“A Blessing to One Another: Pope John Paul II and the Jewish People” will be presented by the Jewish Museum, The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore, the Baltimore Jewish Council and Catholic Charities...

... Pope John Paul II holds a special place in the hearts of Jews, Falk said. The late pope grew up in the small Polish town of Wadowice, where he befriended many Jewish people.

During his pontificate, John Paul became the first pope since the first century to visit a synagogue and the first pope to establish diplomatic relations between the Vatican and Israel. He also was the first to make an official visit to Israel and the first to ask for forgiveness for the Catholic Church’s past treatment of Jews...

How much more evidence can God give these novus ordo people?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Crusader with a checkbook: Anne Nicol Gaylor helps women fund abortions

Anne Nicol Gaylor, 83, pictured at her Madison home, administers a fund from her dining room to help low-income women pay for abortions. CRAIG SCHREINER – State Journal


About the Women's Medical Fund

• In 2009, the fund paid out $162,202 to 11 abortion clinics in four states.

• The most the fund has paid out in a calendar year was $227,145 in 2007.

• To stretch its resources, the fund rarely pays the full cost of an abortion.

• The average grant is $235.

• Only women who reside in Wisconsin are eligible, although the clinics can be out of state.

Women seeking information about the fund should inquire at a clinic that provides abortions. The fund can be reached at P.O. Box 248, Madison, WI 53701.

At all hours, strangers phone Anne Nicol Gaylor's Madison home, always desperate.

The caller one recent morning was a middle-aged woman with a 14-year-old pregnant daughter.

"What clinic will she be using?" asked Gaylor, 83, jotting down the response and the cost of a second-trimester abortion ($875).

"If we helped with $300, do you think you could find the rest?" Gaylor asked.

After the call, Gaylor opened a checkbook for the Women's Medical Fund, a Madison nonprofit that has helped pay for abortions for 34 years. Gaylor has written every check for every abortion.

This was No. 18,986.

Controversial figure

Gaylor is well-known for leading the Freedom From Religion Foundation in Madison for decades. Less known is her work with the Women's Medical Fund, which she co-founded in 1976, the same year she helped start the foundation.

The fund's sole purpose is to pay for abortions. Last year, it paid out $162,202, about 75 percent of which came from individual donors, the rest from foundations.

There is no office and no paid staff. Gaylor, whose title is administrator, takes all of the calls — some 800 a year — at her dining room table on her home phone, the same one her four children and two granddaughters reach her on. There is no answering machine.

"It would burden anyone else to deal with all those calls," said her husband, Paul Gaylor, 84, a former vice president for a building maintenance company. "But she listens to every woman and cares for every single one of them."

The phone number isn't widely circulated. Women get referred from clinics, doctors and nurses.

"When you give money away, people find you," said Anne Nicol Gaylor, a petite woman with grayish-white hair and a soft voice.

'All about the child'

The Supreme Court legalized abortion three years before the fund began, but many women simply couldn't afford the procedure, said Bob West, 82, of Madison, a professor emeritus of chemistry and co-founder of the fund with his wife, Margaret West, now deceased, and Gaylor. The three had become friends through the Madison chapter of the group Zero Population Growth.

"For me, it was all about the child," he said. "In the kind of world I want to live in, all children would be wanted."

Gaylor said her motivation came from a doctor who told her about a girl who was raped by her father and had to drop out of high school to raise the child. "Those kind of stories are so numerous and so tragic," Gaylor said.

She sends out fundraising letters at least once a year, often tying the appeal to a significant event, such as Mother's Day.

"Of the 632 women the fund has helped so far this year, 147 were teenagers," Gaylor wrote to donors last Thanksgiving. "Of these, nine were only 13 years old, and one, not yet a teen, was just 12!"

Gaylor used the occasion of her 80th birthday to hold a fundraising party for the fund at the Madison home of Dr. Dennis Christensen, an abortion provider who has since retired. Gaylor sent invitations far afield, including one to a well-to-do woman in California she'd never met but who had donated to the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

The woman sent her regrets and a $20,000 check.

The other side

Anti-abortion activists have long been aware of the fund.

"It's a stark example of misguided compassion that serves as discrimination of the worst kind," said Peggy Hamill, state director of Pro-Life Wisconsin. "To finance extermination of pre-born children because those children would have been brought up poor is deplorable."

Gaylor said no one is chasing down low-income pregnant woman. They're simply the ones who come to her. "If that's discrimination, so be it," she said. She thinks critics would view the fund differently if they heard the calls.

"We get calls, too," counters Sue Armacost, legislative director for Wisconsin Right to Life. "We understand how heartbreaking some situations are, but the answer is not urging and assisting a woman to destroy her child."

Others call Gaylor a hero.

"She's been on the front lines of two of the most contentious issues in our society, what I call the two A's — abortion and atheism," said Nora Cusack of Madison, a retired business owner and board treasurer of the Women's Medical Fund. "It's astonishing how fearless she is."

A way with language

Gaylor may look like Betty White, but her words still carry the socko punch that once led an audience member at the taping of a Philadelphia talk show to rush her from behind and put her in a chokehold.

On large families: "How presumptuous of someone to think the world is interested in a half-dozen or eight or 10 of their kids."

On anti-abortion activists: "They're religiously motivated, not intellectually motivated."

On abortion: "A blessing."

Gaylor said she has never had an abortion but once witnessed the procedure when a woman asked her to be in the room for support. It did not change her views, she said.

On the phone with strangers, Gaylor is gentle but pointed in her questioning.

"The guy who got you pregnant, is he helping you pay?" she asked a 19-year-old woman from Sheboygan with two children and a third on the way.

"What will you do next time so this doesn't happen again?" she asked a 25-year-old woman from Madison.

Looking ahead

The last three years have been tough on Gaylor's health. A blood clot took the vision in her left eye, and she has an inflammatory disorder that causes muscle soreness and stiffness.

She retired from the presidency of the Freedom From Religion Foundation in 2004. It is now run by her daughter and son-in-law, Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker.

The board of directors of the Women's Medical Fund has not discussed a succession plan, said West, who has been board president since its start. "It's something I probably need to talk to her about," he said, adding that he would defer to her wishes.

Gaylor does not mention slowing down. "My regret is that we don't have $1 million a year to give away so that we could help more women," she said.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Consider the following instance of the great mercy of Mary.

In the year 1604, in a city in Belgium, there were two young students who gave themselves up to a life of debauchery instead of following their studies.

One night they were at the house of an evil woman; but one of the two, who was named Richard, stayed only a short time and then returned home. While he was preparing to retire, he remembered that he had not yet said the few Hail Marys that were his daily practice.

He was very tired and half inclined to omit them; nevertheless, he forced himself through the routine, saying the words half asleep and with no particular devotion. Then he lay down and fell asleep.

Suddenly he was wakened by a violent knocking at the door. The door was closed, but the figure of a young man, hideously deformed, passed through it and stood before him.

"Who are you?" Richard cried. "You do not know me?" asked the other. "Ah yes, now I do," said Richard; "but how changed, with all the appearance of a devil!"

"Alas, unhappy creature that I am," said his companion, "I am damned! When I was leaving that house of sin, a devil came and strangled me. My body lies in the street; my soul is in Hell.

"And know this — the same fate awaited you, except that the Blessed Virgin spared you for that little act of homage of the Hail Marys. If you are not a fool, profit by this warning which the Mother of God has sent." He then opened his mantle, showing the flames and serpents by which he was tormented, and disappeared.

Breaking into a flood of sobs and tears, Richard went down on his knees to give thanks to Mary his protectress. Then as he pondered how to change his life he heard the bell of the Franciscan monastery ringing for matins. "It is there," he said, "that God calls me to do penance."

He went immediately to the monastery and begged the Fathers to admit him. Since they knew his wicked life, they were hardly willing to do so. But sobbing bitterly, he told them all that had happened. And when two Fathers had been sent to the street and had found the strangled body, which was charred and blackened, they admitted him.

From that time on he led an exemplary life and at length went to preach the Gospel in India, and thence to Japan. There he had the happiness of giving his life for Jesus Christ, being burnt alive for the faith at Nagasaki on September 10, 1622.

*Taken from The Glories of Mary by St. Alphonsus de Liguori.

Monday, August 23, 2010

99 Percent of Music Chart Hit Acts are “Soft Porn” Says Music Industry Giant

By Hilary White

LONDON, August 20, 2010 ( – While religious leaders have been warning about the moral effects of the modern pop music scene for decades, now even some leaders of the industry are expressing their concern. Today record producer Mike Stock told British media that he believes children are being “sexualized” by popular culture.

“The music industry has gone too far. It's not about me being old fashioned. It's about keeping values that are important in the modern world. These days you can't watch modern stars - like Britney Spears or Lady Gaga - with a two-year-old.”

“Ninety-nine per cent of the charts is R 'n' B and 99 per cent of that is soft pornography,” he added.

Stock is one of the trio of “legendary” music producers that constitute Stock Aitken Waterman, whose talent properties have included Cliff Richard, Debbie Harry, Donna Summer, La Toya Jackson and Kylie Minogue. The trio was one of the most successful songwriting and producing partnerships in the history of the music business, with more than 100 UK top 40 hits, and earning an estimated £60 million.

Stock told the Daily Mail, “Kids are being forced to grow up too young. Look at the videos. I wouldn't necessarily want my young kids to watch them. I would certainly be embarrassed to sit there with my mum.”

In Britain the “Hit Parade,” the first British record sales chart at the dawn of the popular music era, was published in November 1952, and was measured by sales of sheet music. The first number 1 song on Britain’s Hit Parade was “Here in My Heart” by Al Martino, the Italian-American “pop crooner” and actor who is also known for his portrayal of the character Johnny Fontane in the 1972 film The Godfather.

This week, BBC Radio 1 reported that the number one UK spot was held by American rapper Tramar Dillard, better known by his stage name “Flo Rida,” for his rap piece “Club Can’t Handle Me.” The number, performed largely on two notes of the musical scale, includes a video in which a frenzied mob of night-clubbers burst out of the club and into the streets, destroying a corner shop to end up gyrating in a laundromat.

Lady Gaga’s widely criticized single, “Alejandro,” has fallen on the charts this week to number 22. The video features Lady Gaga, shown in scanty underwear and a mock nun’s habit, simulating sado-maochistic sex and swallowing a rosary. It also shows a team of semi-nude male dancers performing mock homosexual acts, themes that are so common they are starting to be considered passé in British pop culture.

“Before children even step into school, they have all these images - the pop videos and computer games like Grand Theft Auto - confronting them and the parents can't control it,” Stock continued.

He has responded to the concerns of parents by producing what he has called a “family-orientated show.” The Go! Go! Go! Show is a pop song and dance show performed by “tween” singers that is playing to positive reviews in London.

Brian Clowes, the research director for the pro-life and pro-family group Human Life International, expressed surprise that there is anyone left who “doesn’t believe that the music industry degrades morals, sexualizes young girls and is disrespectful to women.”

Such people, he told LSN, “should just visit YouTube and randomly select a half-dozen music videos to watch.”

“There are only a handful of artists who even attempt to promote good moral values, since this is considered ‘uncool’ and, even more importantly, unprofitable. Many of the singers target pre-teen girls with their messages, and then these girls follow the advice and lyrics they hear and wind up ruining their lives,” Clowes commented.

“It's true that we are not forced to watch this trash; but we are also responsible for making sure our kids grow up holy, healthy and happy. If they follow music videos and shows, they will be zero for three.”

'Holocaust denier death, Mossad linked'

Sun Aug 22, 2010 7:8PM

Dariusz Ratajczak

American writer JP Bellinger dose not rule out the the involvement of Israeli spy agency, Mossad, in the tragic death of a Polish historian, who was researching on the Holocaust.

Dariusz Ratajczak, a former professor at the University of Opole, was found dead in a car parked near a shopping center in Opole on June 11, 2010.

Forensic reports indicated that the body was in the car for nearly two weeks, but was in an advanced state of decay, suggesting that it was moved to car long after Ratajczak's death.

"After being questioned, a number of witnesses told the police that the car had only recently been parked there," Bellinger wrote in his article.

"Professor Ratajczak's death was ruled a 'suicide,' but skeptical people, perhaps bearing in mind the recent arrest of a Mossad assassin operating in Poland, are asking how a person in an advanced staged of composition was able to drive to a public parking lot and park a car?" he inquired.

He was referring to Uri Brodsky, Mossad agent accused of helping fake a German passport that was used by one of the members of a hit squad involved in the killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a senior Hamas commander, in a Dubai hotel in January.

Bellinger went on to say that Ratajczak's troubles began with the publication of his booklet, "Dangerous Topics," in March 1999 for which he was convicted of Holocaust denial in Poland.

"What possesses greater intrinsic value? Maintaining the mainstream version of the Holocaust at any cost or the life of a single human being whose only offence was to engage in historical research in a quest for the truth?"

Ratajczak believed it was not possible to kill millions of people in the Nazi gas chambers -- a view that provoked a firestorm of criticism among his contemporaries and Israelis lobbies.

Michael Sobelman, the spokesman the Israeli Embassy in Poland, accused Ratajczak of anti-Semitism and expressed "surprise" that "such a man works at a Polish university." Sobelman's comment preceded Ratajczak's expulsion from the University of Opole.

Ratajczak believed that charge of anti-Semitism had become a sort of exceptionally brutal weapon, which the "establishment" uses ruthlessly against independent thinking men.

"What hurts me most is that I found myself in a group of historians who have been muzzled. After all, please see: from 45 years to now the number of Jews murdered in Auschwitz-Birkenau has dropped from six million to less than one million. It's official data. Indeed, even if they had killed one man, that would be a tragedy. But how is it that some historians may legitimately question the numbers of the Holocaust, and others can not? How is it that some people can reduce the six million to less than a million and nothing bad is happening to them? How is it that some people are not allowed to examine this subject and even be wrong, while other historians are allowed all this?" Ratajczak commented.

Bellinger says disturbing news of Ratajczak's death shocked some traditionalist and patriotic organizations in Poland, and concludes by asking, "Is questioning the holocaust, or holocaust 'denial' of more intrinsic worth than the life of any human being?"

Controversial Body Scanners Added at Mitchell

Aug. 23, 2010 7:51 a.m. | MILWAUKEE - Mitchell International Airport is the latest location to receive full-body scanners that capture a nearly-nude image of travelers. The technology is now in use at two of the airport's terminals.

"It doesn't bother me, but I'm not really a modest person," said Jennifer Slack, who went through the scanner Sunday afternoon.

The TSA employees who view images from the scanner sit in a separate room and cannot see the passenger associated with the image. The TSA said that is to protect the privacy of passengers.

Mona Williams went through the scanner Sunday night and the machine noticed that she was still carrying her cell phone.

After learning that the scanner took a nearly-nude image of her, she was not sure whether she would go through the scanner again. "I guess if we're safe, I guess I'm OK with it. But it is kind of awkward," she said. »Read Full Article

At left, a painting in the Church of Sant'Eustachio, Rome


The most powerful means of helping the poor suffering souls in Purgatory is to have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass celebrated for them. But when one places the unlimited fruits of the Blood of Jesus in Mary's hands, that she may apply them for the relief of these dear suffering brethren, their deliverance is practically assured.

A certain good brother, and very devout religious, having died, appeared to one of his old comrades and told him that he was enduring the pains of purgatory; suffering, however, little from the pain of sense, but much from the privation of God. He begged him to ask the Prior to add a prayer at holy Mass for his intention. They hastened to satisfy him by granting this request, and the Prior saw the dear brother's souls full of joy and ecstasy beneath Mary's mantle, as she carried her love's glorious conquest triumphantly to heaven.

Practice: We should pray constantly to Mary to extend the Eucharistic reign of Jesus Christ throughout the whole world.

Aspiration: O Immaculate Heart of Mary, nuptial couch upon which the Spouse finds His delights, inflame us with the love that consumes thee!
Taken from "Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament" by St. Peter Eymard

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Golfer had the right spirit for his demise

Aug. 20, 2010
The story involves a bottle of Stolichnaya Russian vodka and Robinson's 70th birthday celebration at his favorite haunt, the Erin Inn.

"This is the bottle I want my ashes in," Robinson said at the party.

"He took a marker and wrote 'I'll be with you forever' on the back of the Stoli bottle and signed it," said his wife, Alexandra Robinson.

Robinson also said that he'd like his remains kept on a bar shelf, so he could be with his friends in something slightly more tangible than spirit.

Erin Inn owner Jeff Kraft kept the bottle and dated it, and that's now the plan.

Robinson died of heart disease July 5 in Savannah, Ga. He was 75.

"I guess he will be sticking around with us for a good bit of time," said Kraft.

Appropriately enough, the memorial gathering will be held at the tavern in Erin.

"We're having an Irish wake for an English gentleman," his wife said. "If Jeff sells the tavern, the bottle comes back to me. He'll be at the Erin Inn, and I'll see him every time I go there."

Robinson grew up in Ruislip, England, near London, and learned to golf at the Ealing Golf Club in the area.

"He hit a birdie on the first hole he ever played," said son Laird Robinson. "At 15, he was a scratch golfer."

"He and his father and grandfather were all club champions at the course," Alexandra said.

Lloyd Robinson wanted to be a pro, but his dad didn't want him to," said Laird, explaining his grandfather thought the family business - making boxing shorts - was a better choice.

Instead, Robinson ended up serving with the Royal Air Force and then worked all kinds of jobs.

In 1957, he decided to look for adventure in America.

"And he finally got back to his real love, which was golf," Alexandra said.

By the 1960s, Robinson was an assistant pro at the Edgewater golf course in Grafton. He honed his own game, becoming a PGA Class A pro in 1972.

He also got the chance to design the Lake Park Golf Club in Germantown - and became its owner when the developer went belly up.

"The bank came to me and said, 'You're running the thing. Would you like to own it?' " Robinson later told Gary D'Amato, golf writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

"I told them no," he said. "They begged me. So I said, 'You have to make me a deal because I have no money.' "

The deal ended up being almost too good to be true. Robinson didn't have to make any payments at all that first year.

"I ended up doing pretty good that year," he said, laughing.

His Lake Park course opened in 1973 with 18 holes, later expanding to 27 holes. It attracted a loyal clientele, wrote D'Amato, who called it "a good, old-fashioned, no-frills golf facility."

"A lot of people are designing these 'championship courses,' " Robinson said. "Where are all the champions? When you design a public course, you're not designing it for Arnold Palmer, you're designing it for the public.

"Our course is fairly long but it's playable," he said. "It isn't a cow pasture. It's a good golf course that anybody can play."

Robinson had other golf highlights. He qualified for the Greater Milwaukee Open and coached the Washington High School golf team in Germantown - now Germantown High - to a state championship, Laird said.

Robinson sold the golf course parcels a few years ago. The course is now the Blackstone Creek Golf Club, with 18 holes and other land in development.

He also got married - and married again.

"I was his fourth and last wife," Alexandra said. "He was a very charming man."

In 1987, Robinson underwent a seven-bypass procedure by heart surgeon W. Dudley Johnson. Robinson kept golfing until a stroke in 2003. He and his wife moved to Savannah in 2007.

"He didn't golf after the stroke," his wife said. "If he couldn't do it the way he wanted to, he didn't want to do it. He remembered how he used to golf. He couldn't golf, but he could still watch it."

Robinson did not want a traditional service, and liked the idea of a favorite song as cremation began. His wife decided a farewell toast was in order. His son was there, too, with his wife.

"He wanted us to play 'I'll Be Around' by Maynard Ferguson," Alexandra said. "I bought a flask of Stoli and shot glasses . . .  and we clicked glasses over Lloyd's head and had a shot. . . .  We closed the box and embraced each other. It was a final salute to him."


Her Doctrine and Morals

Immaculate Heart of Mary

22 August 2010


The Sunday


Dear Friend,

Let us consider Mary in all her innocence and purity standing beneath the cross of Jesus Christ her Son _ true God and true Man.

St. John's account given in today's Gospel is rather laconic, and so we are left to allow our hearts to fill in so much that was expressed without words or understood on a level that is far above human words.

We must allow our minds and hearts to traverse time and witness this scene again and again for the grace of its meaning to seep into our hearts and minds and begin to take shape.

When we consider Christ's crucifixion we often think of the pain and suffering, we see the scoffers and the thieves hanging next to Our Lord. Let us attempt to set all that aside and focus on the scene presented in today's Gospel.

There beneath the cross of Our Lord stood three women and St. John. They are near enough not only to see Our Lord and to be seen by Him, but they are also near enough to hear Him speak. Ignoring all else Christ hanging on the Cross in the final pains of death, seeks to secure the physical care of His mother. All else must take a secondary place in our minds. The Jews, the soldiers, the thieves, the gawking crowd, the darkening sky, the flowing blood, all are forgotten for the moment. Even the two other women there beneath the cross are unattended to.

Our Lord focuses His attention upon His mother. "Woman behold thy son." Even in death's agony His concern is for His mother. He is here indicating to us the debt that we all owe to our parents. Not only did God give us the fourth commandment, but even in His last dying moments he illustrates just how important it is to honor our parents.

It is true that He has told us that we must disown them when they place obstacles in the way of salvation. But, when our parents do not impede our spiritual progress, we owe them everything. And here we see Mary not interfering or even complaining in this unbearable sight of the slaying of her innocent Son _ the Son of God. Only someone who has witnessed the suffering of a loved one can imagine the pain that Mary felt in her heart and soul. I think very often that the physical pain of children is never as great as the pain of heart and soul that loving parents suffer in witnessing the suffering of their children. Understanding this helps us to begin to see the suffering in Mary's heart. As great as this pain in her heart must have been she is fully cooperating with Christ in offering this sacrifice of Himself in reparation for our sins. In this she has already become our mother. She sacrificed her own Son (God Himself) so that our sins might be washed away and we could rise to life with Christ.

And so Christ confirms this with the brief words: "behold thy son". And lest we miss the obligation that this places upon us, Christ speaks to us through St. John: "behold thy mother". Just as St. John "took her to his own" so must we.

Our mother (Mary) has loved us with a love that is as close to divine as any creature can get. She has willingly sacrificed that which is most precious to her (her divine Son, Jesus Christ) so that we might receive grace and live an eternal life. This sacrifice is so much the greater because it is so much the harder. It would have been easier for Mary to sacrifice herself for us rather than make her son suffer. How many parents would gladly accept the suffering of their little children upon themselves rather than have to watch them suffer! It takes much more to sacrifice that which you love more than yourself, than it takes to sacrifice yourself. Our Lord has said that there is no greater love than to lay down one's life for those whom we love. The love of Mary approaches the nearest to this love that Christ has for us. She accepted the hardest suffering for her, sacrificing that which she loved more than anything, even more than she loved herself.

Innocent, holy, and pure, and yet she suffers for us just as Christ did! (Not physically, but spiritually.) Her love for us demands that we show her all the gratitude, respect, honor, and love that this mother deserves. She is a true mother to us and the best of all mothers.

Let us take her as our own and come to her in all our needs just as faithful children run to their good mothers in all their needs. Let us never forget her when we are not in need but to be as Christ, always showing her all the: honor, love and respect that she deserves. Let us find in Mary the calmness of heart, mind, and soul that we need in all our trying situations. And in our dying moments let us look to her as did her Son.

UNBELIEVABLE - the Feds have admitted that they have not tested any of the seafood in the Gulf - yet they are saying it is safe - now they are making fisherman sign a waver on the docks that states that the fisherman are responsible for any tainted seafood and NOT BP!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Drugs don't work: Top professor claims five in six new medicines have 'little benefit' to patients


Drug companies have been accused of conning the public by hyping up patented medicines with little new to offer while downplaying their potentially harmful side-effects.
A new study estimates that 85 per cent of new drugs offer few if any new benefits while having the potential to cause serious harm due to toxicity or misuse.
The author of the research delivered a damning attack on 'Big Pharma' at a meeting of sociology experts in the US.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just for fun....

My friend Heather is going to school for graphic arts and used their camera and software to make this clip. We had a lot of fun making this little video.

We love the music!



"I love golf and I love church. I do both every day,'' the committed Catholic and Calvin Klein underwear model said as he entered the cathedral.

Wahlberg, who was raised a Roman Catholic in Boston, is a former drug addict who had several run-ins with police as a teenager.

But he cleaned up his image and has settled down wife Rhea Durham and their four children.

The actor, formerly known as Marky Mark during his earlier years as a rap musician, arrived in Sydney on Sunday.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In Australia the two parties are wrestling over who is more pro Australia - oops - I mean more pro Israel!

Parties wrestle over ‘pro-Israel’ label in Australian campaign

By Dan Goldberg · August 17, 2010

SYDNEY, Australia (JTA) -- As the two major parties in Australia's federal election vie for the title of Israel's most ardent backer, most Jewish leaders believe that Australia’s longstanding, strong bilateral support for the Jewish state will not be jeopardized regardless of the outcome...

just like in the USA - and most all of the world

Just remember who the prince of this world is - and it will not be a surprise to you that Jews, the Synagogue of Satan, who both hate and deny our Lord would be running the world for their master Satan!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Audio Sermon for the Feast of the Assumption
Given By Bishop Giles, OFM:

Audio Sermon for the Feast of the Assumption
Given by Father Bonaventure, OFM:

I seem to have lost the ability to cut and paste an actual link but most all of you realize that you can just copy it and put it in your address bar. Since this latest virus, this computer has never been the same. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Disposition of the Body

This latest news clip really got me thinking and I decided to post my opinions and experiences regarding this issue.
To begin - please consider this recent news item:
Cremation by water approved by Church
The world's first water cremation centre on the Gold Coast is offering a liquid alternative to cremation and burial, using a process it hopes will revolutionise the funeral industry - and the process has been approved by the Catholic Church.
Aquamation Industries' John Humphries says the service, at the Eco Memorial Park at Stapylton near Dreamworld, is currently the first of its kind, but he expects around 30 centres around Australia will offer the option within 12 months, reports AAP in the Sydney Morning Herald.
"Aquamation is a more natural, ethical and environmentally friendly alternative to cremations and uses water instead of fire to return a body to nature, Mr Humphries said.
"And within a year we would expect you would be able to have this done anywhere in Australia."
The process, called alkaline hydrolysis, relies on the same natural forces by which which a dead animal is returned to nature in the bush, he said.
"So we've put this totally natural process into a stainless steel tube where the body is washed for about four hours; it's the same natural breakdown of tissue, just at a faster rate, and even the Catholic church has now approved it," he said.
Mr Humphries said the equipment he invented was based on an experimental unit in the US that uses extreme pressure and temperature to destroy the infectious remains of cattle with mad cow disease.
He said nature invented the process, and his company has "simply re-designed the equipment so the water breaks down the cells and brings the body back to the chemical component it's made up of, leaving only white chalky bones which are returned to the family in an urn, like ashes."
This article sounds all warm and fuzzy - doesn't it? - but what they are not telling you is that you are liquefying your loved one and what are you going to do with this liquid? So - grandma dies and we liquefy her and flush her down the toilet!
This is the natural and evil result of the acceptance of the horribly violent and non-christian practice of cremation.

Cremation was never - I repeat NEVER practiced by Christians. It is only mentioned in the Bible as a punishment. Throughout the history of the Church and Scripture - the body was always treated with reverence and respect. Never were the bodies of Catholics (old or new Testament Catholics) placed in ovens and burned and then their bones ground in a grinder to be given back to their families to scatter to the wind. Never were the bodies of Catholics treated with such disregard and contempt!
Consider this passage from a funeral sermon of St. Augustine:
"The arrangements for a funeral, the place of interment, the externals proper to the obsequies, serve more as a consolation for the living than as an aid for the dead. Nevertheless, the bodies of our deceased must not be treated lightly or disregarded, particularly the bodies of the faithful or of virtuous men; for these bodies were used by their souls in a holy manner as instruments and agents for the performance of all their good works.
A father's clothing, his ring or some similar object is treasured more highly by one who loves his father more dearly. In no case, therefore, may our mortal bodies by contemned, for we are joined to them more intimately than to any external apparel. The body belongs to man's very nature, it is not an ornament or some secondary adjunct.
For this reason virtuous men in ages past were given reverent burial and their obsequies piously celebrated.Now if they who do not believe in the resurrection of the flesh are so anxious about the care of the physical body, How much more should be our concern, we who do believe! May the TENDER CARE for the body of our deceased which is destined, as we know, for an eternal resurrection be, then, a manifestation of the faith and love within us."
The Freemasons have long been promoters of cremation, and for good reason, this method of disposition either directly or implicitly denies the bodily resurrection - or at least casts doubt on this dogma. The Freemasons have promoted cremation as a means of separating us from the Traditions of the Church.
I will now give a description of what I know the cremation process to be:
When a person's body is cremated it is generally held for period of time before cremation can take place, in Wisconsin it is 48 hours. After this waiting period the body is placed in a cardboard container and cremated in a retort (oven). The body is burned at very high temperatures for anywhere from 3-6 hours - and many times has to be turned over to ensure a complete cremation. During the process if the person is overweight many times the liquefied fat oozes from the retort and is soaked up by rags and they are then burned as well. After this process the skeletal remains are left to cool down and then removed from the retort and ground in a grinder (many times the large bones are completely intact) - this is the "ashes" that are given back to loved ones. That's right - grandma's bones are ground in a grinder!
Does this sound in keeping with St. Augustine and his exhortation that our TENDER CARE OF THE BODY BE A MANIFESTATION OF THE LOVE AND FAITH WITHIN US?
The Church has condemned cremation on at least two occasions. This is simply not an option for Catholics, nor should it be. Cremation is waving ones fist at God. Our bodies are sacred and will rise again with our souls, our bodies are part of our very nature and should be treated with respect not only in life, but also in death. It is no coincidence that as people in life have no respect for their bodies (fornication, adultery, homosexuality, gluttony, etc.) - why should they in death!
We should not follow this worldly contempt of the body - we should hold the bodies of our loved ones, especially those of fellow Catholics in high esteem and honor and give them reverent burial as our Lord was buried.
Now - I do understand with the permission of a Bishop exceptions can be made in cases of grave necessity - but it is my opinion that as a norm - we should not accept or promote this practice.


Her Doctrine and Morals

Assumption of the Blessed Mother

15 August 2010


The Sunday


Dear Friend,

Today we celebrate Mary's Assumption into Heaven, where she now reigns as Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Today's Gospel gives us an insight into the humble heart and soul of Mary that earned for her such glory. The words of the Magnificat are most instructive for us. "My soul magnifies the Lord". Here Mary shares with us a glimpse into her soul. Her soul was made a living tabernacle for the Holy Ghost to dwell even before the Son of God came to dwell in her womb. With God dwelling within her she quite naturally began to magnify or increase the presence of God here on earth. All those who came into contact with her could not help but see the goodness that radiated outward from her. And all those who were of good will received a spark of this Divine Guest into their souls too. In this manner Our Blessed Mother increased and magnified the presence of God here upon earth.

Mary here shows us the fulfillment within herself of the original plan of God in His creation. When God created man He placed him in the Garden of Paradise. From here he was commissioned to expand Paradise over the face of the earth driving back the devils and their evil. Man's whole purpose was to magnify and increase the presence of God here upon earth. And all of creation was and still is awaiting this coming of the sons of God. The disorder in all of nature is crying out for things to be made right. The first man failed in this duty of his and rather than increase and magnify God, he chose to decrease and drive God's presence out of his heart and thus drive himself out of Paradise and drive Paradise out of his own soul.

This has been our inheritance from our parents. We come into this world without God's presence in us. But, since Mary's Immaculate Conception mankind has been given another chance.

Mary came into this world filled with God's grace and never drove it out of her soul. And in this state so pleasing to God (Whose joy is to be with the sons of men) we see that the grace of God is radiated outward towards all who come into contact with her. And in this state we see that she was found worthy not only to carry God's presence within her soul, but she was given the tremendous grace and honor to have God Himself come and dwell within her womb and call her Mother.

In this most beautiful state we see her in today's Gospel visiting Elizabeth who expounds what a wonderful thing has taken place and how the grace that radiates outward from Christ living within her has caused the sanctification and joy of the child within her own womb.

Mary never lost this grace and therefore she constantly magnified God's presence. And even to this day we see that those who maintain a true devotion to the Mother of God receive through her tremendous graces. And in this way God's original plan gradually (and slowly from our perspective) is taking place. The number of the elect who will have souls that magnify the Lord are being drawn to Mary; the true Faith; and to Christ. When this number of the elect has been signed and sealed the rest of the world will have to be purged. The world will be renewed and at that time all will be in right order as all will be living in Christ and will have Christ living within them. The original plan of God will have been fulfilled. Man will have expanded the Garden of Paradise over the entire earth. All evil will have been driven back. God will experience His desire and joy to be with the sons of men.

Mary's Assumption shows us the joy that awaits us in Heaven and the joy that awaits us after the general resurrection. But in order to reach this point we must first imitate Mary' life here on earth and allow God and His grace to permeate our souls by completely humbling ourselves and emptying our souls to make room for Him to come and fill them. He cannot fit into just a part of our souls. He needs our entire souls. There can be room for nothing else. Only in this state do we fit as we should into God's plan and become like Mary: souls magnifying the Lord.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

In Brother Dominic's religion class in Kentucky, he is reading the autobiography of a Passionist nun in Italy in the 1930's. This nun was instrumental in preparing for the canonization of St. Gemma but suffered many, many calumnies from her fellow religious and was actually not allowed to attend. When I saw this article this morning, it was so coincidental that I had to post it for your edification:

"If you really want to love Jesus, first learn to suffer,
because suffering teaches you to love." St. Gemma

Maria Gemma Umberta Pia Galgani (March 12, 1878 – April 11, 1903) was an Italian mystic, venerated as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church since 1940. She has been called the "Daughter of Passion" because of her profound imitation of the Passion of Christ.

Eldest daughter of a poor pharmacist; her mother died when Gemma was seven, her father when the girl was eighteen, and she took over the care of her seven brothers and sisters. Her health was always poor, and between that and her home life she never finished school. Cured in her 20’s of spinal meningitis by prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Saint Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows, and Saint Marguerite Marie Alacoque. Rejected by the religious orders to which she applied as they were concerned about her health, would not believe her cure, and were suspicious of the claims of a miracle. She became a Passionist tertiary. Stigmatist, receiving the wounds on her hands and feet each Thursday evening through Friday afternoon starting in June 1899 and continuing into 1901. Visionary; she saw her guardian angel daily, and had visits from Jesus, Mary, Saint Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows, and the devil who tempted her to spit on the cross and break a rosary.

Saint Gemma Galgani's Prayer

O my crucified God, behold me at Your feet; do not cast me out, now that I appear before You as a sinner. I have offended You exceedingly in the past, my Jesus, but it shall be so no longer.

Before You, O Lord, I place all my sins; I have now considered Your own sufferings and see how great is the worth of that Precious Blood that flows from Your veins.

O my God, at this hour close Your eyes to my want of merit, and since You have been pleased to die for my sins, grant me forgiveness for them all, that I may no longer feel the burden of my sins, for this burden, Dear Jesus, oppresses me beyond measure.

Assist me, my Jesus, for I desire to become good whatsoever it may cost; take away, destroy, utterly root out all that You find in me contrary to Your holy will. At the same time, I pray You, Lord Jesus, to enlighten me that I may be able to walk in Your holy light. Amen.