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Monday, November 30, 2009

You will probably see the following story often these next few months:

Nazi guard Demjanjuk wheeled into Munich trial

It is totally slanted journalism - for example they claim in the article that Demjanuk admitted to being at some of the German Camps - what the article does not tell you is that he was a PRISONER at the camps - not a guard!

Below is the truth about this situation - written by former Congressman James Traficant who proved this poor man was innocent when he was accused of being Ivan the Terrible. James Traficant felt the wrath of Jewry for this act and spent time in prison for bogus charges against him.


By Jim Traficant

John Demjanjuk is a retired auto worker from Cleveland. He was born in Ukraine, served in World War II as a Russian soldier, was captured and held as a prisoner of war. Demjanjuk’s captors were soldiers of the German army. Today, as you read this column, Demjanjuk is standing trial for his very life once again. He is facing another Nazi war crimes indictment.

Think about the dynamics of this dilemma for John Demjanjuk. He’s being tried in Germany, by the very country who captured him. They say he was a Nazi war criminal. I don’t know about you, but on its surface it just doesn’t add up.

Demjanjuk is not a war criminal and certainly was never a Nazi. I can remember my first acknowledgment of the “Demjanjuk” ordeal. It seems like yesterday. I was in my Washington, D.C. office in the old Cannon Building in the late ‘80s. One of my staffers came into my office in a sort of cloak-and-dagger mode stating that the “son of convicted Nazi mass murderer ‘Ivan the Terrible’ is in the reception room, and we told him you are not here.” I then inquired of his purpose to meet with me, since I was not his congressman. I was then informed that young John Demjanjuk Jr. told them that he has “been to every office in the House and Senate, and no one would even speak with him because the matter was too sensitive.”

John Demjanjuk Jr. further stated that “they did not want to involve Jim Traficant” because they said that they “knew the government hated him, but he’s our last resort for any help.”

My staffer said, “Do not meet with him; you’ll be ostracized, destroyed, ruined. Let him go back to his own congressman and the two senators of Ohio.”

My staff further advised that I was probably already targeted by the powerful Israeli lobby, since I was an opponent of foreign aid, and certainly my involvement with John Demjanjuk would guarantee that American Israeli Public Affairs Committee [AIPAC] would not quit till I was removed from Congress.

I went to the door so I could overhear the conversation between John Demjanjuk Jr. and my staff. I could feel the pain in his voice. John Demjanjuk Jr. finally stated: “My dad’s not asking to meet with anyone. I’m asking, and I’ve never even had a parking ticket. What kind of government is this, that I can’t even talk to my elected officials about my family’s grave concerns?”

I then ordered my staff to bring John Demjanjuk Jr. and his brother-in-law Ed Nishnic into my office. My staff told me this decision would destroy my
career in Congress. I met John Demjanjuk Jr. and Ed Nishnic and offered them a seat to discuss their problems.

John Demjanjuk Jr. is a fine young man, a son any father would be proud of. His demeanor was that of a troubled and worried young man. He was accompanied by his brother-in-law Ed Nishnic and basically let Ed Nishnic explain their plight.

Ed Nishnic is also a remarkable man. Like John Demjanjuk Jr. he’s very intelligent and was very determined to prove the innocence of his father-in-law. I stated emphatically, that “I’ve decided to meet with you for one reason and one reason only: No American should ever be turned away when seeking help from our government.” I then said, “Your dad has been convicted of mass murder, the extermination of one million Jewish prisoners. He has been sentenced to death. I want you to know up front, that if he is really guilty I could personally pull the switch at his execution.”

I then told them I would hear their concerns. (Be advised that the mainstream media wrote that “Jim Traficant supports Nazi mass murderer” as soon as word spread that I had met with the “Demjanjuk” family.)

Nishnic handed me two report summaries of OSI investigators (Office of Special Investigations, the group within the Justice Department created by Congress to apprehend and prosecute Nazi war criminals). They had interrogated one Otto Horn in Berlin, Germany. Horn was a former SS Nazi guard who had assisted “Ivan Grozny” (Ivan the Terrible), at the Treblinka, Poland concentration camps.

These two reports were originals, not copies, and were signed by agents Garand and Daugherty, and were witnessed by prosecutor Moscovitz, who handled the denaturalization trial of John Demjanjuk in Cleveland. The reports were stamped as received by the Justice Department and signed by unit chief Eli Rosenbaum.

I read the documents very carefully without input from John Demjanjuk Jr. or Ed Nishnic. I could not believe my eyes. I could not believe what I was reading. The Justice Department had committed a great crime. Moscovitz, Garand and Daugherty suborned the perjury of Otto Horn in order to convict an American citizen wrongfully—an American now denaturalized, stripped of his citizenship and waiting to be executed. (The authenticity of these two documents cannot be denied.)

At trial, Horn stated that “John Demjanjuk was Ivan Grozny.” But in these two early reports, two years before the trial, Horn could not identify Demjanjuk from the photographs displayed before him.

I had a problem. A big problem. I knew without a doubt that John Demjanjuk was not Ivan the Terrible. John Demjanjuk was in fact another victim, soon to be known as one of the most vicious and infamous mass murderers in world history. John Demjanjuk was awaiting execution as the infamous Ivan of Treblinka, Ivan the Terrible.

I would be defamed and ostracized because I would be compelled to prove the innocence of John Demjanjuk on the strength of these two Justice Department documents. John Demjanjuk was innocent—convicted of mass murder, sentenced to death and awaiting execution—and no one seemed to care.

I thought, what has happened to our great country that it could produce this type of brutal crime against this American and his family?

I realized I had a difficult task ahead, but with the help of John Demjanjuk Jr. and Ed Nishnic, I believed we could prove John Demjanjuk’s innocence. It was imperative to do so. I had these two powerful documents to start with.

Otto Horn’s testimony at the Cleveland denaturalization trial (via videotape) was very direct. Horn had been shown a series of photographs when interrogated in Berlin.

Moscovitz spread eight photos of Caucasian males in uniform, all in their early 20’s. Horn testified that he identified John Demjanjuk immediately. Moscovitz then spread eight more photos of Caucasian soldiers in uniform, but now in their 40’s. Horn again testified that he identified John Demjanjuk, even as an older man, because he knew him so well. Horn’s testimony stripped John Demjanjuk of his citizenship, and he was sent to Israel to stand trial as Ivan the Terrible.

Now, back to the two reports of Horn’s interrogation in Berlin two years earlier. Garand and Daugherty wrote in their reports immediately after their interview with Horn: “We spread eight photos of Caucasian men in uniform, all in their early 20’s. Horn studied the photos at length and stated that ‘one man looks familiar’ [not John Demjanjuk] but FAILED to identify anyone.”

The report goes on:

“We then gathered the eight photos and put them in a stack with John Demjanjuk’s on top. We then spread eight more photos of older men in uniform with John Demjanjuk’s photo among them. Horn studied these photos at length, and looking at the John Demjanjuk photo on top of the stack, then back to John Demjanjuk’s photo in the older soldiers spread, said that ‘this is the same man’ but FAILED again to identify John Demjanjuk as Ivan.”

Be advised that Horn lied through his teeth, and U.S. prosecutor Moscovitz allowed it. Horn later testified at the Israeli trial that he positively identified John Demjanjuk from the photo spreads. When the defense team crossed-examined Horn, they asked if he could see the first photo spread when he was examining the second set. Horn testified:

“They put the first set of photographs in an envelope and removed them from my view.” Horn lied again. John Demjanjuk was convicted, and sentenced to death.

I immediately began my own investigation by utilizing a number of FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] requests on John Demjanjuk. The government response was “classified”; thus I got nothing. At this point I conferred with John Demjanjuk Jr. and Nishnic to evaluate what options were available. We came up with a plan.

We decided to research any and all legal activity that involved the Treblinka camp. BINGO. We discovered that a Ukrainian-American from Chicago, by the name of Feodor Federenko, had been tried for war crimes at Treblinka. Federenko was acquitted. He then traveled to his homeland to visit his family, but was arrested by the Soviet KGB, was tried again in Russia, was convicted and executed. [No doubt our government arranged his demise].

I immediately sent out a new FOIA request, this time on Federenko. Most agencies threw my FOIAs in the wastebasket, but the State Department sent me two telegrams:

The first was from one of our OSI agents in Europe seeking information about Treblinka. The second was the response from the State Department listing the names of four men who had made statements about Treblinka. At the bottom of this was the following; “if you need further help, be advised we have another 100 pages in the file.”

I acted immediately. I phoned the State Department and reached a Mrs. Poindexter, an honest, competent government worker. I asked her to send me those 100 pages, citing the fact that Federenko was deceased and his case was not “classified.” Mrs. Poindexter complied.

Those 100 pages saved the life of John Demjanjuk. They contained the testimony of 17 witnesses about Treblinka.

All 17 identified “Ivan”:

1. He was taller than John Demjanjuk;

2. He had dark hair, not blond like John Demjanjuk;

3. He was nine years older than John Demjanjuk;

4. He had a long scar on his neck.

There was also a photo of two SS Nazi guards who had been identified by one of the witnesses, who said: “The short guard with pistol is Tkachuk. The tall guard is the man the Jewish prisoners feared the most, ‘Ivan Grozny’—IVAN MARCHENKO.”

All 17 witnesses identified a man named Ivan Marchenko as “Ivan the Terrible.”

I asked Congress for a hearing. Congress refused, the case was “too sensitive.” The federal courts would not accept my evidence. I took my evidence to the floor of Congress. I said John Demjanjuk was not “Ivan the Terrible.” A man named Ivan Marchenko was the real “Ivan.”

That night, the U.S. Justice Department issued a statement that “there were two Ivans.”

The next day I released the photo of Marchenko. The Justice Department was silent.

I then forwarded all my evidence to John Demjanjuk’s defense team in Israel, who then submitted it in to the Israeli Supreme Court.

I flew to Israel with John Demjanjuk Jr. and Ed Nishnic, at my own expense. I did a live interview with Bryant Gumbel on the Today show. I stated that if Israel executed John Demjanjuk that Israel will lose $20 billion a year from U.S. taxpayers. Gumbel said that “Israel only gets $3 billion a year.” I countered, “That’s just the foreign aid bill, Bryant. Israel gets military aid, loans, loans converted to grants, and trade compacts and other money. I say that Israel gets $20,000 for every man, woman and child from America every year.

The interview was over.

I was phoned the following night and was told that John Demjanjuk would be released and delivered to me at the Tel Aviv Airport. We took him home.

I called a press conference for New York. While the press gathered, I ducked out with John Demjanjuk on a small plane. When approaching Cleveland, I directed the pilot to seek a landing pattern at the airport, then directed the flight to a small airstrip near Independence, Ohio, thus eluding the press.

John Demjanjuk went to a safehouse, He was home. I flew toWashington.The next day the Sixth Circuit Court in Cincinnati, Ohio issued the following statement; “A TRAGIC BUT HONEST MISTAKE BY OUR GOVERNMENT.”

That was no mistake. Moscovitz, Garand and Daugherty should have been sent to prison. I said then, “Since when did sensitivity waive our Bill of Rights?” When we allow the rights of one American to be violated, we endanger the rights of all Americans.

Germany should send John Demjanjuk home. How, in God’s name, can Germany accept any evidence from the U.S. Justice Department who suborned perjury in the first trial, withheld evidence, obstructed justice, and violated John Demjanjuk’s civil rights?

SHAME ON GERMANY AND SHAME ON THE U.S.A. What has happened to our great country?

James A. (Jim) Traficant, Jr. was born in Youngstown, Ohio on May 8, 1941. He received B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of Pittsburgh, where he was a well-known football star. He also received a M.S. degree from Youngstown State University in 1976. For ten years he served as executive director of the Mahoning County (Ohio) Drug Program and from 1981-1985 he served as sheriff of Mahoning County, prior to his election to the U.S. Congress as a Democrat in 1984. He was re-elected by overwhelming margins every year up until 2002 when, following his conviction on trumped up corruption charges, he was expelled from the House of Representatives. Despite his conviction and expulsion and being sent to prison for a seven year term Traficant still won 15% of the vote running for re-election to the House in the 2002 election as an independent. He recently completed a seven-year prison sentence, having refused to seek a pardon or clemency, refusing to admit to or apologize for crimes he did not commit.

Indonesia minister says immorality causes disasters

The minister spoke in Padang, hit by a powerful earthquake in September
A government minister has blamed Indonesia's recent string of natural disasters on people's immorality.

Communication and Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring said that there were many television programmes that destroyed morals.

Therefore, the minister said, natural disasters would continue to occur.

His comments came as he addressed a prayer meeting on Friday in Padang, Sumatra, which was hit by a powerful earthquake in late September.

He also hit out at rising decadence - proven, he said, by the availability of Indonesia-made pornographic DVDs in local markets - and called for tougher laws...

Wave a chicken around your head and your sins are forgiven??

Just remember this is the religion and its followers are the people that the Vatican II anti-popes call "our elder brothers in the faith" - and that most protestant heretics call "the chosen people" and practically worship them!

This religion is no different than New Orleans Voodoo!

btw - I am not a supporter of PETA - the reason that I posted this is to show what a bizarre religion Judaism really is and to try to wake people up to the truth of Scripture and illustrate what a satanic religion Judaism really is.

If you church supports Judaism in any way - you support this as well and are certainly a member of a false religion!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The First Sunday of Advent
In this illuminated miniature Saint Bernard is intoning the Introit of the First Sunday of Advent, Ad te levavi animam meam. He is lifting up his soul in the form of a newborn baby, the new liturgical year! God the Father, surrounded by angelic hosts, thrones in glory above him. To his left a choir of monks sings the Introit that Bernard has intoned.
Audio Sermon for the First Sunday in Advent
Given by Bishop Giles, OFM

Audio Sermon for the First Sunday in Advent
Given by Brother Bonaventure OFM

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Friday, November 27, 2009

St. Jerome on the Psalms
Dear Catholics,

There is nothing new under the sun, that is for certain. There is, however, always some beautiful reflection that is forgotten for many years, even centuries. Knowing now through the mouth of a priest in referring to the Modernists, that "they got rid of the Fathers of the Church", it seems imperative to bring forward the wisdom of the Fathers en force. For your spiritual benefit, I offer this bit of food from the holy father St. Jerome, on the vanity of our thoughts.

"Do you need proof that the thoughts of men are vain? A father and mother rear a son; they look forward with great promise to the fortune and happiness that he will bring them; they send him to school, give him the best education; he comes of age and they even arrange for his military service. After thirty years of careful and matured planning, along comes a slight fever and that is the end of all their schemes. I have an enemy with whom I must go to court, and the day of the trial is thirty days off; day and night I do nothing but prepare my defense. When I am in bed, all I do is frame answers to the charges of my enemy who is absent. My enemy is not present but my words are answering him as if he were. I rehearse in this way for days and nights. When the day of judgment arrives, however, all my carefully planned debate vanishes and I answer only what God inspires. That is precisely why the Lord says in the Gospel: 'And when they bring you before the magistrate, do not be anxious how or wherewith you will defend yourselves, or what you shall say, for the Lord will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say.' 'The Lord knows the thoughts of men, and that they are vain.' One preoccupation alone is worthwhile and wholesome- thinking about the Lord."

posted by Friar Bonaventure, OFM at 2:19 PM

It is impossible for the most true God, who is Truth itself, the best, the wisest Provider, and the Rewarder of good men, to approve all sects who profess false teachings which are often inconsistent with one another and contradictory, and to confer eternal rewards on their members… by divine faith we hold one Lord, one faith, one baptism… This is why we profess that there is no salvation outside the Church.”

(Ubi Primum # 14)

Pope Leo XII (1824):“
Isn't this interesting - 4 years ago, when we were looking for a church for our parish, the archdiocese did everything in their power to block us from purchasing any "catholic" church. I mean ANYTHING including lying and cheating. Well, well, boys - here are the "fruits" of your evil:

Vatican City - The Vatican on Thursday warned Italy's bishops against letting deserted churches be transformed into nightclubs if the decision was taken to sell the places of worship.Archbishop Gianfranco Ravasi, the Vatican's new culture commissar, urged "the greatest caution" after announcing that Roman Catholic churches with few worshippers could be sold off.

He gave the example of a church in Hungary which was "transformed into a nightclub and where striptease took place on the altar."The archbishop, who is president of the Pontifical Council for Culture, said dwindling numbers of worshippers at some churches meant it now made sense to sell, or even destroy, the buildings.

"Faced with falling number of worshippers, a phenomenon which we are also unfortunately witnessing in the centre of Rome, churches without any artistic value and which need significant work can be sold or destroyed," he told reporters. Italian bishops' groups would be responsible for deciding whether the sites should be sold, said Ravasi, adding each case would be separately

So the truth is - that they would destroy a church rather than sell it to a true Catholic group!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Here is my "Letter to the Editor":

I exhort all readers of The Sounder to take the time to read the wonderful , common sense article on Indifferentism (printed as a paid advertisement by Our Lady of the Rosary Roman Catholic Church in Waubeka) written by a validly ordained priest in 1934; then compare it to the article on the Thanksgiving Interfaith service.

When you have finished both articles, thoughtfully ask yourself the following questions:
1. Has there ever been a time in the history of the Catholic Church when a woman would have a title such as “pastoral associate”? A pastor of a Catholic Church is a validly ordained priest (or bishop) and his “pastoral associate” would be a validly ordained deacon or priest.

2. When in the history of the Catholic Church has there ever been a time when a woman would be giving the “homily”? According to Canon Law in the true Roman Catholic Church, women are NOT allowed to give sermons.

3. When in the history of the Catholic Church have true Catholics stooped to the level of any false churches by having a “service” with them instead of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

I’ll answer all three questions - it’s only been since the illicit, immoral, and invalid Vatican Council II. Before that, this would NEVER have happened. Do you really think that God is well pleased with this heretical, ecumenical mess?

I dare say NOT.

Satan has pulled out all of the stops and now we are circling the drain. Catholics, please take the time to read this superb article and then turn off your TV, iPod, radio, computer, cell phone or whatever else has your attention and MEDITATE on the truths that are contained in it.

Respectfully submitted,

Monday, November 23, 2009

Audio Sermon for the Last Sunday after Pentecost

Given by Bishop Giles, OFM

Audio Sermon for the Last Sunday After Pentecost

Given by Brother Bonaventure, OFM

A huge victory for Alternative Medicine?

remember desiree Jennings?

here is Desiree Jennings Website:
Climategate: the final nail in the coffin of 'Anthropogenic Global Warming'?

By James Delingpole Politics Last updated: November 20th, 2009

If you own any shares in alternative energy companies I should start dumping them NOW. The conspiracy behind the Anthropogenic Global Warming myth (aka AGW; aka ManBearPig) has been suddenly, brutally and quite deliciously exposed after a hacker broke into the computers at the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (aka Hadley CRU) and released 61 megabites of confidential files onto the internet. (Hat tip: Watts Up With That)

When you read some of those files – including 1079 emails and 72 documents – you realise just why the boffins at Hadley CRU might have preferred to keep them confidential. As Andrew Bolt puts it, this scandal could well be “the greatest in modern science”. These alleged emails – supposedly exchanged by some of the most prominent scientists pushing AGW theory – suggest:

Conspiracy, collusion in exaggerating warming data, possibly illegal destruction of embarrassing information, organised resistance to disclosure, manipulation of data, private admissions of flaws in their public claims and much more...

Sounds a great deal like the evolution hoax - doesn't it?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our congregation, Our Lady of the Rosary in Waubeka Wisconsin is located in Ozaukee County. For a reason that I will get to later, I was perusing the local newspaper and happened on this article:

29th Annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Service Arrives on Wed., Nov. 25
The 29th annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Service will be held on Wed., Nov. 25, at 7:30 p.m. in the Random Lake High School auditorium. All are invited to attend (the building is accessible to the disabled).
There will be a collection of non-perishable food and money for the Random Lake Area Interfaith Food Pantry. The collection is important for the pantry’s operation because food supplies are running low. Checks may be made payable to: Random Lake Ecumenical Association. There will be a collection of hats, gloves, mittens and scarves for distribution to area needy. Those who attend the service should bring all foodstuffs, clothing items and monetary donations forward to the stage during the offering portion of the program, which will follow the Bible readings and the meditation.
The homily will be presented by Deb Hamm, a pastoral associate at Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic Church of Random Lake, St. Mary Catholic Church of Lake Church and Holy Rosary Catholic Church of Fredonia.
Other participating congregations include St. John United Church of Christ, Random Lake; St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church, Random Lake, Zion United Methodist Church, Batavia; St. Martin U.C.C., Fillmore; New Horizon U.C.C., Town of Farmington. President Obama’s Thanksgiving Proclamation will be read by Nancy Eberhardt.
The music will be led by a community choir. Leslie Langan-Gluck is the director and Bev Schroeder is the pianist. The community choir will sing two anthems, “The Peace of God” by David Haas and “Hymn of Thanks” by Walker-Schram. The flute soloist will be Jessica Treppish. Hymns will include “We Gather Together,” “For The Beauty of the Earth,” and “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee.”Trooping the colors for the start and conclusion of the service will be members of Random Lake Memorial V.F.W. Post 10820.
The annual report vfrom the Random Lake Area Interfaith Food Pantry Board will be presented with details about the move to Adell during 2009. The first ecumenical Thanksgiving service in Random Lake took place in November 1981. A food pantry was organized in the following year..

Yes, there is a bogus ordo church in the next town with the name of "Holy Rosary" just for clarification purposes. Now the reason that this is newsworthy is that in the latest edition of the Sounder Newspaper which is the newpaper for this area, Father Bernard took out a paid advertisement. The reason that this is worth mentioning is because this is how the ad read:

Yes, Father had the entire article on Indifferentism printed word for word in this newpaper. It was truly ingenious on his part. This article is so perfect - how can you possible rebut what it says. Oh I'm sure some lost heretic will try but really, it says it all !
I EXHORT all of you to take the time to reread this very wonderful article on indifferentism and then compare what it says to the above article on the "Interfaith Thanksgiving Service". Do you really think God is well pleased with this abomination?

Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, one God in three persons, I present myself before you to give you thanks for all the blessings and mercies you have bestowed on me with so much bounty since the moment I came into the world. I thank you in particular, O my God, for having made me a member of the Third Order of you servant St. Francis.

I confess that the yoke of the holy order is not heavy, that its obligations are not difficult and that its blessings are many and great. I embrace anew the holy rule of our glorious father St. Francis. I ratify my profession and renew it with all my heart, promising again in the presence of your Divine majesty in honor of the immaculate Virgin Mary, of blessed father Francis, and of all the saints, to observe all the time of my life the commandments of God and the rule of the Third Order, as also to fulfill the penance imposed on me by my superiors for any transgressions against the rule.

O my God, with the assistance of your grace, I will, from this day forth, be more exact in the fulfillment of my duties as a Tertiary. Deign to bless this my resolution. Kindle in my heart the fire of your love that glowing with the warmth of your charity, I may be a true child of our seraphic father, and never cease to serve and love you.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 21

Feast of the Presentation of Mary

Mary’s presentation was celebrated in Jerusalem in the sixth century. A church was built there in honor of this mystery. The Eastern Church was more interested in the feast, but it does appear in the West in the 11th century. Although the feast at times disappeared from the calendar, in the 16th century it became a feast of the universal Church.

As with Mary’s birth, we read of Mary’s presentation in the temple only in apocryphal literature. In what is recognized as an unhistorical account, the Protoevangelium of James tells us that Anna and Joachim offered Mary to God in the Temple when she was three years old. This was to carry out a promise made to God when Anna was still childless.

Though it cannot be proven historically, Mary’s presentation has an important theological purpose. It continues the impact of the feasts of the Immaculate Conception and of the birth of Mary. It emphasizes that the holiness conferred on Mary from the beginning of her life on earth continued through her early childhood and beyond.

It is sometimes difficult for modern Westerners to appreciate a feast like this. The Eastern Church, however, was quite open to this feast and even somewhat insistent about celebrating it. Even though the feast has no basis in history, it stresses an important truth about Mary: From the beginning of her life, she was dedicated to God. She herself became a greater temple than any made by hands. God came to dwell in her in a marvelous manner and sanctified her for her unique role in God's saving work. At the same time, the magnificence of Mary enriches her children. They, too, are temples of God and sanctified in order that they might enjoy and share in God's saving work.

Her Doctrine and Morals
Last Sunday after Pentecost
22 November 2009

Dear Friend,
Christ warns us of the end of time. We are to be able to see and understand the signs of the end just as we can see the tender leaves of the fig tree bursting forth and know undoubtedly that summer is near.

Our Lord makes reference to Daniel the prophet and the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place. In the book of Daniel (xii, 11) we read: "And from the time when the continual sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination unto desolation shall be set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred ninety days."

So if we look to Daniel we see that first the continual sacrifice shall be taken away. The continual sacrifice seems to refer to the Sacrifice of the Mass. With the implementation of the false "Vatican II" council it appears clearly that the Sacrifice of the Mass was taken away. All mention of sacrifice was removed from their ceremonies. A table and a meal supplanted an altar and a sacrifice. And so almost overnight, the continual sacrifice was taken away, but not completely.

There remained at least one true Catholic successor to the Apostles who continued offering this sacrifice and likewise empowered and commissioned others to continue this sacrifice. And thus this terrible demonic sign was prevented from completely establishing itself. It is the true Bishops and priests who still offer this continual sacrifice that are holding back the heavy wrathful hand of God. As long as the Son of God is made present and lifted up in sacrifice to atone for our sins and beg mercy from God, we will continue to be spared. As frightening as it may seem the fate of this world hangs upon shoulders of the few true bishops and priests as they continue this mission (offering the continual sacrifice) in a world steeped in evil and sin.

Following the taking away of the continual sacrifice is the abomination unto desolation being set up in the holy place. We have witnessed Catholic churches throughout the world turned from houses of God into houses of men. Tabernacles, altars, communion rails, and crucifixes all taken away and if they are replaced with something it is always an abomination of what once was there. The house of God once filled with His presence in the Holy Eucharist and His abundant graces are now desolate. They are empty. "Vanity of vanity and all is vanity". In replacing God with man we clearly see the emptiness and nothingness of man and can observe this not only in the externals of the modernist churches but more importantly in their ceremonies and devotions. All true, sound, and solid worship and devotion is gone. There is a lot of pomp, ceremony and noise, but it is the tinkling of cymbals and the sounding of brass. It is just meaningless noise.

All this seems to be the preparation for the next and greater abomination. We first witnessed the driving out of Christ, then we saw the establishment of man in His place, and it seems logical that next will follow man stepping aside to allow Satan to openly be honored worshiped and praised in these places. This is the goal of the antichrists today just as it has always been the goal of the antichrists throughout history.

The devils have won a great many battles in taking over mankind, but the war is not yet over. The fight is still raging on. And whether we like to admit it or not our souls are the great battle grounds. There is a war going on for our souls and the outcome of this war has been placed in our own hands. Our weakened hands and sinful hearts have been called upon to fight the good fight. Humbly seeing our inability to judge and act correctly, we must call upon Christ (especially in the Holy Eucharist) to come to our aid and give us the strength and courage to fight manfully this fight to the end. We must never allow the devils to make our souls desolate by driving out the grace of God, and even more so must we never allow the devils to come and take up residence in our souls. For this would truly be the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place, and would be the end at least for us even if it is not for the entire world.

In our struggle for our own souls we likewise struggle for the world. As long as a remnant hangs on and remains faithful the desolation is not complete. And it is the grace of God that comes to us in the continual sacrifice of the Mass that nourishes and keeps the remnant alive and fighting.

The world will end. The things Christ has foretold will come to pass, but we must not become a part of the evil that brings it about. Our lives will end and at that moment we will be judged as to whether Christ is reigning, or the abomination of desolation is reigning in our souls. The choice of who reigns in our souls is in our own hands, let us look and read the signs while we still have time to change things for ourselves and for the world. We must do all in our power to support and preserve the continual sacrifice of the Mass, to give grace to our souls and to spare ourselves and the world from the immediate wrath of God.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Just when you thought things couldn't get much more evil than they are...

'Fat for cosmetics' murder suspects arrested in Peru

Four people have been arrested in Peru on suspicion of killing dozens of people in order to sell their fat and tissue for cosmetic uses in Europe.

The gang allegedly targeted people on remote roads, luring them with fake job offers before killing them and extracting their fat.

The liquidised product fetched $15,000 (£9,000) a litre and police suspect it was sold on to companies in Europe.

At least five other suspects, including two Italian nationals, remain at large.

Police said the gang could be behind the disappearances of up to 60 people in Peru's Huanuco and Pasco regions.

One of those arrested told police the ringleader had been killing people for their fat for more than three decades....

Remember when you used to think that cops were manly men?

Cop Tasers girl for resisting bedtime

The local police chief in Ozark, Arkansas is standing behind one of his officers who tasered a 10-year-old girl who was refusing to go to bed...
Researcher says text proves Shroud of Turin real

ROME – A Vatican researcher claims a nearly invisible text on the Shroud of Turin proves the authenticity of the artifact revered as Jesus' burial cloth.

The claim made in a new book by historian Barbara Frale drew immediate skepticism from some scientists, who maintain the shroud is a medieval forgery.

Frale, a researcher at the Vatican archives, said Friday that she used computers to enhance images of faintly written words in Greek, Latin and Aramaic scattered across the shroud.

She asserts the words include the name "Jesus Nazarene" in Greek, proving the text could not be of medieval origin because no Christian at the time, even a forger, would have labeled Jesus a Nazarene without referring to his divinity.

The shroud bears the figure of a crucified man, complete with blood seeping out of nailed hands and feet, and believers say Christ's image was recorded on the linen fibers at the time of his resurrection.

The fragile artifact, owned by the Vatican, is kept locked in a special protective chamber in Turin's cathedral and is rarely shown.

Skeptics point out that radiocarbon dating conducted in 1988 determined it was made in the 13th or 14th century.

While faint letters scattered around the face on the shroud were seen decades ago, serious researchers dismissed them due to the test's results, Frale told The Associated Press.

But when she cut out the words from photos of the shroud and showed them to experts they concurred the writing style was typical of the Middle East in the first century — Jesus' time.

She believes the text was written on a document by a clerk and glued to the shroud over the face so the body could be identified by relatives and buried properly. Metals in the ink used at the time may have allowed the writing to transfer to the linen, Frale claimed.

Frale claimed the text also partially confirms the Gospels' account of Jesus' final moments. A fragment in Greek that can be read as "removed at the ninth hour" may refer to Christ's time of death reported in the holy texts, she said.

On an enhanced image studied by Frale, at least seven words can be seen, fragmented and scattered on and around Jesus' face, crisscrossing the cloth vertically and horizontally. One short sequence of Aramaic letters has not been translated. Another Latin fragment — "iber" — may refer to Emperor Tiberius, who reigned at the time of Jesus' crucifixion, Frale said...

The evidence that this cloth is the authentic burial cloth of our Lord is overwhelming - even without this newest bit of evidence.

Just in case you are tempted to think that Palin is a "good" politician:

Just remember - this "expansion" means the eviction and demolition of Palestinian homes with no compensation for their loss - many times they lose their lives as well as their homes.

Laugh of the day:

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Priesthood of the New and Everlasting Covenant in the Catholic Church
Throughout the Liturgical Year, we often see that Jesus Christ is referred to as the Eternal High Priest. It is in the glowing light of this brilliant gem of Catholic Wisdom that we wish to present several precious pieces from the vast treasury of our glorious history as descendants of the disciples of Our Lord.

During His interrogation, as we learn from St. Leo the Great, "Caiphas, in order to excite their hatred against what was said, rent his garments, and thus deprived himself of the priestly dignity, by transgressing the precept; which, speaking of the high priest, says: He shall not uncover his head, and his garments he shall not rend." Lev. 21, 10

Further luminous rays are cast upon this pearl of contemplation by the humble Bede the Venerable, when he eloquently states: "By the high priest rending his garments he shows, that the Jewish priesthood, on account of their crimes, was now dissolved; whereas the tunic of Christ, by which the one true Catholic Church is prefigured, was seamless, and not to be divided." Amen.
posted by Friar Bonaventure, OFM

St. Elizabeth of Hungary
Patron services, tertiaries, widows, and young brides
Elizabeth was born in Hungary in 1207, the daughter of Alexander II, King of Hungary. At the age of four she was sent for education to the court of the Landgrave of Thuringia, to whose infant son she was betrothed. As she grew in age, her piety also increased by leaps and bounds. In 1221, she married Louis of Thuringia and in spite of her position at court began to lead an austerely simple life, practiced penance, and devoted herself to works of charity.
Her husband was himself much inclined to
religion and highly esteemed her virtue, encouraging her in her exemplary life. They had three children when tragedy struck - Louis was killed while fighting with the Crusaders. After his death, Elizabeth left the court, made arrangements for the care of her children, and in 1228, renounced the world, becoming a tertiary of St. Francis. She built the Franciscan hospital at Marburg and devoted herself to the care of the sick until her death at the age of 24 in 1231.
Elizabeth is the patron saint of bakers, countesses, death of children, falsely accused, the homeless, nursing services, tertiaries, widows, and young brides. Her symbols are alms, flowers, bread, the poor, and a pitcher.
Vatican II Church has no problem at all with sexually perverted homosexual clergy! You just can't make this stuff up!

Study debunks theories on priests' sex abuse
U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in Baltimore

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

By Ann Rodgers, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

BALTIMORE -- Researchers at New York's John Jay College of Criminal Justice, reporting initial findings in their look into causes of the Catholic church's 2002 sexual-abuse scandal, yesterday said they can't attribute it to gay priests or seminaries for teenagers.

"We do not have data to support ... those assertions," said Karen Terry, lead researcher for the $1.8 million study commissioned by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, which is meeting this week in Baltimore.

Dr. Terry presented her interim report on the same day that the bishops conference also adopted a pastoral letter on marriage and a statement on reproductive technologies and approved the final part of a new translation of the Mass.

Some Catholic leaders have contended that because 80 percent of the abuse victims were male, the crisis must have been caused by gay priests acting out. But Dr. Terry said she found that abusers were confused about their sexuality and had poor social skills, but had no clear pattern of homosexual behavior...

Yea - 80% of the victims were male - but homosexuality is not the problem at all!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Not sure what to make of this video, but it is very interesting:

the article below is the most updated news on what the video addressed:


A DEADLY plague could sweep across Europe, doctors fear, after an outbreak of a virus in Ukraine plunged the country and its neighbours into a state of panic.

A cocktail of three flu viruses are reported to have mutated into a single pneumonic plague, which it is believed may be far more dangerous than swine flu. The death toll has reached 189 and more than 1 million people have been infected, most of them in the nine regions of Western Ukraine...

Israel angers U.S. by approving new WBank homes

By Ori Lewis

JERUSALEM, Nov 17 (Reuters) - Israel triggered a fresh rift with Washington over settlement building on Tuesday by approving the building of 900 homes for Jews on West Bank land it occupied in a 1967 war and annexed to its Jerusalem municipality.

The Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth said U.S. President Barack Obama's envoy, George Mitchell, had asked an aide to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, at a meeting in London on Monday, to block the proposed construction at the settlement of Gilo.

But a government planning commission approved the addition of 900 housing units at Gilo, where 40,000 Israelis already live.

The Israeli decision drew an unusually sharply worded rebuke from the White House, which said it was "dismayed" and accused Israel of undermining Obama's efforts to resume peace talks with Palestinians stalled since December.

"At a time when we are working to relaunch negotiations, these actions make it more difficult for our efforts to succeed," White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said.

In his statement, Gibbs also said the United States objected to continued evictions and demolitions of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also deplored the Israeli move, spokesman Farhan Haq said. Ban "believes that such actions undermine efforts for peace and cast doubt on the viability of the two-state solution" for Israelis and Palestinians, he said.

Nabil Abu Rdaineh, aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, said Israel's move "destroys the last chances for the peace process." Abbas has said peace talks stalled since December may resume only once Israel freezes settlement construction...

This is so predictable - every time there is an announcement that peace talks are supposedly working - Israel starts demolition of Palestinian homes and evicting Palestinians from their homes and communities. Then there will be some sort of retaliation from the Palestinians and it will be reported in the Jewnited States of America that the Palestinians are destroying the peace process!

Can you imagine what it must be like for these poor Palestinians living under the thumb of these filthy satanic Zionists?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dear Catholics,

Here is an important point of doctrine that needs to be brought to our attention often.

Let this video serve to strengthen your resolve in the faithful following of your shepherds.

Peace and many blessings,
Deacon Bonaventure, OFM --

Posted By Friar Bonaventure, OFM to De Profundis Clamavi ad Te, Domine at 11/17/2009 08:51:00 AM

Incredible proof of apostasy right here in our city- teaching Muslim children to be better Muslims - just what "Mother Teresa" advocated!

Midwest Catholic-Muslim dialogue meets in Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wis., Nov 16, 2009 / 07:38 pm (CNA).-

Muslims and Catholics met at the Midwest Catholic Muslim Interreligious Dialogue in Milwaukee Oct. 25-27. There they discussed common concerns such as religion in the public square and efforts to maintain religious practice among younger generations.

The annual meeting was hosted by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee’s Office for Ecumenical and Interreligious Initiatives and the Islamic Society of Milwaukee. Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit Francis Reiss represented the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) as co-chair of the meeting, while the Muslim co-chair was Dr. Syyid M. Syeed of the Islamic Society of North America.
The meeting began on Oct. 25 with a well-attended public lecture titled “Faithful Citizenship – Catholic and Muslim Engagement in Civic Life,” held at the Islamic Center School, the USCCB reports.

Michael Hovey, coordinator for the Archdiocese of Detroit’s Office for Ecumenical and Interfaith Affairs, delivered a Catholic perspective on the topic. Dr. Irfan Omar, Professor of Islamic Studies at Marquette University, gave an Islamic perspective.

On Oct. 26 the dialogue continued at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist with the lecture “The Nature and Dignity of the Human Person: Implications for the Public Square.” The lecturers were Fr. Leo Walsh, associate director of the USCCB’s Secretariat of Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs, and Dr. Zeki Saritoprak of John Carroll University in Cleveland.

The speakers noted several points of commonality in the experiences of both Catholics and Muslims, especially their histories of being immigrant communities in the U.S.

Speaking at a luncheon, Bishop Reiss emphasized that practical cooperation between Catholics and Muslims in the public square is increasingly important in an era when society does not value the contribution of theology and religious conviction in public discourse.

According to the USCCB, other sessions at the meeting explored the dignity of the family. Presenters included Joan Crist, PhD., who is a Calumet College of St. Joseph professor and Coordinator of Ecumenism and Interreligious Affairs for the Diocese of Gary, Indiana. Dr. Zulfiquar Ali Shah, Imam for the Islamic Society of Milwaukee, was also a speaker.

The speakers said cultural and socio-economic factors such as suburban sprawl are challenges to all people of faith, as is the need to maintain family life and religious heritage in the next generation.

Members of the dialogue discussed plans to publish the results of their conversations and expressed a desire to work with the members of the West Coast and Mid-Atlantic regional Muslim-Catholic dialogues.

The next meeting of the Midwest Muslim-Catholic Dialogue is scheduled for October 2010, the USCCB says. The Dialogue has been sponsored by the USCCB’s interreligious committee and the Islamic Society of North America since 1996.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Audio Sermon for the 24th Sunday after Pentecost
Given by Bishop Giles, OFM

Audio Sermon for the 24th Sunday after Pentecost
Given by Brother Bonaventure, OFM

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My brother got a decent buck with his bow - Congrats Tom!

Jesus, my Lord, my God, my all!

How can I love Thee as I ought?

And how revere this wondrous gift,

So far surpassing hope or thought?

Refrain:Sweet Sacrament, we Thee adore!

Oh, make us love Thee more and more.

Oh, make us love Thee more and more.

2. Had I but Mary's sinless heart

To love Thee with , my dearest King,

Oh, with what ever fervent praise,

Thy goodness, Jesus, would I sing!

Refrain:Sweet Sacrament, we Thee adore!
Oh, make us love Thee more and more.
Oh, make us love Thee more and more.

Doctor Retracts H1N1 Vaccine Advice After Reading Insert!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Elijah ... Will come; the Jews will believe; AntiChrist will persecute; Christ will judge; the dead will rise; the good and the wicked will be separated; the world will be burned and renewed. All these things, we believe, will come to pass; but how, or in what order, human understanding cannot perfectly teach us -- we will know only when we have experienced the events themselves.

St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430AD) on the Apocalypse

Her Doctrine and Morals
Twenty-Fourth Sunday after Pentecost
15 November 2009

Dear Friend,

Today we are reminded that it is the little things that are important. The Kingdom of Heaven is built upon the small and the insignificant. Christ compares His Kingdom to a mustard seed or leaven in bread dough. The greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven Christ tells His apostles is not the strongest or the smartest, but is the humblest and the simplest. And to illustrate He took to Himself a little child and told us, we must become child-like if we wish to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

The King, Christ Himself, humbled Himself and became the least of us. He came to this earth to serve and not to be served. He imposed upon the Apostles that they serve one another as He has served them. The head of the Apostles was given the commandment to serve the others, and in this vein popes have traditionally signed themselves as the Servant of the servants of Christ. Christ has further informed us that those who exalt themselves will be humbled and those who humble themselves will be exalted.

We are often led away or carried away by the grandeur and show of the things of this world. And all too many times we are likewise distracted by the show and grandeur of false religions. The oft repeated question: "Can so many people be wrong?" is presented as an argument that numbers, power, and size make right. And this demonic deception quite frequently succeeds in deceiving the unwary.

History and our own simple intelligence tell us that the majority is almost, if not always, wrong. Truth is in the minority. Christ and His followers were always a minority even when He was followed by crowds. It was the majority in the crowd that cried out for His blood.

God has consistently chosen the humble, the weak, the insignificant of this world to work His greatest wonders and to manifest His glory. In this way it is assured that only God will receive the merit and glory of His works. All will know that the simple humble human instrument was only the tool used by God. This is something that every one of the saints understood. But, especially we may look to St. Francis of Assisi as an illustrious example of this wonder of God's mercy and grace to us.

St. Francis took Christ's words and directives to the Apostles most literally to heart. He strove to fulfill within himself as perfectly as he could all that Christ had said to do. The rule of St. Francis has been taken straight from the Gospels. Sell all that you have and give it to the poor and come follow me. Carry neither purse nor staff. Etc. But, principally St. Francis took to heart Christ's many directives to humble ourselves. St. Francis sought to be the least and to be the servant of everyone else.

And from the germ of this little humble man, St. Francis, grew arguably the most magnificent order in the Church.

In his humble and obedient love, St. Francis became a perfect reflection of Christ himself. The greatest display of love is in sincere imitation. St. Francis perfected this love and imitation to the point that he was given the most impressive sign of God's favor upon him with the very wounds of Christ Himself impressed in his own body.
St. Francis did not seek honor, titles, or glory. He only desired humility, lowliness and poverty. He desired to follow as closely as possible in the very life and footsteps of Jesus. And as a reward for this profound love and imitation to the point of extreme self-denial, St. Francis has now been lifted up to the very heights of Heaven. And his order has been prophesied to be the last surviving true religious order in the Church.

This extreme love and imitation is not for everyone. Not all are called to follow Our Lord and St. Francis in this absolute poverty, celibacy, suffering, etc. There are many saints who were rich, lived comfortably, were married etc. But, all are called to humility. All are called upon to see that they are truly insignificant or nothing and that God is Everything.

We can see clearly from today's gospel that Jesus is telling us that this is how His Kingdom is built. We see further proof of this in the lives of the saints. The Faith, our reason and even history all point out to us the truth in this. Why then do we still look for the grand and the spectacular or to a majority to follow? Why will we not find peace, joy, and contentment in humbly denying ourselves; taking up our crosses and following after Jesus amidst the mockery, scorn and ridicule of the majority? Is it not better to be alone with Christ in suffering and hardship than to be in a crowd celebrating as we damn ourselves to an eternal misery in Hell?
Ft. Hood ‘hero’ story changes

Shortly after last week's Ft. Hood shooting massacre, Sgt. Kimberly Munley of the Killeen, TX, police department was widely credited as the heroic cop who brought Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan's rampage to an end by shooting him four times while being wounded by gunfire herself. A Ft. Hood official told the media that the diminutive Munley, who was shot in both legs and one of her wrists, fired on Hasan twice, which then drew his attention to her, and then fired again while she was on the ground. But now it appears as though that account was inaccurate and that another Killeen police officer, Sgt. Mark Todd, was actually the person who fired the shots that brought down Hasan.

The widespread belief that Munley was the one who brought down Hasan, who survived but may be paralyzed according to his lawyer, began to unravel earlier in the week when an anonymous witness told the New York Times that he saw Todd, not Munley, bring down the Army psychiatrist as he attempted to reload his weapon. The witness said that Hasan shot Munley as she rounded a corner, knocking her to the ground. Hasan then turned his back to Munley as he attempted to put another magazine into his pistol, and it was then that Todd saw Hasan fumbling with the weapon and shot him, according to the witness...

Like I have said repeatedly - if the official story was true - this man would have had to reload his weapon SEVERAL times so shoot as many people and rounds as he supposedly did. Look how this was described: "he attempted to reload" - "saw Hasan FUMBLING with the weapon" to reload it.

Remember this was a room full of combat trained and experienced soldiers - and we are to believe that as he "fumbled" and "attempted" to reload his weapon several times - all of these combat trained and experienced soldiers just cowered in a corner somewhere waiting to be shot! They just waited for the civilian police to arrive and save them - hmmm.

Btw where were the MP's during all of this?

also note how many times the story and details of the story have changed in just a few days.

This whole story is bovine excrement - and it is being used to foster more hate and more support for these unjust and immoral wars in the middle east!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Ft. Hood: Official story full of holes
Any topic that can be construed as a conspiracy theory is a writers' worst nightmare. That label has negative connotations and writing about anything that can be put in that category usually creates more problems than it is worth. It generates hate mail from both sides of the political spectrum and that is a headache that most writers would rather not deal with.

One of the ironies in dealing with the plethora of information that is available through print, television and electronic media is that it often does not add up and at times is contradictory. The more information there is, the more inconsistencies that can be found. That does not make any topic a conspiracy theory, it just makes it what it is...questionable. A good example is what allegedly happened at Ft. Hood last week.

For the record, any theories regarding what happened at Ft. Hood are up to readers to make. This commentary will not try to tell you what happened, but the information at hand does suggest what did not happen. Yet again it is the "official" story that should be questioned. You can come to your own conclusions. I must, however, start with a few conversations I have had with ex-military personnel since the incident.

After the horrible massacre at Ft. Hood, I spoke with a few people who served in the military. A retired army Capt. who served 7 years in the 173rd Airborne including time as a S-3 in a RSTA squadron said this: "There is no way a psychiatrist - basically an intellectual desk jockey - shot off hundreds of rounds with two pistols and hit about 40 people without being subdued by someone. Come on! He wasn't a trained assassin or a special ops commando shooting up a mall. He would have had to reload and that means putting one of the pistols down and reloading the other with seasoned combat vets in that deployment center. It only takes seconds to reload, but it only takes a second to subdue him."

A retired MP, Michael Martinez also said: "No way! That would be impossible. Even if he had two semi-auto pistols [according to early reports he used a 9mm and a .357 revolver to gun down over 40 people] he would still have had to stop to reload and someone would have jumped his ass. Most people on base aren't carrying [weapons], but MPs are and they would have been there in a heartbeat."

SFC Donald Buswell said, "I spent 10 years at Ft Hood. There is no way this 'official' story is legitimate. No way would a room full of combat vets allow this one shooter to get off over 100 rounds! And, it is not normal for the outside security guards to be there. They are at the MP station, and at the main gates. This means the room full of soldiers processing must have been pinned down; multiple shooters is the only plausible scenario. This sounds like Maj. Hasan has been used, and perhaps is a patsy."

Michael Gaddy, an army veteran of Vietnam, Beirut and Grenada writes: "The facts as presented by the Army and the media [about] the shooting at Fort Hood just don’t compute. People on the ground have told me cell phone towers were jammed to prevent unauthorized dissemination of information after the shooting."

A look at these articles in chronological order paints a very confusing picture. I am not even going to speculate on what really happened at Ft. Hood, but my bovine excrement meter is maxing out at the official story. I encourage you to read and come to your own conclusions.
Lori Price, writing for Citizens for Legitimate Government, did an excellent job of compiling articles from the media that came out in the early moments and the aftermath of the shootings.

Here are some of her articles as well as some that I have found.

Nov. 5, 2009: Lt. Gen. Bob Cone, the commander of III Corps, said that at least one gunman opened fire at the base's Soldiers Readiness Processing Center where soldiers were receiving medical and dental exams prior to deployment. The gunman's fire was returned (Cone did not say by whom) and the gunman was killed. "The shooter was killed. He was a soldier. We since then have apprehended two additional soldiers who are suspects, and I would go into the point that there were eyewitness accounts that there may have been more than one shooter."

Nov. 5, 2009: CNN reports that a senior officer who was playing golf near Fort Hood, Texas, told CNN he witnessed the arrest of one of the two surviving suspects of the shooting at the Army installation. After being told by MPs to clear the area, he ducked into a nearby house for cover as 30 to 40 cars carrying more MPs approached. He said he saw a soldier in battle-dress uniform, his hands in the air. The MPs ordered him to lie on the ground and open his uniform, presumably to ensure he was not carrying explosives, the senior officer said. He said an MP told him that authorities considered the man to be a suspect in the shootings after having overheard the man say he was with the shooter. The man was surrounded for 25 to 30 minutes, until a convoy of vehicles arrived, led by a Ford Crown Victoria and carrying men in suits, and he was taken away, the senior officer said.

Nov. 5, 2009: In an interview with Fox News, a man claiming to be the suspect's cousin, Nader Hasan, said that Major Hasan considered an upcoming deployment to Iraq "his worst nightmare." Nader Hasan added that his cousin wasn't violent, telling Fox News: "He wasn't somebody who even enjoyed going to the firing range." It was unclear whether Hasan acted alone. Lt. Gen. Cone said three soldiers who'd been taken into custody as possible accomplices had been released.

Nov. 5, 2009: Federal law enforcement officials say the suspected Ft. Hood shooter had come to their attention at least six months ago because of internet postings that discussed suicide bombings and other threats. He is a graduate of Virginia Tech University, where he was a member of the ROTC and earned a bachelor's degree in biochemistry in 1997. He received his medical degree from the military's Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Md., in 2001. At Walter Reed, he did his internship, residency and a fellowship.

Nov. 5, 2009: The New York Times reports: Clad in a military uniform and firing an automatic pistol and another weapon, Major Hasan, a balding, chubby-faced man with heavy eyebrows, sprayed bullets inside a crowded medical processing center for soldiers returning from or about to be sent overseas, military officials said. The victims, nearly all military personnel but including two civilians, were cut down in clusters, the officials said. Three other soldiers, their roles unclear, were taken into custody in connection with the rampage. The office of Representative John Carter, Republican of Texas, said they were later released, but a Fort Hood spokesman could not confirm that.

Nov. 6, 2009: Army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, about to be deployed to a combat zone overseas, shouted a religious slogan in Arabic before going on the rampage at the Central Texas base Thursday, the base commander said. Lt. Gen. Robert Cone said that witnesses heard Hasan exclaim "Allahu Akbar!" before opening fire. The phrase means "God is great!" in Arabic. Early Thursday, Hasan showed no signs of worry or stress when he stopped at 7-Eleven for his daily breakfast of hash browns, said Jeannie Strickland, the store's manager. “He came in (Thursday) morning just like normal,” she said.

Nov. 6, 2009: CNN, however, claims he was wearing religious clothing and supposedly has a video to prove it. Federal law enforcement officials then told the Associated Press that Hasan had come to their attention at least six months ago because of Internet postings that discussed suicide bombings and other threats. CNN also reports that Hasan used a FN 5.7-millimeter pistol, a semi-automatic with a high-velocity 20-round capacity (unlike a 9mm) purchased legally at Guns Galore, a Killeen gun shop and another gun, identified only as a type of revolver. The high casualty rate is attributed to the "more than 100 rounds" fired by the gunman and the relatively small size of the room. More than 100 rounds fired means Hasam would have had to reload at least five times in close quarters with combat veterans surrounding him.

Nov. 6, 2009: From the Guardian UK. Ford Hood's deputy base commander, Colonel John G Rossi, said about 500 soldiers were in the area when Hasan entered the facility wearing a military uniform. He shot some victims at close range and others were injured as the bullets ricocheted, Rossi said. Troops are not allowed to carry firearms on the base and armed military police quickly swarmed to the scene. The base went into lockdown for several hours amid fears other gunmen were involved.

Nov. 7, 2009: The LA Times reports, Hasan, who had prayed at his mosque that morning, allegedly mumbled something to himself -- it may have been a prayer -- then jumped up. Witnesses reported that he said: "Allahu akbar," Arabic for "God is great." Inside the Readiness Center, Pfc. Marquest Smith, 21, was in a cubicle, across the desk from an employee, finishing paperwork ahead of his deployment in January to Afghanistan. Smith dragged several victims outside and returned to help others. He kept hearing popping. Then a pause. Then whispers: "He's reloading!" Smith saw the gunman, whose back was to him. He ran outside. The gunman fired after him. It takes seconds to place a new magazine into a pistol's grip; the gunman reloaded more than once, investigators said, and moved around the crowded room in a half-moon pattern before going outside into a courtyard.

Nov. 7, 2009: AP report claims that at least six months ago, Hasan came to the attention of law enforcement officials because of Internet postings about suicide bombings and other threats, including posts that equated suicide bombers to soldiers who throw themselves on a grenade to save the lives of their comrades. They had not confirmed Hasan is the author of the posting, and a formal investigation had not been opened before the shooting, said law enforcement officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to discuss the case. Federal authorities seized Hasan's computer Friday during a search of his apartment in Killeen, Texas, said a U.S. military official who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation.

Confusing enough yet? Now let's simplify it:

Major Nidal Malik Hasan prayed at the same mosque as two of the September 11 terrorists, according to a report published in the Sunday Telegraph. According to ABC news, U.S. intelligence agencies were aware months ago that Hasan was attempting to make contact with an individual associated with al Qaeda, two American officials briefed on classified material in the case told ABC News.

Now there are a few problems. The first is that if Hasan was being watched for six months and intelligence agencies knew of his ties to a radical cleric, why didn't anyone do anything about him before he shot up an army base? Is domestic spying worthless? (rhetorical question). Secondly, a search of his computers by law enforcement agencies revealed no communications with any terrorist organizations, and it is safe bet that all of his cell phone records, electronic transactions and everything else about his life have been scrutinized by now. Yet nothing? And thirdly, he's still alive and not talking. Not again mentioning the supposed fact that one highly trained desk jockey managed to fire hundreds of rounds from a semi-auto pistol and a revolver, hitting over 40 people, some of them repeatedly, in a building full of combat-trained soldiers.

Sounds to me like the intell boys have a lot of explaining to do. My bovine excrement meter is off the chart... How about yours?

Update: 12 Nov 2009. Here's a link from with some video clips to corraborate some of the news stories referenced above.