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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dear Friends,Here is the link for the
May God bless you.
+Bishop Giles OFM

Kasper begs Anglicans to stay faithful
Published: July 31, 2008

Addressing the Lambeth Conference "as a friend" yesterday, Vatican Cardinal Walter Kasper said the Anglican communion needs to find ways to encourage the active role of women in the church while remaining faithful to tradition and scripture.
Catholic News Service reports Cardinal Kasper, who is president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, was addressing a session for bishops attending the Anglican Communion's Lambeth Conference, which is held once every 10 years, in England.Offering "Roman Catholic Reflections on the Anglican Communion," the cardinal told the bishops he spoke "as a friend" representing a Church committed to dialogue with Anglicans and praying that the Anglican Communion does not split as a result of differences over ordaining women and over homosexuality.
The ordination of women bishops, the blessing of same sex unions and the ordination of an openly gay bishop in some Anglican provinces are seen as practices that will make Roman Catholic-Anglican unity impossible, in addition to straining relations among Anglicans.The text of his presentation was published in the Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano.In his address, the cardinal said, "We hope that we will not be drawn apart, and that we will be able to remain in serious dialogue in search of full unity so that the world may believe."Cardinal Kasper told the bishops, "It is a strength of Anglicanism that even in the midst of difficult circumstances, you have sought the views and perspectives of your ecumenical partners, even when you have not always particularly rejoiced in what we have said."He said even as the Roman Catholic Church prays that Anglicans will find ways to strengthen their communion the bishops must remember that what is at stake "is nothing other than our faithfulness to Christ himself."The Catholic Church is convinced that its teaching that homosexual activity is sinful "is well-founded in the Old and in the New Testament" as well as in the tradition of Christianity, he said.Cardinal Kasper said, the popes have made it very clear to Anglican leaders that the Roman Catholic Church is convinced that because Jesus chose only men to be his apostles the Church has no authority to ordain women."The Catholic Church finds herself bound by the will of Jesus Christ and does not feel free to establish a new tradition alien to the tradition of the Church of all ages," the cardinal told the bishops.The ordination of women priests in many Anglican provinces and the authorisation for women bishops in several provinces means "the Catholic Church must now take account of the reality that the ordination of women to the priesthood and the episcopate is not only a matter of isolated provinces, but that this is increasingly the stance of the communion," he said.Cardinal Kasper told the bishops that he had to be clear about the impact those decisions would have on Roman Catholic-Anglican relations."While our dialogue has led to significant agreement on the understanding of ministry, the ordination of women to the episcopate effectively and definitively blocks a possible recognition of Anglican orders by the Catholic Church," he said."It now seems that full visible communion as the aim of our dialogue has receded further," he said.The dialogue will continue and "could still lead to good results," the cardinal said, but "it would not be sustained by the dynamism which arises from the realistic possibility of the unity Christ asks of us, or the shared partaking of the one Lord's table, for which we so earnestly long."
Since when are the Anglicans a true sect??????? What are they staying faithful to?? Heresy:???
Are astronauts psychotic puppets?

Apollo 14 astronaut claims aliens HAVE made contact - but it has been covered up for 60 years!

Aliens have contacted humans several times but governments have hidden the truth for 60 years, the sixth man to walk on the moon has claimed.

Apollo 14 astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell, said he was aware of many UFO visits to Earth during his career with NASA but each one was covered up...

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Recounts Apollo 11 UFO Encounter

In SUPPORT of MY FRIEND, Courageous, US NASA ASTRONAUT, Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14!

I, Clark C. McClelland, former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, personally observed an 8 to 9 foot tall ET on my 27 inch video monitors while on duty in the Kennedy Space Center, Launch Control Center (LCC). The ET was standing upright in the Space Shuttle Payload Bay having a discussion with TWO tethered US NASA Astronauts!

Eric Hufschmid has some interesting views about how strange astronauts behave: here

The Portiuncula indulgence
1. The Portiuncula indulgence, which we can gain every year on the first Sunday of August, we owe to the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi. In the year 513 four hermits who had visited the holy places in Palestine, came to Italy and settled down in Spoleto, in the vicinity of Assisium. There they built a little chapel, which afterwards came into the possession of the Benedictines and had various names, of which the most common was The Portiuncula church. The Benedictines held possession of it up to the thirteenth century. About that time there lived in Assisi a very pious and holy man, named Francis. In the year 1210 he founded a new Order, the Order of the Friars Minor, at present known throughout the whole world under the name of the Franciscan Order. As this saint esteemed poverty and lowliness above all, he greatly loved the poor little Portiuncula church and besought the Benedictine Abbot to let him and the brothers of his Order have the little church for their use, which request the Abbot cheerfully granted. From that date the little Portiuncula church, which in course of time was enlarged and beautified, has remained in the possession of the Franciscans.
It was in this little church that St. Francis implored of God the Portiuncula indulgence. One day (it was in October, 1221) while he was bitterly weeping in his cell over poor, unfortunate sinners, an angel suddenly appeared and told him that the Son of God in company with his Virgin Mother and a host of angels had visibly descended into the Portiuncula church and would permit him to appear before His throne of grace. Without delay the saint repaired to the little church and found there all as the angel had told him. Full of holy awe he threw himself upon his face and adored Jesus most profoundly. Jesus looked graciously upon him and permitted him to ask any favor, with the assurance of obtaining the object of his request. The saint took courage and begged that all sinners visiting the church and confessing their sins with a contrite heart might receive full pardon. Jesus replied to him: "Francis, you ask much, but I will favor you with greater things still; your prayer is granted, but go to my vicar, the Pope, and in my name ask for the indulgence which I have granted to you." The wonderful apparition disappeared; no one was more rejoiced than Francis. The next day in company with one of his brothers he hastened to Pope Honorius III. and, prostrate before him, besought him to proclaim that every one visiting the church and there confessing his sins with a contrite heart would be as pure from all sin and punishments as he was immediately after baptism. Honorius was astonished at this strange petition, and hesitated to grant it. But Francis said: "What I ask, I do not ask of myself; our Lord Jesus Christ sends me to you and commands me to make this request." The Pope having been convinced of the truth of his speech, granted his petition and ordered that the little church should be solemnly consecrated and the indulgence proclaimed for the second day of August. From that time pilgrims from all parts of the world flocked to the Portiuncula church in order to gain the indulgence, and numberless were the conversions which occurred at that shrine of grace. In order to make this indulgence more accessible to the faithful, the Popes subsequently extended it to all the churches of the Franciscans. Afterwards it was extended to all parish churches, and the first Sunday of August was appointed as the day for gaining it.
2. The Portiuncula indulgence has a miraculous origin. History says that Jesus, Mary and many angels appeared to St. Francis, that Jesus granted his petition for the indulgence and ordered him to ask the Pope to sanction it. Is this credible? Certainly; and so credible that every reasonable doubt is excluded. The Sacred Scriptures mention many similar apparitions. They frequently speak of apparitions of the angels in the Old and the New Testament. We also read of Christ, that after his Resurrection he appeared to the Apostles and to many other persons, and, long after his Ascension, to St. Paul on his way to Damascus. In the lives of the saints apparitions are very common. Our age especially is rich in apparitions of the Blessed Virgin, which cannot be denied, because they have occurred in different places, and are still occurring, and are certified to by a multitude of perfectly credible persons and confirmed by manifest miracles. Who would reject the history of the Portiuncula indulgence because in it there is mention made of a miraculous apparition?
Moreover, let us consider that it is St. Francis that appeals to this apparition as a fact, and upon the strength of it asks of the Pope the confirmation of the indulgence. Who could believe that this saint would have made himself guilty of such a base misrepresentation, that he would allege an apparition with which he had not been favored? How could this be reconciled with the character of a man who was so sincere and humble and who scarcely knew dissimulation by name? Or how could God have favored this saint, if he had been an impostor, with so many miracles and even with the sacred marks of his wounds?
Finally, the disciples and contemporaries of St. Francis confirm these apparitions. The learned and pious Pope Benedict XIV. says: "This history (of the Portiuncula indulgence) is fully proved by the testimony of Peter Galvani, who heard St. Francis preach and announce the said indulgence, as also by the testimony of two members of the Order., who related that in the year 1277 they heard the whole history from Father Matthew, the companion of St. Francis. Besides, the Church herself vouches for the reality of these apparitions and of everything connected with them, since she has sanctioned the indulgence and even to this day exhorts the faithful to gain it.
The Portiuncula indulgence is of course a plenary indulgence. He who gains it obtains the remission of all the temporal punishments that he would be obliged to atone for either here or in Purgatory, and can, if he sins no more, go immediately to heaven after his death. Certainly this is a great grace, which the Portiuncula indulgence has in common with all other plenary indulgences. But this indulgence has some prerogatives which other plenary indulgences have not, and we will now consider them.
1. The Portiuncula indulgence is the first plenary indulgence that was ever granted in the Church. There were indeed indulgences at all times, but they were only partial, and only a partial remission of the temporal punishments could be obtained by them. But, as already remarked, he who gains the Portiuncula indulgence is freed from all temporal punishments and becomes as pure as after holy baptism. This was also the reason why Pope Honorius was astonished when St. Francis petitioned for the confirmation of this indulgence, for such an indulgence, up to that time, bad been entirely unknown. It was only after he had come to the conviction that Jesus Christ himself wished it, that he granted the petition of the saint and confirmed the indulgence.
2. This indulgence comes immediately from Christ and was granted by Him in person. It is true, all indulgences have their origin from Christ; for it is to his merits we owe not only the remission of sin and of eternal punishment but also the remission of temporal punishment, therefore indulgences have their origin in Him. Again, it is He who gave to St. Peter and his successors the plenary power of binding and loosing, therefore also the power of granting indulgences, in these words: "Whatsoever thou shalt bind upon earth, it shall be bound also in heaven; and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth, it shall be loosed also in heaven." Mall. 16: 19. Every indulgence, therefore, that the Pope grants, comes from Christ, not immediately, however, as is the case with the Portiuncula indulgence, which St. Francis obtained from Christ himself, the Pope only confirming it. On account of its origin the Portiuncula indulgence is more venerable than other indulgences.
3. This indulgence is granted for all time to come, i. e., until the consummation of the world. In the primitive ages of Christianity it was not customary to grant indulgences for ever, they could be gained only during a certain period. It was with them as it is with our jubilee indulgences, which are limited to a certain time, and which, after the lapse of that space of time, cannot be gained. When St. Francis preached in the Portiuncula church in the presence of several bishops, and solemnly announced to the assembled people the indulgence granted by Christ and confirmed by his vicar on earth, the Pope, and added that this indulgence could be gained on the second day of August for all time to come, the bishops were shocked at this addition and would have it only for ten years. They therefore raised their voice and were going to say, only for ten years, but miraculously guided by God, they unanimously cried out, for all time to come! The Portiuncula, indulgence, which has already continued for more than six hundred years, will continue till the end of the world, and even shortly before the coming of Christ to judgment this indulgence could still be gained.
4. The Portiuncula indulgence is comparatively easy to be gained. In all other indulgences several conditions are to be complied with, if we wish to gain them. He who wishes to gain a Jubilee indulgence must visit either several churches, or one church several times, fast a certain number of days, and give alms. He who wishes to gain a confraternity indulgence must belong to the confraternity and diligently keep its rules. Thus, for instance, the members of the Rosary confraternity must say the whole Rosary of fifteen decades, in order to gain the indulgences of the confraternity. All these more or less difficult conditions are not necessary for the Portiuncula indulgence; all that is required to gain it is worthily to receive the Sacraments of Penance and of the Blessed Eucharist and to say in a church of the Franciscans or in the parish church the customary prayers for an indulgence. What could be easier than the gaining of this indulgence? How would it be possible for our divine Savior to require less of us in order to remit to us not only sin and eternal punishment, but even all temporal punishments?
5. Finally, what distinguishes the Portiuncula, indulgence especially from all others is, that on the day on which it is granted, it can be gained not only once, but oftener. You can gain other indulgences only once on the same day, but the Portiuncula indulgence you can gain on the first Sunday of August, and that, too, as often as on that day you visit a church of the Franciscans, or the parish church, and there pray for some time according to the intention of the Holy Father. The Congregation of the Council has twice so decided, on the 17th of July, 1700, and again on the 4th of December, 1723. In fact, when doubts were submitted to the Sacred Congregation of Indulgences as to whether the faithful who visit a church of the Franciscans on the second Sunday of August can obtain the indulgence as often as the visit is repeated, the answer was in the affirmative, February 22nd, 1847, and it was declared at the same time that it is not necessary to receive Communion in any of the churches of the Franciscans. Pope Pius IX. confirmed these decisions by a decree of the same Congregation, dated July 12th, 1849. It is indeed true that on one day we can gain a plenary indulgence for ourselves only once, but this does not interfere with the doctrine that the Portiuncula indulgence can be gained more that once on the same day, for we may apply it to the souls in purgatory, if we gain it the second and the third time, etc.
The Portiuncula indulgence then is a great grace of which we should avail ourselves every year. Try to gain it. See above all, that you make a humble, contrite and sincere confession, for a good confession is the first and most necessary requisite for the forgiveness of sins and the gaining of the indulgence. Receive Holy Communion with the most profound humility and adoration. Say the prayers for an indulgence with devotion and sentiments of repentance, according to the intention of the Holy Father, and relying on the merits of Jesus Christ, on the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Francis, and the other saints, beseech God with confidence to impart to you the indulgence and to deliver you from all temporal punishments. Promise to be thankful to him for this grace all the days of your life by carefully keeping your conscience free from even small faults. Visit the church several times and after repeating the prayers for an indulgence apply it to the poor souls that they may partake of the grace thereof. Thus the Portiuncula indulgence will be to you a key with which you will open heaven, both for yourselves and for many poor souls. Amen.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why do we put up with these Jews constantly mocking our Lord and Savior?

This is not news - there is nothing newsworthy at all in this piece of garbage clip - yet ABC News felt it worthy of airtime and Yahoo felt it worthy to be on their headlines!

I wonder if I found a dog turd that looked like a hooked nose Jew if they would send a news crew out?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It is fun to be the big brother - especially when I have a blog that is viewed worldwide ~~!

above - My younger brother Tom with his first "Robin Hood" which is when you shoot an arrow right into another arrow and split it. His wife emailed me the photo - so I just had to have some fun with it. Tom accomplished this with a high tech compound bow with sights and a release.


That fat guy with the four "robin hoods" and traditional recurve stick-bow shot without sights and with fingers is me - I just had to remind him who was still the boss - :)
I know - this has nothing at all to do with the nature of this blog - but once in a while it is fun to be a jacka$$ and have some good natured fun with my brother and let the readers understand that we do have a life other than trying to expose all the evils of the world - :)
Seriously - congrads to my brother for his first robin hood!

If you want to know what in all likelyhood what really happened on September 11, 2001, who did it, and why - visit this link and read this online short book:

This has been on the net for years - but it keeps disapearing and it is therefore hard to find a reliable link that will keep it up - hopefully this link will stay valid.

This book is excellent.
"Catholic" adoption agency will allow homosexuals to adopt

“The largest Catholic adoption agency in England and Wales has decided to implement an adoption policy that does not rule out same-sex couples in the face of new laws that forbid such screening. The change in its adoption policy was made with the full support of the bishops who oversee the agency.”
More torture from those who swore to protect and serve!

The idea that a boy with a broken back would need to be “subdued” by a team of cops is not patently ludicrous but also smacks of a desperate attempt to cover up the true events in this case.

This is a perfect example of how it has become the norm for cops to react with extreme physical force towards anyone who acts out of the ordinary in any way whatsoever.

Human beings will never comprehend sufficiently the anguish and immensity of Mary's sorrows. Very few Christians partake of those sufferings and even fewer offer any consolation to her.
St. Bridget of Sweden (1303-1373AD)


Michigan jingle writers set traditional

Catholic rosary to contemporary, pop, gospel music
By COREY WILLIAMS , Associated Press
Last update: July 25, 2008 - 6:11 AM

DETROIT - Madonna is on Jennifer Zablocki's iPod. So is "The Madonna."
The Detroit-area 12th-grade teacher works up a sweat to the pop diva's music as well as songs honoring Mary, the mother of Jesus.
Among the hundreds of popular and Top 40 selections Zablocki has downloaded are the Rosary Tapes, a collection of Roman Catholic prayers and meditations for the rosary set to contemporary music by a pair of jingle writers better known for helping Ford Motor Co. sell cars.
"I don't make it to church every week, so it's just kind of my way of keeping in touch with my faith," said Zablocki, a 25-year-old Catholic.
The Rosary Tapes have helped open the centuries-old tradition to other Christian denominations, according to former rock station disc jockey Bill Gildenstern and composer John Giaier, both devout Catholics. The Michigan-based music consultants have released the fourth CD in the set and have seen more than 1 million free downloads of an earlier CD.
"It's not a Catholic prayer, it's a Christian prayer," Gildenstern said. "We all have our traditions, but the bottom line is we're Christians. I see the rosary not as something to, in any way, replace our Sunday worship together, but rather as a way to bring prayer into other areas of our lives where we may typically not pray, such as while driving or exercising."
People with few qualms about listening to something from a different denomination will have no trouble getting into the Rosary Tapes, Zablocki said.
"It's really nice-sounding music," she said. "It's not like preaching to you or anything like that. I don't think anybody would feel uncomfortable — if they weren't Catholic — listening to it."
The rosary is a series of prayers beginning with the Apostle's Creed, Lord's Prayer, three Hail Marys and one Gloria Patri, also known as "Glory Be to the Father." Catholics believe that as the rosary is recited, it allows a person to see Jesus through Mary. A string of small rosary beads typically is used to count prayers.
Jesus' birth, baptism, crucifixion and resurrection are part of the 20 mysteries that make up the Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous mysteries in the rosary.
Gildenstern and Giaier, who helped compose "Have You Driven A Ford — Lately?" and have written thousands of other advertising jingles in a more than 30-year collaboration, added original lyrics, music, percussion, acoustic and electric guitars, organs, pianos and vocal harmony to the devotional prayers.
"The mix with contemporary music is rather unique, and I think it's an attraction to the style of prayer for a number of people," said the Rev. Bob Konopa, a priest at Saint Thomas Aquinas Church in Saginaw, Mich.
"We've used them in the church during reconciliation services for children. The response has been good."
Gildenstern said he was motivated to create the Rosary Tapes to help recite the prayers while driving, but Giaier said he had to be sold on the project.
"I was selfishly thinking of how it would look in our industry as being religious fanatics," Giaier said. "I thought he was out of his mind. I wanted no part of it."
But Gildenstern took one of the mysteries, tapped out "Silent Night" on the piano and had his wife sing the traditional Christmas hymn while the rosary was recited.
The combination brought Giaier's wife to tears. "From that moment on I've felt drawn to do this," he said.
Joyful Mysteries was released in 1992, followed by the Sorrowful and Glorious mysteries a year later. Free Internet downloads of the Joyful Mysteries started in 2001, and the Mysteries of Light, or Luminous Mysteries, was released this winter.
Outside of the free Internet downloads of the Joyful Mysteries, more than 40,000 sets of the Rosary Tapes have been sold, far from enough to make the two longtime friends wealthy. The four-CD set costs $39.95 online.
The tapes have renewed Cleo LaVoie's eagerness to pray the rosary.
"For a while, the rosary just went away," said the 82-year-old, who lives about 50 miles north of Duluth, Minn. "When you say the rosary at church, it's kind of dry.
"I love the tapes," said LaVoie. "The music kind of inspires you."

News from Massachusetts:
House passes repeal of 1913 marriage law
July 29, 2008 04:12 PM
By Eric Moskowitz and Andrew Ryan, Globe Staff

The House today voted 118 to 35 to repeal a 1913 state law that prevents gay and lesbian couples from most other states from marrying in Massachusetts.
The measure, which the Senate passed earlier this month, will head to the desk of Governor Deval Patrick, who is expected to sign it into law. The move will clear the way for out-of-state couples to marry in Massachusetts, making it the second state to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry regardless of their place of residence.
"I'm glad that we finally did it," said Representative Byron Rushing, a Boston Democrat, who described the repeal on the House floor as a "question of fairness and … a question of equality."
After the vote, Rushing said he hoped lawmakers or the governor would add an emergency preamble to the bill to speed its effect and allow for September weddings.
Unlike the Senate, which quickly voted to repeal the law on a unanimous voice vote, the House debated the bill for about 45 minutes.
Supporters of the repeal called the law archaic and rooted in racism, urging fellow lawmakers to strip it from the books in the interest of equality. Repeal opponents argued for keeping the law in deference to other states, to prevent legal tangles involving couples who would marry in Massachusetts and want rights in states where gay marriage is outlawed.
"Any marriage has three willing partners: the two willing [spouses] and an approving state," said Representative John A. Lepper, an Attleboro Republican who spoke against the repeal.
Lepper said striking the law from the books could create a legal limbo for same-sex couples from out of state. He pointed to a Rhode Island couple as an example, saying they could not now seek a divorce because their home state did not recognize their marriage. "It seems if the 1913 law is repealed we would be leading ourselves into a legal nightmare," Lepper said.
The bill has also drawn condemnation from opponents of same-sex marriage, including Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston and the state's three other Catholic bishops. O'Malley and the bishops want the 1913 law kept on the books for constitutional, religious, and cultural reasons. They said eliminating the law would infringe on the rights of other states to set their own marriage laws.
Overall there was relative quiet surrounding the State House during the debate. Sponsors said that was evidence that same-sex marriage has become much less divisive in Massachusetts since it was first permitted in May 2004, following a 2003 decision by the state's Supreme Judicial Court.
“This is a true victory for equality,” said Marc Solomon, Executive Director of MassEquality, in a statement. “In repealing this law we’ve sent the message loud and clear that in Massachusetts, we respect and honor all families. We’ve ridded our state laws of the last vestige of discrimination against same-sex couples, and we once again lead the way for equality for all people.”
The 1913 law grew out of the national backlash over the interracial marriage of heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson, Rushing said today during the debate. At the time, 30 of 48 states banned interracial marriage, and many other states, including Massachusetts, enacted provisions that would keep interracial couples from crossing borders to marry in their jurisdiction.
The law remained on the books but fell into obscurity until gay marriage became legalized in Massachusetts, and Governor Mitt Romney cited the law as a means to prevent Massachusetts from becoming what he called "the Las Vegas of gay marriage."

Those foolish evangelical fundamentalists...

Bible-Thumping Joe Lieberman Connects Esau with Iran
by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

( Sen. Joe Lieberman, who formerly was a Democratic candidate for Vice President and now is an independent backing Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain, told a Christian audience that Israel must prepare for war with Iran as Jacob did before meeting his estranged brother Esau. "I am your brother Joseph," Sen. Lieberman told a cheering crowd of Christians United for Israel (CUFI). "Blessed are you in the name of the L-rd."I am your brother Joseph. Blessed are you in the name of the L-rd.

As the audience waved Israel and American flags, Sen. Lieberman praised his host, controversial Christian and pro-Israel preacher Rev. John Hagee. The Connecticut Senator stated that Hagee reminds him of Biblical heroes such as Miriam and Moses, who are described in the Bible as having made human mistakes.

"You and I and Pastor Hagee all believe in the Bible," Sen. Lieberman told the audience. "We believe in the G-d of the Bible. We love G-d."

Sen. Lieberman, an observant Jew, defended Rev. Hagee, who caused an intense controversy earlier this year by saying that the Bible alluded to the Holocaust as a pre-ordained plan to encourage Jews to move to Israel.

Responding to a campaign by dovish Jews to persuade him not to address the Christians in the presence of Rev. Hagee, Sen. Lieberman stated, "There has been a campaign to stop me, but the bond I feel to Pastor Hagee and to you is much stronger."

Rev. Hagee often cites the Bible to back Israel's right to the Promised Land. Addressing a CUFI convention in Washington last week, he told more than 3,500 people they should be like the Biblical Esther when they lobby Congress for Israel and see themselves as "ambassadors of G-d" on behalf of the Jewish people "until victory comes."

His speech did nothing to allay fears among Jews that his support for Israel has missionary intentions. He stated that keeping Jerusalem united is a step towards the Second Coming, which he prophesized will be heralded by a "Jewish rabbi in side curls and not in a gray flannel suit."
The Land of the Free......

About 15 years ago I wrote a letter to the editor regarding a proposed citywide ban on smoking in all businesses open to the public. In this letter I warned that this was just the beginning - and that the anti-smoking fanatics better realize that sooner or later big brother would get around to banning something that they enjoy - and I specifically mentioned fast food. At the time I was laughed at and called an extremist.

L.A. council poised to ban fast food in poor neighborhood

By Matt Sayles, AP

LOS ANGELES (AP) — In the impoverished neighborhood of South Los Angeles, fast food is the easiest cuisine to find — and that's a problem for elected officials who see it as an unhealthy source of calories and cholesterol.

The City Council was poised to vote Tuesday on a moratorium on new fast-food restaurants in a swath of the city where a proliferation of such eateries goes hand-in-hand with obesity...

Only the beginning.....:

Archdiocese of Milwaukee to get its first married priest
Posted: July 25, 2008

Story: Archdiocese of Milwaukee to get its first married priest Q & A from Archbishop Dolan:

Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan asked his priests and deacons this week which of them would be willing to accept the man - a former Lutheran minister - as an associate pastor at their parish.
The priest and his wife, who have juvenile and adult sons, are moving from the Diocese of Venice, Fla. She has accepted a job here.
Although no married priest has served here, about 100 married priests have been ordained in the United States since the late Pope John Paul II created an exception in 1980 that allows married Lutheran and Anglican or Episcopal priests who have converted to Roman Catholicism to become priests, Dolan wrote in a letter to priests and deacons this week.
The priest, Father Michael Scheip, entered Catholicism in 1988 and was ordained in 1993 for the Archdiocese of Newark, N.J., by now-retired Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington, D.C., Dolan's letter says.
Dolan welcomes Scheip and his family and is working on a placement for him, archdiocesan spokeswoman Julie Wolf said Friday afternoon.
In his letter, which some priests received via e-mail on Thursday and others in regular postal deliveries Friday, Dolan says Scheip asked to be considered for a pastoral assignment here. His wife, Mary, has accepted a position at a Waukesha company, and his sons are enrolled in Catholic schools for the fall term, the letter says.
"I have spoken with Father Scheip, and he has met with the vicar (Father Curt Frederick, vicar for clergy) and we were both impressed with his sincerity," Dolan writes. "He comes with a genuine desire to be of service to the church here in Milwaukee. . . . I am writing to you to elicit your help in welcoming Father Scheip to the archdiocese. Would any of you be willing to accept his service to your parish as an associate pastor? How can I, as your archbishop, be of help to you and to your people in this regard?"
Many of the married Protestant priests who have become Roman Catholic priests were Episcopalians. Pope John Paul II's granting of the exception for converted, married clergy came after a significant number of Episcopal ministers and their parishioners converted to Catholicism after the Episcopal church decided to ordain women, a church law professor at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., told the Journal Sentinel in 2003.
The arrival of a married priest is expected to raise questions among the estimated 680,000 or more Catholics in the 10-county archdiocese. Not only are they accustomed to the Western church's requirement of celibacy for priests, which went into effect in the 11th century, they also have been dealing with parish mergers and other effects of a worsening priest shortage.
In his letter, Dolan says area Catholics will need catechesis, or religious education - especially in whatever parish Scheip is assigned - and he provides as an attachment a series of questions and answers that the archdiocesan chancery office prepared.
The first question is: "We were always taught that married men could not be ordained Catholic priests. How is it possible that we could have a married Catholic priest here in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee?"
The answer notes that celibacy has never been required of priests in the church's Eastern rite, though it is practiced universally in the West.
"Although it is highly valued, Pope Paul VI states that celibacy 'is not, of course, required by the nature of the priesthood itself. This is clear from the practice of the early church and the traditions of the Eastern rite churches,' " the answer says. "Much has been said about practical reasons for celibacy, such as giving the parish priest more time to dedicate to the children of God, etc. When all is said and done, however, we must understand it as a powerful sign of the presence of the kingdom of God. It is not essential to the priesthood, but it is a radical witness to the reign of Christ in the world."
Wolf had no biographical information available about Scheip, including what branch of Lutheranism he came from.
The St. Petersburg Times of Florida reported in June 2005 that the Scheips have five sons, then ages 9 to 21. The feature story describes the priest's arrival at home after leaving St. Patrick Catholic Church in the Sarasota area.
"He unhooks his priestly collar as he enters the house," the story says. "Sophie the boxer erupts in barks, and Scheip's three boys, those still living at home, gather around. 'How's vacation?' Scheip says as he is enveloped by the noise of the family room TV."
Scheip, who wears secular clothes when he goes out with his wife, plays a Washburn electric guitar at family rock 'n' roll jam sessions in the home, with one son playing bass and another drums, the story says.
Mary Scheip, who strives to keep a low profile for herself and the family, was working full-time in human resources and running a private consulting business in 2005, according to the St. Petersburg Times story.

My twins just after Mass and receiving their first Holy Communion.

below - my twins visiting with my grandfather who has dementia. He was actually having fun with them - he would not open his eyes for the photo - but he would sneak peeks at them and then smile.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Blessed are those who abandon themselves into our Lady's hands. Their names are written in the Book of Life.
St. Bonaventure (1221-1274AD)

When Mary became the Mother of Jesus, true God and true Man, she also became our Mother. In His great mercy, Jesus wished to call us His brothers and sisters, and by this name He constituted us adopted children of Mary.

St. John Bosco (1815-1888AD)

The Roman Catholic Quarterly
Excerpt from Volume 3 Spring 1990
by Bishop Louis Vezelis, OFM
Published by the Franciscan Press
3376 Mt. Read Blvd
Rochester, NY 14646

St. Thomas Aquinas and Econe Part 1:
Before me is a letter addressed to "Friends and Benefactors" of Marcel Lefebvre's sect. It is written by the sect's leader in the United States, Mr. Richard Williamson alias "Bishop Richard Williamson". But before analyzing this letter for its truth content, it may be useful to set the reader's mind at ease concerning the letter's author.

Although I know many fine Englishmen, I also know that perhaps the greatest show on earth, next to the Shoah, is that performed in the name of religion and is known as the Anglican Church. Now, Anglicans are those who broke away from the Roman Catholic Church in the time of King Henry VIII. Since that time until the present, this very large heretical sect has continued. It claims to have a valid priesthood. Mr. Williamson is an Englishman and it would not be completely absurd to suspect that he has some of that temperament in his bloodlines. You see, the Anglicans will argue with you 'til doomsday that they have a valid priesthood despite the fact that Pope Leo XIII definitively and dogmatically declared that Anglican Orders are invalid. Truth does not seem to be acceptable to Anglicans unless it is their truth. But then, in such a case we do not have objective truth, we have apparent truth.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, occupant of the vacant see of that Roman Catholic Archdiocese in England, is a good example of "sedevacantism", and its practical application. Mr. Runcie, who has been appointed by the head of the Anglican Church, Queen Elizabeth (forerunner of women popes?), presents himself on the world stage dressed in episcopal attire familiar to Roman Catholics. He is even hailed as the "Archbishop of Canterbury". He is surrounded by all kinds of "bishops" and "priests" and other lesser "ecclesiastics". Paul VI had many secret meetings with Mr. Runcie's representatives. Paul VI defied the dogmatic decree of Pope Leo XIII and gave Mr. Runcie a gold chalice when Mr. Runcie visited Paul VI in Rome.

Much to the delight of the Anglicans, hardly anyone noticed that the "emperor was naked", that is, that the Archbishop was not really an Archbishop at all! But, Pope Leo XIII did; and he told the entire Catholic world- and anyone else who would listen.

In his encyclical letter, APOTOLICAE CURAE, Pope Leo XIII, speaking as the Vicar of Jesus Christ on earth, solemnly stated: " We decree that the present Letter and the whole of its contents cannot at any time be attacked or impugned on the ground of subreption, obreption, or defect in Our intention, or any defect whatsoever; but that it is to be inviolably observed both judicially and extrajudicially by all persons of whatsoever degree or preeminence; and We declare null and void any attempt to the contrary which may be made wittingly or unwittingly concerning the same by any person, by any authority, or under any pretext whatsoever, all things to the contrary notwithstanding."

What did Pope Leo XIII so solemnly decree in the year of the Incarnation of Our Lord 1896 (almost 100 years ago!)? He decreed: "Therefore adhering entirely to the decrees of the Pontiffs Our Predecessors on this subject, and fully ratifying and renewing them by Our authority, on Our own initiative and with certain knowledge, We pronounce and declare that the ordinations performed according to the Anglican rite have been and are completely null and void."

--Posted By Brother Bonaventure, OFM to
De Profundis Clamavi ad Te, Domine at 7/28/2008 02:44:00 AM

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The Sunday Sermon Audio Link
Bishop Louis Vezelis, OFM

You must all follow the bishop as Jesus Christ follows the Father, and the presbytery as you would the Apostles.
Reverence the deacons as you would the command of God. Let no one do anything of concern to the Church without the bishop.
Let that be considered a valid Eucharist which is celebrated by the bishop, or by one whom he appoints.
St. Ignatius of Antioch (50-107AD) on the Priests of God



Saturday, July 26, 2008

U.S. house prices overvalued by up to 20 percent: IMF paper

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The downward spiral of U.S. housing prices still has a way to go and homes were overvalued by between 8 percent to 20 percent in the first quarter of this year, according to research by an International Monetary Fund economist published on Friday.

In his report "What goes up must come down? House price dynamics in the United States," IMF economist Vladimir Klyuev used several economic techniques to determine by how much U.S. home prices are overvalued.

Klyuev drew from a government study of single-family home prices to conclude that values were "around 14 percent above equilibrium in the first quarter of 2008, with a plausible range of 8 to 20 percent." (the reality is probably between 20 and 50 percent depending on the region)

His research showed that home prices became considerably overvalued from 2001 and while the housing market has started to correct itself, there is still a long way to go. (the overvaluation of homes began in the mid 1990s)

U.S. policy-makers are now trying to guide the housing market into a soft-landing after a five-year run-up in home values that ended in 2006.

The report also said that it is likely home prices will swing well below their equilibrium level before they start to recover... (this is to prepare people for the 50 - 70% drop in home values and give them a ray of hope that they will go up again)

Mark my words - in two years time homes will be worth half of what they were just a few years ago.

Her Doctrine and Morals
Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost
27 July 2008

Dear Friend,
Today we are given the opportunity to consider what precious gifts we have been given with the faculties of hearing and speech.

All too often we take these precious gifts for granted. And all too often we forget why God has given us these gifts. All that God has given us has been given to us for one ultimate goal _ to spend eternity with Him. We learned in the first few pages of our Catechism why God has made us. "To know, love, and serve Him in this world so that we can be happy with Him in eternity." Therefore all that God has given us in this world has been given to us to help us fulfill these obligations of knowing, loving and serving Him.

The gift of hearing is a precious gift, it allows us to hear the rest of God's creatures. We are able to listen to the words of God as preached to us by God's priests. We are able to hear the beautiful songs of birds, the music of men's voices and instruments, etc.

But, all too often we choose to listen to evil things: to gossip, lies, slander, immodest/impure jokes, songs, etc. We choose not to hear the things of God or anything that will remind us of Him. Our precious gift of hearing is all too often used to distract us from the spiritual reality all around us.
Rather than remain in the stillness and silence where we can hear God speak to us through our conscience and in the beauty of the sounds He has given us, we all too often wish to fill our ears with the uninterrupted cacophony of the worldly lusts and passions of the popular "music", or the constant babbling of talk shows or "news" sources. We listen to TV programs, movies, or shows rather than spend a moment alone in the quiet of our conscience listening for the quiet but never ending sound of God's voice speaking to us through our conscience.

We have little time for contemplation and prayer because we fill up every available moment of our lives with useless or even worse, evil sounds. With our televisions, radios, tapes, cds, mp3s, cell phones, etc. we do not have a minute of an hour to hear God or to reflect on the one who has given us this gift that is so enjoyable to us.

We take God's gift and we forget all about Him. We turn around and even use His gifts to offend Him.

All that has been said about the gift of hearing can likewise be said of the gift of speech. Perhaps even more can be said of speech because our Lord tells us that it is not what enters a man the defiles him. What does defile him are the things that come out of him. "But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and it is they that defile a man. For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, immorality, thefts, false witness, blasphemies. These are the things that defile a man: but to eat with unwashed hands does not defile a man." (St. Matthew 15, 18-20)

It is bad enough that we abuse God's gift of hearing in listening to evil things, but then we tend to go even further and repeat these evil things and often add our own evils to those things which we speak. We often have little or no control over what we hear, but we have complete control over what we speak.

The itching ears that are always in search of some evil will never keep such things within itself. It seems to be burning with a desire of telling others what it has heard. It is said that: "curiosity is sister to indiscretion". If only we could let the evil die within us but no, we nurture and foster the evil by dwelling upon it and all too soon we set about telling others about it and thus becoming the occasion of sin for all those who listen to us.

It is time that we take responsibility for that which we hear and speak. Let us use these gifts ever mindful that God is watching (listening) to us to see what use we are making of them. He has given these gifts to us so that we could know, love and serve Him. We should be eager to hear the word of God especially as He speaks to us in the voice of His Church and in the voice of our consciences. We should use our voice to praise God, to pray to Him, and to call the world to know Him as He ought to be known, to love Him as He ought to be loved, and to serve Him as He ought to be served.
Let it also be said of us just as was spoken of the man in the Gospel today that he "spoke right". Amen.
(Painting is "St. Paul" by Rembrandt)

Dear Friends,
Here is the link for the Tenth Sunday after Pentecost.
May God bless you.
Bishop Giles OFM
Two more national banks fail, number will rise sharply

Posted Jul 26th 2008 6:50AM

by Douglas McIntyre

The FDIC took over two more banks. According to The Wall Street Journal (subscription required), "The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, a division of the Treasury Department, revoked the charters of First National Bank of Nevada, based in Reno, Nev., and First Heritage Bank of Newport Beach, Calif. The FDIC was appointed receiver of both banks." The Nevada bank had over $3 billion in deposits.

Current estimates are that less than 100 banks will fail during the current credit crisis, a much smaller number than closed during the saving and loan debacle of the late 1980s.

But, those estimates may be low. Bill Gross, an extremely prominent investor and head of Pimco, recently wrote that total losses related to the housing market will hit $1 trillion. About $450 billion of those write-downs have made it through the system. That leaves a potentially massive burden on the banking system going forward.

The idea that only 100 banks will fail in the next year is wishful thinking.

thanks to Cecelia for this article
Hole in Qantas airline caused by coffee?
People who believe fire brought down Building 7 (eg, my nutty relatives) will believe this. Other people say that the hole in the luggage containers suggest an explosive, but from who? Al Qaeda? Scotland Yard says no bomb. Just like the FBI, they have answers before anybody investigates
The Jews must really be beginning to worry! Are the gullible goy waking up?

A new documentary is being released on the Lynching of Leo Frank. It is obvious from this article:

that they are going to try to make this lynching look like nothing more than anti-semitism - when in reality is was justice!

The Jewish criminals are getting worried that they may get lynched as they become exposed!

Here is a link to a very good timeline of events of the Leo Frank case:

Don't be fooled by these enemies of Christ!

Saint Anne
Mother of the Blessed Virgin
The name of Anne, which in Hebrew signifies "gracious," shall always be venerated amongst Christians, for it is the name of the mother of Mary. How great was Anne's glory in having given birth to her who was the mother of God! "How," exclaims Saint John Damascene, "shall we worthily praise her from whom we have received the admirable and precious fruit that has given Jesus to us ?"
Saint Anne lived at Nazareth, a town of Lower Galilee, a short distance from Mount Carmel. According to the opinion of Saint Augustine, she was of the priestly tribe. She married a just man, named Joachim, of the tribe of Juda, and of the race of David by Nathan. Those spouses walked before God in the ways of the most perfect justice, spending their days in prayer, labor, and almsgiving; they awaited, with all the ardent faith of ancient days', the Messiah that had been announced by the prophets, the Messiah so long promised to Israel; and according to the predictions, the time in which he should appear was not far off.
Anne, having arrived at an advanced age without children, could not, like the other women of Israel, cherish a hope that the Messiah would spring from her blood; but at the moment when this great blessing seemed to escape her, the all-powerful Wisdom ordained quite the contrary. The laws of nature are reversed before the Lord's designs: Anne, sterile for twenty years, conceives miraculously, and gives birth to her who was to bring forth the Son of God, the desired of nations, the divine Redeemer of the human race. Thenceforth Anne could not but call herself blessed; and, in fact, was she not so? she who gave birth to her who was supereminently blessed amongst women!
Ponder on the beautiful canticle of thanksgiving which she pronounced - "I will sing the praise of my God," cries the blessed mother in the transports of her joy; "I will sing the praise of my God, because He has visited me in His love, and has not left my name to opprobrium." Twenty-four days after the birth of her child, Anne repaired to the Temple to obey a precept of the law; and, like Anne, wife of Elcana, consecrating Samuel to God, the spouse of Joachim devoted her dear Mary to the service of the Temple - Mary, that sweet flower wherewith the Lord had perfumed her old age. How much must this sacrifice have cost this tender mother! but in her gratitude she was only too happy to present to the Lord that which in His love He had bestowed on her.
Three years afterwards, and when Mary's reason was shining forth brilliantly, even at that early period, Anne returned to Jerusalem to fulfil her vow. Mary being solemnly consecrated to the Lord, was left in the Temple of Jerusalem, and the pious mother went back to her home, but not without shedding tears, for upon Mary, ever since God had given her, were concentrated all the thoughts and aspirations of the pious mother. A pious writer thus represents Saint Anne, going from time to time to Jerusalem to visit her daughter - "With what joy did this pious mother put on her travelling veil to go to the holy city!"
St. Anne, Mother of the Blessed Mother, Pray for us!

In danger, anguish, or doubt, think of Mary and call upon her! Following her, you will never lose your way. Praying to her, you will never sink into despair. Contemplating her, you will never go wrong.
St. Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153AD)

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The Real Reason that the U.S. Tortures People

The top experts agree that torture doesn't produce any useful information.

And the experts on national security agree that torture turns people against us, creates actual terrorists who want to kill us, and makes us less safe. Torture also makes it almost certain that our troops will be tortured by others.

But the U.S. has embarked on a coordinated policy of torture since 9/11. The U.S. has rounded up scores of innocent farmers and other civilians -- including children -- in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere and tortured them until they died, went crazy, or were disabled.


If torture doesn't do anything useful, and instead does alot of harmful things like dramatically weakening our national security and putting our troops in harms way, why are we doing it?

Well, listen to the testimony to Congress by a representative of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:

"Governments that use torture intend to intimidate their citizens in order to maintain control; those who are tortured become examples of the consequences of dissent."

Indeed, this is a well-known tactic for brutal regimes. Take Zimbabwe, for example:

"Victims and eyewitnesses told Human Rights Watch that [Zimbabwe’s brutal regime] has set up detention centers . . . to round up and instill fear in suspected political opponents."

Torture is a form of terrorism, plain and simple. As the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services director told Congress:

"... torture is the deliberate mental and physical damage caused by governments to individuals to ... terrorize society."

The U.S. government is carrying out acts of terrorism on innocent victims - including children - in order to scare people into being compliant, into being too scared to demand their rights to liberty and justice guaranteed by the rule of law, into not challenging the powers-that-be.

Those who created, implemented or covered up the U.S. torture policy are not only war criminals, they are also terrorists.

Note: The torture in foreign countries is intended to intimidate not only people in those countries, but also Americans living in the U.S. Simply put, torture in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo and elsewhere is intended to send the message that everyone -- within the U.S. and abroad -- better do what the American government tells them to do.
U.S. Foreclosures Double as House Prices Decline
By Bob Ivry

July 25 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. foreclosure filings more than doubled in the second quarter from a year earlier as falling home prices left borrowers owing more on mortgages than their properties were worth.

One in every 171 households was foreclosed on, received a default notice or was warned of a pending auction. That was an increase of 121 percent from a year earlier and 14 percent from the first quarter, RealtyTrac Inc. said today in a statement. Almost 740,000 properties were in some stage of foreclosure, the most since the Irvine, California-based data company began reporting in January 2005.

``Rising foreclosures are putting downward pressure on prices, increasing the possibility that homeowners will go upside- down on their mortgages,'' said Sheryl King, chief U.S. economist at Merrill Lynch & Co. in New York. ``That will cause more losses in mortgage portfolios and less willingness from investors to securitize mortgages and therefore fewer mortgages.''

About 25 million U.S. homeowners risk owing more than the value of their homes, according to Bill Gross, manager of the world's biggest bond fund at Pacific Investment Management Co. That would make it impossible for them to negotiate better loan terms or sell their property without contributing cash to the transaction...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Atheist Professor Follows Through on Promise and Desecrates Eucharist
By Hilary White
MORRIS, Minnesota, July 23, 2008 ( - Catholics around the world were outraged earlier this month when an American academic exhorted his readers on his weblog to steal a consecrated Host from a Catholic Mass so that he might then desecrate it. Despite protests from Catholic organisations and hundreds of individuals contacting him personally, Professor Paul Zachary Myers has written that he has carried through with his threat.
A biology professor at the University of Minnesota Morris (UMM) and the author of the science blog Pharyngula, Myers is an avowed materialist atheist of the Darwinian school. On his blog he frequently writes disparagingly of religious belief, particularly Christian belief and is a member of the academic cadre opposed to the teaching of Intelligent Design in American schools.
On his weblog, which he promotes as "evolution, development, and random biological ejaculations from a godless liberal," he wrote July 8, "Can anyone out there score me some consecrated communion wafers?... if any of you would be willing to do what it takes to get me some, or even one, and mail it to me, I'll show you sacrilege, gladly, and with much fanfare…[I will] treat it with profound disrespect and heinous cracker abuse, all photographed and presented here on the web." .......

There are so many things that could be commented on in this article. The obvious is the abuse of the Blessed Sacrament. I know that this probably wasn't the real thing but he doesn't know that and the person who stole the host thought it was. This is one reason why we must be very careful about who is allowed to go to Communion.

Another point which we've brought up many times on this blog is the quality of the professors in the University systems throughout the country. By and large they are avowed atheists and work to destroy any bit of faith that is in their students.
He sounds very immature and rebellious but isn't his "father" Satan the epitome of selfish immaturity and rebellion?
Amazing WWII Disney Propaganda film


There are many so-called "catholics" who believe that because the See of Peter is vacant - that the remaining faithful bishops have no jurisdiction.

I was hesitant to post regarding this subject because it is beyond the normal scope of this blog. I am not anywhere near educated enough in such matters to debate this issue or even discuss it at length...

But...I do believe that this is a veiled attempt to make protestants out of Catholics. If there is no Pope, and if the Bishops have no jurisdiction - who is in charge? Basically - it boils down to laymen being free to interpret Church teaching, doctrines, Scripture, etc... as they see fit. Is this not protestantism?

To me it stands to reason that if the See is Vacant - the delegation of jurisdiction would cease and the Bishops would be obligated to exercise their Jurisdiction over the faithful.

Some believe that a Bishop gets his jurisdiction from the Pope and only from the Pope. I believe this to be an error based on confusion between delegation of Jurisdiction and possession of Jurisdiction.

In a cursory attempt to try and learn a little more about this issue - I came across the following from New Advent - an online Catholic Encyclopedia from 1917:

"It is a controverted question whether the bishops hold their jurisdiction directly from God or from the sovereign pontiff. The latter opinion, however, is almost generally admitted at the present day, for it is more in conformity with the monarchical constitution of the Church, which seems to demand that there should be no power in the Church not emanating immediately from the sovereign pontiff. Authors who hold the contrary opinion say that it is during the episcopal consecration that bishops receive from God their power of jurisdiction. But habitually before their consecration the bishops have already all powers of jurisdiction over their dioceses (Bargilliat, I, 442-445). Another question also discussed is whether the potestas magisterii, or teaching authority, is a consequence of the power of order or of jurisdiction (Sägmüller, Lehrbuch des katholischen Kirchenrechts, Frieberg, 1900-04, 24-25). Whatever the conclusion, teaching authority will here be ranked among the powers of jurisdiction. The teaching authority of the bishop and his governing authority (potestas regiminis) will now be successively considered, the latter comprising the legislative, dispensative, judicial, coercive, and administrative powers."

The above quote illustrates that the question of whether jurisdiction comes immediately from God by virtue of their office or from the Pope was not answered. The opinion that it comes from the Pope seems to be stressed on the human side of the equation rather than the Divine.

I believe that most of the writings of the Popes and theologians of the past were written for ordinary times when the See of Peter is filled or vacant only for short periods of time.

There are several quotes that directly indicate that the powers of a Bishop are given by God and delegated by the Pope. If there is no Pope to delegate the jurisdiction of Bishops - the Bishops must exercise their God given jurisdiction over the faithful - otherwise we would be reduced to nothing more than protestants who have the window dressings of Catholicism.

Bishop Louis has written extensively about this issue in the Seraph. visit and go to the Seraph index.

Anyone who is outside this Church, which received the keys of the kingdom of heaven, is walking a path not to heaven but to hell… Let them hasten, then, while there is yet time, to their legitimate Mother, who legitimately sustains and nourishes the sons born of her womb.

St. Fulgence of Ruspe (467-527AD) on the Catholic Church
Doctors issue warning about cell phones and brain tumors

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fannie and Freddie Own A Record $6.9 Billion Foreclosed Homes

Fannie Mae acquired twice as many homes through foreclosure in the first quarter as it sold, regulatory filings show. ... Late payments on the company's home loans, a harbinger of foreclosures, almost doubled in the past year.

And here is the problem; if they start flooding those foreclosed homes into the market it will drive down property values, which means more homeowners will be stuck in negative equity, which will trigger another round of foreclosures.

Who is she that come forth like the dawn, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, majestic as an army in battle array? Song of Solomon 6:10
Mary is more exalted than the Patriarchs, greater than the Martyrs, more glorious than the Confessors, and purer than the Virgins. Therefore, she alone and without them, can do what they can accomplish only in union with her.
St. Anselm of Canterbury (1033-1109AD)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I ran across "My Spirit Rejoices" By Elizabeth Leseur several years ago. It sounded so interesting to me so I bought it. For women whose husbands are not practicing the faith or who have loved ones that are outside the church, I can promise you that it is the most inspiring and encouraging book that I've ever read outside of the classics like Humility of Heart and of course Holy Scripture.
I know that if I would have met her, we would have been best friends! My copy is completely yellowed and highlighted because it seems like every other sentence is of importance to me. Here is a little review of the book. Some of you have husbands that are not in the faith and I can assure you that you will be as uplifted by reading this book as I was. I've read it several times and every time I do I get something new out of it.

When I am dead you will convert”
The True Story of Elisabeth and Félix Leseur

In 1905, I asked Almighty God to send me sufficient sufferings to purchase your soul. On the day that I die, the price will have been paid. Greater love than this no woman has than she who lays down her life for her husband.

Elisabeth Arrighi Leseur, was born in Paris in 1866. She had been pious as a young girl, but, by the time she married the doctor Félix Leseur at the age of 21, her religious observance had become rather conventional, though sincere.
Her husband had lost his faith completely, however, and though he had promised to respect Elizabeth’s practice of her religion, he soon began a relentless attack to make her lose her faith.
After seven years of marriage, she had lapsed, but when Félix tried to finish off what remained of her faith by giving her Renan’s treacherous History of the Origins of Christianity to read, his attempt backfired, as he later wrote:
“Thanks to Divine Providence, the very work that I thought would accomplish my hateful object brought about its ruin. Elisabeth [...] was not deceived by the glamour of the form, but was struck by the poverty of the substance [...]. She felt herself approach the abyss, and sprang backwards, and from then on she devoted herself to her own religious instruction.”

Accordingly, she began to read the works of the Fathers of the Church, St Augustine, St Thomas Aquinas, St Teresa of Avila, St Francis de Sales, and above all, the Holy Bible. The result was her conversion back to the faith of her youth and the renewed practice of the Christian life.

During a trip to Rome with her husband in 1903, Elisabeth had a mystical experience of the presence of God within her and of a complete renewal of her interior life. She abandoned herself to Our Lord without reserve. One of her greatest consolations and supports thereafter was in the reception of Holy Communion.

At the same time, she worked unceasingly for the conversion of her unbelieving husband. Argument availed nothing, and so she concentrated on praying for Félix and setting him a good example by her own holy life.

The more she co-operated with grace, the more God sent her physical sufferings in order to pay the price of her husband’s conversion. Constantly she prayed: “My God, wilt Thou give me one day - soon - the immense joy of full spiritual communion with my dear husband, of the same faith, and, for him as for me, of a life turned toward Thee? I will redouble my prayers for this intention; more than ever will I supplicate, suffer, and offer to God Communions and sacrifices to obtain this greatly desired grace.”

As a doctor, Félix could be under no illusion as to the gravity of her sufferings, nor to the eventual outcome of the cancer eating away at her body.

“When I saw how ill she was,” he later wrote, “and how she endured with equanimity of temper a complaint that generally provokes much hypochondria, impatience and ill-humour, I was struck to see how her soul had so great a command of itself and of her body; and knowing that she drew this tremendous strength from her convictions, I ceased to attack them.”

Nevertheless, he was not converted. As Elisabeth drew near to death, she told him one day, “Félix, when I am dead, you will become a Catholic and a Dominican priest.”
“Elizabeth, you know my sentiments. I’ve sworn hatred of God, I shall live in the hatred and I shall die in it,” he replied.

She repeated her words before she passed away in 1914 in her husband’s arms at the early age of 47, without seeing his conversion.

Rummaging through Elisabeth’s papers, Félix found her Spiritual Testament and read these lines:
“In l905, I asked Almighty God to send me sufficient sufferings to purchase your soul. On the day that I die, the price will have been paid. Greater love than this no woman has than she who lays down her life for her husband.”

“A revolution took place in my whole moral being”, he wrote. “I understood the celestial beauty of her soul and that she had accepted all her suffering and offered it - and even offered her very self in sacrifice - chiefly for my conversion. [...] Her sacrifice was absolute, and she was convinced that God would accept it and would take her early to Himself. She was equally persuaded that He would ensure my conversion.”

That conversion was only to come about three years after her death as the doctor, still an atheist, visited Lourdes with a view to writing an attack on the devotion of Catholics to Our Lady.
Once again, however, his malice was to backfire. What happened at the grotto in Lourdes he later confided to Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, who, as a young priest, attended a retreat given by Félix after he had become a Dominican:
“As he looked up into the face of the statue of Mary Immaculate, he received the great gift of faith. So total, so complete was it, that he never had to go through the process of juxtaposition and say, ‘How will I answer this or that difficulty?’ He saw it all. At once.”
In 1919, at the age of 57, he became a novice in the Order of Preachers, and was ordained a priest at 62. Fr Félix Leseur died in 1950, blessing the memory of his wife, who had offered her sufferings for his conversion at the feet of Mary Immaculate. †