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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Let me put this one in perspective for you: First of all, St. John Vianney Parish is a VERY affluent parish in Brookfield, WI. My old boss and his entire well-to-do family attended that parish and in fact, he "revamped" the church right after Vatican II when all of the churches were being "destroyed" and "updated".
Secondly, every Friday night there is a Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous Meeting that takes place at this parish at 7:00.
Evidently, this PASTOR didn't attend the meetings! Please note that this man was a "personal secretary" to Mr. Weak-knees - whoops I mean Weakland.
This is another example of : THE FRUITS OF VATICAN II

Father Leonard Van Vlaenderen, pastor of St. John Vianney Parish in Brookfield and former personal secretary to now-retired Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert G. Weakland, was charged Tuesday in Milwaukee County with misdemeanor possession of cocaine.Van Vlaenderen, 49, of Brookfield, was arrested by St. Francis police for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of a controlled substance around 6:30 p.m. Saturday after police received a report of a suspicious vehicle in the 3500 block of E. Lunham Ave., according to St. Francis police
Archdiocesan spokeswoman Kathleen Hohl confirmed that the man arrested was Van Vlaenderen, saying that the archdiocese was taking steps to work with him on health-related issues and to arrange for the pastoral care of St. John Vianney parish.The parish, where Van Vlaenderen has been assigned since mid-2002, is one of the larger parishes in the 10-county archdiocese, she said.Van Vlaenderen served as Weakland's personal secretary for more than a decade, which included driving him to events and assisting at liturgical functions.Read the criminal complaint


bridget said...

One more thing to note: this arrest happened on December 8. Why was this "pastor" not having Masses for the feast of the Immaculate Conception instead of buying/using cocaine?

Cecelia said...

This is, indeed, yet another example of the evil fruits of ILLEGAL VATICAN II! A very great, actually an astounding, if short-lived, victory for the devil who succeeded at long last in placing 'one of his own' on the Papal Throne in order to attempt to COMPLETELY destroy the Eternal Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the source from which ALL graces flow to mankind, as well as to so effectively change the Seven Sacraments as to render them invalid and unfruitful, all calculated to drag many, many souls into hell for all eternity!
"No true Mass, no true Sacraments - thus, NO sanctifying grace!"

And they ALL KNEW IT, even if the many millions of unsuspecting lay people did not, but THEIR PRIESTS AND BISHOPS DID!

Unsure as to when this man was ordained, but if it occurred after the Sacraments were nullified, he is not even a priest, just another hapless soul caught up in the evil of this world, but sadly bringing yet more scandal on Holy Church in the press of the world, giving occasion for glee to the enemies of Christ and His Holy Church, folks like AW, for example, and scandalizing those who do not, cannot, or will not realize what a horrifying fraud has been perpetrated on them.

Not at all surprising that he was yet another 'protege' of Weakland, a key 'behind the scenes Judas' who aided and abetted, smiled upon by the arch-enemy Paul VI in the 'redesign' of our Holy Mass into an empty Lutheran 'memorial.' God would not be mocked in that man, and his sordid immorality was eventually displayed for all to see, a fitting reward for a traitor.

Yet we true Catholics know that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass can never be completely wiped out, because Our Blessed Lord has told us so, for which we humbly thank Him daily.

The day before this arrest took place was the feast of the great Saint Ambrose, who laid down statutes regarding the relations between Church and State, and proclaiming Holy Church as 'the guardian of morals.' The Catholic Church carefully carried out this awesome responsibility over all the centuries for both the temporal and spiritual welfare of man, yet we now witness the unspeakable evils perpetrated by the Novus Ordo Modernist Church.

Quite a contrast in the relationship between Saint Ambrose and Saint Augustine, as compared to that of Paul VI and Weakland!
A stark, stark contrast!

How far these apostates have fallen, how they have betrayed their True Mother on earth, how they have sullied Her holy name, Her reputation. Why, it is a rare criminal who would do such a thing to his mother!

Christ has said it: God will not be mocked! They do not yet reap what they have sown. For now they have EXACTLY the results they had hoped for, AND THEY REVEL IN THEM! Yet the day of Judgment is not far off.

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us! Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thy Kingdom come! Sacred Heart of Jesus, burning furnace of charity, inflame our hearts with love for Thee!

Franciscan Tertiary said...

When we look at any of the friars's faces, they are always serene and joy-filled.

Consider this:

"One who has a natural, refined smile has at his disposition a powerful arm for the good. The smile of the virtuous man conquers us for the good, just as the sarcastic smile of the impious man can harm others.

St. John Bosco is presented as the most amiable of men, his smile and open gaze capable of attracting and influencing both the young and old. But there is no trace of intemperance in that smile. It is impossible to imagine this man, whose every act was turned to moving his neighbor to the love of God, bursting out in strident, raucous laughter.

St. Therese of Lisieux passed through this exile strewing her sweet smiles everywhere. She smiled to those who desired good for her and to the indifferent. She smiled because in all persons she saw Jesus, to whom she smiled continually."

mcsheddon said...

This is entirely inappropriate and Pharisetic. I post my name to this blog; please consider my words.

I have known Fr. Len for years, having worked directly with him for three years. While we had our disagreements theologically, I contend that he remains a faithful man who truly desired to serve God and His people.

You have ABSOLUTELY no idea what drew him to this degree of self-abasement, and you do not possess the power to cast judgment, as our Lord will readily confirm. Your behavior---speaking about him in such a manner, posting that demeaning photo----does little to attest to the truth and grace found in the Roman Catholic Church founded by our God, and does more to affirm self-righteous, plank-in-the-eye mentalities.

I ask that you consider two things:
1) Thou shall not bear false witness
2) Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

You have not been personally affected by this priest's behavior. I HAVE. Yet I would never dare behave in such a cruel, unnecessary manner.

Please re-examine your conscience and consider your motivations. I guarantee the saints in heaven do not look kindly on your actions.

Sincerely, Jennifer Shedd

To post such a demeaning photo of Fr. Len is unnecessary and manipulative.

St. John the Evangelist said...

Bridget, perhaps the reason why he wasn't having masses for the Immaculate Conception is that the fact it was on a Saturday and too close to Sunday that the archdiocese exempt its parishoners for having to attend 2 masses. You must realize that attending 2 masses on the weekend is too difficult for the Novus Ordo. Besides you don't want it to cut in on christmas parties or even weddings during Advent when in reality there should not be no christmas or "Holiday Party" as they probably call it and nobody should be having weddings during Advent either! But they do it anyways.

Pope St. Felix III said...

What a sad state you are in Jennifer.

This heretic of the apostate Vatican II Church is arrested for having cocaine - and according to you - the evil doer is bridget for posting this characters mug shot and the news story.

Bridget did not bear false witness - she posted the news story about how your "faithful" man was arrested with cocaine - no lie there.

It seems to me that on this particular day he was more concerned with serving his nose than God or his apostate parish!

This may come as a shock to modernist "catholics" - but Priests who truly serve God - don't do drugs, don't abuse children, are not homosexuals, communists, or transvestites - it is amazing that a statement like this is even necessary!

Jennifer - you should not be so worried about this satanic heretic that pretends to be a priest as you should for the state of your soul by belonging to such an apostate church - that denies nearly everything that Christ taught through the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

You are being led by Judas Goats to hell!

You need to embrace the true Catholic Faith and get to valid and legitimate Sacraments ASAP before it is too late for you!

btw - Jesus commanded that we JUDGE who is a wolf in sheeps skin - and to not follow such people!

bridget said...

Where do I begin Jennifer......I'd like to know where you differed "theologically" - were you trying to be a new breed bogus ordo woman or were you trying to defend the true faith?
Secondly, as Pope so correctly pointed out, this was a cut and paste of a Journal/Sentinel article including the "demeaning" mug shot. Do you think I made this up?
As far as the rest of my commentary, I stand behind it. It IS a very affluent parish, they DO have an AA/NA meeting there on Friday nights and my bosses DID belong to this church. Since when do the "saints in heaven" have anything bad to say about the truth?
Jennifer, look to YOUR eternal salvation! This man and this bogus ordo church is leading you straight to hell. Take time to peruse our site especially going to the link "Truly Catholic" and really READ the truth.
You should have time now that your "shepherd" will be detained for a while.

Cecelia said...

"Jennifer" gives herself away by the statement: "While we had our disagreements theologically, I CONTEND.....," revealing the actual Protestant mindset found throughout the Novus Ordo Modernist Newchurch. True Catholics do not disagree on matters of faith and morals, because they hold fast to the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church.

I am very sorry for those parishioners and pray that at least some of them would finally begin to wake up, begging the Lord to understand the truth of what has happened in the Church, and grasping it, to take serious steps to save their souls.

Thank you, Pope, for carefully answering point by point the statements by Jennifer.

Thanks be to God for the reminder by Brother of the holy example of St. Jobn Bosco and St. Therese of Jesus. Thank you for bringing these holy considerations to our minds. Yes, the friars faces are always serene and joy-filled. Truly if we keep the peace of Christ within our hearts, we, too, will be able to imitate their holy example.

drt said...

Secretary to the arch-sodomite Weakland ? The fruits of apostacy are gross, apodictic immorality. The Vatican II anti-church is a perfidious sect and is not the Catholic Church. God, in his infinite mercy, is allowing these apostates to revel in unrepentant immorality, so that the good-willed, formally decieved, can awake and abandon this diabolic simulacrum.

Dr. Theodore