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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Niagara Falls prophesied as site of Second Coming

At least it will be close to the seminary........
The satanic nature of the vatican II "church" once again makes national headlines...

When It Takes a MiracleTo Sell Your House

Owners, Realtors Bury StatuesOf St. Joseph to Attract Buyers;Don't Forget to Dig Him Up
October 30, 2007

The story talks of a "jewish buddhist" who did this to sell a home - typical - who but a satanis would bury a statue of a Saint upside down for the purpose of selling a home?

My in-laws did this to sell land - we tried every which way to explain to them that this is satanic - but - the bogus ordo prevailed and they did it - and sold the land a year later - and called it a miracle - what idiots!

How can someone who claims to be Catholic think it is ok to bury an image of a saint - and one as great as Saint Joseph, the man that God chose to be His earthly father, upside down in the dirt for the sole purpose of selling property - be a good thing and not offensive to God?

The racist Zionist jew David Horowitz is being booed off stage at colleges!

And of course - the media tries to play this as an attack on free speech - this same media that has no problem with people being put in prison for the denial of the holocaust!
Another in the long list of great reasons to homeschool!

If you want the truth about the "holocaust" i suggest you visit these two sites as a start:
Way back in the 70's, my mother talked about the "one world government" that was coming - along with the "one world religion". I listened but filed it away . It seems lately that things are moving at a great pace toward just that - a New Age, one world, "peace without Christ" type of movement. Here is a film that I hope you will find as shocking as I did. Note the big names in it:

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Zogby Poll: 52% Support U.S. Military Strike Against Iran
John Zogby Videoclips Available here

John Zogby Audioclips Available here

Most see Clinton as the presidential candidate best equipped to deal with Iran, followed by Giuliani and McCain—but many express uncertainty
A majority of likely voters – 52% – would support a U.S. military strike to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon, and 53% believe it is likely that the U.S. will be involved in a military strike against Iran before the next presidential election, a new Zogby America telephone poll shows.
The survey results come at a time of increasing U.S. scrutiny of Iran. According to reports from the Associated Press, earlier this month Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice accused Iran of "lying" about the aim of its nuclear program and Vice President Dick Cheney has raised the prospect of "serious consequences" if the U.S. were to discover Iran was attempting to devolop a nuclear weapon. Last week, the Bush administration also announced new sanctions against Iran.

Miller Beer Boycott Still in Full Force as Miller Refuses to Halt S&M Gay Parade Sponsorship
By John-Henry WestenSAN FRANCISCO, October 29, 2007 ( -
A half-heated apology by the Miller Brewing Company has done nothing but fan the flames of an already established boycott of Miller beer. Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented on Miller's 'apology' of Oct. 26."They either don't get it or they think we're stupid. Miller's latest apology is nothing but a rehash of what it has been saying all along-it limits its apology to the use of its logo on the offensive Last Supper promotional poster for the Folsom Street Fair.
But it still refuses to apologize for the anti-Catholic nature of the event itself. As we have repeatedly said, sacred symbols were sold as sex toys at the Miller-sponsored event, a stripper and a man dressed as Jesus were hoisted in cages above a Catholic church on a Sunday, and men mocked nuns in the street. Evidently, Miller thinks these kinds of things are okay.In the latest news release, Miller VP Nehl Horton said, "when one group actively disrespects another, we cannot support its events and activities.""This is a fine statement, if only it were true," retorted Donohue. "The fact is Miller has made no pledge not to sponsor the Folsom Street Fair again.
Accordingly, we will continue the boycott and the anti-Miller PR campaign."In addition to launching a boycott of Miller beer with some 200 faith and family groups, the Catholic League has sent shocking photos of the sadomasochistic gay parade which Miller sponsored by various faith, community and business groups in hopes of expanding the boycott."If Miller pledges not to sponsor another anti-Catholic event, we will drop the boycott and the anti-Miller PR campaign. But not until it does," concluded the Catholic League President.
To express concerns Contact Miller VP Nehl Horton at


The National Park Service, a branch of the federal government, has joined the Veterans Administration in establishing anti-Christian bigotry as public policy. The NPS has censored “God” from a key display of America's Christian heritage in Washington.
The reference is an engraving of "Laus Deo," which is Latin for "Praise be to God," on the east side of the 100-ounce aluminum cap atop of the Washington Monument.
Since the actual inscription on the cap is unviewable atop the 555-foot stone column, the NPS created a replica which is on display in the white-colored obelisk of marble, granite and sandstone.
Now “God” has been removed from the plaque containing information about the Washington Monument. In 2000 the plaque read:
APEX OF THE MONUMENT Reproduction The builders searched for an appropriate metal for the apex that would not tarnish and would act as a lightning rod. They chose one of the rarest metals of the time, aluminum. The casting was inscribed with the phrase, Laus Deo, (Praise be to God).
The NPS censored the last sentence from the latest plaque, which now reads:
CAP OF THE MONUMENT Reproduction The builders searched for appropriate metal for the cap that would not tarnish and would act as a lightning rod. They chose one of the rarest metals of the time – aluminum.
In addition, the replica of the cap which is in the monument has been positioned so close to the wall that the wording “Laus Deo” cannot be read. Prior to the censorship by the NPS, the replica wording could be read.
It was the third time in just the past few weeks that an agency of the federal government has banned the use of “God.” First was the Architect of the Capitol banning religious references when issuing flag certificates. That ruling was later rescinded. Next came the Veterans Administration censoring religious references in the script used to describe each fold of the flag at 125 national cemeteries. That censoring came after only one person complained.
Because of the NPS censorship, children and other visitors to the monument now have no way to know that the words, 'Laus Deo,' ('Praise be to God'), are inscribed on the original cap atop the monument! This censoring of God will help establish anti-Christian bigotry into federal law.

Just why would we allow this?

this is very frightening when one considers how many millions of people the 1918 flu virus killed, the fact that most of the victims were young adults, and that the UN has stated that world population should be reduced by nearly 80%!
Thanks to Pucherito, we can view a video of the new mural that his very talented brother painted in our church in Waubeka. We have been unable to upload it but this link is to his blog - it's the first entry:

Monday, October 29, 2007

Now here is a gift for that special young lady in your life - what will those Lutherans think of next?

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on "The Golden Compass." The film, opening December 7, stars Nicole Kidman and is based on the first book of Philip Pullman's trilogy, His Dark Materials.

Once again, Hillary Rodham Clinton leads in a poll. This time, she was top choice when people were asked which major 2008 presidential candidate would make the scariest Halloween costume.
Asked about costume choices, 37 percent in an Associated Press-Ipsos survey this month chose New York Sen. Clinton, the front-runner among Democratic presidential contenders. Fourteen percent selected former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who leads Republicans in national polls.
No other candidate exceeded 6 percent.
Clinton was the choice of four in 10 men and one-third of women. While a predictable two-thirds of Republicans picked her, she also was the choice of 18 percent of Democrats. Among members of her own party, that made her second only to Giuliani as the scariest costume.
About one-third of independents, nearly half of whites and just over half of conservatives selected her.
The poll involved telephone interviews with 1,013 adults conducted from Oct. 16-18. It has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

6 Now this I say: He who soweth sparingly, shall also reap sparingly: and he who soweth in blessings, shall also reap blessings. 7 Every one as he hath determined in his heart, not with sadness, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.
On December 12, 2007, Fr. Madrigal from Mexico will be consecrated by Bishop Louis Vezelis, OFM and Bishop Giles Butler, OFM. This is a great blessing from God!
On November 11, a collection will be taken up in the parishes around the country for supplies needed such as a crosier, mitre and the necessary apparel proper for a Bishop.
Some of our readers are unable to attend a parish and may wish to help out with this most holy endeavor. Donations can be sent to :
Bishop Louis Vezelis, OFM DD
420 Dunham Road
Waterloo, NY 14165
Please be generous - God is NEVER outdone in generosity to those who give of themselves!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Today is the feast of St. Jude, the patron of hopeless cases. Here is his epistle in it's entirety. Read it slowly and remember that it's the book before the Apocalypse.....

1 Jude, the servant of Jesus Christ, and brother of James: to them that are beloved in God the Father, and preserved in Jesus Christ, and called. 2 Mercy unto you, and peace, and charity be fulfilled.

3 Dearly beloved, taking all care to write unto you concerning your common salvation, I was under a necessity to write unto you: to beseech you to contend earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints.

4 For certain men are secretly entered in, (who were written of long ago unto this judgment,) ungodly men, turning the grace of our Lord God into riotousness, and denying the only sovereign Ruler, and our Lord Jesus Christ. 5 I will therefore admonish you, though ye once knew all things, that Jesus, having saved the people out of the land of Egypt, did afterwards destroy them that believed not:
6 And the angels who kept not their principality, but forsook their own habitation, he hath reserved under darkness in everlasting chains, unto the judgment of the great day. 7 As Sodom and Gomorrha, and the neighbouring cities, in like manner, having given themselves to fornication, and going after other flesh, were made an example, suffering the punishment of eternal fire.

8 In like manner these men also defile the flesh, and despise dominion, and blaspheme majesty. 9 When Michael the archangel, disputing with the devil, contended about the body of Moses, he durst not bring against him the judgment of railing speech, but said: The Lord command thee. 10 But these men blaspheme whatever things they know not: and what things soever they naturally know, like dumb beasts, in these they are corrupted.

11 Woe unto them, for they have gone in the way of Cain: and after the error of Balaam they have for reward poured out themselves, and have perished in the contradiction of Core. 12 These are spots in their banquets, feasting together without fear, feeding themselves, clouds without water, which are carried about by winds, trees of the autumn, unfruitful, twice dead, plucked up by the roots, 13 Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own confusion; wandering stars, to whom the storm of darkness is reserved for ever.

14 Now of these Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied, saying: Behold, the Lord cometh with thousands of his saints, 15 To execute judgment upon all, and to reprove all the ungodly for all the works of their ungodliness, whereby they have done ungodly, and of all the hard things which ungodly sinners have spoken against God.
16 These are murmurers, full of complaints, walking according to their own desires, and their mouth speaketh proud things, admiring persons for gain's sake. 17 But you, my dearly beloved, be mindful of the words which have been spoken before by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ, 18 Who told you, that in the last time there should come mockers, walking according to their own desires in ungodlinesses. 19 These are they, who separate themselves, sensual men, having not the Spirit. 20 But you, my beloved, building yourselves upon your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost,
21 Keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, unto life everlasting. 22 And some indeed reprove, being judged: 23 But others save, pulling them out of the fire. And on others have mercy, in fear, hating also the spotted garment which is carnal. 24 Now to him who is able to preserve you without sin, and to present you spotless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, in the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, 25 To the only God our Saviour through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory and magnificence, empire and power, before all ages, and now, and for all ages of ages. Amen.

spend some time examining the evidence that Eric Hufschmid presents at the above link - it is quite amazing.
I fear we will see more of this in the coming months and years

note how the mainstream national media never picked up on this story - i mean think about it - a chemist is throwing Molotov Cocktails at police threatening not to be taken from his home alive - and no national news source picks up on this - not one network, not one major internet site...hmm

Lengthy standoff ends in Spring with man's suicide


Houston Chronicle

A 12-hour standoff ended this morning with a north Houston man lobbing Molotov cocktails at Houston Police before taking his own life rather than vacate a home he'd lost to foreclosure...

Christmas Gifts Part IV: You are going to have it SO EASY this year!

First, on the left is our black t-shirt (I actually see many, many fundies wearing things like this!) ; then we have our "Maltese" "christian" belt buckle (these two items are considered "biker"; next, we have our silver fish ring (every girl needs one of those); our pink i-pod holder which reminds you to "tune in to God" while you are listening to your satanic rock; and last - an item that every good Christian needs: sunglasses marked with the cross.

And they call us "idolatrous"?????

Every so often I like to show an example of a post that we would under normal circumstances not publish. This post appeared in the thread entitled: From the Horses Mouth...

here is a cut & paste of the comment:

approvedworkman said...
My comment was not insulting.
You are thin-skinned frightened rabbits; afraid of the devil, unsure that you are really saved, what an ineffective half-assed bunch. No wonder there is only a handful of you that post or comment here.You are afraid of the Truth. As I said I do not worship men, Rome does.

The church fathers were flawed men and not infallible.

Many of them were flat out unscriptural.

The church slid into apostasy shortly after the 1st century. Another babylonian exile.

Your proof that you are of the true church is based on the "fact" that man-made rcc dogma is correct since it was practiced for centuries? LOL!! That is the argument of political and theological liberals, i.e. if you say 2+2=5 long enough that means it is right.

It was wrong then, which means you are wrong now.I do not get angry about Luther.Luther was flawed as are we all. He is not my God, and neither is the god of pagan Rome.

Christmas and easter are pagan holidays. Prove that they are not.

Constantine was a skillful politician, and used whatever religion fit to further his agenda.Funny how you fail to address the relevant points.

I encourage you again to read a "real"(that means non-roman catholic)history of western civilization. The problem with the reformation is that it did not go far enough.Don't worry though, the kings of the babylonian political system will turn on the prostitute, i.e. you, and destroy her.Study your word. You people know nothing of God or the revealed will given in His Book.The great falling away of 2 Thess 2 began over 1600 years ago and still goes on. Sad for you.
10/27/2007 4:23 PM

I would hope that most reasonable people would see how incredibly absurd this comment really is.

1. He states that his comments are not insulting - then in his next sentence he tells us that we are an "ineffective half-assed bunch". hmmmm

2. His next few sentences again miss the point on one hand and make it on another. He states that the Church fell into apostasy shortly after the first century. Did not Jesus promise to be with His Church all days even till the end of the world? Did Jesus break His promise? By Luther's own admission - not a SINGLE ANCIENT TEACHER TAUGHT A PURE FAITH! Approved obviously agrees with this statement - so according to Luther and approved - there was no church - NO ONE WHO BELIEVED CORRECTLY from the first century (basically from the death of the Apostles - until the protestant reformation in the 16th century) - So for 1500 years - Jesus was not with His Church - His Church - according to approved was in apostasy!

Bottom line - to believe as approved and all protestants do - is to believe that Jesus was either unable to keep His promise - or He was a liar - either is satanic!

I am sure he will claim that there were supposedly christians who did believe as he does - that believed in, for example - justification by faith alone - if this were true - he ought to be able to easily site examples in history prior to the middle ages of such people - there would without a doubt be writings of this belief - but - i have challenged him on numerous occasions to site an example of one Christian who believed exactly as he does - and of course - he cannot - because none exist!

He will then claim - that he follows the Bible - well - the Apostolic and Church Fathers also followed the Bible - they just did not interpret it as these heretic do. For crying out loud - St. Jerome was the first person to translate the entire bible into the language of the people - at that time Latin - and he did not believe this nonsense. The Apostolic Fathers - many who lived and wrote while some of the Apostles were still alive - believed as Catholics do today - and not as approved believes. - NO ONE IN HISTORY BELIEVED EXACTLY AS APPROVED BELIEVES!

He then rants about how he does not follow any men and that we supposedly worship men. Bottom line - approved worships himself - by his own admission -he is the final authority of his faith. He claims he follows the bible - but whose understanding of the bible? He cannot site a single christian who ever lived that believes and understands the bible to teach exactly what he believes it teaches - so where does that leave him - AS THE FINAL INFALLIBLE AUTHORITY.

Approved attributes to himself what he denies the Church - INFALLIBILITY AND AUTHORITY OVER THE SCRIPTURES!

3. He then states that Christmas and Easter are pagan holidays - and asks me to prove that they are not. This exposes his flawed logic - it actually behooves him to prove that they are - since he is the one making the claim - but flawed reasoning is the staple of protestantism.

I can easily prove that Christmas and Easter are not pagan holidays. Christmas is the celebration of the Nativity or Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ - Easter is the celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It does not matter if pagans had celebrated pagan feasts on these same days thousands of years ago, it does not matter if approved buddies the rabbis and jews have corrupted these Holy Days with things like "satan claws", " the easter bunny", etc... What matters is how they are meant to be celebrated.

Catholics prepare for the Nativity of our Lord - Christ's Mass - by a period of fasting and penance in honor of His Birth - this time is called: Advent. Catholics abstain and fast on the Eve of the Birth of Our Lord and spend that day in repentance and prayer. We spend Christmas in thanksgiving to God for the Birth of our Savior - Jesus Christ. This could only be considered "pagan" in the mind of someone influenced by satan himself!

Catholics prepare for the celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord (Easter) by a 40 day fast called; "Lent " in imitation of our Lord's forty day fast in the desert. We prepare for 40 days to celebrate and give thanks for our Lord's Resurrection. This could only be considered "pagan" in the mind of satan!

4. His final "points" if that it what i must call them - are really absurd. When I expose heretics - i do so from the horses mouth - as the post that started this all shows. I do not quote the enemies of Luther to expose Luther - I quote Luther himself. The only world view of history that this character knows and quotes is from the enemies of Christ and His Church. Yet he tells me that i should read a "real world history". ABSURD!

His quote about 2nd Thessalonians and the great apostasy lasting for 1600 years is absurd - The main point that St. Paul is driving home is that people should not be anxious for Christ's return because the END TIMES will not begin until the great apostasy, the man of sin being revealed, etc....

The Great Apostasy is a sign of the END TIMES - not something that would have happened after the last Apostle died and then ends with the protestant revolt!

Bottom line - approvedworkman - like most protestant heretics quotes anti-catholic sources to attack the Church. Catholics, like myself - do not quote the enemies of protestantism, but the protestants themselves to make our case - and this really - REALLY ticks off heretics.

Approved cannot name a single source that could show a Christian who believed in the false doctrine of Justification by Faith Alone before the middle ages. Luther admits that no Christian believed in this doctrine before him.

Approved cannot name a single Christian who understands and interprets the bible exactly as he does - therefore by default - makes himself the sole, infallible spiritual authority on this planet! He is his own god!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Audio link for the Sunday Sermon

From the Portiuncula in Rochester, NY

Bishop Louis Vezelis, OFM


Scout backers crash Philly mayor's e-mail

Barrage of 150,000 messages after city

hiked rent $200,000 due to 'gay' policy

Dear friend,
Here is the link for the audio sermon for the Twenty-First Sunday after Pentecost.
May God bless you.
Bishop Giles OFM

Her Doctrine and Morals
Jesus Christ the King
28 October 2007

Epistle: Col 1: 12-20

12 Giving thanks to God the Father, Who hath made us worthy to be partakers of the lot of the saints in light: 13 Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of the Son of His love, 14 In whom we have redemption through His blood, the remission of sins; 15 Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature:
16 For in Him were all things created in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones, or dominations, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by Him and in Him. 17 And He is before all, and by Him all things consist. 18 And Heis the head of the body, the church, who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things He may hold the primacy: 19 Because in Him , it hath well pleased the Father, that all fullness should dwell; 20 And through Him to reconcile all things unto Himself, making peace through the blood of His cross, both as to the things that are on earth, and the things that are in heaven.

Gospel: John 18:33-37

33 Pilate therefore went into the hall again, and called Jesus, and said to Him: Art thou the king of the Jews? 34 Jesus answered: Sayest thou this thing of thyself, or have others told it thee of Me? 35 Pilate answered: Am I a Jew? Thy own nation, and the chief priests, have delivered Thee up to me: what hast thou done?
36 Jesus answered: My kingdom is not of this world. If My kingdom were of this world, My servants would certainly strive that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now My kingdom is not from hence. 37 Pilate therefore said to Him : Art thou a king then? Jesus answered: Thou sayest that I am a king. For this was I born, and for this came I into the world; that I should give testimony to the truth. Every one that is of the truth, heareth my voice.

The Sunday
Sermon :
"I am a king. This is why I was born, and why I have come into the world, to bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice."
We have a king, but the question is, are we members of the kingdom? Jesus is the King of kings. Though His kingdom is not from here, He wishes it to be brought here.
Christ has established His kingdom here on earth in the Church, and He has called upon all to enter in and enjoy this kingdom. He does not wish to rule over us with force and coercion. He wishes that we enter freely and willingly. The grace of Faith is a gift from God. The Church does not force the Kingdom upon anyone -she offers it to them. Those who obstinately refuse this grace will not be part of the Kingdom and will not taste of the pleasures therein.
Our King wishes to establish His kingdom of truth in our intellect; His kingdom of justice and holiness for our will and His kingdom of love and peace for our heart. In a word Christ wishes us to be completely immersed in His kingdom. Each and every faculty that we possess, all that we have and are must enter into this kingdom.
There is no dual citizenship. We are either with Him or we are against Him. There are no Christmas and Easter Catholics nor Sunday morning Catholics in the kingdom. Only those who live everyday as Catholics can truly be said to be Catholic and thus members of the Kingdom of God.
The King loves his people and gives them all that they need to live as worthy members in His kingdom. The citizens of this kingdom need only graciously accept these gifts and use them for the furtherance of the kingdom. The King has done everything for His people and all that He asks of the people is that they cooperate with Him.
Our King has given us the truth in the Holy Mother Church; we need not search to find it. It is here and waiting for us. The King offers it to us freely. The Church defines and explains the truth infallibly for every question that may arise, past, present, and future. The one and only truth is possessed by the Church which is Christ's kingdom here on earth.
There are consequently many false kingdoms or churches that may claim to have the truth. For all those who truly cooperate with the grace given freely by the King the error of these false kingdoms are eventually made clear. All that is left for us to do is to accept this truth and conform our intellects to that of the King.

For our wills the kingdom contains justice and holiness. Only the true Church can legitimately lay claim to being just and holy. The doctrines and practices of the true Church are just and holy. There are many false churches that lay claim to justice and holiness but again for those who have the grace the distinction becomes painfully clear. And just as we must do for our intellect so we must do for our will. We must conform our will to the will of the King. This is in truth what we pray for when we say: "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven." We ask that our will here on earth be just as the will of God in Heaven.

For our hearts the kingdom contains love and peace. This sadly is also counterfeited by the many false churches. As before, if we cooperate with the grace that the King offers us we cannot fail to see the distinction between the imposture love and peace, and the true love and peace of God. Christ gave us His love. No greater love has man than to lay down his life for those that he loves. This is what our King has done for us. And this is what the true Church continues to do. In imitation of Christ those of His kingdom continue to sacrifice themselves for those that they love. Christ came to this world to bring us His peace. He sent His apostles out with the universal greeting "Peace be to you." For all those who have truly entered the Church _ Christ's Kingdom here on earth _ they will truly have His peace. They will have conformed their intellects to His; they will have conformed their wills to His; and they will have conformed their hearts to His. And in this state they will have perfect peace regardless of whatever may take place in this world around them. They hear the voice of the King and are confident and at peace.
Let us not hesitate to enter into this kingdom and be of the truth and hear His voice.

God has promised forgiveness to your repentance, but He has not promised tomorrow to your procrastination.

St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430AD) on Repentance


Jesus has given us the Heart of His Blessed Mother. Therefore, you can and you must make use of that Heart to love God. For Mary's Heart is truly yours, and you must love God with all your heart!

St. John Eudes (1601-1680AD)

MORE CALIFORNIA SHENANIGANS: Note the connection between this group, Disneyland and Medjugorje:

“Team bondage and spanking for pleasure”
Gay and Lesbian Outreach at St. Monica parish celebrates 16 years
“GLO” -- the Gay and Lesbian Outreach at St. Monica’s parish in Santa Monica -- is “Sweet 16,” said the group’s Sept./Oct. newsletter. After 16 years at St. Monica’s, the group is still “‘gloing’ strong,” according to the newsletter.
The newsletter, the first of the “season,” thanked everyone who showed up and helped out at the Pride Booth at last June’s “LA Pride.” The Ministry for Lesbian and Gay Catholics of the Los Angeles archdiocese sponsored the booth for the event, whose theme was “Our Agenda: Love, Equality, Pride.” In his message for the 2007 event, LA Pride’s president Rodney Scott announced that the weekend celebration would be “headlined by the Dyke March.” ...........
St. Monica parish’s GLO’s Special Events Team, says the newsletter, was sponsoring an “outing” for the Oct. 6 Gay Days at Disneyland. Officially called “Gay Days Anaheim,” the event started in 1998 when Disneyland canceled its private nighttime parties for homosexuals. Disneyland does not officially sponsor Gay Days, so homosexuals who attend it intermix with the general public and wear red shirts (sporting the words, “Gay Days Anaheim”) “to identify one another and show our numbers,” says the Gay Days Anaheim web site. But, though it does not officially sponsor Gay Days, “Disney has been wonderfully supportive of the event,” said the event web site. Disney staff has been “involved in all of the official aspects of the event (hotel room blocks, the Info Center), and have been very accommodating.”
Besides these events, St. Monica’s GLO has spiritual activities – such as a new Faith Sharing Group which “will draw upon different devotions such as the Rosary to form the framework for prayer and faith-sharing.” GLO, says the newsletter, hopes to found Faith Sharing Groups for young people or for couples. Other GLO spiritual events are Evensong, “an evening of prayer, music and fellowship followed by a potluck” and an upcoming Thanksgiving dinner for the needy.
The Sept./Oct. newsletter includes a “Monthly Message from Our Lady,” which gives the Aug. 25 message from the supposed apparition in Medjugorje.

I had to remove the description of what goes on at the Dyke March because of common decency but you can read the link if you so choose.
This is an abomination- linking St. Monica and the rosary with this perversion! This is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah !

Friday, October 26, 2007

White House: Fake FEMA news conference won't happen again

This is unreal - FEMA faked an entire news conference in California - and several news outlets carried it!

UK Christian Couple who Refuse to Promote Homosexuality Forced out of Child Foster Care
Investigation into child services in region revealed bias in favour of homosexuals

By Hilary White CHARD, UK, October 24, 2007 ( – A Christian couple in Somerset, UK, have been told by child services that they would be required to take teenaged foster children to homosexual support groups and teach the children placed in their care that homosexuality is normal. When the couple told officials at social services that it would violate their conscience to do so, the eleven year-old boy who had been placed with them was removed...
Thought Crime - it is laws like this that will lead to the blood of Christians flowing like rivers!
Racism and evolution:
Halle Berry knows the power of Jews in the media. (immodest attire)

Halle Berry has learned the hard way that off-the-cuff ethnic jokes don't play in Peoria. The swelling-bellied beauty is doing damage control after a comic bit went awry during her appearance last week on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno."...

...Halle then proceeded to point out a pic that featured her with a schnoz that would make W.C. Fields wince in sympathy, and she opined that she looked like "my Jewish cousin."
D'oh! And oy.

As crickets chirped in the crowd, Leno tried to cut the tension by quipping, "I'm glad you said it. OK, great ..."

The actress, who is nearly five months pregnant with the spawn of model Gabriel Aubry, quickly clued in to the un-PC-ness of her remark and worryingly asked, "Oh my God, have I just like ruined my career?"

Jay assured her she had not, and the powers-that-be at NBC mitigated her mistake by cutting the word "Jewish" from the broadcast, throwing in some canned laughter instead.

Also helping to defuse the situation was Halle's quick and seemingly sincere mea culpa...

Can you feel the power - make a joke about Jews having a big nose and your career could be over - note how the audience was silent - how Leno - made it clear that she said it - and he had no part of it...

THIS IS ABSURD! These Jews can make fun of Christianity CONSTANTLY and the stupid gullible goy laugh and laugh - this makes me SICK!
Monsignor threatens Vatican

Lets hope he releases the names.

The BBC exposé on pedophilia in the Vatican was deleted, but I found a new link

I am a Type 1 diabetic and have been for over ten years. They think that my pancreas stopped working after a really bad case of influenza in the early 1990's. Today I saw the doctor and found out that my kidneys are leaking protein into my urine. This is a first sign of diabetes effecting the kidneys. The doctor told me that at this point it is reversible, but that if I did not get the diabetes under better control I was heading for disaster.

I do not desire a cure, nor do i desire to live in this life any longer than I must, but what I do need prayers for is the will power to get this stupid disease under control. I have young children and know that i should do everything in my power to remain healthy as long as possible. I need to eat better and exercise on a regular basis - and keystrokes don't count - ;).

So prayers would be greatly appreciated.

(i don't want this to seem more serious than it is either - i am not on my deathbed or anything - but i need to get this disease under control before i suffer long term nerve damage)

During a recent Q & A session between Mirjana and English-speaking pilgrims at Medjugorje, and in response to a comment by one of the pilgrims about sharing the same birthday as Mirjana, the visionary responded:
Great people were born on the 18th of March. But I never have my birthday because that is the day of the apparition. And many people have the wrong opinion about it. They feel that Our Lady comes to me on the 18th of March because it is my birthday. She doesn’t come for sure for that reason because she never said to me Happy Birthday. When everything starts happening, then you will be able to understand why the 18th of March, why every second of the month, why Wednesdays and Fridays are days of fasting, everything will be clear.

Can anyone say crazy???

Thursday, October 25, 2007

From the horses mouth...

Interesting quotes from the Father of Protestantism:

The following quotes are taken from What Luther Says: A Practical In-Home Anthology for the Active Christian Plass - published by Concordia - a Lutheran Publishing House. The book is a collection of direct quotes of Martin Luther complied in 1958 into this volume.

Note well that, unlike heretics who attack the Catholic Faith with non-catholic sources - The quotes I am using come from a Lutheran source.

Page 151
#451 No Preservation of a Pure Strain

"The highest patriarch, Judah, a father of Christ, committed this unspeakable incest so that Christ might be born of flesh that was very sinful and was contaminated by the most shameful sin. For Judah begot twins with an incestuous harlot, his daughter-in-law. From here the lineage of the Savior is later traced. Thus Christ must become a sinner in His flesh, as shameful as He ever can become. The flesh of Christ comes of an incestuous intercourse, likewise also the flesh of the virgin, His mother, and all the descendants of Judah, in order to signify the unspeakable plan of God's mercy in that He assumed the flesh of human nature from flesh that was contaminated and horribly polluted....

This is satanic - God hath no part of sin - this is the satanic response to the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception - where as Catholics know that God, by a singular act of grace - preserved the Blessed Mother from all trace of sin - so that her Son would have no part of sin. Can you imagine daring to say that "Christ became a sinner in His flesh"?

Page 502
#1501 The Fathers Make Too Much of Works

"In Augustine there is little of faith; in Jerome, nothing. Not one of the ancient teachers is pure in the sense that he teaches pure faith. Virtues and good works they often commend, rarely faith...

Here we have the Father of Protestantism admitting that NONE of the first Christians believed as he did. This is really quite an astonishing admission and proud boast. If you give this little quote a little thought - you will see that here Luther is admitting that no one before him believed as he does. No Christian before Luther understood Scripture to teach what protestants believe! This is really an admission that Protestantism is a new and man-made religion!

The next few quotes will be on the central doctrine of all protestantism - Justification by Faith ALONE...

Page 107
#324: Luther's "Alone" in Romans 3:28 Is No Falsification

"I know very well that the word solum (soley) does not stand in the Latin and Greek texts, and the papists had no need to teach me that. True it is that these four letters s-o-l-a do not stand there. At these letters the asinine dunces stare as a cow stares at a new door. Yet they do not see that this is the meaning of the text and that the word belongs there if a clear and forceful German translation is desired...

Here Luther admits that the word "alone" does not follow "faith" in Romans - that he added this word - that he added to Scripture - and he calls Catholics "asinine dunces" for not accepting his addition to Scripture!

Page 707 #2211 Paul Emphasizes Sola Fide - "by Faith Alone"

"Note, then, whether Paul does not assert more vehemently that faith alone justifies than I do, although he does not use the word "alone" (sola), which I have used...

Again, we have Luther admitting that Paul does not use the phrase "faith alone" at all. Luther claims that Paul meant this - but this is really quite absurd - was not God the Author of Scripture capable of adding the word "alone" through Paul's hand if He wanted it there?

Here is a good one:

Page 896: #2796 What about the intercourse of the Betrothed?

"Secret intercourse of those who are engaged to each other can certainly not be considered fornication; for it takes place in the name and with the intention of marriage, a desire, intention, or name which fornication does not have. Thus there is a great difference indeed between fornication and the secret intercourse after the promise of marriage."

Ah - no comment necessary on that one!

I could spend days quoting the nonsense that Luther and these other "fathers" of Protestantism have spewed over the last 400 or so years - but these few quotes alone should suffice to show that protestantism is of satan...

Can a bad tree bear good fruit? It is obvious from these quotes that Luther was a bad tree - therefore his fruit (protestantism) is a bad fruit!


Last night I had a nice visit with a friend and his dad that I usually only see once a year. During the course of conversation we talked a little about religion and I mentioned that I was surprised to learn that Lutherans deny that we have free will. My friend's father then protested that he was never taught a denial of free will and believed that we do indeed have free will. My friend's father is Lutheran and has been all his life!

My brother is married to a Presbyterian - this is the religion founded by Calvin - and she did not know that her "faith" denies that she has a free will - and protested that she was never taught this.

Now - I am not writing this post to bash on these two individuals, my friend's father is a very nice man and I enjoy visiting with him and my brother's wife is as good of a sister-in-law as one can get, but isn't it strange that one of the chief doctrines of their respective religions is not even taught - or if it is - it is not stressed very much. It is clear that they don't even know that this is what they are supposed to believe!

What shocks me the most, however, is that they will protest that their churches do not deny free will and that they were never taught it, etc... - but when you show them the words of Luther himself, or in the case of my sister-in-law the founding documents of their church - that clearly show that their religions deny free will - then they say nothing - and still remain in a faith that they admit they believe is false - does this make any sense at all?

I firmly believe that most protestants do not even have a clue that the doctrines of their various denominations teach a denial of free will.

The problem however, is not their ignorance, it is the fact that they don't care!

I can honestly say that if I found out that my religion taught something that made no sense and contradicted right reason - I would do some serious soul searching and research to find the truth - but not the vast majority of protestants - and, we have to include the novus ordoites in this bunch.

They can see teachings that are blatantly false and in some cases admit that they are false - yet they still continue to belong to these false religions.

The only logical conclusion is that they just don't care if it is true or false!

Bishop Giles in a recent sermon said that these people cannot help themselves because they are in a state of mortal sin - and that the only way they can be helped is through the prayers of those not in a state of grave sin.

We all need to pray more for each other and for our friends and family that are in false religions - because all the reason, logic, evidence, and arguments in the world - cannot make someone care about the truth - God must place the desire for the truth in their obstinate hearts and He wants us to ask Him to do this!

An ad campaign to counter discrimination against gays has stirred up passions in Italy, using a poster that shows a newborn with the word "homosexual" written on his wristband.
Sexual orientation is not a choice," reads the slogan on the poster that was going up all across the central-northern Tuscany region and was published in national newspapers Wednesday.
"Using newborns to make people believe that homosexual impulses are an innate characteristic is dishonest and a disgrace," said Christian Democratic lawmaker Luca Volonte.
Gay philosopher Gianni Vattimo said the ad was in "
bad taste" and that the slogan was "only partly true."
Italy's main gay rights association ArciGay, for its part, praised the initiative, saying homosexuality is an "unchangeable fact that should be respected."

Christ has given His priests a power He would not give to His angels, for has He not said to them, "Whatsoever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven"?

St. John Chrysostom (347-407AD) on Repentance

On Sunday the 7th of October, the morning of the Castro Street Fair, two members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence® attended Mass at Most Holy Redeemer Church.
Most Holy Redeemer is located in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco and "prides itself in being an inclusive Catholic community."
The service was an opportunity to welcome the new Archbishop of San Francisco, Most Rev. George Niederauer.
While at Mass the Sisters joined other parishioners in respectful and sincere worship and received Communion from the Archbishop. After the services, they stayed to socialize with the congregation before moving on to attend the Castro Street Fair.
Sadly, while the Sisters participated in the celebration, others not there to worship secretly filmed and photographed the Mass hoping to spark a controversy and cast the parishioners of Most Holy Redeemer and the Archbishop in a negative light.
These professional muckrakers then gave the photos to an anti-gay Fundamentalist Catholic Website which in turn sent them to right-wing media outlets who willfully distorted the facts for political gain.
The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are appalled that some media outlets have unwittingly spread these distortions while others have intentionally taken advantage to fuel a mean-spirited and divisive political agenda.
These forces have been critical of Most Holy Redeemer for their welcoming approach to the diverse community they serve and have frequently seen fit to attack the parishioners as part of a larger campaign against "San Francisco values."
Our hearts go out to the parishioners of Most Holy Redeemer and to the Archbishop who have been unfairly stigmatized by these disingenuous campaigns for doing nothing more than following the welcoming teachings of Christ and administering Communion in keeping with the teachings of the Second Vatican Council.
We would like to take this opportunity to state again that, contrary to the spin of right-wing fanatics, that the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence do not "mock nuns" but live "as nuns," taking vows that affirm the traditional compassionate and justice-seeking ministries of religious women, extending their reach beyond the convent walls to those most in need.
We are open and supportive of all forms of spirituality that teach respect for human life, diversity, freedom and community, including those of the Catholic Church. In fact, we have given several thousand dollars in grants to several religious-based organizations, including Most Holy Redeemer.
It is no secret that our vows sometimes call us to challenge the dogmas and hypocrisies of the Catholic hierarchy, in the same way they call us to confront politicians and even leaders within the queer community whenever they use their power and influence to promote fear, shame, division, and self-hatred.
It is a bittersweet irony that these same forces of fear and shame now use the media to twist a moment of genuine communion into another justification for policies that harm people of faith and members of the LGBTQ community.
In keeping with our vows to expiate stigmatic guilt and promulgate universal joy, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence call on all people of good faith to oppose those who would desecrate the sanctity of a church and defile a moment of true communion for cheap political gain.
In a world wracked by violence and fear, we have no time for such lies and will continue to serve our community by boldly proclaiming that joy is more powerful than shame.
We extend our sincerest gratitude and affection to the parishioners of Most Holy Redeemer and hope that their new Archbishop continues to walk with them in service to the gospel of joy and justice.
If you believe this bovine excrement I have a bridge to sell you...

FBI: al-Qaeda detainee spoke of fire plot

PHOENIX (AP) — The FBI alerted law enforcement agencies last month that an al-Qaeda terrorist now in detention had talked of masterminding a plot to set a series of devastating forest fires around the western United States...

while I know full well that Michael Rivero is a Zionist mole in the "truth movement" - remember that they start little fires of truth - here is one such fire...
Hufschmid asks, What difference does it make if the Armenians died from a genocide or from a war?

Click here

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fight abortion and pornography...

Our small town has recently joined the ranks of big cities by placing a strip club in the center of the town. A friend of mine from Milwaukee was up here with his father last hunting season and they stopped on the street and were going to take a photo of the sign for this club to show someone who did not believe them that our little town really had such a "club". As my friends dad was about to take the photo - someone parked in the parking lot and got out of his car and was heading for the door and looked at my friend and his dad. His dad raised his camera and pretended to take a photo of him - the man literally ran back to his car and left! My friend and his dad found this to be quite hysterical.

It gave me a thought - why not, instead of stand with signs protesting this filth or the murder of abortion - stand with cameras with huge lenses and take photos of the people entering and leaving these places - and then post the photos on the internet?

I bet if word got around - or if a man about to go to a strip club or a woman or young girl about to murder their child saw people taking photos of those entering - they might change their mind and not do it!

What do you think?
Court Says Freemasons Fall Under Religious Protection Law

by Heather Donckels
Religion News Service

Freemasonry may rank with Christianity, Judaism and Islam as an official form of "religious exercise," a California court of appeals suggested in a ruling on Oct. 3.

As such, Masons would fall under the protections of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000 (RLUIPA), the landmark law that says government may not infringe on religious buildings without a compelling interest...
Above the law...

Police cleared in use of Taser on student
Sen. Kerry questioner was taken down after pleading, ‘Don't Tase me bro!’

GAINESVILLE, Florida - University of Florida police were justified when they used a Taser against a student who refused to stop questioning Senator John Kerry at a campus event, according to a state investigation released Wednesday...

Cop shoots at snake, kills boy, 5

NOBLE, Oklahoma (AP) -- A police officer shooting at a snake apparently killed a 5-year-old boy who was fishing at a nearby pond, officials said.

Jack Tracy was fishing with his grandson when a bullet fired by a police officer struck the boy in the head.

Austin Haley was fishing with his grandfather, Jack Tracy, when Tracy said he heard a shot and saw something hit the water just a few feet in front of the boat dock where he was standing.
Moments later, a second shot hit Austin in the head.

A Noble police officer who had responded to a report of a snake in a tree apparently fired the deadly shot while trying to kill the snake on Friday, City Manager Bob Wade said.

"I was told that they tried several ways to get the snake down, but it was still hissing at them and firmly lodged," Wade said. "What I was told is that the owner of the home either suggested or agreed that they should go ahead and shoot the snake, and then everything happened from there."

Tracy thought someone must be trying to kill him and his grandson, so he put the child on the back of a 4-wheeler and drove to his daughter's house about 200 yards away.

Watch the tearful grandfather say the bullet should have hit him »

"Then two officers came out of the brush over there," he told The Oklahoman. "They didn't tell us they were the ones who had been shooting or that they had shot him. They didn't admit a doggone thing."

The boy was pronounced dead at an Oklahoma City hospital, about 25 miles north of Noble.
Wade refused to identify the officer but said the person had been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

"This is so bizarre it has to be fully investigated," he said. "We're pretty sure circumstantially that it is the bullet from the police officer's gun, but it might be a bullet from someone else."

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Jessica Brown said a state investigation was under way, though it appeared the fatal shot had been fired by the officer.

Tracy has little doubt. "I'm not saying the cop shot him on purpose," he said. "But let me tell you -- if I had a kid and put him in this car and didn't put him in a car seat and he got killed on the way to town, they'd charge me with murder ... and what this cop did is a lot worse than that."

Police are above the law in this nation - as is evidenced by these two cases, and hundreds more just like them!

PROTESTANT CHRISTMAS SHOPPING PART II: In addition to the Martin Luther Bobblehead, we suggest the following for your favorite heretic this Christmas:

Up at the top is a "penguin nativity scene", a very nifty t-shirt to give your pot-smoking kid which will be sure to make him/her quit, a Jesus pez dispenser, "Jeez-it post-it notes, pink "I luv Jesus" slippers and last but not least a WWJD pin suitable for that company Christmas party!

16 By their fruits you shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
Matthew 7:16
UPDATE (This is a portion of a " " article:

Niederaurer's concelebrant at the "Gay" Mess, Newjesuit Donald Godfrey, chastised those who objected to the outrage, saying, "I thought it was disrespectful for somebody to go to another church with the intention of filming it without asking the pastor permission to do that and, second, with the intention of using that in a hostile way, without having a conversation first with the pastor. On the face of it, they were out to get the archbishop." (It is perfectly acceptable, however, for Newchurch to treat traditional Catholics in a hostile way and "get" them for their Catholic beliefs.)
You see, good Catholics, in Newchurch the outrage is not what Niederauer did, it is not what the pastor and his Newparish do, it is not what the "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence" do, the real sin is that the filming didn't go through Newchurch bureaucratic channels!

Newchurch is completely clueless about the Catholic Faith. All Benedict-Ratzinger, his #2 man Tarcisio Bertone, and now Niederauer have learned is to shoot the messenger. In their view, The Outrage is not what Niederauer did; it is what those who reported what Niederauer did.. Just as the problem of the Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal is not the presbyter-rapists themselves, but their child-victims. In the Newchurch view, the children shouldn't have told on their rapists. They should have suffered the rapes in silence, just as the Newchurchers should have remained silent about Niederauer's Outrage. Scandal should be covered up, you see, so that the Newchurchers aren't disturbed about what is going on.


Susan: Here is the answer to your inquiry. I'm sure this has been posted here but bears repeating from time to time:

"Traditional" Heresies
Fr. Giles O.F.M.
"Traditional" heresies are those that are not new but have resurfaced especially today in the "Traditionalist" movement. These heresies, as so many others, generally start with disobedience. As it seems almost impossible to identify them all, I will give a general outline of different positions which are held, along with the names of the more "renowned" who hold to each position. As is often the case with heretics, it becomes increasingly difficult to place them into just one category. For to deny one teaching of the Catholic Church is to deny them all. And as of old the new heretics become schismatics and the schismatics become heretics. They appear as nothing more than two sides of the same coin. The first group to be mentioned are those who hold to the position of:

No Authority in the Church:
The "Traditionalists" have often correctly seen and condemned the errors of the Modernists, but many fall into another trap of the devil. They see (correctly) that since the implementation of the false council of "Vatican II" the majority of the hierarchy has been corrupted and now are no longer Catholic, and therefore conclude at least in practice that they do not need the hierarchy and can guide themselves.
This thinking is very much along the same lines as many Protestants _ they can deal directly with God themselves and do not need the clergy. They therefore deny one of the four marks of the true Church - Apostolicity. Many of these individuals preach, print, and publish their own brands of fantasy religion - all without authorization from any bishop. Examples: The Matt brothers' "The Wanderer" and "The Remnant", a publication from Louisville KY called "Veritas", etc.
The Good Pope, bad Bishops and Priests:
The next in line are those who say that most of the bishops and priests have fallen into error, but the pope is a good pope, and that he does not know what is going on, or is incapable of doing anything about it.
They claim that they are united with this man, but not united with those whom this man places or keeps in positions of authority. These would like to believe that the Church is Papal and not Apostolic.
The Church is not a monarchy, but is Apostolic and has bishops who are successors to the apostles with the right and obligation to rule their respective flocks in the name of God. The Church clearly teaches that the Bishop receives this power directly from the Holy Ghost at the time of his consecration.
If this man is a pope and has united with himself these "bishops" around the world, then we must obey these "bishops" because they are united with the "pope". If you deny these "bishops" then you must logically deny the "pope" who is the principle of unity for all these "bishops". Example: Almost all of those "conservatives" who remain in the Novus Ordo (New Order Church); or those "Traditionalists" who so eagerly jump from the frying pan into the fire, such as Una Voce.
Heretical Pope.:
There are those who will clearly see the problems with the thinking above but fall into another error. They will say that this man is the pope but, that he is a bad pope. They will openly claim that the pope is a heretic, but they still call him the pope. They would have a heretic, (an excommunicated person) who is outside the Church, to be the visible head and principle of unity for the Church of which he is not even a member!
The most common example of this strange thinking is the Lefebvrites and their so called "Society of St. Pius X", and their splinter groups. Mention also should be made of George De Nantes.
Some have even developed a fantastic "logic" which uses philosophical sounding terms to try to convince themselves and others that we have a "material" pope, but not a "formal" one. A first year philosophy student should be able to see that all matter must have a form. Matter cannot exist without a form. Therefore, logically a "material" (and non formal) pope is no pope at all. Among those who hold to this "material, non-formal Pope" are: des Lauriers, Robert McKenna, and others.
Sede Vacantists & [No authority left in the Church]
There are those who say that we do not have a pope - Sede Vacante (the See is Vacant) and therefore there is no authority left in the Church.
These basically hold a strange combination of the above paragraphs. They say the man presenting himself as the pope is a heretic and therefore is not a pope and all those "bishops" united to him are likewise outside the Church because they are in union with a heretic, and very often are clearly heretics themselves.
These individuals will recognize other bishops who have been validly consecrated as being the leaders of the Church, yet they say these leaders have no authority or jurisdiction because they did not receive a mandate from a pope or are not in union with a pope. They maintain that these few bishops may suggest or give advice but in no way can they teach or lead, because they have no jurisdiction and therefore no authority.
These poor misguided souls fail to see that if the bishop has no jurisdiction he cannot preach, hear confessions, marry, or confirm anyone. And therefore practically speaking he is no bishop at all. Among these can be counted many of the sect started by Schuckardt from Spokane, Washington known as The Congregation of Mary Queen of The Universe, Robert McKenna, and others.
The Mass is all that matters.
This group will accept anything as long as they have their "Latin Mass". It is as if they have started a "Latin is Lovely Club".
These people do not care at all about the Laws of the Church or her doctrines, they are unconcerned about Apostolicity, jurisdiction, or authority, as long as they have their ceremonies. It makes no difference to them whether they go to the Novus Ordo (Modernist new order Church of Vatican II) "Indult Mass," an apostate, or heretical one, as long as it is done in Latin. This group has made it possible for many "independent" clergy to spring up.

Independent priests, chapels, etc.These deny the mark of unity of the Church and they also deny the Apostolicity of the Church. They present themselves as Catholics, but obey no one.
These are in essence schismatics, who must ultimately deny that the bishops of the Church have any authority over them and therefore are likewise heretics. Among these are: Rev James Wathen, Louisville KY, Pulvermacher, and others.
Self-made popes.
There are several individuals who have correctly come to the conclusion that we are in a state of Sede Vacante (Vacant See - No Pope), and have sought by hook or crook to make themselves the next pope.
Perhaps the most recent is Father Pulvermacher, who got himself elected by laymen. He then made some "Cardinals" and "bishops". Then he had a "bishop" he himself made turn around and make himself (Pulvermacher) a "bishop". (It's circular logic. Don't try to understand it - you'll go crazy.) He clearly denies apostolic succession or re-creates his own.
There are also some who claim to be mystically elected like one who calls himself "Pope Gregory XIII" in Canada. There is a layman (David Baudin) who had his friends and family elect him pope. There is a large sect in Spain that ordained and consecrated many men and young boys who later elected him pope. And many others.
These poor souls and those who follow them came to the correct conclusion - there is no pope, but they allowed their pride and vanity to blind them to simple doctrine found in almost any Catechism. They tried so desperately to make a pope that they were in many cases blind to the fact that the pope must be a bishop and have valid and licit succession.
Pseudo clergy and religious.

There are many who in this time of crisis present themselves as clergy when in fact their orders are invalid, or at best highly suspect.
The Church clearly teaches that if there is the slightest reasonable doubt about the validity of the ordination it must be repeated. These individuals are nothing more than laymen pretending to be priests, just like the Protestant Anglican Church's "clergy". The Church has clearly stated that Anglican orders are invalid; their "priests" and "bishops" are not what they pretend to be. We have this same thing in the Novus Ordo today and, sadly enough among many of the "traditionalists" also. The best known examples of this are: Lefebvre, and all those who trace their ordination to him, and Mr. Nicholas Gruner a.k.a. "Rev. Nicholas Gruner"
Likewise there are many who are trying to create their own religious communities or are trying to re-establish a religious order which has died out because of the Novus Ordo. These arrogant individuals are trying to usurp the authority of a Pope and/or bishops. To establish a new community requires the approval of a bishop for his diocese, or the approval of the pope for the world. Thus any "religious" community they attempt to establish is null and void, invalid and illicit. The same holds true for many individuals who without any valid and legitimate visible connection to a previously existing approved order, pretend to re-create that order themselves.
These are many:
The Society of St. Pius X
The Society of St. Pius V (Founder: Mr. Clarence Kelly a.k.a. "Bishop" Clarence Kelly)
The Monks of Sion (Rev. Nugent, Oregon)
The Benedictine Monks in Alabama
The Benedictine Monks of Berlin, NY (Founder: Joseph Natoli) Now located in Filmore,NY under a "Bro." Michael Dimond, OSB
The Congregation of Mary Queen of The Universe (Founder: Francis Schuckardt, Spokane, WA)
The Servants of Jesus and Mary (Constable NY, Founder, Mr. Nicholas Gruner a.k.a. "Rev. Nicholas Gruner")
Order of St. John (Rev James Wathen, Louisville KY)
Feeneyites (Boston Heresy).

These deny the Church's teaching of Baptism of blood and of desire. They take to an illogical extreme the Church's teaching of no salvation outside the Church. They hold that God cannot use extra-ordinary means for the salvation of a soul. Their position is the diametrical opposite of the modernist ecumenical heresy that everyone is going to heaven. The Catholic Church clearly holds to a middle ground (virtue is in the middle); both extremes are condemned. Among those that hold to this extreme view are: Rev James Wathen, Bro. Michael Dimond, OSB, etc.
All those who wish to be Roman Catholics must watch with great care and avoid any religious association with these here mentioned or any like them who hold to these or similar "Traditonal" heresies. To support these individuals or sects is to participate in their errors, and at the very least makes one guilty of giving scandal. A person's very presence at the services of these heretics is in essence an acceptance or condoning of their errors.