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Monday, April 30, 2007

Excellent Observations - thanks Jane

I know you know, Pope and Bridget, the real problem with protestants and particularly fundamentalists is, although they don't realize it, they are atheists.

No matter how loudly and emotionally they claim to love God, and how well they can quote select Scripture from their abridged Bibles, they love themselves more... to the point that they have made themselves Gods. They had "itching ears", which they scratched off.

Being a teacher by profession, I know how easy it is for individuals to memorize "stuff" with no comprehension, and to the point where explanations for the "stuff" memorized are also memorized. Does that make sense? If there is no comprehension, there is no reasoning involved, which in turn explains the hamster and wheel situation that you experience here.

I just read a bio on Mohammoud. What a convenient creation was Allah! He was at the beck and call of Mohammoud. He gave Mohammoud permission to do whatever he wanted. There is a very strong similarity here. God is for the convenience of protestants...made in their own ever changing image.

Well, I know this will bring a lot of fallout from your "friends", but, well... what can I say? I seem to venting...

Jane Valois
Interesting tid bit on WVCY from wikipedia

WVCY was almost purchased by CBS 1994 when WITI announced it would switch to Fox. It had already been turned down by WTMJ, WISN (which had been affiliated with CBS from 1961 through 1977), WVTV (which was a CBS O&O in the 1950s), WCGV, and WJJA. WVCY's ownership though decided to cancel the sale and keep the station, so CBS announced an affiliation deal with WDJT just days before WITI switched to Fox.

All these protestant fundamentalists who are convinced that WVCY is there to spread the Gospel - don't realize how close that heretical station came to being owned by the "secular-liberal- and athiestic" networks.

WVCY's owners appearently tried to sell it to to five different secular networks - but must have only been offered 29 pieces of silver!

3 Atlanta Police Officers Charged in Drug Raid Death of 92-Year-Old Woman

Harry R. Weber, Associated Press
April 26, 2007

San Diego Union-Tribune

ATLANTA — Two police officers pleaded guilty Thursday to manslaughter in the shooting death of a 92-year-old woman during a botched drug raid last fall. A third officer still faces charges.
Officer J.R. Smith told a state judge Thursday that he regretted what had happened.

"I'm sorry," the 35-year-old said, his voice barely audible. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter, violation of oath, criminal solicitation, making false statements and perjury, which was based on claims in a warrant.

Former Officer Gregg Junnier, 40, who retired from the Atlanta police in January, pleaded guilty to manslaughter, violation of oath, criminal solicitation and making false statements. Both men are expected to face more than 10 years in prison...

...The deadly drug raid had been set up after narcotics officers said an informant had claimed there was cocaine in the home.

When the plainclothes officers burst in without notice, police said, Johnston fired at them, and they fired back.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Yonette Sam-Buchanan said Thursday that although the officers found no drugs in Johnston's home, Smith planted three bags of marijuana in the home as part of a cover story.

The case raised serious questions about no-knock warrants and whether the officers followed proper procedures...

Notice how this story does not even bother to ask what the officer was doing with the bags of marijuana to begin with?

Note how the fact that this cop planted evidence is a side note buried toward the end of the story.

It must be a fairly common practice for cops to carry drugs or weapons to plant on people when they make a "mistake" or just want to get someone for whatever reason. There is not even a mention that this cop is charged with planting evidence!
Sobering thought...

St. Alphonsus (+1755):

“(St.) Robert Bellarmine relates that having gone to assist a certain dying person, and having exhorted him to make an act of contrition, the man replied that he did not know what contrition was. Bellarmine endeavored to explain it to him; but the sick man said: ‘Father, I do not understand you; I am incapable of these things.’ And thus he died, ‘leaving clear signs of his damnation,’ as is recorded in the writings of Bellarmine. The just punishment of the sinner, says St. Augustine, will be, that having forgotten God in his lifetime, he shall forget himself in death.” (Preparation for Death, p. 42.)

"The only democracy in the Mid-east" - NOT!

Vanunu guilty of violating court order

The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court convicted nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu on 14 counts of violating a court order to avoid contact with foreign journalists.

He was also convicted of attempting to travel from Jerusalem to Bethlehem without permission.
In his verdict, the judge wrote that Vanunu was well aware of the order but flagrantly violated it.

Vanunu told reporters that the verdict was "additional proof that there is no democracy in Israel," adding that all he wanted was to move freely and to leave Israel.

"I want to leave this country," he said. "I want to be free."

In 1986, Vanunu, a former technician at Israel's main nuclear reactor, gave pictures and documents to the London-based Sunday Times that led experts to conclude that Israel had a sizable nuclear weapons arsenal, ranking it sixth in the world. Vanunu served an 18-year prison term for his disclosures.
The Little Flowers of St. Francis of Assisi



In the first beginning of the Order, when there was as yet but few brothers and no convents established, St Francis went, out of devotion, to San Giacomo di Galicia, taking with him Brother Bernard and one or two other brothers. As they travelled on together, they met by the way a poor sick man. St Francis, moved with compassion at the sight of his sufferings, said to Brother Bernard: "My son, I will that thou stay here, and take care of this sick man." And Brother Bernard, meekly falling on his knees, received the order of his revered father and remained behind, whilst St Francis and the others proceeded to San Giacomo. On arriving there, they spent the night in prayer in the Church of St James, and God revealed to St Francis how he would found many convents all over the world, and how his Order would increase and multiply into a great multitude of brethren. After this revelation St Francis began to found convents in that country. Then returning by the way he had come, and finding Brother Bernard with the sick man, who had quite recovered, he allowed him to go the following year to San Giacomo, whilst he himself returned to Val di Spoleto, and took up his abode in a desert place with Brother Masseo, Brother Elias, and others. All these were very careful never to interrupt St Francis in his devotions; and this they did out of the great reverence they bore him, and because they knew that God revealed to him great things in prayer. Now it chanced one day, as St Francis was praying in the forest, that a handsome young man, dressed for traveling, presented himself at the convent-gate, knocking thereat so loudly, so quickly, and so long, that the brothers marvelled greatly at a way of knocking so strange and unusual. Brother Masseo, who went and opened the gate, thus addressed the young man: "Whence comest thou, my son? for the strange manner in which thou knockest makes me to think thou hast never been here before." At this the young man asked: "How then ought I to knock?" Brother Masseo answered: "Thou shouldst give three knocks, one after the other, and then wait time enough for a brother to say an `Our Father,' and come and open to thee; should he not arrive by that time, then thou mayest knock again." "I was in great haste," replied the stranger; "for I have made a long journey, and am come to speak with St Francis, who at this hour is praying in the forest, wherefore I would not interrupt him. I pray thee; then, to call Brother Elias; for I wish to put a question to him, having heard that he is full of wisdom." Then Brother Masseo going, called Brother Elias; but he, being angry, refused to go, so that Brother Masseo was at a loss what answer to make the stranger. For if he told him Brother Elias could not wait on him, he would say an untruth; while if he told how he spoke in anger, he feared to give scandal. Whilst Brother Masseo was hesitating how he should act, whether or no he should return with the message, the stranger knocked again as he had knocked before. On this Brother Masseo hastened back to the convent-gate, and said reproachfully: "Thou hast not observed what I said to thee as to how thou shouldst knock." To this the young man made answer: "Since Brother Elias will not come to me, go, tell Brother Francis that I came here to speak with him; but, not wishing to interrupt his prayers, I beg him to order Brother Elias to come to me." Then Brother Masseo went to St Francis, who was praying in the forest with his eyes lifted up to heaven, and gave him the message of the young man, with the answer of Brother Elias. Now the young man was the angel of God, under the form of a traveller. St Francis, without moving and still looking up to heaven, said to Brother Masseo: "Go, tell Brother Elias, in virtue of holy obedience, to go and speak with that young man." So Brother Elias, having received the order of St Francis, went to the convent-gate in an angry mood, and opening it with violence, asked of the young man what he wanted with Him. The latter answered: "Beware of being angry, as thou appearest to be; for anger woundeth the soul,j preventing it from discerning the truth." Brother Elias said again: "Tell me what thou wantest with me." "I wish to know," answered the stranger, "if it be permitted to such as follow the Holy Gospel to eat whatever is served before them, according to the words of Christ to his disciples; and I wish to ask thee, likewise, if it be lawful for any man to teach a doctrine contrary to the liberty preached in the Gospel." On this Brother Elias answered proudly: "I know what answer to make thee, but I am not inclined to give thee one. Be gone about thy business." The young man replied: "I know better than thou dost what answer to make to these questions." Then was Brother Elias much troubled; and, being very angry, he slammed to the door, and went his way. But afterwards, considering the questions which had been put to him, he doubted within himself whether he could answer them; for being Vicar of the Order, he had made a law which went beyond that of the Gospel, and passed the Rule of St Francis: to wit, that none of the brethren should eat flesh; so that the question was put expressly against himself. Not knowing in what way to clear his doubts, and being struck by the modest appearance of the young stranger, remembering also how he had said that he could answer the questions better than himself, he hurried back to the convent-gate in hopes of finding him. But he had disappeared, for the pride of Brother Elias made him unworthy to converse with an angel. In the meantime St Francis, to whom all had been revealed by God, returning from the forest, addressed himself reproachfully to Brother Elias, saying: "Thou doest wrong, proud Brother Elias; for thou hast sent away the holy angel of God, who came to instruct us. I tell thee that I greatly fear lest thy pride will make thee end thy days out of the Order." And so it happened even as St Francis said, for he died out of the Order. The same day and the same hour at which the angel had disappeared from the convent-gate, he appeared to Brother Bernard, who was making his way homewards from San Giacomo, along the bank of a great river. The angel, clad in the same guise as a traveller, greeted him with the words, "God give thee peace, good brother." Now Brother Bernard, considering the beauty of the young man, who with so sweet a look pronounced the salutation of peace, according to the custom of his own country, asked of him whence he came. "I come," answered the angel, "from the convent where dwells St Francis. I went thither to speak with him, but to do so I was not able, for he was in the forest contemplating divine things, and I would not disturb him. In the same convent were Brother Giles, and Brother Elias, with Brother Masseo, who taught me how to knock at the convent-gate according to the custom of the brethren. Brother Elias would not answer the questions I put to him; but afterwards he repented, seeking to see and hear me; but it was too late." After these words, the angel asked Brother Bernard why he did not cross the river. "Because," answered Brother Bernard, "I fear to perish in the waters, which are very deep." The angel said to him, "Let us cross together; fear naught." And, taking him by the hand, in an instant they were both on the other side of the river. Then Brother Bernard knew him for the angel of God, and with great joy and great reverence he exclaimed: "Blessed angel of God, tell me thy name." The angel answered: "Why dost thou ask my name, which is Wonderful?" Having said these words, he disappeared, leaving Brother Bernard greatly comforted; so that he ended his journey with much joy, noting the day and the hour when the angel had appeared. On arriving at the convent, where St Francis was with his favorite companions, he related to them word for word his adventure; and they knew with a certainty that it was the very angel who, on the same day and at the same hour, had appeared to them also.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Your laws ignore our deepest needs
Your words are empty air.
You've stripped away our heritage.
You've outlawed simple prayer.

Now gunshots fill our classrooms.
And precious children die.
You seek for answers everywhere.
And ask the question "WHY"?
You regulate restrictive laws.

Through legislative creed.
And yet you fail to understand.
That God is what we need!

Father Bernard's sermon today started out with this poem which he explained was written by Darryl Scott, the father of Rachel Scott who was killed at Columbine High School. He explained how bad things are getting (of course most of us knew that!) but how we must keep close to the sacraments and Holy Mass. We must love Holy Mass as the best thing this side of heaven!!
He almost seemed like St. John Vianney - exhorting us to fight for our faith and telling us how much the Church wishes that EVERYONE there today saves his/her soul!! His sermon was so loving that I cannot imagine how ANYONE could not have been moved by it. I wish someone would have recorded it so we could hear it over and over.
We are so blessed to have him as our pastor. It is so evident that he loves us with the love of Christ !! We are so blessed to be in the True Church in this time of the Great Apostasy.
Pray for the First Order of St. Francis!

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Let us keep before our minds that which makes up real holiness. Holiness means getting above ourselves; it means perfect mastery of all our passions. It means having real and continual contempt for ourselves and for the things of the world to the point of preferring poverty rather than wealth, humiliation rather than glory, suffering rather than pleasure. Holiness means loving our neighbor as ourself for love of God. In this connection holiness means loving those who curse us, who hate and persecute us and even doing good to them. Holiness means living humbly, being disinterested, prudent, just, patient, kind, chaste, meek, diligent, carrying out one's duties for no other reason than that of pleasing God and receiving from Him alone the reward one deserves.
Padre Pio
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The Little Flowers of St. Francis of Assisi



St Francis, the devoted servant of the crucified Jesus, through constant weeping and penance, had become nearly blind, so that he could scarcely see. Wishing one day to speak with Brother Bernard on things divine, he left the place where he was and went to join him. Being told, upon arrival, that he was in the forest praying, St Francis proceeded thither, and, calling out, said; "Come, O Brother Bernard, and speak with this blind man." But Brother Bernard did not make answer; for, his soul being rapt in divine contemplation, he did not hear him call; one of the special graces of Brother Bernard being that of holding converse with God Almighty, of which St Francis had often been a witness. The saint, therefore, since he wished specially to speak with him at that hour, called him again a second time and a third. Brother Bernard, not having heard him, neither answered nor went to him; at which St Francis went away somewhat saddened, and wondering in himself how it was that, having called him three times, Brother Bernard had not come to him. With this thought on his mind, when he had proceeded a little way, he bade his companion wait for him, and retiring to a solitary spot, fell on his knees, praying that God would reveal to him why Brother Bernard had not answered his call. As he prayed, a voice came from God, which said, "O poor little man, why art thou troubled? Is it meet for man to leave God for the creature? When thou didst call Brother Bernard he was with me, and could neither hear thee, nor go to thee; be not then surprised if he answered thee not, for he was rapt out of himself, nor did he hear aught of all thou saidst." St Francis, having received this answer from God, went back with great haste to Brother Bernard, to accuse himself humbly of the thought he had allowed to enter his mind against him. Brother Bernard, seeing St Francis coming towards him, went to meet him, and threw himself at his feet. Then St Francis bade him rise, confessing most humbly what his thoughts has been and the answer which God had made him; and with these words he concluded: "I command thee, by virtue of holy obedience, to do whatsoever I shall order thee." Brother Bernard, fearing St Francis would oblige him to inflict upon him some great punishment, as was his custom, would most willingly have avoided obeying him. "I am ready," he answered, "to obey thee, father, if thou also wilt promise me to do whatsoever I shall command thee." To this St Francis consented; and Brother Bernard then asked him what he wished him to do. "I command thee," said St Francis, "under holy obedience, in order to punish my presumption and the evil thought of my heart, when I lie down on the ground to place one of thy feet on my neck, and the other on my mouth. And this shalt thou do thee! Be humbled, thou son of Peter Bernardoni, for thou art but a vile wretch; how camest thou to be so proud, thou miserable servant of sin!" On hearing this Brother Bernard was much grieved, but out of holy obedience he did what St Francis had ordered him, striving withal to acquit himself thereof as lightly as possible. Then St Francis, having promised obedience to Brother Bernard, asked what he wished him to do, whereto the latter answered: "I command thee, in virtue of holy obedience, that whenever we are together thou reprove and correct with great severity all my defects." This order much surprised St Francis, for Brother Bernard was so holy that he held him in great reverence, and did not believe it possible to find in him any fault. From that time, therefore, the saint avoided being much with Brother Bernard, fearing lest, out of holy obedience, he might be obliged to reprove him; and when he was obliged to see or to speak with him, he parted from him as soon as possible. Most edifying it was to hear with what charity, what admiration and humility, St Francis, who was his superior, spoke of Brother Bernard, who was his first son in God - to the praise and glory of Jesus Christ and his poor servant Francis. Amen.

Think of this quote the next time you see the Kosher symbols on the food you eat!

St. Cyril of Jerusalem (+350):

“Indeed, those things too which are hung up at the idolatrous Panegyris [a pagan festival], either meat or bread or any such things contaminated by the invoking of most abominable demons, are to be included in the pomp of the devil. For just as the bread and the wine of the Eucharist before the holy invocation of the adorable Trinity were simple bread and wine, but the invocation having been made, the bread becomes the Body of Christ and the wine the Blood of Christ, so in the same way such foods belonging to the pomp of Satan, though in their own nature simple, become profane by the invoking of demons.” (S.S.G.F., Vol 1:840)
Parents of Columbine victims want evidence unsealed

Why are we allowing evidence to be sealed? This is a very strange crime, as you can see from judicial-inc here and here, and Hufschmid here. Did you know we are still waiting for the evidence of Holocaust to be unsealed? Why not realease all evidence for these crimes? How about unsealing Scott Ritter's arrest record?

click on the colored links for the stories - thanks to -

The Sunday Sermon
Dear Friend,

Our Lord tells His apostles that they shall lament and weep. And so must we all. Since sin entered into this world, it has become a valley of tears.

Far from this being a curse or a punishment it is in reality a great blessing. If the damned could shed a single penitential tear they could entertain hope.

Tears that flow from a contrite heart have a wonderful virtue _ they cleanse from the stain of sin. Tears that have their source in the perfect love of God cleanse the conscience from all stains of sin, be they ever so grievous and numerous. St. Peter who had sinned in denying Christ bitterly bewailed his fall, wherefore Pope Leo the Great says: "Blessed by thy tears, holy Peter, which had the virtue of baptism for the washing away of the guilt of thy denial." St. Mary Magdalen, who wept at the feet of Christ and wiped them with her hair, heard these words from Christ: "Many sins are forgiven her, because she hath loved much." The shedding of tears is not a sacrament, but it surpasses in some respect the Sacrament of Baptism inasmuch as it can be repeated, while this is not possible with the sacramental rite. St. Augustine calls penitential tears a salutary bath, which cleanses the human heart as often as it needs cleansing.

Penitential tears are like martyrdom. Martyrdom, as well as baptism, leads to heaven, and it is even a substitute for baptism with water. The unbaptized who give their life for Christ can be saved, so Christ assures us in plain words: "He that shall lose his life for me shall find it." (Matt. 10:39) Not all are called to the palm of martyrdom; it is not granted to all to shed their blood for Christ; but all can shed tears, all can truly repent of their sins and cleanse their soul from the filth of sin. As we wash our face as soon as we see any filth on it, so let us not delay to wash our heart with penitential tears, if we have defiled it by a sin. These tears must be truly penitential, not merely flowing from the eyes, but tears which have their source in a true, supernatural repentance.
David washed his couch every night with his penitential tears. St. Chrysostom says: "Tears like David's quench even the fire of Hell."
Christ says: "Blessed are they that mourn; for they shall be comforted." (Matt. 5:5) By those that mourn, we must understand those who mourn for their sins, and are sorry for having offended God, their greatest benefactor and most kind father. St. Augustine says: "Nothing is nearer to misery than a tear, and nothing more remote from misery than happiness. And yet it is said: `Blessed are they that mourn.' How then can they that mourn be blessed? Only in respect to the promise of Christ that they shall be comforted in heaven. As soon as God sees that a sinner repents of his sins and bewails them, He turns to him full of love and mercy, and assures him of forgiveness, grace and heaven."
St. Chrysostom says: "If before a human court, after the sentence is passed, you weep and lament, you will not by your weeping change the sentence, but before the divine tribunal you will change the sentence, if from your heart you cry for mercy."
Heaven is not given to all , but only to those who labor for it, according to the words of Christ: "The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent bear it away." (Matt. 11:12) The violent are the just, who take care not to fall into mortal sin, but constantly strive to lead a virtuous life; and sinners who having had the misfortune to fall into grievous sins endeavor to rise again and to wash away their sins with penitential tears. These, like the just will bear away heaven, because, like them, they use violence.
Let us follow the admonition of Almighty God: "Be converted to Me with all your heart in fasting, in weeping and in mourning." (Joel 2: 12) Let us bewail our sins, not only apparently, but truly, from the bottom of our heart, with contrition and sorrow for all our sins, for the sake of God, whom we have grievously offended, and whose love and grave we have lost with the firm purpose of never more offending Him; also let us make a good confession and conceal nothing out of fear or shame that we know to be sin. These are the tears which remove the filth of our sins, extinguish the fire of hell, and carry us to heaven.

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Friday, April 27, 2007


Nearly 2,000 teens and young adults attended the 15th annual Light Jesus Higher Rally at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre April 14 sponsored by Catholic Renewal Ministries. Archbishop Thomas Collins celebrated Mass for 5,000 adults in the convention hall next door promising to attend all future rallies. Collins also paid a visit to the youth, offering his phone number to those interested in a vocation. Youth, above, release some energy at end of day after listening to speakers and praying in silence. Rapper-priest Fr. Stan Fortuna, left, travels between the crowd with a monstrance during adoration. Paul Sanders, 24, below, from London, Ont., praises God during a charismatic praise and worship session. (Photos by Sara Loftson)

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According to Brother Augustine, this is my "granddaughter" Heidi.
When will they wake up and realize that this is the apostate church that St. Paul warned of in 2nd Thessalonians?

BBC to broadcast 'gay mass' from San Francisco

"The BBC is to relay a 'gay Mass' from San Francisco this Sunday, the first time such a service has been broadcast. The 50-minute Mass at the Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in the predominantly gay Castro district of the city will feature prayers and readings tailored for the gay community."The church has been described as an 'inspiration' to gay and lesbian Christians around the world because of its ministry to homosexuals. Its parish priest, Father Stephen Meriweather, blesses participants in the San Francisco's annual gay pride march.

"But it has also infuriated many Catholics in the U.S. who have complained about such activities as transvestite bingo nights during which sex toys and pornographic DVDs were handed out as prizes."
The image(s) of the laughing Jesus...

Many years ago, when i first began to take God seriously and began reading the Bible and praying, etc... I visited my parents and my sister who was 15 at the time had a painting of Jesus laughing in her room. Something about that bothered me at the time, but i could not put my finger on why.

As i learned my faith more - I came to realize that nothing Jesus did was of a laughing matter. Scripture does not once record Jesus laughing. Of course this does not mean that he never laughed, but if He did - it was not considered worthy of recording or important to our salvation.

I still get a very bad feeling about these images of Jesus laughing (since i saw the one in my sisters room -i have seen several others). i was "surfing the net" and looking into a possible connection between the Gospel of Judas and Calvinism. I came upon a translation of this bogus "gospel" and read it.

This "gospel" mentions Jesus laughing several times, not to mention the Apostles getting angry withi Jesus, all kinds of wierd and to me, satanic images and "cosmic teachings" etc...

I am beginning to wonder if these images of the "Laughing Jesus" are not satanic.

What do you think?
Dollar tumbles to record low versus euro

This is why the soaring DOW does not really signify increased real wealth.

Lawmaker who got e-mail threat says he'll wear bulletproof vest
4/27/2007, 12:25 a.m. EDT
By MARTHA RAFFAELE The Associated Press

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — A Philadelphia lawmaker who supports tougher gun-control laws said Thursday he will likely start wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying his gun more often after receiving a threatening e-mail...
Uncomfortable truth: U.S. troops ignored sex slave atrocity, used Japanese-run brothels

Japan's abhorrent practice of enslaving women to provide sex for its troops in World War II has a little-known sequel: After its surrender -- with tacit approval by U.S. occupation authorities -- Japan set up a similar "comfort women" system for American GIs....

If this went on then - i hate to imagine what goes on today!

Jesus-Gay Billboards Defaced

Billboards Urge Second Look At Bible's View Of Homosexuals

INDIANAPOLIS -- At least two billboard signs that seek to get people to re-examine homosexuality by using biblical references have been vandalized in Indianapolis.
The campaign, coordinated by the Jesus Metropolitan Community Church, of Indianapolis, carries a message some consider shocking, 6News' Derrik Thomas reported.
In order to deface the billboards, vandals had to be daring, using extension ladders. There have been no arrests, but the debate rages.

The billboard proclaims that Jesus affirmed a gay couple. "Lie, lie, lie," is scrawled in red paint above the original message on a sign on 10th Street.
Twenty-two billboards were placed strategically around the city. The Rev. Jeff Miner, of the church that paid for the billboards, was disappointed by the vandalism.
"There was a sense of disappointment, a sense of shock. That's OK," Miner said. "We're going to share a positive, powerful message how the Bible affirms gay people and we know there is going to be some opposition as we try to get that message out here."
In addition to the billboards, church volunteers have placed about 2,000 yard signs around the city. Many of them were pulled out of the ground almost as fast as they were put in.
Curt Smith, of the Indiana Family Institute, criticized the vandalism, but said the Bible does not confirm the billboards' message.
"I think homosexuals are noted in the Bible in a couple of key passages that were an example of sexual sin that is decried by God," Smith said.
The billboard campaign is scheduled to run for 30 days. One of the damaged billboards was fixed by Tuesday afternoon. The second one might be repaired by the end of the week.
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The Little Flowers of St. Francis of Assisi - cont...


The first companion of St Francis was Brother Bernard of Assisi, who was converted in the following way: St Francis had not yet taken the religious habit, though he had renounced the world, and had so given himself to penance and mortification that many looked upon him as one out of his mind. He was scoffed at as a madman, was rejected and despised by his relations and by strangers, who threw stones and mud at him when he passed; yet he went on his way, accepting these insults as patiently as if he had been deaf and dumb. Then Bernard of Assisi, one of the richest and most learned nobles of the city, began to consider deeply the conduct of St Francis; how utterly he despised the world, how patiently he suffered injuries, and how his faith remained firm, though he had been for two years an object of contempt and rejected by all. He began to think and say within himself, "It is evident that this brother must have received great graces from God"; and so resolved to invite him to sup and to sleep in his house. St Francis having accepted the invitation, Bernard, who was resolved to contemplate the sanctity of his guest, ordered a bed to be prepared for him in his own room, where a lamp burned all night. Now St Francis, in order to conceal his sanctity, so soon as he entered the room, threw himself upon the bed, pretending to fall asleep. Bernard likewise soon after went to bed, and began to snore as if sleeping soundly. On this, St Francis, thinking that Bernard was really fast asleep, got up and began to pray. Raising his hands and eyes to heaven, he exclaimed with great devotion and fervour, "My God! my God!" at the same time weeping bitterly; and thus he remained on his knees all night, repeating with great love and fervour the words, "My God! my God!" and none others.

And this he did because, being enlightened by the Holy Spirit, he contemplated and admired the divine majesty of God, who deigned to take pity on the perishing world, and to save not only the soul of Francis, his poor little one, but those of many others also through his means. For, being enlightened by the Holy Ghost, he foresaw the great things which God would deign to accomplish through him and through his Order; and considering his insufficiency and unworthiness, he prayed and called upon the Lord, through his power and wisdom, to supply, help and accomplish that which of himself he could not do.

Then Bernard, seeing by the light of the lamp the devout actions of St Francis and the expression of his countenance, and devoutly considering the words he uttered, was touched by the Holy Spirit, and resolved to change his life. Next morning, therefore, he called St Francis, and thus addressed him: "Brother Francis, I am disposed in heart wholly to leave the world, and to obey thee in all things as thou shalt command me." At these words, St Francis rejoiced in spirit and said, "Bernard, a resolution such as thou speakest of is so difficult and so great an act, that we must take counsel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and pray to him that he may be pleased to show us what is his will, and may teach us to follow it. Let us then go together to the Bishop's palace, where we shall find a good priest who will say Mass for us. We will then remain in prayer till the third hour, imploring the Lord to point out to us the way he wishes us to select, and to this intent we will open the Missal three times." And when Bernard answered that he was well pleased with this proposal, they set out together, heard Mass, and after they had remained in prayer till the time fixed, the priest, at the request of St Francis, took up Missal, then, having made the sign of the holy cross, he opened it three times, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The first place which he lit upon was at the answer of Christ to the young man who asked of him the way to perfection: If thou wilt be perfect, go, sell all that thou hast and give to the poor, and come, follow me. The second time he opened at the words which the Saviour addressed to the Apostles when he sent them forth to preach the Word of Truth: Take nothing with you for your journey: neither staff, nor scrip, nor bread, nor money; wishing to teach them thereby to commit the care of their lives to him, and give all their thoughts to the preaching of the Holy Gospel. When the Missal was opened a third time they came upon these words: If any one will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

Then St Francis, turning to Bernard, said: "This is the advice that the Lord has given us; go and do as thou hast heard; and blessed be the Lord Jesus Christ who has pointed out to thee the way of his angelic life." Upon this, Bernard went and sold all that he had. Now he was very rich, and with great joy he distributed his wealth to widows, to orphans, to prisoners, to monasteries, to hospitals, and to pilgrims, in all which St Francis assisted him with prudence and fidelity.
Now it happened that a man of the name of Silvester, seeing how St Francis gave so much money to the poor, being urged on by avarice, went to him and said: "Thou didst not pay me enough for the stones I sold thee to repair the church; now that thou hast money, pay me what thou owest." St Francis, much surprised at such a demand, but, according to the precepts of the Scriptures, not wishing to dispute with him, gave it to Silvester, saying that, if he wanted more, he would give it to him. Silvester, being satisfied, returned home; but in the evening of the same day he reflected on his avarice, and on the holiness and the fervour of St Francis. That night also he saw St Francis in a vision, and it seemed to him as if a golden cross came out of his mouth, which reached up to heaven and extended to the extreme east and west. After this vision he gave all he possessed to the poor, for the love of God, and made himself a Brother Minor. He became so holy, and was favoured with such special graces, that he spake with the Lord as a friend speaks with a friend, of which St Francis was often a witness, as we shall see further on. Bernard likewise received from God many graces - he was ravished in contemplation, and St Francis said he was worthy of all reverence, and that he had founded the Order, because he was the first who had abandoned the world, giving all he possessed to the poor of Christ, keeping back nothing for himself; and practising evangelical poverty, placing himself naked in the arms of the Crucified, whom may we all bless eternally. Amen.

As long as the invocation and prayers have not begun, there is only bread and wine. But after the great and wonderful prayers have been pronounced, then the bread becomes the Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the wine becomes His Blood. Let us come to the celebration of the mysteries!

St. Athanasius of Alexandria (297-373AD) on the Eucharist
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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Newchurch Charismatics Writhe on the Floor like Snakes "Possessed"While a Novus Ordo Presbyter Presides over the Abomination
Newchurchers Are Deserting the Novus Ordo Mess in Droves to Become Charismatics
The good news is that Hispanics are leaving behind the Novus Ordo Mess in droves. The bad news is that although some are finding their way to Traditional Latin Mass sites, many more are going over to the paganism of the Protestant Evangelical or Pentecostal or Charismatic movements, according to a report released April 25, 2007, by the Pew Hispanic Center and Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life.
Newchurch in the United States, for political purposes, likes to throw around the number of 67,000,000 Newchurchers in that country. The number is greatly inflated because studies show that only a fraction of that number, about 15%, or 10,000,000, ever set foot in a Novus Ordo temple for Mess. Included in the inflated figure is 42,000,000 Hispanics, both legal and illegal. Without them, Newchurch in the United States would have tanked to 25,000,000 nominal Newchurchers.
As Newchurch is losing a large percentage of those 42,000,000 Hispanics, it is in real trouble. Figures show that 20%, or almost 10,000,000 of Newchurch Hispanics have already converted out of Newchurch. 23,000,000 of the remaining Hispanic Newchurchers describe themselves as part of the pagan "Charismatic" movement. Only 5,000,000 non-Charismatic Hispanics remain in Newchurch, nominally.
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White Supremacists
Are they real Nazis? Or Ashkenazis?
Democrats offer $124 billion for war

In return they want the war to end eventually. If the Liberals, peace groups, and antiwar groups wanted to stop the war, they would help us show that the reason for the war, 9/11, was a fraud. Don't expect Zionist agents to save us from Bush and Blair. We must eliminate the Zionist movement.
Very interesting commentary...

I Am A holocaust Denier and I Am Unafraid

By Curt Maynard

Now why would anyone entitle their essay, “I am holocaust denier?” Well allow me to explain.

First off, I don ‘t deny that Jews were ostracized and persecuted by the National Socialists in the 1930s and 1940s, I freely acknowledge that fact. I don’t deny that hundreds of thousands were sent to “concentration camps,” in Germany, Austria, France and Poland. I don’t deny that International Jewry was viewed as problematic and parasitic by many Europeans in the 1930s and 1940s and I don’t deny that many Jews lost their lives during the Second World War...

read the rest at:
Pastors: Act now or prepare for jail

Posted: April 24, 20071:00 a.m. Eastern

I've already told you about how H.R. 1592 will destroy equal justice (setting up a victim hierarchy), set up a Gay Gestapo with unlimited funds and send grandma to jail for sharing her faith on the public sidewalk, as happened in Philadelphia. But what you may not know is how this bill scheduled for a vote in the House this week will come after pastors and all those who disagree with the homosexual agenda out loud. H.R. 1592 the so-called "hate crimes" bill isn't about hate. It isn't about "crimes" (there are already stiff penalties against crimes); it's about speech.

Forget theory. Let me give you a real-world example. Here's a question: Which is worse? Actions or words? Robbing someone or calling him a mean name? Which one deserves the greater penalty?

Before you answer, let's say the name was really mean, like being called "Four-eyes!" I played on the public school playground, used to wear glasses and have been victimized personally by such horrific verbal assaults. They hurt my feelings. And there ought to be stiff penalties for something like that. Stiff like 23 years behind bars? I don't think so. But the state of New Hampshire does.

I know what you're thinking. Can't be. We can't criminalize name calling. The public schools would be empty – with everyone behind bars until their 30s. Oh, I left something out. The mean name in New Hampshire isn't "Four-eyes," targeting the visually impaired; it isn't "Fatso," shamelessly targeting the lovers of cheesecake. The only people protected from mean names with a 23-year jail sentence are … homosexuals.

Robbing someone outside a convenience store is a Class-B felony in New Hampshire, which typically carries a sentence of three and a half to seven years in state prison along with a $4,000 fine. But according to Assistant County Attorney Roger Chadwick, if convicted of a "hate crime" (shouting an anti-homosexual name), the sentence becomes "enhanced" by 23-26 1/2 years – turning a three-year sentence into a 30-year sentence.

Oh, and it's not a hypothetical. According to the New Hampshire Union Leader, John Guimond, 23, faced those charges. He was charged with stealing a cell phone from a homosexual man, 24, and his underage "male partner" (a statutory rape violation), after approaching them in a parking lot.

Stealing is a bad thing to do. But keep in mind, no weapon was used, no injury sustained. Just that mean name – something far, far worse. Think about it for a minute. If saying a mean anti-homosexual word adds an additional 23-26 ½ years to a sentence, and people live to around 80, that penalty is one-fourth of your life for the words you say. And while this was in addition to a robbery penalty, how much of a jump would it really be to penalize the speech "infraction" alone? And just what constitutes an "anti-gay epithet"? Would an "anti-gay epithet" be to say, "Homosexuality is a sin," or "Homosexuals should repent"? What if you informed someone that "Homosexuality is harmful to your health"? If I were you, I wouldn't try it in New Hampshire.
So, if speech turns a three-year sentence into a 30-year sentence for a state "hate crime" violation, just what might H.R. 1592 do on the federal level? As Rep. (and former Judge) Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, pointed out on the House Judiciary Subcommittee, if passed, H.R. 1592 is going to put pastors in prison. Pointing to Title 18 of the US Criminal Code, Section 2 (a):
(a) Whoever commits an offense against the United States or aids, abets, counsels, commands, induces or procures its commission, is punishable as a principal. –18 USC Sec. 2
Pastor? Have you ever counseled from a biblical perspective or read from Roman 1? I Corinthians 6? Genesis 19? Leviticus 18 or 20? Then, if H.R. 1592 becomes law and someone who has attended your church, read your materials or heard your broadcast commits a crime – such as pushing away a cross-dresser's unwelcome advances – you are "punishable as a principal," as someone who "counsels" and "induces" the now-illegal belief that homosexual behavior is a sin.

Think this is a stretch? Think again. In 1998, I oversaw the national "Truth in Love" campaign, which expressed hope for change for those struggling in homosexuality – something for which I was accused of murder. Here's a sample of one of the full-page "Truth-in-Love" campaign ads that caused all the commotion. One ad pictured 850 ex-homosexuals with the headline, "We're standing for the truth that homosexuals can change." Brace yourself for "hateful," "bigoted" and "intolerant" speech said to be responsible for murder. (Note: If you're under 18, you may want to ask your parents before reading it.):

We believe every human being is precious to God and is entitled to respect. But when we see great suffering among homosexuals, it's an inherent Christian calling to show compassion and concern.

Wow. With words like "precious," "respect," "compassion" and "concern," you can understand why the city of San Francisco would be prompted to accuse us of murder:

It's not an exaggeration to say that there's a direct correlation between these acts of discrimination, like Matthew Shepard, such as when gays and lesbians are called sinful, and when major religious organizations say they can change if they try, and the horrible crimes committed against gays and lesbians.

– City of San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Oct. 19, 1998.

We now have a governmental body on record connecting speech and violence. It's not even violent speech. They are saying that the hopeful message that homosexuals can change is responsible for murder. That, my friend, is why the hate-crimes legislation is the most dangerous legislation in the country. It will lead to silencing our speech just as the city of San Francisco tried to do.

H.R. 1592 isn't about hate. It isn't about crime. It's about silencing our speech. But you don't care about speaking out on "issues" such as homosexuality? As I said in my book, "The Crimnalization of Christianity," if they can silence the truth, they WILL silence the Gospel. Look no further than Philadelphia where grandmothers were thrown in jail for the "hate crime" of sharing the Gospel.

Arlene Elshinnawy, a 75-year-old grandmother of three, held a sign before she was hauled off to jail: "Truth is hate to those who hate the truth." View her 30-second ad and help us tell her story while there is still time.

Or you can use your "right to remain silent." But the House vote on H.R. 1592 is scheduled this week. Use it much longer, and those are the words you'll hear before you're put in the jail cell next to grandma for the "hate crime" of sharing the Gospel.
Even the secular media appears to be considering a Divine Chastisment in regards to the disapearence of the bees...

No bees? Not just strange, but scary

Dave Lindorff
is an investigative journalist living in Maple Glen

Where are the bees? ...

...This is beyond strange. It's downright scary.

When you consider that perhaps half the plants in nature depend upon pollinators like bees to reproduce, you have to wonder what a future without bees holds - not just for the animals that live on those plants, but for human beings.

And it's not just honeybees that are missing. Honeybees, after all, are immigrants from Europe, and the Americas survived quite nicely without them before their arrival with the colonists. But the native bees - ground bees and bumblebees, for example - are gone, too. The only bees I've seen since the spring began are wood bees - large, clumsy-looking, bumblebee-like creatures that bore neat circular holes into the wood of the house and lay their eggs in solitary nests. Thank heavens for them, or there wouldn't be a bee on my property.
But even several hundred wood bees can hardly compensate for the total absence of other pollinators.

What's happening here?

There are a lot of possible culprits: climate change, ubiquitous microwave radiation, overuse of herbicides and pesticides, stress, and lowered immunity to fungal, viral, bacterial and mite infections, or perhaps a combination of all of the above.

My feeling, though, is one of dark foreboding.

When something as basic as bees vanishes from the scene as quickly as this, you know we're in Big Trouble.
HERE BEGIN THE LITTLE FLOWERS OF SAINT FRANCIS OF ASSISI _________________________________________________________________



First let us consider how the life of the glorious St Francis was conformed in every act with that of our Blessed Lord. For as Christ, before he began to preach, made choice of twelve Apostles, teaching them to despise all the things of this world, to follow him in poverty and in the practice of all other virtues, so St Francis, on the first founding of his Order, chose twelve companions, all lovers of poverty. And even as one of the twelve Apostles, being reproved by Christ, hanged himself by the neck, so among the twelve companions of St Francis was one, called Brother John della Capella, who apostatised, and finally hanged himself by the neck. This should be for the elect a great example and cause of humility and fear, when they consider how no one is certain of persevering in the grace of God to the end. As the holy Apostles, being filled with the Spirit of God, shone forth mightily before the world in holiness and humility, so too did the companions of St Francis; for from the time of the Apostles till this present day the world had never seen men so wonderful and so holy.

On of them, Brother Giles, like St Paul, was raised to the third heaven; another, Brother Philip the Tall, like the prophet Isaiah, was touched upon the lips with a burning coal by an angel. Brother Silvester held converse with God, like one friend with another, as did Moses of old. Another, the most humble Brother Bernard, through the penetration of his intellect, reached the light of divine science, like the eagle - the emblem of St John the Evangelist - and explained all the deepest mysteries of Holy Scripture. One there was who was sanctified and canonised in heaven, whilst still living on earth; this was Brother Ruffino, a nobleman of Assisi. And thus all bore singular marks of sanctity, as we shall see hereafter.

Clinton: US might have to confront Iran

Democratic presidential candidate and New York Senator Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that it might be necessary for America to confront Iran militarily, addressing that possibility more directly than any of the other presidential candidates who spoke this week to the National Jewish Democratic Council...
...she devoted most of her address to domestic issues popular with Jewish Democrats, such as education, healthcare and the separation of church and state.
(these same stupid fundamentalists that fight city hall so to speak regarding nativity scenes and school prayer - aid & abet the very people who do everything in their power to separate the church and the state and wipe Christianity from the memory of all men)
With our military stretched to its near breaking point fighting unjust and immoral wars for Israel - don't be suprized if there is a convienient nuclear "terrorist" attack somewhere in the west - and this will be the excuse needed to nuke Iran - and all the flag waving dupes with the stupid ribbons in their SUV's will become great "patriots" again! They will gladly send their children off to fight for the Christ hating Zionists both in the USA and Israel and then dare to ask God to Bless America!
Will court threaten Jewish view of abortion?,0,5458034.story?coll=all-newsopinionanotherview-hed


Deep into an auspicious night some 2,000 years ago an Israelite woman was near exhaustion and death -- struggling without success to give birth to a baby that would not come. Her husband waited anxiously nearby. The children were with her mother elsewhere in the village. The midwife, herself weary beyond any fatigue she had ever known, tried everything that experts and experience had taught her about enabling a difficult delivery. Nothing succeeded.The baby's head was too large to pass through the birth canal. It pounded again and again, with each uterine contraction, against the mother's cervix, causing more damage with each blow. Hours went by. More hours still.As the mother grew more weary and less able to push, depleted of energy and nutrition and sleep, and near death -- the midwife found herself faced with a cruel decision. If she did nothing, or continued to press the fetus' journey forward, the mother would die. The baby might then be extracted alive. Maybe. Or, she could intervene to end the struggle between mother and fetus in a way that would save the mother but tragically kill the fetus.She was a religious woman and the rabbi lived not too far away. In her moment of desperation she hurried over to his home for counsel.

The rabbi listened carefully and considered the options. ''What would God want of us in such a situation?'' he contemplated. Of course he could never be certain of the answer, but he reasoned that if only one could be saved, it should be the life that was more certain of survival. It should be the life that others already depended upon for their own lives. It should be the mother.

Plumbing the depths of his knowledge of the Bible, he recalled a passage that dealt with a very different situation but which might offer some guidance, or at least some justification, for what he was about to tell the midwife, for what he knew was right. When two men fight and one inadvertently strikes a pregnant woman standing nearby, causing her to abort her fetus, the guilty person must pay compensation for her loss (Ex 21:22). Reasoning that the Bible treated the case as one of torts ''damages,'' rather than murder, he concluded that the fetus could be considered still a part of the mother, and not an individual life, until it was born.

We do not know who the midwife was, or who the birthing mother was, or even if the midwife returned in time. What we do know is that an event similar to this narrative led to an important teaching in Judaism that would save the lives of many Jewish women over the course of history.

The Mishna records the rabbi's conclusion, if not the story that led to it: ''If a woman is in hard labor (she finds it extremely hard to give birth to her child and there is consequently danger to her life) her child must be cut up while it is in her womb and brought out limb by limb, since the life of the mother has priority over the life of the child. But if the greater part of it has already emerged (from the womb) it may not be touched, since the claim of one life cannot override the claim of another life'' (Oholot 7:6).
Ironically, therefore, it is ''late-term'' or ''partial-birth'' abortions -- those we consider the most graphically dreadful -- that are nevertheless the very ones that Jewish moral teaching requires, on those rare occasions when the doctor has to make that terrible choice.
Thanks to extraordinary advances in obstetrics, neonatology, and medicine in general, such choices as the midwife faced have thankfully become increasingly rare. It is often possible to save the life of both mother and fetus where once only one would survive. But the principle enunciated in the Mishna is the governing Jewish principle in such situations. Until the head is born, the mother's life takes precedence. Throughout the ages, rabbis have disagreed over how great a threat to the mother's life justifies an intervention that would sacrifice the fetus. Some have included circumstances involving even the mother's mental health. Others allow for abortion only when the mother's physical life is at stake.But no Jewish authority has ever argued that abortion is always wrong or that the mother's life must be sacrificed for her fetus.
Will the Supreme Court continue to allow Jews to practice our religion with regard to abortion? The 5-4 decision on April 18 keeps this freedom intact. But the five members of the majority include jurists who have made it clear that they believe the government, and not doctors or clergy, should be the final say in decisions that regulate a woman's body. They have a power that I fear they will abuse when given the chance.
Jonathan Gerard is rabbi of Temple Covenant of Peace in Easton.
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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Police: Va. Tech bloodbath lasted 9 min.

By KRISTEN GELINEAU, Associated Press Writer 50 minutes ago

BLACKSBURG, Va. — The bloodbath lasted nine minutes — enough time for Seung-Hui Cho to unleash 170 rounds from his two pistols, or about one shot every three seconds...

It would be more than one shot every three seconds - because they are not figuring in the time to reload the weapons which he had to do several times if he shot 170 rounds!

That is some amazing aiming - very much like the movies and very much unlike the reality of shooting a pistol!

Here is a cut and paste from Smith's website on all of this...

Cho's massacre now only 9 minutes More than 170 shots. As we mentioned before, he removed the 3 serial numbers to make it difficult to identify the Glock, but he carried the receipt, and he sent photos and video to NBC. Do you believe Cho did this alone?
I thought i would share a couple of my favorite Franciscan teachings from The Little Flowers of St. Francis of Assisi.

How St. Francis, walking one day with Brother Leo, explained to him what things are perfect joy.

One day in winter, as St Francis was going with Brother Leo from Perugia to St Mary of the Angels, and was suffering greatly from the cold, he called to Brother Leo, who was walking on before him, and said to him: "Brother Leo, if it were to please God that the Friars Minor should give, in all lands, a great example of holiness and edification, write down, and note carefully, that this would not be perfect joy."

A little further on, St Francis called to him a second time: "O Brother Leo, if the Friars Minor were to make the lame to walk, if they should make straight the crooked, chase away demons, give sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, speech to the dumb, and, what is even a far greater work, if they should raise the dead after four days, write that this would not be perfect joy."

Shortly after, he cried out again: "O Brother Leo, if the Friars Minor knew all languages; if they were versed in all science; if they could explain all Scripture; if they had the gift of prophecy, and could reveal, not only all future things, but likewise the secrets of all consciences and all souls, write that this would not be perfect joy."

After proceeding a few steps farther, he cried out again with a loud voice: "O Brother Leo, thou little lamb of God! if the Friars Minor could speak with the tongues of angels; if they could explain the course of the stars; if they knew the virtues of all plants; if all the treasures of the earth were revealed to them; if they were acquainted with the various qualities of all birds, of all fish, of all animals, of men, of trees, of stones, of roots, and of waters - write that this would not be perfect joy."

Shortly after, he cried out again: "O Brother Leo, if the Friars Minor had the gift of preaching so as to convert all infidels to the faith of Christ, write that this would not be perfect joy."

Now when this manner of discourse had lasted for the space of two miles, Brother Leo wondered much within himself; and, questioning the saint, he said: "Father, I pray thee teach me wherein is perfect joy."

St Francis answered: "If, when we shall arrive at St Mary of the Angels, all drenched with rain and trembling with cold, all covered with mud and exhausted from hunger; if, when we knock at the convent-gate, the porter should come angrily and ask us who we are; if, after we have told him, `We are two of the brethren', he should answer angrily, `What ye say is not the truth; ye are but two impostors going about to deceive the world, and take away the alms of the poor; begone I say'; if then he refuse to open to us, and leave us outside, exposed to the snow and rain, suffering from cold and hunger till nightfall - then, if we accept such injustice, such cruelty and such contempt with patience, without being ruffled and without murmuring, believing with humility and charity that the porter really knows us, and that it is God who maketh him to speak thus against us, write down, O Brother Leo, that this is perfect joy.

And if we knock again, and the porter come out in anger to drive us away with oaths and blows, as if we were vile impostors, saying, `Begone, miserable robbers! to to the hospital, for here you shall neither eat nor sleep!' - and if we accept all this with patience, with joy, and with charity, O Brother Leo, write that this indeed is perfect joy.

And if, urged by cold and hunger, we knock again, calling to the porter and entreating him with many tears to open to us and give us shelter, for the love of God, and if he come out more angry than before, exclaiming, `These are but importunate rascals, I will deal with them as they deserve'; and taking a knotted stick, he seize us by the hood, throwing us on the ground, rolling us in the snow, and shall beat and wound us with the knots in the stick - if we bear all these injuries with patience and joy, thinking of the sufferings of our Blessed Lord, which we would share out of love for him, write, O Brother Leo, that here, finally, is perfect joy.

And now, brother, listen to the conclusion.

Above all the graces and all the gifts of the Holy Spirit which Christ grants to his friends, is the grace of overcoming oneself, and accepting willingly, out of love for Christ, all suffering, injury, discomfort and contempt; for in all other gifts of God we cannot glory, seeing they proceed not from ourselves but from God, according to the words of the Apostle, `What hast thou that thou hast not received from God? and if thou hast received it, why dost thou glory as if thou hadst not received it?' But in the cross of tribulation and affliction we may glory, because, as the Apostle says again, `I will not glory save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.' Amen."

Brother Giles...

He who fears not, shows that he has nothing to lose. The holy fear of God orders, governs, and rules the soul, and prepares it to receive his grace. If a man possesses any grace or any divine virtue, it is holy fear which preserves it to him. And he who has not yet acquired grace or virtue, acquires it by holy fear. The holy fear of God is a channel of divine grace, inasmuch as it quickly leads the soul wherein it dwells to the attainment of holiness and all divine graces. No creature that ever fell into sin would have so fallen had it possessed the holy fear of God. But this holy gift of fear is given only to the perfect, because the more perfect any man is, the more timorous and humble he is.

Blessed is the man who looks upon this world as his prisonhouse, and bears in mind continually how grievously he has offended his Lord.

Greatly ought a man to fear pride, lest it should give him a sudden thrust, and cause him to fall from the state of grace in which he is; for no man is ever secure from falling, so beset are we by foes; and these foes are the flatteries of this wretched world and of our own flesh, which, together with the devil, is the unrelenting enemy of our soul. A man has greater reason to fear being deluded and overcome by his own malice than by any other enemy. It is impossible for a man to attain to any divine grace or virtue, or to preserve therein, without holy fear.

He who has not the fear of God within him is in great danger of eternal perdition. The fear of God makes a man to obey humbly and to bow his head beneath the yoke of obedience: and the more a man fears God, the more frequently he adores him. The gift of prayer is no small gift, to whomsoever it is given.

The virtuous actions of men, how great soever they may seem to us, are not to be reckoned or rewarded after our judgment, but according to the judgment and good pleasure of God; for God looketh not to the number of works, but to the measure of humility and love. Our surest way, therefore, is always to love and to keep ourselves in humility; and never to trust in ourselves that we do any good, but always to distrust the thoughts which spring up in our own mind under the appearance of good.

(If anyone is interested i would be happy to post a chapter of this wonderful book everyday that i am able - just let me know)
“The Devil knows and fears the power of the word of God… We read in the life of St. Anthony of Padua that the devil often caused disturbance during the sermons of this great saint. One day a noble lady was listening with the greatest attention to his preaching. Suddenly a strange messenger stood before her, and gave her a letter which stated that her darling child was dead. Alarmed… she rose immediately to leave the Church. On beholding this, St. Anthony cried out to her: ‘Stay, for your child is not dead. That strange messenger is but a disguised devil.’”

(Fr. Michael Muller, God the Teacher of Mankind)

“…the man without religion becomes the servant of the Devil; when he dies, God will not receive him; he will cast him off, and the miserable man will fall into the hands of the Devil, whom he has served all his life, and who will repay that service by tormenting him forever in Hell.”

(Fr. Michael Muller, God the Teacher of Mankind)

"Nothing is greater or holier than the unbloody sacrifice of the Mass."
-Pope Pius IX, Amantissimi Redemptoris

“Hail Goddess full of grace”
Lutheran church in San Francisco has its own version of the Rosary

“WOW -- coming from RC tradition I thought I’d never return to the Rosary. But here it is and here SHE IS. Blessed be, Mairly.” The “here” in this message, found on, is Ebenezer Lutheran Church in San Francisco. But the SHE is not the Mother of God. SHE is “God/dess.”
On Wednesdays at 7 p.m., Ebenezer opens its sanctuary for the “Christian Goddess Rosary.” The church says it offers “Goddess Rosary Beads” and that “prayers and suggested meditations will be on hand as well as incense, candles and bells.” “The Goddess rosary is grounded in traditions of the Christian Church and the proclamation of the gospel which is a vision of release from bondage for a new creation,” says the church’s web site. The Goddess Rosary page on says that though “God as Father plays an important role” in Christian tradition, its “exclusive emphasis... contributes to a limited understanding of God, an understanding that supports a domination structure that oppresses and subordinates women.” Jesus used “Abba” as a “revolutionary deconstruction of domination structures of his day in both religious and social institutions.” The modern task is to do the same with “Goddess.” Ebenezer, however, does not want to eradicate masculine images of God but to balance them with feminine images to “confront the biblical texts, products of their day and cultures, for the blatant patriarchal biases and misogynist attitudes.” And cites three Catholic theologians in support this confrontation: Harvard’s Elizabeth Schüssler Fiorenza, Fordham University’s Sister Elizabeth Johnson, and Rosemary Radford Ruether (who will lecture students in the course, “The History of God in Feminist Theological Discourse,” at LA’s Mount St. Mary’s College this spring.) Ruether calls the exclusive use of male imagery for God “idolatry.” offers a “Hail Goddess” prayer by feminist theologian Carol Christ, formerly of Harvard Divinity School but now director of the Ariadne Institute for Myth and Ritual in Greece.
The prayer goes: “Hail Goddess full of grace. Blessed are you and blessed are all the fruits of your womb. For you are the MOTHER of us all. Hear us now and in all our needs. O blessed be, O blessed be. Amen.”
“I felt that I had stepped into a Presence, like a mother’s warm embrace,” wrote Dalyn Cook of Ebenezer’s Goddess Rosary. “The attendees were few in number, yet there was a sense of fullness in this welcoming space. I inhaled deeply the earthy scent of the incense, sending up delicate tendrils of smoke which curled around the altar in a nimbus visible against the warm rays of the evening sun filtering through the stained-glass windows.... “From the basket of rosaries, I took into my hand a strand of vibrantly-colored beads with a silver goddess icon in place of the traditional cross. The goddesses came in a variety of shapes and sizes, celebrating the beauty of the feminine form; I found reflections of my own figure in the full hips and Rubenesque curves of my goddess,” Cook wrote.
A semi-secret agenda to push through a North American Union which would include a new currency called the "Amero" similar to the Euro was admitted on CNN.

The reporter pretends to know nothing about it.

The guest admits that the people of Canada are upset about it and that almost no one in American even knows about it - why?

Because the media is not reporting it - why?

Because the media, like our government is controlled by the same satanic criminal Zionist network.

This video clip highlights a very serious concern which none of our media reporting. The Amero is being looked at as the defacto currency of the North American Community (or Union).

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This could be the next leader of the formerly Catholic Nation of France!

Sarkozy: “My roots are in Salonika”
Updated: 24/Apr/2007 08:46

PARIS-ATHENS (EJP)---The tough-talking Nicolas Sarkozy, who came out first from the first round of French presidential election on Sunday ahead of his Socialist rival Ségolène Royal, casts himself as a moderniser and the man who wants to lead France into a "clean break" with a discredited past.
French voters chose to put Sarkozy and Royal in the runoff for the second round of the election on May 6.
They won respectively 31.1% and 25.8 % of the vote.
The 52-year-old son of a Hungarian immigrant and a French mother of Greek Jewish origin, Sarkozy has served as Interior Minister twice, as Finance Minister and, since 2004, president of the ruling Union for a Popular Movement (UMP).
Born in January 1955, Sarkozy had a privileged upbringing in the affluent Paris suburb of Neuilly where he served as mayor from 1983 to 2002. He studied law and -- unlike most of France’s ruling class -- avoided the elite National Administration School (ENA).
Twice married, Sarkozy has three children -- the third by his current wife Cecilia with whom his stormy relationship has received widespread coverage in the gossip magazines.
The Mallah family in Salonika
Sarkozy’s mother is from the Mallah family, which originally came from Spain like all Jews of Salonika, northern Greece, and left with the expulsion of the Jews by King Ferdinand. They settled initially in France.
About 100 years later the family immigrated to Salonika. Sarkozy’s great grandfather, who died in 1913, was a well known jeweler in Salonika.
His business was destroyed when a fire in 1917 destroyed almost the entire city of Salonika.
The grave of Mordohai Mallah exists till today at Stavroupoli where it was transferred from the old cemetery just before the Germans walked in the cited a during WWII and destroyed the Jewish cemetery.
Nicolas’s grand father, Benedict, was the first child of seven children. His real name was Aaron but the family called him Benico. At the age of 14 Benico and his mother left for France where he studied medicine and served in the French army as a doctor during WWI, where he met his future wife Adel Bouvieux a pretty nurse.
In order to marry her he was baptized Catholic and took the name Benedict. The couple had two daughters Suzanne and Andrée, the mother of Nicolas, who married in the 50’s an Hungarian immigrant Paul Sarkozy, the father of Nicolas.
Greek honour
In July 2006, while on a visit to Greece, Nicolas Sarkozy was honored at the French embassy in Athens by the Jewish Community of Salonika.
A plaque was unveiled which said: “In memory of Nicolas Sarkozy’s visit to Greece from the Thessaloniki Jewish Community, the town of your ancestors, mother and city of Israel and Jerusalem of the Balkans.”
Along with the plaque the community gave the French minister an album of his genealogical tree going back to his great-great-grandfather along with pictures of his ancestors. Sarkozy recognized some of the people in the pictures from his family albums.
At the event the wife of the president of the Jewish community of Salonika David Saltiel, Lucy, who was born from the same Mallah family, was also present. A visibly moved Sarkozy thanked the community and said: “my roots are here”.
Most of the members of the Mallah family perished in the Holocaust. Today the remaining members are living mainly in Switzerland, France and England.
Zionist Jews are taking over the entire world and they are not even hiding it!