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Saturday, February 24, 2007

February 24, 2007


Reverend Emile Miller, born 1946, is also known as Father Francis, O.F.M. or Aidan, OSB. Now living in Lafayette, Louisiana he falsely presents himself as a Franciscan Friar after bring dismissed from the Order of Saint Francis of Assisi (the Friars Minor) based in Rochester New York and having his faculties removed by Bishop Louis Vezelis, O.F.M, D.D., his former religious superior and curent ordinary. He also entered and made final vows as a Benedictine Monk in the community called Syon Abbey which he left in mid-2003. He is in reality, a suspended and automatically excommunicated secular priest.

After Bishop Louis Vezelis, O.F.M. D.D. dispensed him from his religious profession (after various corrections and warnings, and a vote in which every friar participated and agreed) he was reminded of his binding vows of obedience and celibacy, as a priest. Father Miller would still be under his ordinary, Bishop Vezelis, until he could find another Catholic bishop to accept him. Without any permission, Miller went and functioned as a priest in Louisiana and then seems to have worked under Bishop George Musey (without any ex/incardination process) and was then sent to Father Francis Edward Nugent then in Oregon who without any permission gave him the Benedictine habit and the name Aidan and eventually received his final vows.

According to the community, Miller abandoned his religious life there after approximately ten years. This is called apostasy from religious life. The Benedictine community no longer recognizes him as a member or monk. Sadly, he has since dishonestly resumed the Franciscan habit (certainly not given to him by any of the friars) and pretends to be Father Francis once again. He claims to have Rev. (?) Oliver Oravec, a man supposedly ordained for the underground Church in Czechslovakia and definitely invalidly consecrated by Rev. Robert McKenna as his bishop. Any objections or questions concerning the status of Rev. Miller in the Franciscan Order/Roman Catholic Church may be directed to the Friars: and his membership in the Syon community to:

Bishop Louis Vezelis, O.F.M. and the Franciscan Friars wish to remind the Catholic Faithful, the "traditionalists," attendees at this priest's Masses and other sacraments (which are either devoid of grace, validity or both) and all those interested that Reverend Emile Miller is not a religious, but simply a disobedient secular priest and continues to divide and destroy the remnant Catholic Church.

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