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Friday, December 01, 2006


A worker puts the final touches on a statue of a crucified pregnant teenager outside Copenhagen's Lutheran cathedral, Friday Dec.1, 2006. The artist said it was a sculpture against fundamentalism and for the right to contraception and sexual education. The 2.5-meter (8.25-feet) tall bronze by Jens Galschioet, presented to coincide with World AIDS Day, will be in place for two months and the artist plans to send copies to Kenya, Texas and Rome for presentation at a later date. (AP Photo/John McConnico)


bridget said...

World AIDS Day --who is holding Planned Parenthood accountable?
Washington, D.C. -- Jim Sedlak, vice president of American Life League,
issued the following statement regarding the 2006 World AIDS Day:

"The United Nations has declared today World AIDS Day, with the focus
on 'accountability.'' In light of this theme, American Life League
poses the important question: Who is holding Planned Parenthood
accountable for its role in the continued spread of the deadly

"It was reported at world AIDS conferences since 1987 that women on
the birth control pill are more likely to contract AIDS than women who
are not on the pill. Yet Planned Parenthood continues to push the
birth control pill for sexually active women. In fact, Planned
Parenthood reports that the birth control pill is used by more of its
clients than any other of its birth control products.

"It is recognized among those who are working to end the AIDS epidemic
that one of the most dramatic success stories is the country of
Uganda. This forward-thinking country has managed to effectively fight
the spread of the disease not with pills and products, but with a
clear message of abstinence. As a result, the incidence of AIDS has
dropped dramatically in Uganda.

"Despite the Ugandan success stories, Planned Parenthood continues to
vehemently oppose all abstinence-only education programs for our
youth. Uganda has shown that abstinence prevents the spread of AIDS,
but Planned Parenthood will not embrace it. Where is the

"As World AIDS Day 2006 is commemorated, it is time to put much needed
pressure on Planned Parenthood's deceptive tactics. It is time for the
governments worldwide to cease giving millions of dollars to Planned
Parenthood. Let's fight AIDS and hold Planned Parenthood accountable
for their actions."

Anonymous said...

My homeschool son, a junior in high school, has been reading Plato's Republic as part of his civics class. I felt it was important for him to read this book, as our founding fathers would have been conversant with it. I have learned a tremendous amount from this discussion of the "perfectly just city". I never read the Republic in high school and it's been an eye-opener. This book was written 2500 years ago. As a philosopher, the insight that Plato had into human psychology puts today's psychologists to shame. What Socrates, who acts as Plato's mouthpiece, has to say about democracies has everything to do with Planned Parenthood and how all other evils in a democracy can exist without fear and why we, as a country, are headed in the direction that we are.

This is what Socrates has to say about the democratic individual: "He is whimsical, has no stable character because he has not been properly educated. He is vulnerable to the lures of the "unnecessary desires". He is hostile to all forms of authority. A democracy is a "youth" culture and it is formless. The democracy is "drunk" with the concept of freedom and the protection of privacy."

When authority no longer exists, who can hold anyone accountable for anything? It infringes on "freedom". Socrates goes on to say that therefore, "the rulers must flatter, rather than educate, the citizens in order to gain control of the the city" and it then descends into tyranny.

Plato's book, which some (Marx, Engles) have used as a "blueprint" for communism was, I think, a warning to us. No wonder it is no longer required reading for high school students. It is part of the dumbing-down of society.

It is no accident that the Bible refers to people as sheep. Sheep are the most stoopidest creatures on earth and will allow the ravening wolves to devour them because they are too fearful to act.

I'll step down now, it's someone elses turn.

Anonymous said...

I think this piece of work is spectacular. I don't see that planned parenthood can be held accountable. Education is being denied to people regarding aids. aids is rarely even mentioned and many young people are thinking that we have cures. This is a profoud message and I am excited to see the continued response it is getting from the websites and blogs that I have visited...