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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"Following Christ is a strong, brave deed and calls for the unbending will of full-grown man. Sluggards and cowards and peevish souls are not those out of whom the followers of a thorn-crowned King are made..........But lusty battles there are to fight for our own souls, first of all, and then for the souls of others; sharp temptations to be swiftly overcome, or maybe the noiseless, galling rub of uneventful, hidden labor in His service..........It is strong, fierce work this battle of the worlds of spirit and of sense and, when Christ calls, He makes no secret of the struggle. Frank He is to tell of all the hard campaigning of His soldiers, but quickly frank to add that His soldiers fight not single-handed and alone. He tells of His love that brightens weary hearts and of His grace that strengthens frail souls until unconquerable might is theirs to dare all things for Him and one sweet day to die for Him."


Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Check out this web-site - be sure to view the trailer.

Now - it is rated R (for drug and sexual content, langauge, and a brief violent image)

I cannot say if the content is so inappropriate that adult Catholics should not view this film - but i can say that from the previews - it appears to be an accurate depiction of what is happening right now or in the very near future of America! I also like the orignal way in which it is filmed - kind of a cross between animation and actual film.

Priestess Publicly Celebrates Novus Ordo Mess

In a look at what is in store for the Church of the New Order, just as it has already occurred in Protestant sects, a Roman "Catholic" priestess publicly celebrated the Novus Ordo Mess in San Jose, California. She is one of 120 women enrolled in the Roman Catholic Womenpriests program. The "Catholic" women say that they envision a more inclusive Church that welcomes women, married men, and "gays" and lesbians. [Associated Press]

WND Pedophiles launch
own political party
Dutch activists hope eventually
to scrap limit on sexual relations
Posted: May 30, 2006

5:00 p.m. Eastern

© 2006

Pedophiles in the Netherlands are registering a political party to press for lowering the legal age of sexual relations from 16 to 12 and allow child porn and bestiality.

On its website, the Charity, Freedom and Diversity Party declares: "We are going to shake The Hague awake!"

The party, which plans to register tomorrow, says it eventually wants to get rid of the age limit on sexual relations, Reuters reported.

Ad van den Berg, a party founder, told the Algemeen Dagblad newspaper a "ban just makes children curious."

"We want to make pedophilia the subject of discussion," he said.

"We want to get into parliament so we have a voice. Other politicians only talk about us in a negative sense, as if we were criminals," Van den Berg told Reuters.

Although the Netherlands already has liberal policies permitting prostitution and same-sex marriage, opinion polls show the public isn't ready for a pedophile party.

In a survey published today, 67 percent believe promoting pedophilia should be illegal, and 82 percent want the government to do something to stop the party's formation.

"They make out as if they want more rights for children. But their position that children should be allowed sexual contact from age 12 is of course just in their own interest," anti-pedophile activist Ireen van Engelen said, according to Reuters.

In California two years ago, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill dubbed by critics as "The Pedophile Protection Act."

Authored by state Sen. Sheila Kuehl, the new law drastically reduced requirements for mandatory reporting of the known or suspected sexual, physical and emotional abuse of children.

Opponents said it created a loophole for abortion providers, such as Planned Parenthood, to be exempted from reporting statutory rape, molestation and sexual abuse and gives molesters greater opportunity to be involved with the caregiving of children.

In addition, the new law changed the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act's definition of "sexual assault" to exclude consensual oral copulation, sodomy and sexual penetration between two minors who are both 14 years or older.



Monday, May 29, 2006

A web-site to remember on Memorial Day...

Universal National Service Act of 2006 (Introduced in House)
HR 4752 IH
2d Session
H. R. 4752
To provide for the common defense by requiring all persons in the United States, including women, between the ages of 18 and 42 to perform a period of military service or a period of civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, and for other purposes.
February 14, 2006

see above link for the full bill

You can almost always count on Pat Buchanan to hit the nail on the head - (remember when he called for a wall on our southern border and everyone said he was an extremist nut case?) Well he appears to have hit the nail on the head again in this article!

May 26, 2006
Steering Into a Third Intifada
by Patrick J. Buchanan

When there is no solution, there is no problem, observed James Burnham, the former Trotskyite turned Cold War geostrategist.

Burnham's insight came again to mind as President Bush ended his meeting with Ehud Olmert by announcing that the Israeli prime minister had brought with him some "bold ideas" for peace.

And what bold ideas might that be?

Olmert wants Bush to remain steadfast in refusing to talk to the Hamas-dominated Palestinian Authority. He wants U.S. support for Israel's wall that is fencing in large slices of the West Bank and all of Jerusalem, forever denying the Palestinians a viable state. He wants U.S. recognition of Israeli-drawn lines as the final borders of Israel. And he wants America to remove the "existential threat" of Iran.

In the six months before he proceeds unilaterally with this Sharon-Olmert plan, he will be happy to talk with Mahmoud Abbas, the isolated Palestinian president he has called "powerless."

What is the Bush plan to advance our interests in the Middle East? There is none. For five years, the Bush policy has been to sign off on whatever Sharon put in front of him. And now that Bush is weak, he is not going to pick a fight he cannot win and, in candor, he does not want.

For Bush has signed on to the Sharon agenda. And if he had a policy that clashed with the Sharon-Olmert Plan, political realities would prevent his pursuing it.

Consider: Suppose Bush declared that Ehud Olmert's proposed withdrawals from the West Bank were insufficient, that an official Palestinian presence in East Jerusalem was imperative, and that the United States needed to aid the Palestinians whom Israel is starving out and to talk in back channels to Hamas, even as we talked to Libya's Col. Gadhafi to convince him to give up terrorism and his weapons of mass destruction.

Bush's and America's stock might rise worldwide. But here in the United States, it would be another story altogether.

We would hear the cry of "Munich!" from neoconservatives, echoed by evangelical Christians and the religious Right. "Bibi" Netanyahu would be a fixture on Fox News, which would be asking hourly if Bush had taken leave of his senses.

Then, as his father did on the loan guarantees for Israel that he briefly held up in 1991, Bush would capitulate.

Thus Israel will pursue the Sharon-Olmert Plan to completion. There will be withdrawals from isolated settlements and outposts, but no negotiations with a Palestinian Authority to agree on permanent borders and two states.

The West Bank wall will soon encompass all of the suburbs of Jerusalem for miles around. Palestine will be divided into three parts: Gaza and two enclaves on the West Bank. There will be no Palestinian official presence in Jerusalem. No viable nation.

Meanwhile, America will be called upon for new sums of money to subsidize the Sharon-Olmert Plan, even as we are prodded to do our duty and emasculate Iran.

As Olmert is the pilot setting the course, and Bush has signed on as crew to his "bold ideas," our
destination is easy to foresee.

The United States alone will recognize Israel's new borders, and her annexations of the West Bank and Arab East Jerusalem as Israel's exclusive capital. Israel will ask for and the United States will accede to Israel's request that we commit ourselves militarily to defend Israel's new frontiers. No Arab government will recognize the new borders. America's Arab friends will be further estranged.

Every demagogue bidding for power in the Islamic world will, like Iran's Ahmadinejad, play the Palestinian card.

The suffering of the Palestinian people under the U.S.-Israeli sanctions regime will further radicalize them into hating us as they do Israel. The struggle between Hamas and Fatah over diminishing aid and resources will intensify, degenerating into civil war. Iran will move into the vacuum. Eventually, with aid cut off and no hope of negotiations, Hamas will revert to terror and the third intifada will begin.

Western Europe, its Muslim populations growing in numbers and militancy, will neither recognize Israel's borders nor endorse U.S. policy. Europe is not going to side with 5 million Israelis, whom they believe to be in the wrong, against 300 million Arabs, who will be 500 million at mid-century.

Rightly, Americans say we will not let Israel be destroyed. But why must we acquiesce in Israel's annexations of Arab land? Why must we remain silent to her deprivations of the Palestinians?

These questions will puzzle the historians who investigate the astonishing and swift end to U.S. hegemony in the 21st century.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

warning: not for children or the squeamish

Did you hear the words "mortal sin" from the pulpit this Sunday? Bet you didn't.

Contumacious parishioners, however, at St. Mary's by the Sea in Huntington Beach found themselves charged with mortal sin by their pastor, in a message printed in the church bulletin. So, boys and girls, what filth, what abomination, what unprintable extravagance of Southern Californian turpitude -- so great as to deserve "exclusion from Christ's kingdom and the eternal death of hell," according to the Catechism -- have the wretched souls indulged in?


We're talking about kneeling at Mass, after the Agnus Dei. According to the L.A. Times article, Orange Bishop Tod Brown is backing the pastor against the kneelers. Helen Hitchcock, who is quoted in the Times story, points out that it's telling that a prelate of the "Let a hundred flowers bloom" school should bring the hammer down against diversity:

"It's hard to understand why any bishop would prohibit his people from expressing reverence in the way they have done for centuries," said Helen Hull Hitchcock, a founder of the conservative Adoremus Society for the Renewal of Sacred Liturgy in St. Louis.

Tactful reticence apart, is it so hard to understand? If you were one of the folks Tim Radcliffe calls "Kingdom Catholics," and you had the power to enforce your own will in the matter, would you want to see Catholics on their knees before the Blessed Sacrament?

Only an idiot could believe that the Vicar of Christ would say something like this:

Pope asks: 'Where was God at Auschwitz?'

18:10pm 28th May 2006

A woman kisses the hand of Pope Benedict XVI as he meets former prisoners of Auschwitz. German-born Pope Benedict, head of the world's largest church, asked on Sunday where God was when 1.5 million people, mostly Jews, died at the former Nazi death camp at Auschwitz...

Maybe his bogus "god" was on vacation!
I am glad that i never had a "support our troops" bumper sticker or sign!,,2089-2200170,00.html

Revealed: how US marines massacred 24
Sarah Baxter, WashingtonHala Jaber and Ali Rifat, Baghdad

PHOTOGRAPHS taken by American military intelligence have provided crucial evidence that up to 24 Iraqis were massacred by marines in Haditha, an insurgent stronghold on the banks of the Euphrates.

One portrays an Iraqi mother and young child, kneeling on the floor, as if in prayer. They have been shot dead at close range.

The pictures show other victims, shot execution-style in the head and chest in their homes. An American government official said they revealed that the marines involved had “suffered a total breakdown in morality and leadership”.

The killings are emerging as the worst known American atrocity of the Iraq war. At least seven women and three children were among those killed. Witness accounts obtained by The Sunday Times suggest the toll of children may be as high as six. “This one is ugly,” a US military official said...

When people are deprived of the true Faith and the grace that comes from the Sacraments, when they fight an unjust and immoral war, they become unjust and immoral!

I do not believe in the theory that one can support the troops, but not the war - it is one and the same, for the troops are who are fighting the war.

That being said - I do not wish evil or harm to anyone, not our troops and certainly not the women and children of Iraq. But I will not support them in an unjust and immoral war either!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ratzinger is welcomed in Poland as the "Protestant Pope"!

take a peek at this informative blog....

Friday, May 26, 2006





Amazing hypocrisy....

Whats the matter Bush - do you have something to hide? Were you paying someone off - perhaps to get your rights grabbing "patriot act" passed?

This tyrannical dictator has been telling us - the peasants to give up our privacy and freedoms in the name of homeland security - but the government - oh no - we must seal records when the government is engaged in known criminal activity!

This will be covered up and quitely go away - or... after the administration is certain that all proof of their involvement has been shredded - then it will blow wide open and look like it was just this particular congressman who was corrupt.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Source: National Catholic Reporter, Oct. 29, 1999 as cited in "Index of Leading Catholic Indicators" by Kenneth C. Jones:

Percentage of Catholics who believe a person can be a good Catholic without performing the following actions:

Without going to Church every Sunday 77%
Without obeying Church teaching on birth control 72%
Without obeying Church teaching on divorce and remarriage 65%
Without obeying Church teaching on abortion 53%
Without believing that in the Mass, the bread & wine actually become the Body and Blood of Jesus 38%
Without their marriage being approved by the Catholic Church 68%
Without donating their time or money to help the poor 56%
Without donating their time or money to help the parish 60%
Without believing that Jesus physically rose from the dead 23%

ay' prom 'queen' banned from event
Principal refuses to allow in homosexual boy wearing dress
Posted: May 25, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

© 2006

Kevin Logan was banned from his high-school prom for wearing this dress

A homosexual male student who has been wearing female clothing to class all year long was booted from his high-school prom because he was wearing a dress.


Booze glass graduation gifts send bad message, critics say

By Tillie Fong, Rocky Mountain News
May 24, 2006

Dante James was shocked when he saw brandy snifters and martini glasses were given as graduation gifts to seniors at George Washington High School last week.

"I was speechless," said James, 48, of Denver. "This is an inappropriate gift to give to 17- and 18-year-old students."

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dobbs: Bush, Congress tell working folk to go to hell

By Lou DobbsCNN

Wednesday, May 24, 2006; Posted: 12:30 p.m. EDT (16:30 GMT)
var clickExpire = "-1";
Editor's note: Lou Dobbs' commentary appears every Wednesday on

Lou Dobbs says President Bush and Congress are part of an "elitist war on the middle class"

NEW YORK (CNN) -- President Bush says that the installation of the new Iraqi government was a "watershed event," but at the same time warns Americans of the challenges and loss as we continue to prosecute the war against Iraqi insurgents. Sen. Harry Reid declares that legislation that would render English the national language is racist.

Thirty-seven Democrats vote for full amnesty for all illegal aliens in this country, even though nobody really knows whether the number is 11 million, 12 million or 20 million. The Senate Republican leadership demands that a "comprehensive immigration reform" plan must be passed before this Memorial Day weekend. And the president signs into law a tax cut that raises taxes on the educational funds of teenagers saving for college.

Never before in our country's history have both the president and Congress been so out of touch with most Americans. Never before have so few of our elected officials and corporate leaders been less willing to commit to the national interest. And never before has our nation's largest constituent group -- some 200 million middle-class Americans -- been without representation in our nation's capital.(Watch why Dobbs said Mexico's leader is in charge of U.S. immigration policy -- 3:16)

George W. Bush's approval ratings have slumped to the lowest of his presidency. The approval rating for Congress is even lower, and nearly three-quarters of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction.

But what is our government doing about that? The president is staying the course in Iraq and apparently demanding little of his generals to create a new, far more effective strategy for urgent success. Of course, he also wants a guest-worker program and amnesty of millions of illegal aliens. And Congress, faced with midterm elections in just over five months, is intent on giving the president what he wants and telling working men and women and their families, American citizens all, to go to hell.

Illegal aliens are more important to this Congress than securing our borders and our ports, more important than those legal immigrants who have waited in line and who follow the law. The Senate has added to the litany of lunacy that makes up what it calls reform: Illegal aliens would only have to pay back taxes on three of the past five years, they will not be prosecuted for felonies such as identity theft or purchasing or using fraudulent Social Security cards, and unlike millions of visa holders who have to leave the country to have them renewed, they may simply remain in the United States while this Congress and this president give away all the benefits and privileges of American citizenship.

This is an outright assault in the elitist war on the middle class. And working men and women who've already borne the pain of losing good-paying manufacturing jobs and having middle-class jobs outsourced to cheap foreign labor markets are faced with the onslaught of more illegal immigration and cheap labor into the American economy. This president and Congress talk about bringing illegal aliens out of the shadows while they turn out the lights on our middle class.

President Bush and his most trusted advisers tell us how well our economy is doing, how many jobs have been created and how so-called free trade will enrich the lives of the same people whose livelihoods these policies are destroying.

It's hard not to think of the trusted adviser to Catherine the Great who sought to hide from her the embarrassing and shoddy condition of Ukrainian and Crimean villages by having elaborate facades built to divert her attention and to mask an uncomfortable reality. I don't know whether Karl Rove is President Bush's Grigori Potemkin or whether George Bush has created Potemkin villages all by himself. But the facades are cracking, and phony fronts of failed policies are quickly crumbling.

Six thousand unarmed National Guardsmen working as adjunct rear support to our undermanned, under-equipped Border Patrol is not border security. Three million illegal aliens continue to cross our borders and depress wages by hundreds of billions of dollars every year. The millions of manufacturing and middle-class jobs lost over the last five years have been replaced by lower-wage employment.

The president's faith-based commitment to so-called free trade will likely lead to a $1 trillion U.S. current account deficit this year and a trade debt of $4.5 trillion after 30 years of trade deficits. And while the president and Congress point to No Child Left Behind as a solution to our educational crisis, we're failing an entire generation of Americans whose test scores continue to fall and whose high school dropout rates would be embarrassing to a third-world country.
And a third-world country is what we will be if our elected officials don't soon come to their senses.
Amazing Arrogance:

Olmert says Israel will draw own borders
AP - 1 hour, 49 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told a joint meeting of Congress on Wednesday that Israel would be a "willing partner in peace" with the Palestinians, but would draw its own borders in the West Bank should it conclude it has no negotiating partner. "We cannot wait for the Palestinians forever," Olmert told members of the House and Senate gathered in the House chamber...

To put this in perspective - it would be like Canada or Mexico just drawing its own borders wtih the USA - regardless of what is rightfully theirs (nothing of which is really rightfully belonged to this bogus nation of Israel).

And we wonder why there is no peace over there!

As long as this illegal, immoral, and satanic nation continues to rule gentiles under foot - there will be no peace!
Student preaches morality to grads – then apologizes
Sparked boos, walkouts after reprimand for birth-control use, other issues
Posted: May 24, 2006

1:00 a.m. Eastern

© 2006

Ben Kessler (Minneapolis Star Tribune)
A university honor student who called his fellow seniors "selfish" during a politically charged commencement speech issued an apology for causing offense.

Ben Kessler, an academic All-America football player at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn., scolded students for using birth control, criticized a recent food fight and backed the Catholic school's policy of barring unmarried faculty and staff in romantic relationships from rooming together on school trips that include students, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.

Graduating senior Daphne Ho told the paper Kessler then "got into other failures of society, and one of my classmates next to me stood up and left."

A number of other students walked out as Kessler, who plans to become a priest, was showered with boos and heckling during the 15-minute speech, attended by more than 900 graduates, Archbishop Harry Flynn and other dignitaries.

Some students cried and other yelled to get Kessler off the stage, the Star Tribune said.

Kessler, 21, said he intended in his speech to look back and forward at some of the issues confronting the university and society.

"Instead of providing hope for all, I offended some by my words," Kessler said in a statement released by the university. "I sincerely apologize to each person I offended."

Kessler – selected to speak by a vote of students, staff and faculty – graduated with a 4.0 grade point average, majoring in philosophy and business.

Senior Chris Kearney said Kessler "started out pretty well and then, out of nowhere, comes these bombshells about things he'd seen that irritated him."

"The heart of the speech was about making selfish decisions, so when I went up to get my diploma afterwards, I told him he made some good points about being selfish – and he's the man that was selfish enough to ruin hundreds of people's graduations," Kearney told the Star Tribune.

When the birth control issue came up, dozens of students started walking out, said Brandon Mileski, a 2002 St. Thomas graduate who watched his girlfriend receive her diploma.

At one point, Mileski said, "I thought a riot would break out. I give him credit because he kept on going when everyone started booing and heckling."

When Kessler talked about the meaning of true happiness, someone stood up and screamed, "I'll be happy when your speech in done!" according to Mileski

St. Thomas' president, Rev. Dennis Dease, said he has accepted Kessler's apology and regrets people were offended.

"I have shared my sentiments with Mr. Kessler that it was not appropriate for him to use the commencement exercise as a venue to express his opinions on several issues," Dease said.

But Dease said it's also important "to treat one another with respect as we speak and as we listen, regardless of how controversial an issue may be."

St. Thomas spokesman Doug Hennes said the administration hasn't cleared speeches ahead of time because it's never been an issue. The Tommie of the Year usually congratulates the seniors and wishes them well.

9. The Church, founded on these principles and mindful of her office, has done nothing with greater zeal and endeavour than she has displayed in guarding the integrity of the faith. Hence she regarded as rebels and expelled from the ranks of her children all who held beliefs on any point of doctrine different from her own. The Arians, the Montanists, the Novatians, the Quartodecimans, the Eutychians, did not certainly reject all Catholic doctrine: they abandoned only a certain portion of it. Still who does not know that they were declared heretics and banished from the bosom of the Church? In like manner were condemned all authors of heretical tenets who followed them in subsequent ages. "There can be nothing more dangerous than those heretics who admit nearly the whole cycle of doctrine, and yet by one word, as with a drop of poison, infect the real and simple faith taught by our Lord and handed down by Apostolic tradition" (Auctor Tract. de Fide Orthodoxa contra Arianos).

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Insight from a fellow blogger...

They convert in order to subvert.

Why Some Christian and Muslim Leaders Are Loyal to Israel

The most destructive spy is the one who becomes a leader of the enemy. And the best spy cover is to "join" a church or a mosque. The children and grandchildren of such "converts" blend in perfectly. When some of them become leaders, their loyalty to Judaism and Israel resurfaces. For the love of Israel, they would not hesitate to systematicaly destroy a whole nation from the inside.

Most people cooperate because they do not suspect them. But some people wonder why such leaders do not seem to care about the interests of their own nation. Even financial motives do not fully explain such disloyalty.

I will leave it to others to scrutinize American leaders, but I will list some examples from Muslim politics and history.

The Yemeni rabbi Abdullah Bin Saba "converted" to Islam during the life of Muhammad. Later, he established the Shiite sect and convinced Shiites that mainstream Islam is a heresy and that mainstream Muslims (Sunnis) should be converted to Shiism or killed. Bin Saba became a role model for other Jews who posed as Shiites or mainstream Muslims only to infiltrate and cause massive destruction to Muslims throughout history.

Jewish blacksmith Said from Salamiya in Morocco converted to Shiism and became such an active leader that he ended up as the first king of the Fatimids. The Shiite Fatimid dynasty ruled North Africa and Palestine for over 280 years. Said changed his name to Abdullah and claimed to be a descendant of Fatima, Muhammad's daughter. Later, he even claimed to be the Mahdi, the Shiite Messiah. The Fatimids invited the Crusaders into the Middle East to help them against mainstream Muslims.

The Ottoman Empire was infiltrated by thousands of Jews who pretended to be Muslims. The Turks call them Donma (converts). They joined the armed forces and became officers who took control of Turkey. They abolished much of Islam in Turkey. Today, they are still in powerful media, government and military positions, but their power might be waning.

Graydhat was a Jewish tribe who was punished and ultimately expelled from Arabia by Muhammad because of their repeated treason. They convinced the Meccans to attack the early Muslims. Graydhat ended up in Iraq and, some time ago, this whole Jewish tribe converted to Shiism. One of their grandchildren is Maliki (a changed name), the "reform prime minister" of Iraq. His Shiite party invited America into Iraq to help Shiites against mainstream Muslims.

Indeed, history keeps repeating itself because some people never learn.

The good news is that--throughout history--the power of impostors and traitors never lasted.

Another excellent source for evidence of these false converts - is the book: The Plot Against the Church - Maurice Pinay

Monday, May 22, 2006

Just more proof that so-called "Catholic" universities are far from Catholic: the Law School of Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles has hired Circuit Court Judge George Greer, the judge who thumbed his nose at Congress and the President of the United States to sentence Terri Schiavo to a painful 13-day starvation and dehydration death. Terri's estranged husband used Greer to order Terri's death, even though she showed signs of intellect, and her parents were willing to assume complete responsibility for caring for her.

Greer will serve on the faculty of the inaugural "Journalist Law School" at Loyola, a three-day-long intensive seminar for reporters who write on the government, the courts, and individual court cases. While he's there, Greer will instruct 34 journalists from print and electronic media, including reporters, columnists, producers, and investigative reporters. Several mainstream media outlets are planning to send staff for tutelage from Judge Greer, including CNN, CBS News, ABC News Radio, Bloomberg WNBC, the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Philadelphia Daily News and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Terri Schiavo's brother said: "Our family publicly stated for years that Judge Greer has a pro-euthanasia, pro-death bias, which tempered his decisions in my sister's case and caused him to unethically, immorally and illegally ordered her to die. How can any citizens of Florida have confidence that Judge Greer will remain unbiased now that he is on the speaking circuit justifying the killing of an innocent, disabled woman without any proof of her consent?" Schindler said Greer's public speaking "makes a mockery of the entire judicial system" and "certainly shows his bias against the disabled."

Greer's appearance at Loyola is sponsored by the chapters of the American Board of Trial Advocates, which awarded Judge Greer with the Jurist of the Year Award last year for his decision to allow Terri's former husband to take her life.
Madonna crucifies herself in L.A. tour opener

Madonna launched her first world tour in two years on Sunday, delighting an enthusiastic Los Angeles crowd by hanging herself from a cross, insulting President George W. Bush, and dusting off some of the sexy moves that have sustained her career for more than 20 years.
The "Confessions" tour will keep her on the road for two months in North America, and then resume on July 30 in Wales for a five-week stadium swing through eight European cities. Shows in Japan are also on tap for mid-September.The 47-year-old dance diva spent two hours churning out most of the tunes from her new album, "Confessions on a Dancefloor," as well as a few old hits such as "Like a Virgin," "Ray of Light" and "Lucky Star."
The audience at the Los Angeles Forum included Madonna's Kabbalah guru Rabbi Yehuda Berg, socialite Nicole Richie, and gay icon Rosie O'Donnell, who upgraded herself to a premium seat on the floor and left her spouse alone in the stands.........

Madonna, Hitler & Bush
Later on, she donned a crown of thorns and suspended herself from a giant mirrored cross to deliver the ballad "Live to Tell." Video screens showed images of third-world poverty and reeled off grim statistics.

Swearing up a Blue streak
Curses flow like sewers, assault the ear and numb the soul. Has everyone forgotten to hold their tongue?
Posted: May 21, 2006

Don't feel dissed if Larita Lawson calls you a mean little word that rhymes with witch.

More often than not, she means no harm when she tosses a word once reserved as a high insult into daily conversation.

"I use it to reference a lot of people, not just women, and not always as something bad," said Lawson, 20. "I might say, 'Now, (word that rhymes with witch), that's hot,' as a compliment."

The word is one on a wicked list Lawson said she uses frequently, along with choice terms synonymous with bodily waste, blasphemous oaths and having sex.

"There are other options" for words to use, added Lawson, a Milwaukee resident. "But I do it so often, it's second nature."

What the, uh, fudge is up with that?

Foul language is no longer limited to moments of anger or frustration in our relaxed culture, linguists and other observers of language say. Now we curse and swear just for the heck of it. And that, some of those experts say, is making some people so oblivious to cussing that they don't realize they may be offending those around them.

"I cuss in general," said Percy Walker, a Milwaukee barber.

Walker, 29, said he uses the word that starts with "bull" the most.

"Being in a barber shop, somebody is always telling a story about something unbelievable, so that's something you say when you know something's not the truth," he said.
Making a point

Like a forbidden mistress, profanity used to live in the shadows of private conversation and came out only for emphasis or emotional outbursts. People were either cursing someone in anger or using profanity to make a point.

People still swear primarily for these reasons, said Timothy Jay, author of "Why We Curse: A Neuro-Psycho-Social Theory of Speech."

"Two-thirds (of swearing) is about frustration and anger," said Jay, who records the number of times he hears people cursing in various settings as part of his research.

Expressing emotion is still the larger purpose for swearing, others agreed.

"Whenever I want to make a point in conversation, or make sure all eyes are glued on me, I'll swear," said Aaron Hahner, 31, of Milwaukee. "People think that if you swear, you must be serious or impassioned and, therefore, worth listening to."

But now people might also curse in general conversation, linguists said.

Young people, for example, are more likely to use the "f-bomb" "in friendly context as opposed to cursing someone out or using it to be mean," said Donna Jo Napoli, a professor of linguistics at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania.

"I think of my son, who is 20, when he's with a group of friends, and every other word is a curse word with them and there is no rancor," Napoli said. "There's a recognition that, 'We don't judge each other, we're just going with it, and it's a very comforting thing.' "

Such flippant swearing may make it seem as if more people are cursing.

Of the 1,001 people questioned in a recent Associated Press-Ipsos poll, 42% said they frequently hear people cursing or swearing in public. And 67% said they think people curse and swear more often than they did 20 years ago.

More than a third, 36%, of those questioned in the poll also said they were bothered a lot when people use profanity. Another 31% said swear words bother them some of the time.

The survey, done March 20 through 22, has a margin of error of 3 percentage points.

The results of the poll are a reflection of both reality and perception, observers of language said. Sure, people may be cursing more, but we're also more exposed to it and hearing it from many voices.

Consider this: "Crash," the roughly 100-minute movie that took home the Oscar for best picture this year, contained 172 swear words, including 99 uses of the f-word, according to

A range of TV shows, from the premium cable drama "The Sopranos" to the network sitcom "Will & Grace," include profanity in their scripts. Swearing is almost expected in pop music, especially rap.

Public officials are even getting in on the act.

Last year, Texas Gov. Rick Perry apologized after saying, "Adios, (expletive)," a shorter version of one of the more obscene terms, to a TV news reporter. Though Perry acknowledged that the word was inappropriate, he also was reported as saying it was "friendly banter" with a deputy press secretary and not intended to offend anyone.

And when Vice President Dick Cheney blurted out the f-word at Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) on the Senate floor two years ago, his use of the word became a bigger headline than the debate itself.

"It's not that these words weren't being said before. It's just that media has made them accessible," said James Hala, an English language and literature professor at Drew University.
Lazy lips

The exposure comes from a shift in language that can be traced back to the 1960s and 1970s, a time that included various movements toward increased individual freedom and gender equality, language experts said.

"Descriptive language happened as part of the cultural revolution, and we changed our language as we started to question what was taboo . . . and said, 'No one tells us what to say or do. We decide what's taboo,' " Napoli said.

But as we freed our minds and our tongues, we may have diluted our language in general.

James V. O'Connor, who wrote "Cuss Control: The Complete Book on How to Curb Your Cursing," recalls hearing a young woman in a store tell her mother that a sweater she was trying on "fit like" the s-word.

"What does that mean?" O'Connor said. "Was the sweater too tight? Too big? Uncomfortable? Why swear when she could have used another word that really said what she meant?"

This kind of casual use of swearing makes language lazy, O'Connor said.

"There are many good words in our language that are disappearing because we use the swear words instead," he said.

Syndicated columnist and author Harriette Cole agreed with O'Connor and called increased casual use of profanity a sign of society's collapsing boundaries. We've become casual about a number of things, from the way we dress to the way we speak to authority figures, Cole said.

"I was in a meeting yesterday, and it was the executives who were cursing," said Cole, whose column offers advice on a range of issues, including etiquette.

And though there are times when profanity is not offensive, cursing in a professional setting is never appropriate, Cole added.

Casual swearing, which Cole said some people do because they think it makes them seem young and cool, runs the risk of offending someone who could be valuable. Once a person picks up cursing as an untailored habit, they forget to determine whether others around them are OK with such language.

"People have to . . . learn when to turn it off," Cole said. "We can't afford to be oblivious of others in our space."

Despite all the willy-nilly cursing going on, people still use an intuitive moral compass when it comes to swearing, according to professor Hala.

"It's a sense that we develop as soon as we grow up that says there are some times and some places that you use the language and (other times when you) don't use it," Hala said.

Walker said he tries not to swear in front of women, children and clergymen who come into the barber shop. Lawson watches her mouth around senior citizens and tries not to curse in places that are too public.

Latasha Medley, 25, said she is constantly trying to remove swearing from her language, especially in front of her 3-year-old son, Shalamar.

"It's a very hard habit to break," said Medley, of Milwaukee. "I'm constantly saying I'm not going to curse, and then I can't even go a whole day."

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Since fervor of devotion is nourished and preserved in us by a frequent return of our thoughts to the passion of Christ, anyone who wishes to keep the flame of ardor alive within himself should frequently--or rather, incessantly--contemplate in his heart Christ dying upon the cross. That is why the Lord said of old: The fire on the altar is to be kept burning; it must not go out. Every morning the priest shall put firewood on it.

Lv. 6:5
Listen, devout Mother: your heart is the altar of God. It is here that the fire of intense love must burn always. You are to feed it every day with the wood of the cross of Christ and the commemoration of His passion. The prophet Isaias says: You shall draw waters with joy out of the Saviour's fountains; meaning that whoever wishes to obtain from God the waters of grace, the waters of devotion, the waters of tears, must draw from the fountains which are the five wounds of Christ.

Is. 12:3
2. Therefore, let your love lead your steps to Jesus wounded, to Jesus crowned with thorns, to Jesus fastened upon the gibbet of the cross. Not only see in His hands the print of the nails, with the apostle Thomas, not only put your finger into the place of the nails, not only put your hand into His side, but enter with your whole being through the door of His side into Jesus' heart itself. There, transformed into Christ by your burning love for the Crucified, pierced by the nails of the fear of God, wounded by the spear of superabounding love, transfixed by the sword of intimate compassion, seek nothing, desire nothing, wish for no consolation, other than to be able to die with Christ


Saturday, May 20, 2006


"Catholicism is a false system. It is not the church of Christ, it is the church of anti-Christ. If you follow Catholic theology you'll go to hell. I am not saying that to be unkind but to be truthful. Being truthful is the only way to be kind. People need to come out of that system. It is a system that exalts Mary and it is a system of paganism mingled with pseudo-Christianity. The truth shall make you free."

Where is the global outcry at this continuing cruelty?

Nearly 60 years after most Palestinians were first forced from our homes, the killings and blockades carry on with impunity Ghada KarmiMonday May 15, 2006

The Guardian

Israel is 58 years old today. Israelis have already celebrated with barbecues and parties. And so they should, for they've pulled off an amazing stunt: the creation of a state for one people on the land of another - and at their massive expense - without incurring effective sanction. Some of those not celebrating, the Arab citizens of Israel, were also there, demonstrating to remind the world that Israel displaced 250,000 to take their land without compensation. Millions more Palestinians will demonstrate today in the refugee camps of Gaza, the West Bank and neighbouring Arab states against their expulsion by Israel. The world, however, is not listening, any more than it did in 1948, when most of Palestine's inhabitants were expelled to make way for Jewish immigrants...,,1774765,00.html
Just as I suspected - the Da Vinci Code has jewish roots! (as do nearly all attacks on Christ).

Dan Brown, the blasphamous author of this trash has jewish roots - here is the quote from wikapedia:

"Although Dan Brown has Jewish roots he sang in the church choir, attended Sunday school, and spent summers at church camp.[1] He has not disclosed whether he is currently religious or an Atheist."

This satanic creep is very secretive about his own religious views, but has no problem attacking the religious views of over a billion people!
Novus Ordo response to the Da Vinci Code...

here is the commentary on this story from

So there you have it from the Vatican: Fictional Blasphemy is fine! (By the way, what is non-fictional blasphemy??) Oh, and "Cardinal" Ruini thinks it's OK if it amuses you, as long as you don't believe it? Can you imagine the blessed Apostles saying to their disciples, "Sure, you can go to that play that mocks and defames Christ, if it amuses you, as long as you know it's not true!"??

By the way - "Cardinal" Poupard says he has no objection to people seeing the film as long as they know it is fiction! The story says: "Poupard is the Vatican’s highest authority on cultural issues after Pope Benedict."

Local priest says that the Da Vinci Code is like JFK - just enjoyable fiction - and tells his sheep to enjoy the film!

This is all typical Vatican II double speak - they say what both sides want to hear - the "conservative" heretics can say - see they church is against this film... the "liberal" heretics can say - see the church is not opposed to you seeing the film or even films like this being made - as long as the viewer or reader believes it is fiction.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Sanhedrin Reestablished (Part I)TAKEN FROM "THE JEWISH PRESS"

By: Dov Gilor
Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I recently had the pleasure of sitting in on a meeting of the "Lishka" of the renewed Sanhedrin in Israel. I was introduced to the existence of this weekly meeting by my son’s father-in-law, Rabbi Dr. Elihu Schatz, who is a member of the Sanhedrin, and I received permission to attend from the main initiator of the process, who has worked tirelessly on this project, the secretary of the Sanhedrin executive – Rabbi Dov Stein. I was very curious to understand how, why and who had the authority to set up a Sanhedrin in our day.

I had always understood that the Sanhedrin would be made up of the greatest Torah scholars of the generation and I was surprised that I was not familiar with most of the names mentioned. I learned that like every "innovation" in Jewish life, there were many aspects and complications in creating the reconstituted Sanhedrin in our time. Ours is a time when every suggestion of "change" draws aggressive militant criticism to such a degree that many rabbis, even the most pious, recognized and revered rabbis of our generation, seem afraid to solve, within the framework of Torah, some very serious problems facing Judaism today.

The Torah foundation upon which the Sanhedrin of today is based is the command that every Jewish (and non-Jewish) community must set up a legal system. To set up a Sanhedrin requires a very special rabbinical ordination of its members. This ordination, ideally, should have been the ordination passed down from Moshe Rabbenu. Unfortunately, this direct line of ordination was lost some 1,500 years ago, when Roman pogroms and persecutions led to the demise of the last Sanhedrin.

In Hilchot Sanhedrin Rambam (Maimonides) set out the principles of how to reestablish this special ordination. The rabbis of Israel must agree to grant ordination to one person. Once this person is ordained, he can ordain others. The recent three Orthodox attempts to reestablish this special ordination (1830, 1901, 1949) were met with very stiff rabbinical opposition; the ordination chains were quickly broken and no Sanhedrin was formed. What the fate of the current Sanhedrin, still in its infancy, will be, is open to question.

The attempt in 1538, for example, began in Safed, when 25 rabbis met and ordained Rabbi Yaakov Beirav. Rabbi Beirav ordained the chief rabbi of Jerusalem (The Maharalback), Rabbi Yosef Caro (author of the Shulchan Aruch), Rabbi Moshe Trani and Rabbi Yosef Sagis. Rabbi Caro later ordained Rabbi Moshe Alschech, and Rabbi Alschech ordained Rabbi Chaim Vital. Strife with the rabbi of Jerusalem and opposition soon hampered the project. It lasted four generations, but the persecutions of the Turkish Empire doomed the project. Those who received ordination were taken hostage and the community was forced to pay ransom. Eventually, the rabbis were forced to flee Israel, and the chain was broken.

The need for a Sanhedrin to unify halacha and the Jewish people is not questioned. What is questioned is who has the fortitude to start the process and how vocal the Orthodox rabbinical opposition will be.

To avoid claims that not all the rabbis of Israel were aware of the latest attempt to set up the Sanhedrin, 50,000 copies of a detailed flyer were distributed to 4,500 communities in Israel. Seven hundred leading rabbis were contacted personally or by mail. Rabbi Moshe Halberstam, who just recently passed away, was chosen to be ordained after he received approval from Israel’s leading rabbis and when no objections were received from the hundreds of rabbis consulted via the mails. He was a senior dayan in the Eida Haredit court, the president of Hatzala Israel, and the rosh kolel of the Galicia Kolel in Jerusalem,

Leading rabbis, including Rabbi Shalom Elyashiv, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg and many others gave their blessing but did not join the Sanhedrin. The son of Rabbi Mordecai Eliyahu is one of the rabbis ordained. Rabbi Avraham Shapiro abstained on the issue but also refused to discourage it. Rabbi Tzvi Eidan, the author of Asot Mishpat (which describes how it is possible to reestablish the Sanhedrin) was appointed as the interim president until an election is held. The elected nasi, or president, of the Sanhedrin is Rabbi Adin Steinzaltz, a noted Talmudic scholar and a well-known Jewish philosopher.
Thank you Mike!

Clinton Pushed RU-486 in First Official Act, Report Shows
By Randy Hall Staff Writer/Editor
May 15, 2006

( - Before being sworn in as president, Democrat Bill Clinton was told that he should "start immediately to eliminate the barely educated, unhealthy and poor segment of the country." Clinton received the advice in a letter from an advocate for the abortion drug regimen RU-486, which the president promoted during his first official act in the White House, according to a new report.

New attention is being paid to RU-486 as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) debates whether to ban the drug combination because of a spate of incidents in which women allegedly died or were injured from its effects.

"The Clinton RU-486 Files", released by the conservative legal group Judicial Watch, contains recently uncovered documents that shed new light on the Clinton administration's legal, political and press strategy for bringing RU-486 into the American marketplace -- despite the manufacturer's earlier decision not to market the drug in the United States.

According to the documents obtained last February from the National Archives at the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Ark., Clinton ordered the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the FDA to coordinate the marketing of RU-486. He did so in his first official act three days after moving into the White House in January 1993.

Clinton had received advice concerning the abortion regimen in a letter from Ron Weddington, whose wife, Sarah, had advocated for the legal right to abortion as an attorney in the 1973 Roe v. Wade case.

In urging the legalization of RU-486, Ron Weddington wrote in a Jan. 6, 1992, letter to Clinton. "Something's got to be done very quickly. Twenty-six million food stamp recipients is (sic) more than the economy can stand."

The "president-to-be" should "start immediately to eliminate the barely educated, unhealthy and poor segment of the country," Weddington added.

"Our survival depends upon our developing a population where everyone contributes," he wrote. "We don't need more cannon fodder. We don't need more parishioners. We don't need more cheap labor. We don't need more babies."

"Weddington's ravings were not relegated to a file for unsolicited constituent correspondence," the Judicial Watch report notes. "On the contrary, the Weddington letter is, chronologically and philosophically, the foundation document for the Clinton RU-486 files."

Within a month of Clinton's first directive, FDA Commissioner David Kessler met with the RU-486 manufacturer, the French pharmaceutical company Roussel Uclaf. After that, official political, economic and diplomatic pressure from the U.S. government was exercised to make the drug available in the United States, the Judicial Watch report states.

In one confidential memo, former HHS Secretary Donna Shalala claimed that she and Kessler had personally changed the positions of the makers of RU-486 to market the pill in the U.S.

The documents also indicate that Roussel Uclaf offered to give the patent for the abortion drug regimen to the U.S. government for free so the French company would not be liable for damages if anything went wrong.

"Accepting the patent gift should be touted as a reproductive rights victory for American women and another example of the Clinton administration's commitment to deliver on its promises," Kevin Thurm, a deputy secretary with HHS, wrote in 1994.

Still, Thurm noted that Shalala should accept the patent on behalf of the government rather than Clinton "for purposes of insulating the White House" from any political consequences.

The documents also show that while Clinton administration officials were concerned rejecting the patent would alienate abortion "rights" groups, the White House turned down the offer anyway, and the company gave the rights to the non-profit Population Council.

However, the drugmaker's board would only agree to the arrangement if it received an official letter from the president of the United States requesting RU-486 on behalf of the women of the country.

Clinton's letter was dated May 16, 1994, and it stated that women of the United States needed "safe and effective medical treatment." The president concluded his missive by writing: "On behalf of the government of the United States and for the women of America, I thank you for your work."

'Culture of corruption'

The Judicial Watch report also claims that pressure from the Clinton administration led the FDA to circumvent the standard requirements for certifying a drug as "safe and effective" in order to rush the abortion regimen to market.

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-Md.), who is mentioned in a May 11, 1994, status memo by Thurm "as one of six Republicans who cosponsored a bill 'to prohibit federal funds from being used for clinical studies of RU-486 as an abortifacient,'" said that the expedited procedure used to approve RU-486 was "totally inappropriate."

That process is "used for drugs that treat disease by providing some hope for life where there isn't any," Bartlett told Cybercast News Service. "Clearly, RU-486 is not that kind of drug."

"These new documents prove the RU-486 approval process was infected by raw politics," said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. "Accordingly, Congress and other authorities should launch appropriate investigations.

"At least six women and 560,000 unborn children have lost their lives due to the Clinton administration's reckless drive to bring RU-486 to America," Fitton added. "This dangerous abortion pill needs to be pulled off the market immediately."

"All of the Clinton administration's actions on this issue were based on the science and what was best for American women," Jay Carson, a current spokesman for the former president, said in a statement to the Associated Press on May 9.

But, Joe Giganti, spokesman for the National Pro-Life Action Center (NPLAC), told Cybercast News Service that the report exposes a "culture of corruption" at the FDA.

The problem is so severe that the agency is "no longer acting in the best interests of their own mandate, which is to look out for the public health and safety," he added. "They approved a drug that is dangerous to every baby and has been proven dangerous to most of the women who are taking it," Giganti said.

Lannier Swann, director of government relations for the conservative organization Concerned Women for America (CWA), added that "it is now the duty of Congress to conduct a thorough investigation to get to the bottom of the unethical actions performed under Clinton's watch," she stated.

"Both Clinton and the FDA should be held accountable for their careless disregard for women and failure to put the American people's interests above their own," Swann added.

As Cybercast News Service previously reported, the FDA issued a health warning in July 2005 because five American women died after using RU-486.

Several months later, Republican lawmakers urged Congress to suspend the availability of the abortion drug, calling it a "baby pesticide" that is also harmful to women.

This past March, more deaths were linked to RU-486, and CWA called on the FDA to pull the drug.

House Republicans demanded quick action on proposed legislation to force the FDA to withdraw approval of the abortion drug combination. The bill is called Holly's Law and is named after 18-year-old Holly Patterson of California, who died of an infection in 2003 after taking RU-486.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bank's Closing of Muslim Charity Accounts Sparks Protest
By Monisha Bansal Staff Writer
May 09, 2006

( - Muslim American groups Monday lashed out at Wachovia Corp., accusing the banking company of discrimination, for closing the accounts of a Muslim charity.

Wachovia first notified the Foundation for Appropriate and Immediate Temporary Help (FAITH), based out of Herndon, Va., that the group's accounts would be closed in November 2005.

"We had no notice or anything before that. It is their right to do so, but there is also a why. Why did you do that?" Margaret Farchtchi, treasurer of FAITH, complained.

The Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the MAS Freedom Foundation joined FAITH Monday in protesting Wachovia outside one of the bank's branches in Washington, D.C.

"We've talked with them many times, we've sent them letters requesting this information and the only thing they have responded to us with is that they have the right to do this and they are doing it," said Farchtchi.

"It is not their right to do that if it is discriminatory," she told Cybercast News Service. "I don't know if they are doing this to any other organizations, or if it is just our organization. We don't see a reason for this action being taken and we are completely shocked by it."

CAIR's executive director, Nihad Awad, said Wachovia's "heavy-handed approach to this small community charity requires explanation."

"Since 9/11, the American Muslim community has noticed disturbing trends within the national banking community, where law-abiding American Muslims are seemingly and summarily being denied service based solely on their name, religion or ethnicity," Awad said.

While Wachovia did not return telephone calls seeking comment for this article, the Washington Post quoted Wachovia spokesman Scott Silvestri on Saturday. "Wachovia is committed to conducting business and operations with the highest ethical standards and in full compliance with applicable laws," Silvestri told the Post. "It is also the company's long-standing policy not to comment on customer relationships."
The great catastrophe

Monday marks the 58th anniversary of the founding of Israel in 1948 - and the expulsion of Palestinians from their land. With millions still living under occupation or in exile, what Palestinians call their 'nakba' remains at the heart of their national identity, argues Karma Nabulsi Friday May 12, 2006

The Guardian

In the last week of April 1948, combined Irgun-Haganah forces launched an offensive to drive the Palestinian people out of the beautiful port city of Jaffa, forcing the remaining inhabitants to flee by sea; many drowned in the process. My aunt Rose, a teenager at that time, survived the trip to begin her life in exile on the Lebanese coast. Each Palestinian refugee family grows up hearing again and again the stories of those final moments in Palestine, the decisions, the panic, as we live in the midst of their terrible consequences. Throughout 1948, Jewish forces expelled many thousands of Palestinians from their villages, towns and cities into Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of others fled in fear. The purpose was to create a pure Jewish state, ethnically cleansed of the original inhabitants who had lived there for centuries. The creation of the state of Israel was the heart of this cataclysmic historical event for the Palestinians - the mass forced expulsion of a people; the more than 50 massacres carried out over the summer of 1948 by various armed Jewish forces; the demolition of villages to ensure the refugees could not return - all this is summed up in a single word for Palestinians: nakba, the catastophe.

"We must do everything to ensure they [the Palestinians] never do return ... The old will die and the young will forget," said David Ben-Gurion, the founder of Israel, in 1949....

click below to continue the article... it is long, but well worth the read - it will give some insight to the horrible humanitarian tragedy that continues under this horrible and illegal state of Israel!,,1773020,00.html

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


here is a link to the survey questions - AMAZING....

Rains keep New Englanders from homes
Driving rain eases -- for now -- after worst flooding since 1930s

Tuesday, May 16, 2006; Posted: 4:47 p.m. EDT (20:47 GMT

METHUEN, Massachusetts (AP) -- Driving rains that caused the worst flooding in New England since the 1930s finally eased up Tuesday, but washed-out roads and the danger of dam breaks prevented many people from returning to their homes.

More than a foot of rain fell across New Hampshire, Massachusetts and southern Maine between Friday and Tuesday, with up to 17 inches in some places. No deaths or serious injuries were reported.

Killer Typhoon Chanchu Spins Closer to Hong Kong
Tuesday, May 16, 2006

HONG KONG — A killer typhoon spun closer to Hong Kong on Tuesday, forcing the city to urge small ships and fishing boats to seek shelter from the storm — the strongest on record to enter the South China Sea in May.

Typhoon Chanchu's eye was expected to pass just east of Hong Kong on Wednesday before slamming into Guangdong province on China's eastern coast, the Hong Kong Observatory said.
The case against Rev. Robinson: What the jury didn't hear
By Harriet Ryan

Court TV

TOLEDO, Ohio — The jury that convicted the Rev. Gerald Robinson Thursday listened to 41 witnesses during the three-week trial, but they did not hear every piece of information authorities uncovered in the course of their investigation.

Prosecutors were barred by law from presenting some evidence against the priest. Other information was deemed irrelevant to the murder of Sr. Margaret Ann Pahl or open to too many interpretations to benefit their case. Among the things jurors did not hear:

The polygraph. Two weeks after the murder, Robinson failed a lie detector exam given by a police investigator. A retest administered by a polygrapher hired by the Catholic diocese the next month was inconclusive. The defense has said the priest was too exhausted and stressed from the police interrogation for the test to be effective.

S&M allegation.
In 2003, a nun told a diocesan panel that she was sexually abused by Robinson when she was 15. She claimed that another priest paid her father to let Robinson engage her in sadomasochistic acts involving a whip. The same woman also alleged she was raped repeatedly as a girl during satanic rituals led by priests. Authorities have not been able to substantiate or disprove her charges.

Occult book
. When police searched Robinson's home in 2004, they found a pamphlet entitled "The Occult." Many passages were underlined, including one describing a black Mass in which "an innocent" was used as an altar. The booklet was published by a Catholic group in the 1970s, before the murder, but it was unclear whether Robinson obtained it before or after the murder.

Swiatecki's pleas
. When police interviewed Robinson about two weeks after the murder, the other hospital chaplain, Rev. Jerome Swiatecki, accompanied him to the station. According to the detectives, Swiatecki — the son of a police officer — emphatically and repeatedly urged Robinson to "just tell them the truth." Some in law enforcement have speculated that Robinson confessed to Swiatecki, but that Swiatecki would have been bound by the seal of the confessional not to reveal any details.

Coffin photos
. Police officers searching Robinson's house in 2004 found hundreds of photos of corpses in coffins. Some appeared to be very old and European. Although taking pictures of dead relatives is common among some ethnic traditions, the sheer number in the priest's house suggested that not all of the dead were family members.

Monday, May 15, 2006


Our mailbox has recently been flooded with appeals for demonstrations and boycotts against the about-to-be released film, The Da Vinci Code, based on the 2003 novel by Dan Brown. Even Newchurch cardinals have jumped on the bandwagon to criticize this film. We take a different view. We think that it is a question of "the lady doth protest too much." We have come to the conclusion that the Da Vinci Code includes legitimate criticism of Newchurch, which is so embarrassing that it is trying to return to the days of the Index Librorum Prohibitorum!

First of all, we must realize that The Da Vinci Code is a work of fiction. Good fiction writers have always tried to make their fiction as believable as possible. That is part of the writer's art. Homer's Odyssey is a work of fiction, but for three millennia everybody has taken Odysseus as a real historical character. Homer's fictional art was that good. Bully for Homer. We haven't heard about any demonstrations and boycotts being organized against him!

So Dan Brown has written an extremely believable work of fiction. Maybe we'd rather that he didn't use as a literary trompe d'oeil the fiction of Christ having married Mary Magdalen, but we're grown-ups, aren't we? We know the difference between fiction and fact -- or should. Your kids do. Do you think that they really believe that Donald Duck talks and that Peter Pan flies? Of course not.

We opine that Newvatican is not all that opposed to the Christ-Magdalen fiction. After all, Newvatican has manufactured plenty of religious fictions itself. Newvatican promotes the fiction of a "New Mass" that is neither Catholic nor Apostolic. Newvatican promotes the "oecumenical" fiction that "we all worship the same god," so that Newpope embraces Mohammedans who are killing Christians right and left. Newvatican has promoted the fiction of a New Morality, in which its bishops and presbyters can abuse, rape, and even murder. Can you see Pope St. Pius X remaining silent in a situation where his bishops and priests are raping nine-year-olds and murdering nuns in Satanic rites? By God, no!

No, Newchurch is not really concerned about Christ. It is concerned about the legitimate criticism by Dan Brown, under the guise of fiction, that Newchurch is increasingly coming under the control of a secret society dedicated to the New Order, known as Opus Dei, and is increasingly becoming involved in openly Satanic practices. Shocking, but the reality is hard to deny.

Look at what is going on in Toledo, Ohio. Look at what went on in Dane, Wisconsin. Look at what went on in Albany, New York. Murders of priests and nuns, all of which the police have reported as having Satanic associations. Remember that the traditional priest Fr. Malachi Martin too wrote his insider criticisms of Newchurch under the guise of fiction. He stated publicly that he did so because if he published it as non-fiction, he would be murdered.

Dan Brown is using a technique as old as Homer to make his point. Perhaps we'd better listen to his legitimate point about the corruption of Newchurch rather than trying to restore the Index Librorum Prohibitorum.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Worth a thousand words!

Saturday, May 13, 2006


WASHINGTON (AP) -- Not a single state will have a highly qualified teacher in every core class this school year as promised by President Bush's education law. Nine states along with the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico face penalties.

The Department of Education on Friday ordered every state to explain how it will have 100 percent of its core teachers qualified -- belatedly -- in the 2006-07 school year.

In the meantime, some states face the loss of federal aid because they didn't make enough effort to comply on time, officials said.

They are Alaska, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina and Washington, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

"At some point there was, I suspect, a little bit of notion that 'This too shall pass,' " said Henry Johnson, the assistant secretary over elementary and secondary education. "Well, the day of reckoning is here, and it's not going to pass."

Department officials would not say how much aid could be withheld from states to force compliance. But Johnson said, "In some cases, we're talking about large amounts of money."

States often fell short because they did not report accurate or complete data about the quality of the teacher corps, said Rene Islas, who oversees the department's review.

The 4-year-old No Child Left Behind law says teachers must have a bachelor's degree, a state license and proven competency in every subject they teach by this year. The first federal order of its kind, it applies to teachers of math, history and any other core class.

In grading the states, the department found that 29 have made substantial progress. They must improve, but they do not face looming sanctions.

Twelve other states are still under review and haven't been rated: Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

No matter which category they are in, all the states must submit a new plan of action.

Most states give themselves good grades on teacher quality; 33 states say 90 percent to 99 percent of their classes are taught by highly qualified teachers. Most of the rest put their numbers a tier below, in a range of 70 percent to 89 percent.

"I know the states have made great efforts in trying to meet all the prongs of the highly qualified teacher requirement," said Scott Palmer, a consultant for the Council of Chief State School Officers. "I've got to believe there are some that are very close."

As for the ones that aren't, Palmer said he hopes the department will recognize the ways states are trying to improve teacher effectiveness, even beyond the basics the law requires.

States were notified Friday. The department plans to follow up in coming days.

What the agency wants to see most, Johnson said, is what states are doing to get experienced teachers into classrooms with large numbers of poor and minority children.

That no state complied with the law on time -- four years after Bush signed it with great fanfare -- is due in part to the enormity of the challenge.

Some teachers, particularly in small or rural areas, handle many subjects and have not met the law's details in each one. Many schools struggle just to find teachers in math, science or special education. And turnover is common, often blamed on salary and stress.

Although the federal term is "highly qualified," the definition is widely regarded as more of a minimum qualification, because it requires teachers to know what they teach.

Phyllis McClure, who supports the law and tracks it for the Citizens' Commission on Civil Rights, said the department is right to demand accurate data and results from the states.

"They don't like having to do all this," said McClure, a supporter of the law. "I must say that they have become used to getting their way with the federal government."

Friday, May 12, 2006

There are at least seven reasons
why women can and should
receive Holy Orders!

1. One priesthood in Christ
Through baptism women and men share equally in the new priesthood of Christ.
This includes openness to Holy Orders.

2. Empowered to preside
At the Last Supper Jesus empowered both women and men. Both can be ordained to preside at the Eucharist.

3. Cultural bias
The Church’s practice of not ordaining women as priests was based on a three-fold prejudice against women. This affected the judgment of Church leaders.

4. Women have been deacons
Until at least the ninth century the Church gave women the full sacramental ordination of deacons. This proves women can be ordained.

5. The ability for women to be ordained has been present in the Church’s latent Tradition.
One example is the age-long devotion to Mary as Priest. It shows that, according to the ‘sense of the faithful’, in Mary the ban against women has already been overcome.

6. The wider Church accepts women priests
After serious study and prayer other Christian Churches now ordain women as priests. Though not everything other Churches do can be accepted by the Catholic Church, this converging consensus by believing Christians confirms that ordaining women is according to the mind of Christ.

7. Women too are, in fact, called to be priests
The fact that many responsible Catholic women discern in themselves a vocation to the priesthood is a sign of the Holy Spirit we may not ignore.

Conclusion: there are no valid arguments against women priests, and many truly Catholic arguments in favour!
Vatican working with World Council of Churches on proselytism rules

The Vatican has teamed up with the World Council of Churches to draw up "a code of conduct" for converting people of other religious beliefs to Christianity.

Catholic News Service reports that the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue together with the Office on Interreligious Relations and Dialogue of the World Council of Churches (WCC) planned a series of meetings aimed at assessing the nature of religious conversions.

They also plan to create "a code of conduct" for Christian churches to follow when spreading the Gospel to people of other faiths. The three-year joint project is titled "Interreligious Reflection on Conversion: From Controversy to a Shared Code of Conduct."

Msgr Felix Machado, Under Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, said that in some countries, especially where Christianity is a minority religion, an individual's conversion from the dominant faith tradition to Christianity "is sometimes mistakenly called proselytism."

"We want to maintain our right to convert people, but it should be done according to church teachings," he said.

Proselytism often describes the use of unscrupulous methods of persuasion - such as psychological pressure, spiritual threats or material enticements - to win converts.

However, according to Catholic teaching, evangelisation entails proclaiming the Gospel "in a manner that respects human dignity," the Monsignor said.

Two of the documents produced by the Second Vatican Council in 1965 - the Declaration on Religious Freedom ("Dignitatis Humanae") and the Decree on the Church's Missionary Activity ("Ad Gentes") - emphasised that no one should be forced to act contrary to his or her beliefs or be forced to accept the Christian faith.

However, these guidelines in spreading the Gospel are not part of the practice of every Christian denomination.

Msgr Machado said some Christian organisations can be very aggressive in their attempts to convert people of another faith, which can result in making people suspicious of all Christians as having a hidden agenda to proselytise.

"We want to convert people; we don't hide that," the Monsignor said, but the question of "how it's done" needs clarification.

Without that clarification, evangelisation might be mistaken for proselytism and that "hinders interreligious dialogue and mission work," he said.

The Vatican and the WCC, whose membership includes more than 340 Orthodox, Protestant and Anglican churches and communities in more than 120 countries, have invited 30 participants from several religious traditions to take part in the first meeting.

Participants will represent Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and traditional African religions, as well as Catholic and other Christian denominations.

The idea for the joint study project arose out of the religious tensions in India, where Christians are often "falsely accused" by Hindus of proselytising, Msgr Machado said.

WCC, Vatican to create guidelines on evangelization, proselytism (Catholic News Service 10/5/06)

AND HERE IS "MOTHER TERESA'S" FAMOUS STATEMENT : Sister Nirmala denied that the Charity was encouraging conversions to Christianity and quoted Mother Teresa's well-known words:"We want Hindus to be better Hindus and Muslims to be better Muslims." She added: "But if someone wants to become a good Christian, we will help them."
May 11, 2006

Ford Makes Historic Move in Support of Groups Pushing Homosexual Marriage

Earlier this year, Ford Motor Company sponsored a program showing two lesbians passionately kissing each other. Now the automaker has made an in-your-face move against traditional marriage advocates with the historic step of advertising all their name brands in a homosexual magazine. This followed a request by AFA that Ford withdraw from supporting any homosexual magazine.

In the May issue of the homosexual publication OUT, Ford has advertised all eight of their brand automobiles. This is first time in history that Ford has advertised all their brands in a homosexual publication.

In this issue of OUT, which Ford supported with their advertising, are articles such as Nightlife: Party All the Time. Here is the description OUT gave of that article: "Rockin' and raunchy queer clubs are making a comeback, and we tell you where the three hottest places to play are."

Another article was The Mix: Scary Lady, Porn 2 Go. Here is the OUT description: stars cook up their favorite meals for your pleasure..."

Under the title The Long and Short of It, we find this description by OUT: Ronni Radner goes inside Runt, a weekly party for bite-size gay guys and the men who love them, and looks at the rise of the vertically challenged queer man.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Which is my brother Tom and which is Napoleon Dynamite? Darn - I just cannot tell the difference!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


National I.D. Card = Mark Of The Beast?

Posted: May 9 2006

By: Jake Jones

Approved by Congress last year, the (Real ID Act-Public Law 109_13), requires the National I.D. portion of the plan go into effect by May 2008. A mere two years from now!

Could this card be the Mark Of The Beast as mentioned in the book of Revelation (13:18)? After much study, and translation of this passage back into the original Greek, I say that the so-called National I.D. Card IS NOT the “Mark Of The Beast”. HOWEVER, I do believe that it is and/or will be the precursor to the mark.

When translated into the original Greek, the pertinent parts of Scripture in the book of Revelation indicate that the mark will be implanted (Caragma: placed into or done with a pointy object) into the right hand or forehead ( not your wallet or purse).

It is reported by many sources that the information that will be required on the National I.D. Card is (but NOT limited to): the person's full legal name, date of birth, gender, driver's license number, a digital photo, the person's address and machine-readable technology so the information can be ready easily by government or banking personnel. The use of this information by banking personnel is particularly disconcerting. That should be the first clue that they have thought out their plan much further ahead than most of us think.

The ramifications of the National I.D. Card are multiple. First, it may be the start of Global Identification and a “One World Government”. Secondly, it will only serve to justify and legitimatize the use of the Chip in humans. Thirdly, once the National I.D. Card is in place, you will begin to see that the slope well become much more slippery and the speed at which the Implantable Chip will become acceptable to those who don’t know (or care) what the Bible says will move at lightning speed.

Our job now is to make Congress, State Legislatures, and even Local Governments know that this is not acceptable for America. However, if you are not a Christian, you may not be impressed with this article, but rest assured that once it snows on the slope, the downhill run will begin very soon afterwards.

It is said that each state will have to produce these cards as prescribed by the Federal Government and each state will then be responsible for sharing the information with all other states (and the Federal Government). So why is it called a National I.D. Card if the states are producing it.

NOW, check your Credit Cards! If you have one of those Credit Cards with the dark blue square in the center, beware! That dark square in the middle of the card is an information chip. It has all the important information about your account (and you) with regards to the services you have agreed to with the Credit Card company. The Credit Card company pushes this card as being a super securecard.HOGWASH! It’s keeping track of your spending and purchasing habits.

We are moving in a dangerous direction, and it is being justified as modern technology that will simplify our lives. If one doesn’t think too much about it, it (the chip) makes sense.

If we are uneducated about the Implantable Chip, the Book of Revelation and it’s meaning, if our lives are too busy to be bothered about it, or if we just don’t care, we deserve what we get.

On May 4th. 2006, reported that Colombia's president Alfaro Uribe indicated that the Implantable Microchip could be used to keep track of temporary workers in the U.S.

Enough Said?