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Friday, March 31, 2006

can you say....BRAINWASHING!

School's 'Holocaust' Experiment Upsets Parents
Dad: Son Cried Over Becoming Jew For Day

POSTED: 5:53 pm EST March 29, 2006
UPDATED: 2:40 pm EST March 30, 2006

Several parents in Apopka, Fla., are upset over a surprise school "Holocaust" project that some say tormented children, according to a Local 6 News report.

Local 6 News reported that eighth-graders with last names beginning with L through Z at Apopka Memorial Middle School were given yellow five-pointed stars for Holocaust Remembrance Day. Other students were privileged, the report said.

Father John Tinnelly said his son was forced to stand in the back of the classroom and not allowed to sit because he was wearing the yellow star.

"He was forced to go to the back of the lunch line four times by an administrator," Tinnelly said...
The incredible hypocrisy of the Novus Ordo Church

Church fires photog over Scalia picture: Freelancer pays for ‘right thing’

by Jessica HeslamFriday, March 31, 2006 - Updated: 01:24 PM EST

A freelance photographer has been fired by the Archdiocese of Boston’s newspaper for releasing a picture of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia making a controversial gesture in the Cathedral of the Holy Cross on Sunday.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Things are so much more difficult today. My Catholic girls school NEVER had to face this situation, even when we were merging with another school.
Next-to-Last Holdout Newchurch Bishop Introduces "Altar Girls" -- in Spades!

Newchurch Archbishop Paul Loverde, of Arlington, Virginia, had just lifted the ban on "altar girls" on March 26, and Presbyter Leonard Tuozzolo, of Our Lady Queen of Peace Newchurch, couldn't wait to bring them up to the "table" the following Sunday. One girl held the Novus Ordo Lectionary open while the presbyter read from it. Another "altar girl" brought water to the table. A third "altar girl" followed the presbyter down the aisle while he glad-handed the congregation.

And what was this latter's devout comment on the experience of being the first altar servette in the diocese? "It was a deeply spiritual experience"? "I felt closer to the Lord"? Not at all! "It was fun," she said. When the presbyter announced that he was "accepting applications" for "altar girls," the Novus Ordinarians cried out: "Yay!"

It has been recognized in the Washington press (Arlington is just outside of Washington, D.C.) that "that fox" (to use Christ's term of derision for Herod), Newchurch Bishop Loverde, had tried to pull a fast one to defuse objections to the utilization of "altar girls." He "approved" his first two "Indult" Masses at the same time. Just more proof that the "Indult" is a temporary ploy to be used to introduce more Novus Ordo practices without "conservative" Novus Ordinarians objecting too much.


Our wonderful "catholic" supreme court justice!
Damning Testimony? - Hardly - Zacarias Moussaoui was wearing a remote STUN BELT during his testimony regarding the 9/11 attacks!

MSNBC reporter lets it slip that Moussaui was wearing a stun belt and was afraid to say the wrong thing during his testimony for fear that they marshals would press the button!


The reporter then says that he is "speculating" - YEA RIGHT - what would ever even make someone think - or "speculate" that a witness would be wearing a torture device that would in effect force him to say whatever the prosecutor wants? Speculation my fanny - he knew full well he was wearing one!

here is a link to the MSNBC video clip

click on the video link by the little red video camera.

here is sample of the exchange between the two reporters:


WILLIAMS: The old outbursts were gone... He was very docile today... We believe that he's wearing one of those stun belts, and it may be that he was very worried about doing anything that would cause those Marshals to press the button....

ABRAMS: A stun belt? They literally have sOmething around his waist? That they can push a button and?

WILLIAMS: [Pause] Well...

They say that pictures are worth a thousand words..........

Monday, March 27, 2006


HERE IS THE PROOF - IF IT WASN'T SO SAD IT WOULD BE THE LAUGH OF THE DAY!(Make sure you scroll to the bottom and check out the "group shot")

Four year old boy tortured and brutally murdered for refusing to call his perverted mother's lesbian partner: "daddy"!

Lesbian couple guilty of gruesome murder

Four-year-old Jandre Botha refused to call his mother's lesbian lover "daddy" - and paid with his life...

Both testified that while Jandre was assaulted, his mother failed to intervene or protect him. Evidence showed he had sustained horrific injuries, including a fractured skull and brain damage, as well as broken legs, collarbone, hands and pelvis....

"It is unthinkable that the mother of the child could not have known about these fatal injuries. The deceased also had broken legs, and his mother should have been aware of this."...

Sunday, March 26, 2006


According to the world we should be very worried - This is the latest Time Magazine Cover story and "Breaking" CNN News:

Saturday, March 25, 2006


School Diversity Day Cancelled after being Legally Required to Present Ex-Gay Viewpoints
Intolerance of Christian views blatant as other faiths allowed and encouraged to give views

VIROQUA, WI, March 24, 2006 ( - Viroqua High School officials chose to cancel Diversity Day activities scheduled for yesterday after Liberty Counsel, a Christian legal organization, presented legal precedent requiring inclusion of the viewpoints of Christians and former homosexuals.

The school scheduled sessions for students to present viewpoints of Hmong, Jews, Muslims, Native Americans, African-Americans, homosexuals, Latinos, Buddhists, the physically disadvantaged, and the economically disadvantaged, but not Christians or former homosexuals.

After a school official stated that the viewpoints of Christians and former homosexuals would be excluded, a resident contacted Liberty Counsel on behalf of many other concerned Viroqua residents.

On March 9, Liberty Counsel sent a letter to the District Administrator, explaining that the censorship of the viewpoints of Christians and former homosexuals violated the Establishment Clause and the Fourteenth Amendment equal protection guarantee. Liberty Counsel sent another letter on March 14 to the District Administrator and Board of Education. Two days later, the District Administrator confirmed in a telephone call that Diversity Day had been cancelled.

In 2004, the Board also cancelled Diversity Day in response to a citizen petition, but then reinstated it after spring elections changed the members on the Board. Unlike 2004, however, this time school officials were confronted with precedent from a federal district court in Michigan that ruled unconstitutional a similar exclusion from a Diversity Day panel.

Mathew D. Staver, president and general counsel of Liberty Counsel, stated: "We are pleased that the District cancelled Diversity Day instead of censoring the viewpoints of Christians and former homosexuals. One of the Diversity Day organizers labeled the former homosexual's viewpoint as 'non-positive.' This is yet another attempt to indoctrinate our youth with the harmful message that homosexuals cannot change. While touting the message of tolerance, homosexual activists refuse to be tolerant of opposing viewpoints. Our youth deserve to know the truth about homosexuality - that people can choose to overcome same-sex attractions and that acting on those attractions results in devastating physical, mental, and spiritual consequences."


Friday, March 24, 2006

Some information that must be considered about Alex Jones.

While Alex Jones and his show do much to expose many things that are going on - he does deflect attention away from who is truly responsible. Both myself and my brother have discussed the fact that Jones never brings up Zionism or Jews and the blatently obvious role in what is going on in the world.

Heres is some information on Alex Jones from a web-site i recently came accross:

it is a link from

Alex Jones
Jones is an example of a person who calls himself a Christian but his treatment of Israel and Zionism is what we would expect from a Crypto Jew, or from somebody who works with Crypto Jews.
Jones has a radio show on the Genesis Communications Network. If you have access to their archives, listen to the 2nd and 3rd hours of the Friday, February 9, 2006 show during which he interviews Robert Gaylon Ross. There are several times during that show where he seems to be doing "damage control"; ie, he deflects criticism away from Zionism and Israel.
For example, in this excerpt Jones tells us that the "Luciferian Controllers" are responsible for the world's problems:
Click for MP3 excerpt of Jones, only 170 kb
Jones brings up the X-raying of 110,000 Sephardic Jewish children, but he tells us that the US Government paid for the operation. This implies that the Americans were somehow involved. However, Jones fails to tell us who in the American government helped to fund it, and why they helped.
Most likely the funding was coming from Zionists, Crypto Jews, Crypto Zionists, and/or their puppets within our government. However, by saying the US Government funded it, Jones deflects blame away from Zionists and onto the American government
He also asks, "Why, why are they always trying to kill Jews?"
This brings pity to the innocent Jews who are perpetual victims of the mysterious "they".
Jones says that "they" are always trying to kill Jews, but he fails to mention that the "they" are the Ashkenazi Jews; specifically, the Zionists.
During that interview, Robert Gaylon Ross mentions that there is evidence that Hitler was an illegitimate child of one of the Rothschilds. This is very significant because if the Zionists played a large role in helping Hitler and the Nazi party, as well as the Communist Party, World War I, World War II, and virtually every other war and disaster of the 20th century, the Zionists are not the innocent victims they pretend to be.
However, Jones does damage control by changing the issue to the X-raying of Sephardic children in Israel, and making it appear as if the mysterious "they" are responsible for the X-raying. He fumbles for words as he tries to bring pity to Israel:
"Well, I mean, this group openly went and killed a hundred plus thousand.. and.. or radiated, these... these... these... Sephardi. They... every time we look they're killing Jews. And then I don't understand how we're... how we could be bad... I mean Barry Chamish is Jewish. He's saying exactly what... exactly what you're saying..."
MP3 Excerpt #2, only 170 kb
Jones said "every time we look they're killing Jews". Once again Jones refuses to mention that the "they" are the Zionists.
It doesn't matter which of his radio shows you listen to; you will find the same pattern over and over. Specifically, he blames the world's problems on a mysterious group that he refers to as the "New World Order", a "Germanic death cult", the "Luciferian Controllers", the "Western Intelligence Agencies", or the "Elite".
Why does Jones use "Germanic death cult" as one of his expressions? Why not Jewish death cult? Why not Zionist death cult? How about "Israeli death cult"? Why do so many of these truth seekers try to create the image that Germans are evil when all the evidence suggests that Zionists are the problem?
By never mentioning the names of Zionists (such as Sam Newhouse, Joe Lieberman, Sumner Redstone, Edgar Bronfman), Jones keeps his listeners in a state of confusion and fear. How can we defend ourselves from a "Germanic Death Cult"? How is it possible for the police to arrest the "Luciferian Controllers"?
Alex Jones works closely Paul Joseph Watson and his brother Steve Watson, both of whom are Jews who live in England. Their support of Israel should be considered a sign that the Watsons are Crypto Zionists.
Alex Jones is married to a woman named Violet, who is Jewish. Being Jewish is not bad, but if she may be a Crypto Zionist, she is a deceiver; a criminal; a con artist.
Considering that Alex Jones works and lives with suspicious people, is it any wonder that he deflects criticism of Zionism to the "New World Order"? Perhaps he is also a Crypto Jew. Don't let the name "Jones" fool you; the man credited with founding the B'nai B'rith was Henry Jones: wikipedia entry for B'nai B'rith

Finally the "mainstream" media is giving some attention to this - lets hope it keeps going in the right direction!

watch the video clip - it is excellent


82 % of Americans agree with Charlie Sheen that the US Government is covering up the truth about 9/11!

On the left side of the page at the above link is the poll - vote and click view results!

Thursday, March 23, 2006


San Francisco City Government Calls Catholics 'Hateful, Discriminatory, Insulting, Ignorant'
Top Cardinal is "decidedly unqualified", says resolution

By John-Henry Westen

SAN FRANCISCO, March 22, 2006 ( - In one of the most startling attacks on the Catholic Church coming from a governmental body in the United States in half a century, the governing body of the city of San Francisco - the Board of Supervisors - voted unanimously Tuesday to approve a non-binding resolution blasting the Catholic Church for its opposition to homosexual adoption.

While many city's residents agree with the Church's stand against homosexual adoption, the resolution stated "It is an insult to all San Franciscans when a foreign country, like the Vatican, meddles with and attempts to negatively influence this great city's existing and established customs and traditions, such as the right of same-sex couples to adopt and care for children in need."

The city supervisors levelled an ad hominem attack on former San Francisco Archbishop William Levada, who has been appointed to head the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), one of the most senior posts in the Church. " Cardinal Levada is a decidedly unqualified representative of his former home city, and of the people of San Francisco and the values they hold dear,'' the resolution stated.

The supervisors also demonstrated their childishness as they attempted another dig at the Cardinal by indicating in the resolution that the CDF was once known as the Office of the Inquisition. "That the Board of Supervisors urges Cardinal William Levada, in his capacity as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith at the Vatican (formerly known as Holy Office of the Inquisition), to withdraw his discriminatory and defamatory directive that Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of San Francisco stop placing children in need of adoption with homosexual households," reads the resolution.

The resolution attacked the teaching of the Catholic Church that homosexual adoption does "violence" to children since they would be placed in an environment that is not conducive to their full human development. The resolution blasted the teaching as "hateful and discriminatory rhetoric (that) is both insulting and callous, and shows a level of insensitivity and ignorance which has seldom been encountered by this Board of Supervisors.''

Demonstrating their own profound ignorance, at least in terms of biological realities, the supervisors contend, "Same-sex couples are just as qualified to be parents as are heterosexual couples."

Concluding, the board urged current San Francisco "Archbishop Neiderauer and the Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of San Francisco to defy all discriminatory directives of Cardinal Levada."

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Newchurch Bishop Allows "Indult" Mass and Altar Girls

True to true Newchurch form, Newchurch Bishop Paul Loverde, of Arlington, Virginia, has pulled another fast one on the Novus Ordinarians. Undoubtedly, the "indult" organizations will wax sycophantic over his two new "Indult" Masses. But will they give you the other side of the story? For the first time in his diocese, altar servettes, otherwise known as "altar girls," will be introduced. Now only the Newchurch diocese of Lincoln has not introduced them yet. Loverde gave as his excuse that now parishioners could "participate more reverently, more actively, more fully" in the Novus Ordo service. One wonders how the Church got away with the contrary for so long!

Many Novus Ordinarians in the diocese had been chafing at the bit for introducing this new Protestant step after Loverde's predecessor, who would not permit it, retired in 1999, as Loverde had allowed female altar servers at his previous diocese in New York state. Loverde waited five years and then decided to introduced it at the same time he introduced the two "Indult" Masses." Our reports from around the U.S. indicate that "altar girls" are now being used at "Indult" Masses.

This "Indult" Mass business is more and more being exposed as the phony ploy of Newchurch that we have said it is. More and more of you TRADITIO readers around the country have informed us that your "Indult" Masses have become more and more like the Novus Ordo service, including altar girls, communion in the hand, and all the Protestant rest.

This is a very long but extremely interesting and telling interview with an exorcist in Italy who is saying that the "new rite" of exorcism that has come out by the novus ordo church is useless. Every one of his answers shows that he is very knowledgeable and correct in his assessment of the "church." It's particularly interesting that he says that many if not most so-called Bishops in the new church do not even believe in Satan!

My only question to him is - why are you still in the false church?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

These poor souls....

As you read this article - just remember that for the harvest of vital organs - the donor MUST BE LIVING - his heart must be beating and he must be breathing.

People in the USA veil their conscience with the delusion that a "brain dead" person is not really a living person - even though their heart is beating, they are breathing, and they react to the pain of having their organs removed - to the extent that they must be given a paralizing drug - because the butchers cannot sleep at night seeing the body squirming around as they cannablize it!

In the USA - a person is in an accident and suffers from some form of brain injury and then is declared "brain dead" based on the results of a machine and a doctors opinion. The person is then ripped open and his/her organs "harvested".

What about this article - in China - where the "donor", actually victim - is not involved in an accident - where he is fully conscious at every level - hmmmm

The article says they are taking the organs from "executed prisoners" - that is nonsense - they are excuted by the removal of their organs - and we know from how it is done here that any type of anestic contaminates the organs for transplant - hence they invented this paralizing drug that prevents the victim from moving and reacting to the pain - but not from FEELING IT!

Remember - most in China are executed for their opposition to communism and for their religion - a great many of which are underground Catholics!

anyhow - here is the link and a few of the headlines ...

Japan's rich buy organs from executed Chinese prisoners

By Clifford Coonan in Beijing and David McNeill in Tokyo
Published: 21 March 2006

Hundreds of well-off Japanese and other nationals are turning to China's burgeoning human organ transplant industry, paying tens of thousands of pounds for livers and kidneys, which in some cases have been harvested from executed prisoners and sold to hospitals...
Charlie Sheen took the red pill!

Sheen has left the lemmings and sheeple!

listen to the entire radio interview with Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones on the subject of the 9/11 attacks.

Here is an article with even more information


Believe it or not, in Spain where queer marriages have been sanctioned by the Socialist government, you are not allowed to put on a child's birth certicate the names of the "parents" as "mother" and "father". Here is a portion of the story:

That’s when the Spanish government announced a ministerial order that new births would have to be registered at the State Civil Registries in the Family Book under the headings of Parent (progenitor) A, and Parent (progenitor) B.

In other words, the terms "Father" and "Mother" were to be no longer used.

In Spain, marriages, births and deaths are all recorded at Civil Registries, with most of those actions being noted in a Family Book (Libro de Familia). While the example isn’t perfect, think of the Family Book as an extended birth certificate.

Juan Fernando L√≥pez Aguilar, Spanish Minister of Justice, excused the ministerial order by claiming since the government modified “the status of civil marriages, to allow the union of same-sex couples, it was necessary for a new format for the Family Book (Libro de Familia) and one that used terms such as “Parent A” and “Parent B” instead of “Father” and “Mother.”

That's right. To match up it's same-sex marriage legislation to the Civil Registry, the government deemed that Spaniards could no longer qualify themselves as either "Fathers" or "Mothers" of their children.

Monday, March 20, 2006



Dear Friend:
All those who live in grave sin have a devil and this devil makes them dumb. As long as the sinner refuses to repent and confess his sin he is dumb. This silence is imposed upon him by the demon that he harbors.

The demons all know that as long as man remains silent they can rest in peace in that man's body, but the moment that this man finds his voice and cries out against the evil that is in him they will be driven out.

The season of Lent is the time for us to find our voices and cry out for help. It is the season to drive these demons far from us.

One of the Laws of the Church that apply for the Season of Lent is that we must confess our sins at least once a year. To many whom the demons control this seems very excessive. The demons would have them believe that they are saints and have nothing to confess. The demons realize that the moment that these poor souls make a good confession that they will loose the place that they call home, and will be forced out into the barren desert.

A good confession requires that we quietly and thoroughly examine our consciences. To do this means that we must set aside some time away from distractions and ask The Holy Ghost to enlighten us so that we may truly know our sins and give us the strength and courage to confess them.

This season of penance (Lent) is the perfect time for this. By imposing upon ourselves the fasting for Lent we now have more time since we spend less time eating. This is now some time that we can spend praying and reflecting. We should be brought to a true and frightening understanding of who we are and what we have become. We must see the damage that our devil has caused us, and seek to be completely rid of him.

The remedy is completely painless and is very easy, but the demon who does not wish to be driven out seeks by every means possible to fill us with a false pride to blind us to our malady or perhaps even a false shame so that we refuse to disclose our evils. In either way the demon remains secure. If the beautiful sacrament of Penance fills us with fear or dread, then we should know that we are in the greatest need of it. The vain suggestions of our demons are unfounded. The priest is bound by the seal of confession. We should have no fear of what the priest may think of us. On the contrary, every good priest will be very happy that we have come to be freed from our demon and will be very impressed that by the graces of the Holy Ghost we now have the Faith and strength to renounce the sins and the demon that we have allowed to infest our bodies for all this time.

The demons that people live with are always promising them happiness, but can never deliver it. The life of sin always offers the illusion of happiness, but instead the sinner only finds pain and suffering. But, the demons keep suggesting nonetheless that happiness is to be found in the pursuit of our sins, and the dumb sinner keeps listening and following believing the lies that the demons keep suggesting.

As Saint Paul says: "Now is the acceptable time." Now is the time to rid ourselves of this dreadful disease. Let us take a spiritual step back from ourselves and examine ourselves. Let us note the promises that were presented to us. Think of all the unfulfilled promises of happiness that have led us further and further into the life of sin. Have we been able to find and pick the beautiful roses that have been promised? Or have we instead found nothing but thorns, and have returned with bloody hands pricked and scratched while we have been in pursuit of the nonexistent rose of sin? Mark the evil this demon has done to you and be rid of him as soon as possible.

But, be cautious, it is not enough to be freed from this demon; we must now fill the void that has been created with the grace of God. To try and keep an empty and swept house, neither filled with the grace of God or the sin of Satan is another illusion. The gospel for today shows us clearly what happens. Let us chase the demon out and make sure there is no room for him or his friends to return, by filling our souls with the graces of God.

In typical Mel Gibson style, here is an update on his new movie which he is filming in Veracruz:

This epic is at the same time similar to and different from Passion. Like his earlier film on the last days of Christ, Apocalypto is of epic proportions. Apocalypto, like The Passion, is being filmed in an ancient language, Yucatec Mayan, a descendant of ancient Mayan, just as The Passion was filmed in Latin and Aramean. But Apocalypto is set at a time in stark contrast to The Passion, which was set in the most civilized period the world has ever known, the period of the Pax Augusta, when Rome ruled the world with peace and justice and when literature, art, and culture flourished. Apocalypto, on the contrary, is set in the hellish period of ancient Maya, when grand temples were used as sites for human sacrifice.

The Passion netted Gibson over $1,000,000,000 in ticket sales, making it one of the biggest grossing films of all time and the third-largest grossing movie in the year of its release, 2004. Yet, Hollywood wouldn't touch it because it was "too religious." So, Mel ended up pocketing a huge profit, as he distributed the film through his own company, Icon Productions. Whereas the Disney Corporation wouldn't touch The Passion, a biblically-based, Christian film, Disney jumped at the chance to distribute Gibson's new pagan epic of human sacrifice!

Gibson will allow no one to trouble his independent traditional Catholicism. To remind him of how important his traditional Catholic faith is, he wears inside his shirt a cross with relics of the martyrs. He has already been criticized in some circles for portraying Mayans' human sacrifices (which is absolutely historical, just as The Passion was), blew off his silly critics by saying: "After what I experienced with The Passion, I frankly don't give a flying leap about much of what those critics think."

One Maya scholar stated that Gibson's treatment was the most accurate depiction of ancient Maya ever caught on film, just as biblical scholars praised the accuracy of Gibson's depiction of Christ's last days in The Passion. However, that didn't satisfy Liberalist Secular Jews, such as Abe Foxman of B'nai B'rith, who slammed Gibson for being "too Catholic."

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Excellent summary of our current situation
given on a TV show of all places.

here are two links to a clip from an episode of a TV show called Boston Legal - I have never seen this show before - but this clip of a lawyer defending someone who protested the government by not paying taxes is an incredible summary of our current situation.

I will post two links - since i don't know how long this will be available on the net.
it may take a minute to download and start - if the video is not great - just don't look at it and listen to what is being said.
on this link click "watch closing arguments from stick it" - it is on the right hand side of the screen

Friday, March 17, 2006

Sometimes we just need to laugh....

turn up your speakers and visit this link....

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Judge Approves Bond Of $50,000 For Alabama Church Fire Suspects

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) _ Three college students accused of setting fire to a string of rural Alabama churches can be released from jail on $50,000 bond each, provided they stay away from alcohol, cars and home computers, a judge ruled Thursday. In a brief order, U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert R. Armstrong Jr. said all three suspects must live with their parents in what amounts to house arrest with electronic monitoring as they await trial. None of the three has a criminal record and all come from ``normal, stable, caring, working-parent homes,'' the judge said in approving bond. But, he wrote, all three are under 21 and ``drink alcoholic beverages in amounts that would be excessive for adults.'' The judge rejected prosecutors' plea that the three remain jailed until trial.


"End of the Line" for Sheinbein Prosecutors

25 February, 1999

By Scott HogensonCNS Executive Editor

(CNS) – Prosecutors in Montgomery County, Maryland said they're resigned to never trying Samuel Sheinbein for the 1997 murder an a 19-year old acquaintance.

The Supreme Court of Israel Thursday ruled that it would not extradite Sheinbein to Maryland to face charges of killing Alfred Tello. Sheinbein, who was born in the United States, fled to Israel after the murder. He successfully argued against extradition back to the U.S. because his father was born in Israel, qualifying Sheinbein for Israeli citizenship.

Israeli law forbids the extradition of its citizens, which led to the high court's decision to not send Sheinbein back to stand trial.

"Legally, this is the end of the line for this case," said Montgomery County Deputy State's Attorney John J. McCarthy. "We are deeply disappointed in the decision. We have always taken the position that Mr. Sheinbein was a U.S. citizen, a resident of our county, who lived and was raised and educated in this county and should stand trial for the murder of Mr. Tello that he committed in this county and not in Israel.

The Supreme Court decision means Sheinbein will be tried in an Israeli court, and although prosecutors aren't pleased with the ruling, McCarthy said the state's best chance now is to assist in securing a conviction in an overseas court.

"Even though we disagree strongly and think that the ultimate decision is outrageous, we are stuck with the situation that this case is going to be tried in Israel and therefore, we want to then begin to cooperate with the Israeli authorities so that this situation is not compounded and this guy literally gets away with murder," said McCarthy.

McCarthy told CNS that the U.S. Justice Department and other agencies have determined that "there is no other level of review and therefore, we are essentially stuck with this particular ruling."

While all legal avenues have been exhausted, McCarthy said that diplomatic options have not yet been taken off the table, but he told CNS that prosecutors are not seeking any diplomatic pressure at this time. "That's beyond the scope of anything that we have any authority or power over," said McCarthy.

Monday, March 13, 2006


Why No Hate Crime Charges?
These three Jewish Psychos burnt down nine churches, and had every black churchgoer in Alabama scared to death. They appeared to have used specially-designed, military- grade thermite bombs for this.
To claim that these church burnings were just a prank, is ludicrous. You just don't burn ten churches without an agenda. The damage is over two million dollars.

No Harsh Words for Suspects Controlled media have formed a tight security zone around the suspects -- refusing to divulge their ethnic or religious backgrounds, while praising them as wonderful people and offering explanations on their behalf. This has contributed to speculation about the trio being homosexual. Lemmings are told that the arsons were a "joke that went too far" where "no racial pattern exists," and that "all were Baptist churches because that is the dominant faith in the region," and that Birmingham-Southern College is "Methodist-affiliated" -- hinting that the suspects are Christian. An adoring Birmingham News went so far as to characterize DeBusk as "a wonderful drama student, very enthusiastic, well behaved, talented, often the first to settle an argument between friends, a peacemaker," etc. The Birmingham News spin on Matthew Lee Cloyd included these words of praise: "By all accounts, Matthew Lee Cloyd was a scholar - an intelligent boy with a bright future in medicine, just like his father. He graduated... with honors and several advanced placement courses under his belt. He was in the National Honor Society and inducted into Mu Alpha Theta math society his junior year. He was voted Most Outstanding Student in History and was a member of Students Against Destructive Decisions." (Program aimed at keeping students from consuming alcoholic beverages prior to driving, and discouraging the use of drugs.) Today, the Associated Press issued a story in an apparent attempt to help the suspects by offering an explanation for their alleged serial arson spree: drinking and "warped bravado." "Three college students suspected of a string of Alabama church fires may have been out drinking when they began their spree. Throughout the month long investigation, authorities said alcohol could have led to a warped bravado that sparked the arsons, and initial interviews with the suspects bore out the theory, according to one officer," stated the AP article. This "drinking" story is running now, in hundreds of Jewish newspapers. The paper USA Today has nothing negative to say about the crimes or the suspects either, calling the three alleged serial arsonists "stars at school." The paper merely laments that the crime spree "derailed promising futures." They go on to describe the suspects in loving terms via interviews with friends and students, as if they had been taken hostage in Iraq. "Russ is just a goofy, fun-loving guy, almost like a cartoon character," said Jeremy Burgess, 19, DeBusk's roommate. "He's always nice, respectful and hardworking. He studied more than I did." However, this tidbit is also revealed:

Here is a list of the ten churches:
(note that they are all Baptist)

Ashby Baptist Church - Brierfield, Alabama (destroyed)
Rehobeth Baptist Church - Lawley, Alabama (destroyed)
Old Union Baptist Church - Brierfield (damaged)
Antioch Baptist Church - Antioch, Alabama (damaged)
Galilee Baptist Church - Panola, Alabama (destroyed)
Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church - Boligee, Alabama (destroyed)
Pleasant Sabine Baptist Church - Centreville, Alabama (destroyed)
Dancy First Baptist Church - Aliceville, Alabama (damaged)
Spring Valley Baptist Church - Emelle, Alabama (damaged)
Beaverton Freewill Baptist Church -Sulligent, Alabama (damaged)


ADL to Southern Baptist Convention: Stop Efforts To Convert Jews
New York, NY, September 21, 2005…The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today condemned as "insulting, disgraceful and dangerous" plans by leaders of Southern Baptist Convention – the nation's largest Protestant group - to consider forming a partnership with a Messianic Jewish group in order to missionize Jews in the United States and around the world. The League called on the Southern Baptist Convention to stop their efforts to convert Jews.
On September 20, the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention approved a proposal to study whether the SBC's North American and international mission boards should formally recognize the Southern Baptists Messianic Fellowship – a Messianic Jewish group – as "an evangelistic mission to Jewish people in the United States and throughout the world."
The executive committee's vote to recommend that the proposal be put on the agenda at next year's SBC annual convention follows the launching last year by the SBC of the Pasche Institute of Jewish Studies at Criswell College in Dallas, whose purpose is to teach Baptists leaders how to minister to Jews.
Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, issued the following statement:
The idea of the Southern Baptist Convention using a so-called Jewish messianic group – which misrepresents two faiths – to target Jews for conversion is disgraceful, insulting and dangerous.
We are outraged over the continuing efforts by the Southern Baptist Convention to target Jews for conversion, especially by considering 'deputizing' a Jewish Messianic group, part of a deceptive movement that falsely claims they are interested in Jewish practices when the real goal is to convert Jews to Christianity. These efforts should be stopped once and for all.
Together with the establishment last year of an institute aimed at teaching Baptist leaders how to minister to Jews, the Southern Baptist leadership continues to show its disrespect and disregard for the validity of Judaism and the Jewish people.

Oh, in case you don't believe that the three were Jews?

Is this the intelligence that led us to war?

(never mind that no WMD's were ever found - one must wonder what "god" led him to the sites)

“He Shall Direct Thy Paths to the Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

The former U.N. inspector behind the “Saddam Tapes” says God revealed WMD sites to him.

William Tierney, the former United Nations weapons inspector who unveiled the so-called "Saddam Tapes" at a conference in Arlington, Virginia, Saturday, told National Review Online that God directed him to weapons sites in Iraq and that his belief in the importance of one particular site was strengthened when a friend told him that she had a vision of the site in a dream...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Jewish cruelty once again goes unpunished (in this life anyway)

Report says Postville slaughterhouse violated animal cruelty laws

DES MOINES, Iowa A federal report says a kosher slaughterhouse in Postville repeatedly violated humane slaughter regulations.It also says that federal inspectors working at the northeast Iowa Agriprocessors plant took no action to stop the violations.

The internal report was released this week by the U-S Department of Agriculture Office of Inspector General after a Freedom of Information Act request by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA.

The report detailed how Food Safety Inspection Service inspectors also took improper gifts of meat from plant managers and made faulty inspections of carcasses. (these jews are still up to their old tricks - just like with the gift to Judas)

The plant employs about 700 people and is the world's largest glatt kosher slaughterhouse.
A telephone message left this morning for plant officials wasn't immediately returned.

The link below contains VERY graphic footage of the extreme cruelty that takes place at this "Kosher" slaughterhouse. The footage comes from PETA - a group that is far from Catholic and engages in much sin itself, but - nevertheless - the footage is real and legitimate. I must stress, however, that i in no way support PETA.


Saturday, March 11, 2006

Those innocent Masons just having fun again!

Mannheim soldier’s death has element of Masonic mystery
GI found dead hours after scheduled secretive rite ...

Man killed in Masonic gun ritual

An initiation ceremony at a Masonic Lodge in New York has ended in tragedy after a man was killed during a ritual for new members. ...

But hey - they are just a bunch of nice guys getting together to have some fun and help kids!


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Yes - lets have a few more American business' build factories and manufacture products in China!

Top Chinese general warns US over attack
By Alexandra Harney in Beijing and Demetri Sevastopulo and Edward Alden in Washington

Published: July 14 2005 20:59 Last updated: July 14 2005 23:03

China is prepared to use nuclear weapons against the US if it is attacked by Washington during a confrontation over Taiwan, a Chinese general said on Thursday.

“If the Americans draw their missiles and position-guided ammunition on to the target zone on China's territory, I think we will have to respond with nuclear weapons,” said General Zhu Chenghu.

Gen Zhu was speaking at a function for foreign journalists organised, in part, by the Chinese government. He added that China's definition of its territory included warships and aircraft.
“If the Americans are determined to interfere [then] we will be determined to respond,” said Gen Zhu, who is also a professor at China's National Defence University.

“We . . . will prepare ourselves for the destruction of all of the cities east of Xian. Of course the Americans will have to be prepared that hundreds . . . of cities will be destroyed by the Chinese.”

Gen Zhu is a self-acknowledged “hawk” who has warned that China could strike the US with long-range missiles. But his threat to use nuclear weapons in a conflict over Taiwan is the most specific by a senior Chinese official in nearly a decade.

However, some US-based China experts cautioned that Gen Zhu probably did not represent the mainstream People's Liberation Army view.

“He is running way beyond his brief on what China might do in relation to the US if push comes to shove,” said one expert with knowledge of Gen Zhu. “Nobody who is cleared for information on Chinese war scenarios is going to talk like this,” he added.

Gen Zhu's comments come as the Pentagon prepares to brief Congress next Monday on its annual report on the Chinese military, which is expected to take a harder line than previous years. They are also likely to fuel the mounting anti-China sentiment on Capitol Hill.
In recent months, a string of US officials, including Donald Rumsfeld, defence secretary, have raised concerns about China's military rise. The Pentagon on Thursday declined to comment on “hypothetical scenarios”.

Rick Fisher, a former senior US congressional official and an authority on the Chinese military, said the specific nature of the threat “is a new addition to China's public discourse”. China's official doctrine has called for no first use of nuclear weapons since its first atomic test in 1964.

But Gen Zhu is not the first Chinese official to refer to the possibility of using such weapons first in a conflict over Taiwan.

Chas Freeman, a former US assistant secretary of defence, said in 1996 that a PLA official had told him China could respond in kind to a nuclear strike by the US in the event of a conflict with Taiwan. The official is believed to have been Xiong Guangkai, now the PLA's deputy chief of general staff.

Gen Zhu said his views did not represent official Chinese policy and he did not anticipate war with the US.

Additional reporting by Richard McGregor in Beijing

Bulk Ammunition Shortages in USA

Bulk ammunition and MRE shortages have apparently arrived in the USA. We're advising you of this now, because we expect this will become become a huge story in coming months - one that the future predicting web bot project ( has been alluding to for more than a year in a software "entity" called "encounter with scarcity" due to arrive in full force this summer.

Let me lay out the facts. I received the following email from a reader yesterday that reads as follows:

"The 7.62x39 ammo is all but dried up according to my firearms dealer.
And: .223 ammo has gone up in price dramatically according to the same dealer. He said that the ammo manufacturers are of course dedicated to the military. It is available but he said some of what he normally orders went up 14%. (more than his profit margin) He said that his December and January was the best Dec and Jan he has ever had. And those months are usually extremely slow!

He mentioned that prices on firearms have gone up allot after the shot show was over, but it doesn't seem to be stopping people from buying. He said, people are worried what is going to happen, here in this country.

Just thought I'd pass it along for your information, in case you need to pick up anything."
Because we have a fair bit of land out here in East Texas to defend from, among other things, wild pigs, coyotes, skunks, panthers, and such, we like to have a little ammo on hand. So I started checking around for 7.62 X 39 rounds for the SKS.

At Cabelas ( I found when I tried to order 7.62 X 39 154 grain soft points in the 500 round bulks pack (Item IG-215187) they were on back order. So were the 1,000 round boxes. Also, the 7.62 X 39 hollow point rounds in quantity (500 and up) are back ordered.

No problem, I thought - I'll just go to Cheaper Than Dirt ( and buy some there. Anything in quantity (and some special use) 7.62 has the "check status" warning - indicating back ordered.

At Sportsman's Guide ( I was able to find some sealed cans of 7.62 full metal jacket (FMJ), but when I tried to add it to my shopping cart, look at the lead times:

Being curious as heck about this, I called tech support for one of these stores and asked the obvious question: "What gives?" The answer was surprising. "Well, the military has been buying up all kinds of ammo - it's not just the 7.62 - it's other stuff too, like 9 millimeter pistol ammo in quantities. We get a few boxes in now and then, so you might want to call back every few days. But like I said, the military is buying everything they can get."
More Jewish News in the Headlines

Iran’s conference on Holocaust denial begins on Tuesday

Sun. 05 Mar 2006

Iran FocusTehran, Iran, Mar. 05 – Iran will host a conference on the Holocaust in Tehran on Tuesday, the state-run news agency Mehr reported on Sunday.

The seminar, dubbed “The Holocaust: myth or reality?”, has been organised by the Bassij, a branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, the report said.

Several “anti-Zionist Jewish rabbis are in Tehran to take part in the conference”, the news agency added....


March 6, 2006, 9:41PM

Israel's mobsters grow more daringGangsters battle each other using bomb blasts with passers-by caught in the crossfire

By RON HELLERAssociated Press

JERUSALEM - The extradition of a suspected Israeli mob boss to face drug charges in Miami and New York is drawing new attention to Israel's increasingly brazen underworld, where gangsters have bombed busy streets and fired anti-tank missiles.

Israel's mob turf is so dangerous that the State Department has issued a travel advisory warning Americans of the dangers of the infighting....

(sounds suspiciously exactly like what the Palestinians are always being accused of)


Wednesday, March 8, 2006 9:18 a.m. EST

U.N. Report: Jews are Terrorists, Not Palestinians

Jewish settlers are terrorizing Palestinians with impunity, attacking children on their way to school and destroying farmers' trees and crops, a U.N. expert on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict said in a report...
School lunch menus

The following school lunch menus come from the Park Falls Herald March 2, 2006 - Park Falls, Wisconsin - and list the school lunch menus for the area schools for the week of March 6-10. It must be noted that this is during Lent.

Park Falls Public Elementary, Middle School, and High School:
Friday: Grilled Cheese sandwich with tomato soup, dessert.

Butternut Public School
Friday: Fish nuggets and sauce, vegtable, fruit, baked apples.

Glidden Public School
Friday: Grilled Cheese, tomato soup, crackers, fruit.

St. Antony's Catholic School
Friday: Cheese omelets, sausage patty, hasbrowns, applesauce cups.

I would bet my bottom dollar that if the public schools were serving meat on a friday during lent - at least a dozen of these novus ordo "catholics" would be calling and complaining - but when their own heretical apostate school - led by their modernist apostate "priest" serves meat on a Friday during Lent- nobody says a word!

It is to the point that even though they are on a road to damnation - it is still laughable!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

FINALLY - even the mainstream media (not in the USA of course) is reporting on who the REAL TERRORISTS ARE!,,2087-2069967,00.html

The Sunday Times - Britain

The Sunday Times
March 05, 2006
Jewish plot to kill Bevin in London
Peter Day

JEWISH terrorists plotted to assassinate Ernest Bevin, the foreign secretary, in 1946, as part of their campaign to establish the state of Israel, newly declassified intelligence files have shown. The plan was devised by Irgun, the insurgent group led by Menachem Begin, who went on to become a Nobel peace prize winner and prime minister of Israel.

Begin, whom MI6 believed was backed by the Soviet Union, planned to send five terrorist cells to Britain to carry out bombings and assassinations that would “beat the dog in his own kennel”.

The Jewish insurgents aimed to force British occupying forces out of Palestine, enabling the founding of the Jewish state. Details of the plot are included in MI5 files released at the National Archives in Kew, London.

Lord Bethell, author of The Palestine Triangle and an expert on Soviet intelligence, said Bevin was detested by Zionist groups. He added, however: “Zionists would be very angry if you compared these people with terrorists now. You have to remember that Irgun were the grandfathers of today’s ruling politicians.

“They would say they were at war with the British and behaved well, fighting under Marquess of Queensberry rules. They would say that they didn’t target civilians.”

Before the establishment of Israel in 1948, Britain governed the whole of Palestine under a mandate from the United Nations. Agitation among the Jewish population for a separate state escalated immediately after the second world war as refugees flooded in from Europe.

It reached its most intense point in July 1946, when the British headquarters at the King David hotel in Jerusalem was bombed by Jewish fighters dressed as Arabs with explosives contained in milk churns. Ninety-one people, 28 of them British, were killed.

The MI5 files contain a report suggesting that Irgun carried out the attack after drawing lots with two other militant groups, Stern and Hagana. Stern drew the lot to attack British ships in the Mediterranean while Hagana were chosen to attack army camps.

In August 1946, the month after the King David attack, Major James Robertson, head of MI5’s Middle East section, warned London that both Begin’s group and Stern were sending five terrorist cells to the capital to mirror IRA tactics of bombing and assassination.

Roberston added: “In recent months it has been reported that they have been training selected members for the purpose of assassinating a prominent British personality. Special reference has been several times made to Mr Bevin.”

Bevin, the Labour foreign secretary, was an opponent of the creation of a Jewish state and had recommended that Jewish refugees in Europe should be forcibly prevented from emigrating to Palestine.

The planned terrorist campaign ended up being restricted largely to letter bombs. In 1947, 20 were sent to leading figures in Britain including Bevin and Anthony Eden, his Tory predecessor.

After the establishment of Israel, Begin, who died in 1992, dissolved Irgun and turned to politics. He became prime minister in the 1970s and was awarded the Nobel prize in 1978 jointly with Anwar Sadat, the president of Egypt, for signing the Camp David peace accords.

When will the world say enough?;_ylt=Aj5Ilg5X2MQmcQEygGkfkwwUvioA;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl

Israel: 'No One Is Immune' From Strikes

By AMY TEIBEL, Associated Press Writer

... Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz's warning to Hamas, recently elected to rule the
Palestinian Authority' was the first to identify Hamas' prime minister-designate, Ismail Haniyeh, as a potential target for an Israeli pinpoint attack. (I thought political assasination was an international crime)

"No one is immune," Mofaz told Army Radio, a day after an Israeli airstrike on an ice cream truck killed two Islamic Jihad militants and three bystanders in Gaza City. Two of those killed were aged 8 and 14. (no one is immune - especially Palestinian children)
How nutty and desperate are these evolutionists getting?

Human quadrupeds discovered in Turkey
Tue Mar 7, 7:56 AM ET

LONDON (AFP) - The discovery of a Turkish family that walks on all fours could aid research into the evolution of humans.

Researchers believe the five brothers and sisters, who can walk naturally only on all fours, may provide new information on how humans evolved from four-legged hominids to walk upright.

Nicholas Humphrey, evolutionary psychologist at the London School of Economics, told The Times the discovery opened "an extraordinary window on our past". (is this idiot for real?)

"I do not think they were designed to be quadrupeds by their genes, but their unique genetic make-up allowed them to be," he said. (wow - how brilliant of him to figure out that they were not DESIGNED to be quadrupeds - ah - btw - does not design presuppose a desinger?)

"It has produced an extraordinary window on our past. It is physically possible, which noone would have guessed from the [modern] human skeleton."

The siblings, the subject of a new BBC documentary to be aired on March 17, suffer from a genetic abnormality that may prevent them from walking upright. (the BBC must be getting real desperate for programming)

Instead, they use their palms like heels with their fingers sticking up from the ground.
The BBC said the documentary would contribute to fierce scientific debate and raised profound questions about what it is to be human. (what the heck is that supposed to mean?)

Humphrey, who has contributed to the documentary, believes the style of walking may be a throwback to a form of behaviour abandoned by humans more than three million years ago.

Two sisters and one son have only ever walked on two hands and two feet, while another daughter and son occasionally walk on two feet.

All five are mentally retarded and have problems with language as a result of a form of underdevelopment of the brain known as cerebellar ataxia. (gee this wouldn't have something to do with the fact that they walk on all fours - now would it?)

However Humphrey told the Times their behaviour may be partly the result of their parents tolerating the behaviour in childhood. (pardon my language - but this reminds me of something we used to say as kids - "no sh*t Maynard")

They are aged between 18 and 34 and live in southern Turkey, athough the makers of the documentary have not disclosed their exact location.

"They walk like animals and that's very disturbing at first. But we were also very moved by this family's tremendous warmth and humanity," Jemima Harrison of Passionate Productions told the Times.

Monday, March 06, 2006

HURRY! - go to this link and view this Fox News Report on Israeli spying in America - before it is gone for good!

Watch the entire piece - especially part two about how Israel has the capablity to listen to nearly every phone call in America!

(if anyone knows how to record this from the net - DO IT and let me know how to do it too - cause it appears that Fox is threatening web sites to remove it or face law suits - you see - fox wants this to vanish.)

Also note in the first part - how they say that Israel is not involved in 9/11 - but - later - a government official says that all information regarding Israeli involvement in 9/11 is classified!


Saturday, March 04, 2006


Battle brews as S. Dakota abortion law nears

By Carey Gillam Fri Mar 3, 4:25 PM ET

KANSAS CITY, Missouri (Reuters) - U.S. abortion-rights defenders and opponents are preparing for battle as South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds considers whether to sign a state abortion ban that advocates hope will lead to a national Supreme Court showdown.

The Republican governor has until March 15 to sign or veto a bill passed by the state legislature on February 24 which would ban abortions in all circumstances. Amid wide expectations he will sign it, abortion-rights supporters are preparing lawsuits and warning legislators of repercussions come mid-term elections in November.

"There are consequences to this type of absolutely outrageous legislation," said NARAL Pro-Choice America president Nancy Keenan.

Abortion opponents agreed that the South Dakota bill could have a broad impact, but said it would favor their effort.

"We think it is very significant," said American Life League vice president Jim Sedlak. "We celebrate the fact that a state has put forth legislation that has no exception. We believe when it gets to the Supreme Court... the court could use (the law) to declare personhood for the unborn baby in the womb."

The U.S. Supreme Court's 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision established a woman's right to abortion, but activists on both sides of the issue believe the court may restrict abortion rights following
President George W. Bush's two appointments.

The South Dakota legislation would ban abortion in all cases and at all stages of pregnancy, even within the first few weeks. Doctors who perform an abortion could be punished with a $5,000 fine and five years in prison.

In cases where a woman's life is in jeopardy, doctors who take medical action to try to save the pregnant woman must also "make reasonable medical effort" to save the life of the fetus under the law. If the fetus suffers "accidental or unintentional injury or death" the law states it will not be considered a violation. (if this is accurate - as far as i can tell - this is a 100% Catholic position)

The bill's passage follows a report by the South Dakota Task Force to Study Abortion that concluded that "life begins at the time of conception...including the fact that each human being is totally unique immediately at fertilization."

It is that language, coupled with the abortion ban, that abortion opponents say could help overturn the Roe vs. Wade decision.

Planned Parenthood', NARAL and other groups pledged to fight the law in the courts and at the ballot box. "You are going to see a backlash to keep them from overstepping both freedom and privacy in this country," Keenan said.

Other states are also moving to pass sweeping anti-abortion laws, including Mississippi, which on Thursday passed a bill that would ban all abortions except when the life of the mother is in jeopardy or in cases of rape and incest. Republican Gov. Haley Barbour has indicated he probably will sign the bill.

Oh, btw - what does the supposedly "pro-life" Bush have to say about this?

Bush disagrees with South Dakota abortion ban

Feb 28 6:40 PM US/Eastern

US President George W. Bush signalled his opposition to a South Dakota abortion ban that forbids the procedure even in cases of rape or incest, saying he favors such exceptions....

(to favor abortion in the cases of rape and incest is to be in favor of all abortion - because it goes against the principle that the baby is an innocent human being - to believe it is ok to kill a baby because it's father rapped someone is absurd! - - also - remember - Roe-v-Wade - the case that made abortion legal in the USA - was based on the LIE that the woman was raped)

Thursday, March 02, 2006


This is right from the US ARMY website - this is real - this is not some theory - they have and are planning on using concentration camps right here in the USA - guess who will be herded up into them...

see you there
More bogus propaganda for the unthinking masses!

Italian Panel: Soviets Behind Pope Attack

By VICTOR L. SIMPSON, Associated Press Writer

ROME - An Italian parliamentary commission concluded "beyond any reasonable doubt" that the Soviet Union was behind the 1981 attempt to kill
Pope John Paul' — a theory long alleged but never proved, according to a draft report made available Thursday.

The commission held that the pope was a danger to the Soviet bloc because of his support for the Solidarity labor movement in his native Poland. Solidarity was the first free trade union in communist eastern Europe....


This is such nonsense. Think about this for a moment.

During the bogus Vatican II "council" - it was a well known fact that the only clergy from communist block nations that got exist visas were communist dupes or agents. The clergy who remained true to the Catholic Faith in these communist block nations were imprissoned, killed, or were in hiding!

John Paul II was from Poland a communist block country - yet he got an exist visa to attend Vatican II, where he and his carbon copy Ratzinger were among the most liberal modernists at the council.

Ask yourself - how did he get an exist visa to become Pope?

If the communists did not know for certain he was one of their own - he would have never left Poland alive! PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

This is propeganda to make these novus ordo heretics believe that JPII was some great communist fighter when in reality he was a communist.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Rachel Corrie silenced by Jewry!
her brutal murder was not enough;_ylt=A86.I2oSnwRE3c0Azgr9wxIF;_ylu=X3oDMTBjMHVqMTQ4BHNlYwN5bnN1YmNhdA--

Please visit her memorial web-site and read her e-mails to her mother:

So few do the right thing, simply because it is the right thing to do.

This morning on the Today Show on NBC there was a segment about the charity -Locks of Love. The work of this charity is to collect hair to make wigs for children with cancer or other diseases that cause them to loose their own. The segment focused on Ann Curry, the news anchor of the program, getting her hair cut, the hair which she grew for the purpose of donating it to this charity.

In the opening interview, Matt Lauer asked Ann Curry how she feels about getting her hair cut off. Here is her response:

"Well, you know, I feel excited about that feeling that I know we are supposed to feel whenever we do something good, you know, that feeling or just that you've done something. And I want to have that feeling so that's what I am excited about."

After her hair is cut off by Katie Couric, Ann says to Katie:

"I think you did a good job, but more importantly, I feel good, that is the most important thing."

What were her motives? Well - only God knows her heart and knows for absolute certain, but i think we have some indication by what she has said. It seems to me that her sole motive for doing this was to make herself feel good.

I will say that the children who gave their hair seemed to have the right intentions. Perhaps they have not yet been corrupted by this self centered talmudic society that we live in .

here is a link to a video feed of the segment: