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Friday, June 15, 2018

Powerful and undeniable information about what is right around the corner for all of us.

While most of the unthinking masses are caught up in the "left/right paradigm", behind the scenes the stage is being set for the anti-christ.

This plan goes back to the foot of the Cross and today, the means to implement it are here.

With the fall of Christian Europe being finalized with WWII, the plans have been in high gear.

Even the handful of true Catholics left, for the most part, allow themselves to be deceived by these luciferian politicians that sound "conservative".

Know this - THERE ARE NO GOOD POLITICIANS, at least of any power or influence. 

It is all a matter of smoke and mirrors - they have to make it APPEAR that there are "outsiders" on "our side" as they implement their plans, but a careful analysis of these so called "good politicians" quickly shoes that, while they talk one way, their actions are quite contrary.

Anyhow - take the time to watch this video so that you are prepared for what is coming:

I am certain that to many people, all of this seems crazy, but it MUST be realized that there are people in this world who truly believe that God is their oppressor and satan is their liberator. 

These luciferians hold positions of power in every aspect of this world.  Hollywood is a coven of witches and they do not even try to hide it anymore.

Politicians are virtually all freemasons of one brand or another and literally all are under the control of Jewish Kabbalahists.

Remember our Lord warned us that this day would come when He said: "When I return, think you I will find ANY Faith on earth".

Scripture is filled with references to satan being the ruler of this world.

It is all happening just as our Lord warned us it would, yet people who should know and be able to see it, still allow themselves to be deceived by the worshipers of the prince of this world.

Pray, Pray, and Pray more


Jesus said:

"Behold I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents and simple as doves"

He instructed us numerous times to know the signs of the times.

The last days will result in many of the elect (those who appear to be true Catholics) being deceived - do not be among them.

Love God with your whole being and beg Him to make you aware of what is coming and to preserve you through it!

Thursday, June 07, 2018

What Is an Iftar? Donald Trump to Host Breakfast for Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan

 Maria Perez,Newsweek 16 hours ago 

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I received the following letter from Fr. Bernard and was asked to post it on the blog. I did not want to get into this discussion anymore, but am now compelled to do so. If you click on the pages of the letter it should get larger for you to read.
I feel that I must comment on some of this. The first point that Father makes (point 1) is clear. Father then gives several quotes from the Church on how laborers and employers should work together justly and as Christ would dictate.

If you would like further commentary on the position of the Catholic Church regarding labor unions and the communist influence within many of them you should listen to Fr. Coughlin, of whom the Papal Nuncio to the United States said: "As the Holy Father teaches, Fr. Coughlin preaches."This statement about Fr. Coughlin was made after many clergy in the United States who disagreed with him appealed to the Pope to silence him.

Here is an excellent talk that Fr. Couglin gave back in 1939

Fr. Coughlin explains very clearly that it is the right (and even duty) of workers to form and have Unions and at the same time how we must fight the Communists who seek control of Unions. The Communists need to control Unions so that they can destroy them and the middle class in one sweeping motion.

I have stated ad nauseam that I do not support the liberal and evil causes that some Unions support, such as abortion and homosexual marriage, etc.

Because some Unions are led by evil men and support evil things, to me is not an excuse to ban Unions all together - which is exactly what Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, is trying to do, and to claim otherwise, as some have, is disingenuous at best.

By eliminating collective bargaining, you are eliminating the entire purpose and function of a Union or for that matter, even a laborer's Guild. The entire purpose of Unions and laborer Guilds is to bargain on behalf of the employees, hence the term "collective" (meaning all of the employees). definition of collective

I must point out that I have not found the words "collective bargaining" in the Communist Manifesto as Fr. Bernard claims in his letter. I have read an online version of this document and have used a search engine to search the document for these words (Click Here and and here) and nowhere do I find the words "collective bargaining" in the Communist Manifesto.

I called Fr. Bernard to ask him just where in this document I can find these words so that I could read them in their context.

Father Bernard then informed me that he actually had not read these words in the Communist Manifesto himself, but was rather informed by a Parishioner that they were there and that he took this man at his word (which appears to be an error).

But even if the words: "collective bargaining" did appear in the Communist Manifesto - does that mean that it is a communist idea or ideal? The Communist Manifesto calls for an end to child factory labor - does that mean ending child labor is a bad thing or communistic in nature?

If Labor Unions are truly a Communist ideal - why is it that there are/were either no labor Unions or completely ineffective state run labor Unions in Soviet Russia or Red China? Why was it the Labor Unions in Poland fought to overthrow Communism? Why were the Soviets murdering Union Leaders in Communist block nations? labor in China , Labor in the Soviet Unionrecent article on how workers in Communist China are treated and Unions end Communism in Poland

I believe that Communists hate Unions because they raise the middle class out of poverty and give them the ability to own property - something Communists hate. If communism is ever to reach its full evil potential in the United States they have to reduce the middle class to poverty. This is why the Communists, as Fr. Coughlin stated so well, have been working to destroy the Unions by taking leadership roles in them!

Remember it was Lenin who said: "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it"

I do not believe that collective bargaining is a euphemistic term - it has a specific legal definition and is the term or phrase used when employees in a Union or Guild appoint people to represent all of the members in bargaining for wages, benefits, working conditions, etc. for their next contract term. Legal Definition of Collective Bargaining

Collective bargaining is what Unions do and to virtually eliminate the ability of workers to collectively bargain with their employers effectively eliminates the entire purpose of Unions AND Guilds.

To claim that one supports workers rights to organize and have a Union, but not to have the ability to collectively bargian would be like saying: I am not against McDonalds and support McDonalds having a right to be a restaurant, but I also support making fast food illegal.

Or in a religious sense, it is like some of these heretic traditionalists who want Bishops with no Jurisdiction. A Union without the ability to collectively bargain is like a Bishop without Jurisdiction - it is without purpose.

I feel and believe with all my heart that a line was crossed in Wisconsin by the attempt to take away the ability of public workers to collectively bargain.

Father mentioned to me on the phone that he would like to see the Catholic Guilds come back, well, if they did, they could not function under this legislation, for they too would not have the right or ability to collectively bargain on behalf of the Guild members!

I agree 100000% that some Unions are controlled by evil people and support very evil things, like abortion, homosexual marriage, etc. - but so does our government. Father seems to imply that it would be sinful to be a member of a union that has supported evil, but does this logic apply to our government?

The United States Government uses public funds to fund abortion via Planned Parenthood, the United States Government supports homosexual marriage, and countless evils - including giving billions and billions of dollars of our taxes to the evil Talmudic Christ-hating State of Israel.

Is it anymore sinful to be a citizen of this nation and pay taxes to this nation than it is to be a member of a union and pay union dues?

Even St. Paul appealed to Rome as a citizen when arrested and Rome was guilty of evil as great or even greater than this nation or even the worst of Unions! source

It seems to me that if one does not support the evils that the organization does and tries to stop it, it would not necessarily be sinful to belong if it is necessary to be employed in that field. Sort of like buying Kosher food or shopping at a store that gives money to United Way which in turn, gives money to Planned Parenthood, etc.

If we were to not give business or money to any business that directly or indirectly supports things contrary to the Catholic Faith - we would not be able to live in this world at all. I guess we need to expose evil and fight it as best we reasonably can and do good whenever and wherever possible.

I believe what Wisconsin should have done is offer legislation that would stop Unions from using member dues to support things that have nothing to do with the purpose of the Union. They could also pass laws limiting their political influence.

But the elimination of their primary purpose, namely to collectively bargain on behalf of their members, goes too far and denies workers the right to be represented, a right which Father says we have in his first point in his letter. This law makes no exeptions - even if the Union is good and morally sound.

The idea of guilt by association can be extended to the Wisconsin governor who brought about this whole mess to begin with.

It was not the leaders of any public sector Unions that had dinner and met with the Communist leaders of China - it was none other than Scott Walker: Walker meets with President of China

The Koch brother(s), who are MAJOR campaign donors and supporters of Scott Walker are crypto Jews who support stem-cell research, homosexuality, and evolution - to the point of having a hall in the Smithsonian called the: David Koch Hall of Human Origins. The promotion of this hall includes an image which depicts the famous painting of God and man touching fingers with God as a Monkey. Sources: click here and click here and click here

What does that say about the motives of the man who accepts money and support from such people?

His political payback is being exposed, such as giving an $81,500.00 a year State Job to a young man who has no college degree and has two drunk driving convictions on his record - what were his qualifications for this job? His father donated large sums of money to Walker! Source: click here

Regarding the "priest" that Father quotes in his letter - "Fr." Robert Sirico - I must point out that Fr. Bernard did not know the history of this heretic novus ordo "priest".

I will inform the readers of this man's history so that they do not make the same error in quoting him.

Robert Sirico was born into a Catholic family, but stopped practicing his faith by age 13. By age 21, he had become an ordained Pentecostal minister, and established the Robert Sirico Foundation to aid in his healing ministry. In 1972, Sirico let it be known that he had been aware of his homosexuality most of his life, and he began performing same-sex wedding ceremonies in Seattle, Washington.[2] By 1975, he was pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church in Santa Monica, California, where he continued to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies.[3] By the early 1980s, Sirico returned to the Catholic Church.[4] Source: click here

This "priest" has appeared on EWTN's "Theology on Tab" in which he sits around drinking beer with college kids talking about Theology. Source: click here and click here

He is the leader of a Zionist Neocon organization called: the Action Institute, which many, many times quotes Rabbis and other Talmudic Jews to support his economic beliefs and world views - here are a few examples:

This "priest" also does not speak the truth when he says/implies that all public sector unions support abortion and gay marriage. There are many different Unions that represent public sector employees in Wisconsin that are effected by this legislation and they do not all support abortion and gay marriage. The much talked about Teacher's Union does, that is why this Union is the only one discussed by the neo-cons.

In conclusion, I stand by my belief that it is wrong to eliminate collective bargaining, because the elimination of this specific legal phrase amounts to the elimination of the right to have a Union or laborers Guild, since collective bargaining is the entire and sole purpose of a Union or laborers Guild.

In order to fulfill Father Bernard's first point:

"It is a just right for the working class to have an organization represent them on issues concerning their welfare, such as wages, working hours, etc., as long as they are just and not morally opposed to the teachings of the Catholic Church."

Workers must be allowed the right to collectively bargain - without this right there is no possibly way that an organization can represent them on issues concerning their welfare.

virtus in media stat
The above comments, which I am compelled by conscience to make, are my personal opinions and are not meant to be taken as any sort of statement on Catholic teaching.

I would have preferred to let this rest.
 There seems to be a common theme among the Friars out of Rochester, NY.  They seem to be desperately searching for an earthly messiah.  

Fr. Joseph Noonan is practically worshiping Donald Trump and completely blind to anything negative about the man (sure he plays a little lip service saying that he does not agree with everything he does, but immediately glosses over that and rants on and on about how great he is).

Fr. Bernard is much the same.  When the communist Scott Walker was elected governor of Wisconsin, Fr. Bernard put politics and his love of this creep ahead of the teachings of the Catholic Church! 

He made a complete ass out of himself by ordering me to publish a letter that he wrote and then dared to order me to not comment on it.  Little did he know, I was in contact with the Bishops who gave me permission to comment on his stupid letter and said that he could not order me to not address his "points".

Below is a link to that  letter and my comments.  (I will also republish it in the next post

One would think they would learn from their mistakes, but no, they just keep falling for the same satanic lies and deceptions.

There is only one Savior, and He is not a politician!

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Fr. Joseph Noonan on his recent radio show, which thankfully has almost no listeners, (evidenced by the fact that a recent show featuring Bp Giles Butler in which  his mic was out, not a single person called in to say that the Bishop could not be heard) babbled on and on about how pleased he is with Donald Trump.  I wonder why he is so pleased with this man?

Is it because Trump continues to fund abortion with his taxes?

Trump signs $1.3 trillion budget bill that still funds Planned Parenthood

Maybe it is because Trump meets with satanic witches who are also porn stars for advice?

Kim Kardashian meets with Trump to discuss prison reform

Maybe it is because Trump worships at the Satanic wall of the anti-christ?

Trump Becomes First Sitting U.S. President to Visit Western Wall

Perhaps it is because Trump attacks sovereign nations just like Obama and Bush?

Trump announces strikes on Syria following suspected chemical weapons attack by Assad forces

Perhaps it is because Trump upholds Catholic values in his life - oh wait, he has been "married" how many times?  Maybe it is because his current "wife" is of high moral character, oops - wait, not only is she an adulterous, but she posed nude and in pornographic lesbian themed photos!  

BTW, didn't John the Baptist lose his head over refusing to accept a leader in an invalid marriage?

How can a supposed "man of God" be so happy about this man being his "leader"?


Is Noonan just intellectually deficient?  This is definitely part of the problem.

Is Noonan deceived?  Possibly, but he is deceived by himself and his desire for an earthly leader - much like the Jews who rejected Christ wanted an earthly messiah!

Is Noonan deceiving?  Possibly, but he seems a bit too stupid for this elaborate of a deception and, since he has so few followers, and his followers are even lacking more brain cells than he is, it is unlikely that he is willfully deceiving.

What of his Bishop?  His Bishop is definitely not intellectually deficient, but he simply just does not appear to care.  He does not  seem to care if his followers are validly baptized, if he closes their parishes, if his followers deny the faith, etc... - so long as he has his little church with his family in KY, it seems all is well in his world.

It is truly a sad state of affairs in that cult.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

This video sums it up

Monday, May 28, 2018

Schutzstaffel: SS Officers Inspired By Teutonic Knights

During the Third Reich, posters throughout Germany presented Hitler as a Teutonic Knight, fighting to restore the medieval greatness of the Holy Roman Empire.
The Teutonic Knights were originally known as the “Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem”. They created by the German Catholic Knights who defeated the Jews and Muslims during the Crusades.
The Teutonic Knights were soldier-priests who took vows to the Pope and the Holy Roman Emperor. After the Crusades ended in 1291, the knights returned to Europe.
Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II decided to use the order for a “Northern Crusade” into Eastern Europe. The Teutonic Knights led invasions into Hungary, Poland, and Estonia.
Later, Emperor Louis IV gave them the imperial privilege to conquer all of Lithuania and Russia. Following the Protestant Reformation, the knights largely returned to defend the Catholic Church in Germany.
The Teutonic Knights were a major force within the Holy Roman Empire. They were trusted with the task of protecting the Holy Lance and the Crown Jewels of the Holy Roman Empire. They stood guard in the King’s Chapel located in Nuremberg Castle, guarding the sacred relics.
As the Holy Roman Empire dissolved following the Protestant Reformation, the Teutonic Knights could no longer protect the Holy Lance and Crown Jewels. As Napoleon approached in 1796, the treasures were hidden and later sent to Vienna, Austria.
Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler were both deeply interested in ancient history, Catholic mysticism, and the military campaigns of the Holy Roman Emperors. Himmler was specifically interested in the Teutonic Knights and his worldview was shaped by the order of medieval soldier-priests.
The Schutzstaffel was created in 1925, giving personal protection to Hitler at public functions and events. Heinrich Himmler joined that same year, and eventually took over the organization in 1929.
Under Himmler’s control, the SS transformed and resembled the Teutonic Knights. Their official colors were black and white, the same used by the medeival soldier-priests. In 1933, Professor Karl Diebitsch and Walter Heck designed new all-black uniforms, influenced by the same design the Catholic knights wore in the Middle Ages.
Heinrich Himmler told his officers, “Never forget, we are a knightly order.”
The Schutzstaffel had the same ancestry qualifications as the Teutonic Knights, requiring members prove their German heritage for three generations. The SS also began its own “Northern Crusade”, reconquering the same land in Eastern Europe the Catholic knights had taken.
Most importantly though, the SS officers and the Teutonic Knights were both given the important task of protecting the Holy Lance and the Crown Jewels of the Roman Empire.
Himmler renovated the Wewelsburg Castle, located deep in the sacred Teutoburg Forest. The castle became a masterpiece of late renaissance architecture. It became the SS officer training academy, where soldiers prepared for knighthood with spiritual and intellectual training exercises.
He was fascinated by the rites and traditions of the Holy Roman Emperors. A replica of the Holy Lance was kept on his desk. Replicas of the imperial crown, scepter, and orb were put in glass display cases in the castle museum.
Himmler named his personal section of the castle after King Heinrich I, his patron saint. He decorated his room with a medieval bed, armchair, and suit of armor. He designed another portion of the castle for Hitler, which was named and decorated in honor of Frederick the Great.
He was inspired by the past to build his dream of a new Reich. In the castle museum was a miniature display of an old-fashioned farmhouse with a straw roof.
This display included dollhouse figures of Aryan men, women, and children dressed in simple clothing. Across from the small house was a tiny furnace with a burning fire. Miniature horses and sheep grazed in large green fields
It was a glimpse into paradise, a symbol of medieval German simplicity and abundance.
Himmler was inspired by medieval Europe and supported Hitler’s plan to restore the Holy Roman Empire. Therefore, the Schutzstaffel was created to function as the holy knights of the Third Reich.
The official motto of the SS was Meine Ehre hei├čt Treue” (My Honour is Loyalty). Like the Teutonic Knights, they took a vow, practiced chivalry, and devoted themselves to God.
As leader of the Schutzstaffel, Heinrich Himmler required his officers to read and memorize a book he wrote called “50 Questions and Answers for the SS-Man”:
“The first question is: “What is your oath?”
The answer is: “We swear to you, Adolf Hitler, loyalty and bravery as leader and chancellor of the German Reich. We vow to you and to the principles laid down by you obedience to the point of death. So help us God!
The second question is: “Thus you believe in a God?”
The answer is: “Yes, I believe in a Lord God.”
The third question is: “What do you think of a person who does not believe in a God?”
The answer is: “I consider him arrogant, stupid, and a megalomaniac; he is not suited for us.”
In 1937, Himmler explained “Be in no doubt that we would not be able to be this body of men bound by a solemn oath if we did not have the firm belief in a Lord God who rules over us, who has created us and our Fatherland, our people and this earth, and who sent us our leader.”
He further wrote: “We have the holy conviction that according to the eternal laws of this world we are accountable for every deed, for every word, and every thought, that nothing our mind thinks up, our tongue speaks, and our hand does is completed with the act itself, but is a cause which will have its effect, which in an inevitable, inexorable cycle redounds on ourselves and our people in the form of a blessing or curse. Believe me, men with this conviction are anything but atheists.”

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Trump signs Holocaust property law that has angered Poland.

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — U.S. President Donald Trump has signed an act that Jewish groups praise as helpful in their efforts to reclaim lost property in Poland but which the Polish government says is discriminatory.

The White House says Trump signed the Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today — or JUST — Act. It requires the State Department to report to Congress on what steps dozens of countries in Europe have taken to compensate Holocaust survivors or their heirs for assets seized under Nazi German and Communist rule.

The law does not give the U.S. any powers to act against any country and does not single out Poland. But Poland is the only country in Europe that has not passed legislation to compensate former owners for assets seized in the upheavals of 20th-century European history, and Warsaw sees itself as the target of the law.

A spokesman for Polish President Andrzej Duda reacted by saying that Poland should not be expected to pay compensation for losses and damages caused by Nazi Germany, which initiated World War II and brutally occupied Poland.

Krzysztof Lapinski said the U.S. act “can be dangerous in the sense that claims can be formulated” and that diplomatic talks should address the issue.

The Nazis’ seizure of Jewish-owned property in Poland during the war and the murder of most of Poland’s Jewish population was followed after the war by the Communist state’s seizure of large amounts of property that was nationalized. Most of the original owners of that property were not Jewish.

Since the fall of communism, some claimants have regained lost property on a case-by-case basis through courts, but so far Poland has not passed comprehensive legislation regulating the process. That has created a situation that has been riddled by fraud.

Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz says he believes the U.S. pressure through the JUST Act unfairly sets Jewish claimants above non-Jewish ones, creating tensions in Poland. He argued that Polish law treats all Polish citizens equally.

“This position of the (U.S.) Congress is not good because it wants some privileges for the Jews, for the Jewish community, but not for the Poles. I think that the Poles who live in the U.S. may feel hurt by that,” Czaputowicz told The Associated Press.

He said some non-Jewish Poles fought against Nazi Germany and then settled in the United States, leaving behind property that was seized by the Communist regime.

Their property here remains without any settlement and nobody speaks on their behalf, only on the behalf of the Jews. That is not good because that divides our society,” Czaputowicz added.

The World Jewish Restitution Organization said Thursday that Czaputowicz was wrong in describing the JUST Act as discriminatory, saying that it covers “both Holocaust victims and other victims of Nazi persecution.”

Gideon Taylor, WJRO Chair of Operations, also argued that legislation Poland’s ruling party presented last year promising some compensation to some victims would have “excluded the vast majority of Holocaust survivors and their families.”

The legislation is being re-written.

“(We) have long advocated for the passage of legislation that would provide restitution to all property owners whose property was wrongfully taken — both Jewish and non-Jewish owners,” Taylor said.

Good ole Trump - out there "Making America Great Again" - hmmm

Why is he not promoting a law compensating the CHRISTIAN victims of Communism?